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There was a soft knock on the door. It seemed that everyone was still walking on eggshells around me. “Come in.”

The door slowly opened and Lillie walked in. She had been my mother’s lady’s maid, well more a companion than anything; my mother hated having someone wait on her. “Hello Miss! We are really glad to have you back.”

I tried to smile, but it was still hard. “Hi Lillie!” I wished I could say that I was glad to be back, but the truth was that I couldn’t wait to be gone.

Lillie looked around. My bags were still packed. My laptop was lying on my bed. And November Rain, an old Guns n’ Roses song was playing on my Ipod. “Miss you should have unpacked. Would you like me to help you?”

I got up from my bed and turned down the music. “Don’t worry Lillie. Classes start in two days. I’m sure Hannah has already purchased my ticket for tomorrow.”

“So soon you’ll be leaving?” For a moment I truly thought she was disappointed.

“Yes. I have to be at school and all. Purchase books and stuff.” I walked towards my window. That was the only thing that I remembered loving this room for, it’s floor to ceiling windows. I looked once more at the house at the other side of the forbidden garden. Definitely no one was there. “Lillie, what happened next door?”

Lillie paled. “Miss. Lord Malfoy was sent to Azkaban Prison. The boy and his wife disappeared last May. No one has heard of them since.”

I walked back to the window. What could’ve happened? “Lillie, I’m going for a walk.” I walked towards my bags and changed into black pants, a t and tennis shoes. Grabbing my poncho, I checked for my wand… it was there. “Don’t hold dinner.”


I was once more standing in front of the gate. Maybe this time it would work, “Alohomora”. It didn’t open. I stepped farther away, “Alohomora”. I walked to check and still it wouldn’t budge. I kicked it, maybe brute force could open it. Nope.

I stared at the wall that held the gate, it wasn’t that tall. Holding on to a vine I started to climb it. A vine here a root there, slowly I managed to climb it. When I reached the top I sat on the wall looking to the house that had captured my curiosity. And then I saw it, something was moving in one of the downstairs’ windows. I jumped from the wall, amazed at the fact that whoever had closed the gate hadn’t figured out that the wall could be climbed and placed a spell on it too.

The second I hit the ground, I ran towards the line of trees. Whoever it was had its back to me. Hiding from tree to tree I managed to make my way to one of the side doors. “Alohomora”. The door opened.

Walking down the hallway I saw that a light was on; funny how you couldn’t see it from outside. Whoever was in there was now shouting. It was a woman. “I told you not to come back!” A male voice answered, but it was too muffled to be heard. The voices were coming form the library, I started to walk towards them but, something caught my leg. I looked down and nearly screamed my head off. A little man, a little bold man in a ragged shirt was holding on to my leg and not letting go.

His eyes looked at me pleading, I couldn’t understand, I was the one that had been trespassing. “Miss go! Go through the door that you entered! Go and do not come back! It’s for your own good. If the Missis sees you here there will be hell to pay. Go!!!!”

I nodded my head and started walking towards the door when all of the sudden the door to the library was slammed open. I opened a door and hid behind it. The woman stalked past it in quite a fury. But, whoever was with her stopped in front of the door. “She’s too mad to notice you. But, next time you sneak into someone’s house… try to hide your shoe and not leave it’s tip in the corridor.” He then handed me a cloak. “It’s an invisibility cloak. Put it on and follow me, I’ll help you get out. But, be warned if you ever come back… I won’t be so merciful.”

I took the cloak and put it on before stepping out from my hiding place. “Thanks.”

I heard him smirk. “Don’t thank me yet.” I followed him down the corridor. His face was shaded by a hood he was wearing. He was tall and definitely had a cocky, he’s so sure of himself, walk. He stopped in front of the front door. He then whispered, “I’m now going to open this and walk towards the garage. There are some trees behind it that can’t be seen from the house. Make your way to them. Leave the cloak there. You will see a door “Alohomora” should work on it. You will be near the main entrance to the Estate. To the right is the Black’s to the left is the Towsend’s.”

I did as he had said and found myself once again outside. The problem was, now I was even more curious as to what might have happened?


“Where were you young lady?” Hannah, was standing in my bedroom door.

Without even turning to look at her I simply said, “Out.”

I heard her enter my bedroom and hurried to hide my wand in one of my drawers. “What do you want?”

She stopped right behind me, “Perhaps an explanation. A reason for you missing dinner, missing your father’s attorney who came to see you.”

I still wouldn’t turn around. I feigned interest in some old papers that were lying in the drawer I had opened. “What did he want?”

Hannah sighed, she was giving up. “There’s a letter and some papers for you to fill out.”

“Leave them on the bed.” I closed the drawer and saw her leaving. The door was closed.

I walked to my bed and opened the first envelope. It was a letter from my father.

Dear Bella:

If you are reading this, then it means I have left you. Know in your heart that whatever led me to this early departure was nothing of your doing. I love you Bella! You are all I’ve had of your mother for these past years. I am proud of the woman you are becoming. And I know that although you’ve become quite a pessimist you will always do what’s good.
Now, a long time ago your mother decided that Hannah was the one that should watch you if you were to be left alone on this Earth. Although, I have always trusted her judgment, I don’t know if given your special circumstances it would be for the best. So, I have made arrangements with an old friend of mine to step in and take care of your education. She will be arriving tomorrow. Another envelope must have accompanied this letter. Read it! Don’t close your mind to it. The change has already been made, and going back is not an option.
Bella please be good. Make us proud, as you have done in the past!

Your loving father.

By now tears were falling down my cheeks. “What did you do Papa?” I took the other envelope and ripped it open. “NO!!!”

“Don’t scream. It honestly can’t be that bad.” A voice was coming from my closet.

“Accio” My wand was now in my hand and pointed towards the closet. “Come out now and I won’t harm you!”

I could clearly hear a chuckle. “So that’s how you repay a favor?” A person dressed in black stepped out of my closet. “Relax. I won’t harm you.”

It was my turn to chuckle, “Of course you won’t… Come further out.” The person took two more steps forward. “Who are you?”

“A friend.” He said and walked towards the desk. “Ok if I sit?”

I shrugged, “I don’t see why you would want to. Since, you are already leaving and all.”

He shook his head, “Not until you tell me what made you scream.”

I smirked, “What if I don’t want to tell you?”

He smiled sarcastically, “Then I guess I’ll be sitting here all night.”

I sat back on my bed and stared at him. He stared back.

“Take that hood off.” I said.

He smirked, “If you take your shirt off.”

Gasping I replied, “You’re an ass.”

He chuckled, “Thank you.”

We then stayed in silence once more.

But, I’ve never been one to appreciate a long silence. “You’re not leaving, are you?”

He shook his head no. “I want to know what made you scream.”

I looked at him closer. “Then you’ll leave?”

He nodded yes.

I waved the envelope’s contents for him to see. “It’s acceptance papers.”

“For?” He pressed on.

“School.” The conversation had turned into monosyllables.


I looked at him once more, could I really tell him, or would I have to do a memory spell afterwards. I took the chance. “Hogwarts”

He scoffed, “What year?”

“Seventh” I bit my lower lip, nasty habit I have. “Why?”

He shrugged, “No reason. But, you’re too late. They don’t take seventh year students.”

It was my turn to shrug, “I’d be a transfer. I’ve been studying at Beauxbatons.”


I sighed, “My father knew someone. And look…” I reached towards him handing him the acceptance letter. “I’m already in.”

He took the letter and read it. “Then I guess this means congratulations are in order.”

I smiled, “Only if I really wanted to go there.”

“Why wouldn’t you? It’s far better than Beauxbatons.” He sounded offended.

“No way.”

He tilted his head to one side, “How can you say that when we beat you at the Tri Wizard Challenge!”

So that was why, “You go there?”

He shook his head. “No, used to. I have to go. Good luck with the placement!”

I stopped him before he could get out, “Why? What placement?”

I could see a small smile under the hood. “They place students into one of four houses; depends on their character. With your attitude, you’d probably make Slytherin. But your mother was a muggle, so that might land you in another household.”

Before I let him go I had to ask, “Slytherin, is that good?”

He sighed, “Used to be.” He then walked towards the door and started putting his cloak back on. “Your father is right. Don’t trust that Hannah too much, something doesn’t seem right with her.”

And with that he left.

I walked back to my bed and started to look through the papers. And he thought I wouldn’t make Slytherin, ha? Let’s see what happens.

Hope you liked it! This is my second attempt at fanfic soooo feed back about everything is greatly appreciated. Honestly, I'm worried about the characters, I had't tried using main characters cause I was scared of tampering way to much... and in this story I have to admit that I'm having fun playing a different angle, but still I want it to be believable, so please tell me what you think?

By the way, I just posted up to chapter 9 so... updates are on the way!!!

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