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A/N: I'd like to say thanks everyone for reviewing so much! You guys are awesome and I really appreciate it! Hope you like the new chapter! Megs --------------- “Is this what it’s always been Draco? Were you just using me? Just hoping you’d get your information and you wouldn’t be hurt?” asked Ginny standing in front of the fire. Draco shook his head. He had remained on the couch, knowing that it would take her awhile. “Well?” “NO! Ginny… I was never using you,” “Then how the hell did they know about us?” yelled Ginny. Her fists were shaking by her sides. “HOW?” “I don’t know, I’ve already told you,” Said Draco weakly. How many times would he have to say he didn’t know either. “DAMN IT!” yelled Ginny spinning around and collapsing onto the couch. “How Draco… how did they find out?” she asked quietly. Her hands were shaking as she lowered her head into them. “I already told you Ginny.” “What exactly do you have to do?” asked Ginny sitting up and looking straight into his eyes. They glowed with such anger that he backed against the couch a little more. “Tell me everything,” “I was told to convince you that I loved you so that you’d trust me,” “So, how long have you been working on your plan? I bet you started writing those damn letters, knowing perfectly well who they were being sent to,” “NO!” exclaimed Draco sitting up so he could speak more clearly. “I had never intended to trick you into trusting me,” Ginny nodded, “What else did he say?” “After I gain your trust, you were supposed to tell me where the order is and then… I was supposed to kill you,” “Were you going too?” asked Ginny quietly. She clenched the fabric of the white couch quickly, knowing she had to keep her temper under control. “I can’t,” “Why?” “I… I really love you,” said Draco looking at his hands shyly. He never thought he’d say that… let alone mean it. “Trying to gain my trust?” asked Ginny unforgiving. “I thought, you knew me better,” exclaimed Draco. “I thought you weren’t trying to kill me,” “Point taken,” said Draco in defeat. “Listen, I was supposed to make it look like you died in an accident, and then we’d keep going on as if nothing happened,” “Are you going to kill me?” asked Ginny looking at him strongly. “NO!” Exclaimed Draco in horror. “Then what are we going to do Malfoy?” “Why’d you just call me Malfoy?” “What are we going to do?” asked Ginny again, ignoring what he’d said. “We could hide you,” “Voldemort will know,” said Ginny looking at him as if he was stupid. Draco nodded, trying to smile. It failed though and Ginny shot the look down in a matter of seconds. Despite the heat radiating from the fire, the room was very cold… Draco thought it must have been from the look in Ginny’s eyes. “You’re right… but what do you want me to do?” asked Draco holding his hands out for her to hold. She didn’t move though, didn’t even glance at his hands. “Stay away from me, far away,” “What about Sylvie?” asked Draco, he knew how much she meant to the both of them. “I’ll talk to the order, and we’ll figure something out,” said Ginny standing up. She brushed past Draco but he grabbed her arm. “Wait!” “What now?” she asked coolly, pulling her arm away. Draco stood up, just enough so that they were inches apart. He didn’t touch her, but his breath slowly fell over her delicate skin. “I wasn’t joking,” “About what?” asked Ginny, determined not to make herself weaken. “I really love you,” Ginny nodded and backed up; afraid he’d kiss her. Afraid that he’d wake up the monster inside of her, the one that was telling her to screw the consequences and throw herself in his arms. “I loved you too,” she said. She closed her eyes as he brushed his lips over hers in a soft and swift kiss. Her eyes became more pressured as she pushed down all feelings she had for him. “No,” she whispered to herself. “I want to love you Ginny, and I want you to love me again too,” said Draco stroking her cheek. “Don’t lie yourself,” “I don’t lie to myself,” said Ginny. “I’m not going to kill you, because I have a plan… it just came to me!” exclaimed Draco. Ginny’s eyes flickered open, and she felt a small realm of hope circle around her. “A plan?” “Sit,” he demanded pulling at her arm. Ginny nodded, half smiling but not wanting to be too overjoyed. “We’re going to make this work Ginny. I can promise you that,” Ginny nodded and sat down quickly, her legs overlapping hers as she waited for him to talk about his plan. This was what she’d been hoping for, proof that he loved her and really didn’t want her to die. She’d been grasping at the chances, and finally they were happening. “I have a meeting with Voldemort and I’ll tell him fake information Ginny. Then we’ll have the order rescue Sylvie, on that same night I’ll be speaking with Voldemort again. When they get Sylvie, you take her and run,” Ginny nodded and smiled. Maybe they could make this work. “I’ll stay behind and try and convince Voldemort you are dead and you must have passed me the wrong information,” “What if he reads your mind?” asked Ginny realising the flaw again. “We’ll … we’ll set something up so it appears as if I killed you, and I’ll concentrate on that memory. If we can make it believable it might work,” “It won’t,” “We have to try,” said Draco squeezing her hand. Ginny nodded and laid down beside him, resting her head against his chest as she thought about it. His hands caressed her hair softly as he worried about what he was saying. “This means I’ll have to work with the order secretly,” “You can’t know any of the information though Malfoy,” said Ginny shaking her head. There was a period of silence and Draco thought about it. “Stop calling me Malfoy,” he said. Ginny smirked and looked up at him. “Sorry,” “It’s okay, I’m not proud of being a Malfoy though. Oh and I understand… I can’t know any information. We need to make it all up,” Ginny smiled and leaned up to kiss his lips hungrily. If they could make this work then they might make it through this war. If not, then Draco would die, Sylvie would die and so would Ginny. They’d all be dead. They’d have to try though. Ginny pulled away softly, “What happens if he realises your lying Draco?” Draco pulled her close and caressed her back, “We don’t let him find out Ginny. I’m not going to leave you,” “Promise me you won’t let him kill you?” asked Ginny wincing away the thought of Draco dying. “I promise,” said Draco sadly. He didn’t know if he could keep it though. In his mind, the plan was different. The plan was for Sylvie and Ginny to be safe and far away. For himself though, he’d have to face Voldemort and hope for the best. What would be the best though?

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