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James Sirius Remus

“Potter!” James turned around to see the familiar slim, handsome face of his best friend Sirius Black.

“Black!” James Left his belongings with his parents and went over to greet Sirius. “How was your summer?”

“Not bad, you know, the usual, but I have to say that this year they added a little spice to the yearly ritual of telling me I’m a blood traitor and comparing me to my dear brother. This time they decided to throw me out so now I have no place to stay, but other than that I’m just fan-dandy”

“Do my ears deceive me? Is it the oh-so-familiar ‘Sirius Sarcasm’ I hear?” James and Sirius turned around to face their other dear friend Remus Lupin.

“Hello mate”

“Hey Remus, how was your summer?” James was slightly more polite when it came to meeting old friends, even if it was just over one summer.

“Oh it was fine. Went to see my granddad and just hung out there for a while” Remus summers were almost always the same. Sitting by the lake under a big oak tree reading a book, where as James’ and Sirius’ summers often contained adventures and a high amount of troublemaking.

“Sorry but have you two seen Peter? I must have lost him those few seconds I wasn’t watching him” said Remus sounding rather annoyed.

“Is that him talking to that tall, skinny, brown haired girl?” said Sirius curiously. It was only on rare occasions you could see Peter Pettigrew talking to a girl if it wasn’t his own mother.

“I think it might be. I’ll meet up with ya in the trail, all right? See ya” at the moment Remus had left James turned to Sirius and asked:

“So how come you got thrown out mate?”

“Oh… a bit of this and a bit of that. They basically said I was a blood traitor and that I deserve to die, no biggie” Sirius sounded rather bored telling to story while staring intensively at his nails, but James could tell that he had been dying to let it out ever since he spotted James on the platform.

“And there it is again”

“What?” Sirius sounded awfully confused.

“The old Sirius Sarcasm”


Lily Molly

“Moo! Oh how I’ve missed you!” Lily pulled Molly into a big hug after not seeing her for almost three months.

“It’s really good to see you too! So tell me, how was your summer?” Molly was a blonde haired girl with blue green eyes and although she was a tad chubby, everyone thought it suited her well.

“It was actually pretty dull” said Lily in a disappointed voice.

“I thought you said you were spending it with Michael?” Michael was Lily’s boyfriend. A tall, handsome, 7th year with dark brown hair and blue eyes.

“I did but it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be, he seemed so nervous the whole time”

“Well you can’t really blame him can you, I mean, your dad is pretty intimidating you know” Molly had met Lily’s dad several times and had stuck with her first impression, that he was a grumpy old wizard.

“I’ll just talk to him about it when I see him. Now let’s not forget about you, how was your summer?” Lily clearly wanted to change the subject. Even though her dad was not very well thought of she was rather fond of him even if he had intentionally or not scared of every single boyfriend she had brought home, and seeing as she was a very beautiful, smart and popular girl, that was a fair few.

“I went to Spain!” Molly had been dying to mention it for almost a whole 3 minutes now.

“Wow! How was it?”

“It was goo-oo-ood” Molly and Lily let out a batch of uncontrollable giggles and didn’t stop until Mr. and Mrs. Evans came forth and told them it was time to board the Hogwarts Express.

“Bye Sweetie, write to us every week ok? And be careful” Charly Evans was the sort of mother who could not control her worry.

“I will mom” Lily said struggling to get out of her moms yearly ‘Super Hug’.

“Bye dad” Lily stood on her toes and kissed her fathers cheek. “I’ll see you later. Bye Petunia” Lily made the move to hug her sister but as usual Petunia took a step back and completely ignored her younger sister. Petunia had always been jealous of Lily whether she would admit it or not.

Lily took hold of her trolley and pushed it towards Molly who was waiting by the Hogwarts Express. Lily gave one last wave before stepping onto the train.


Peter Jessi Remus

Remus walked towards Peter and the tall brown haired girl.

“There you are how come you just disappeared like that?” asked Remus.

“Um…” started Peter but was interrupted.

“That waz my fault. I just neezed help. I’m Jessi Soleil, an exchange ztudent from ze Beauxbatons” she stretched out her hand and Remus shook it gently. “I’m ze… how do you zay… lost?”

“I was just helping her out” Peter was blushing and started intensively at his shoes.

“Oh all right, well I guess I’ll see you two onboard then? See ya Peter. Jessi” With a final nod towards Jessi, Remus left alone with his trolley and boarded the Hogwarts Express.

“Who was zat?” asked Jessi.

“Oh that… that was Remus” Peter was scared of saying his name in case she would take a greater interest in him than himself.

“He looked very… pale” Jessi said.

“Oh …” Peter wasn’t a very social person, and since he knew perfectly well why Remus was so pale he was trying with all his might not to let any little clue out that could reveal the secret.

“Shall we board ze train?” Jessi picked up her bags and nodded towards the train.

“Oh… yeah sure” Peter grabbed his trolley and pushed it in front of him as he walked alongside Jessi towards the train.


James Sirius

“Sirius! James! Hurry!” Sirius and James hadn’t boarded the train yet and as a result the train had started to move. A gang of girls were standing in the doorway yelling at them to hurry.

“Oops! Bye mum” James kissed his mothers cheek. “Bye dad” He shook Matthew Potters hand.

“Go! Go! Go!” Judy Potter gave James a little push which set him off running towards the train.

“Bye Mr. and Mrs. Potter” Said Sirius as he too hurried towards the train.

James and Sirius laughed as they were running alongside the train attracting confused glances from the students inside. Finally they were pulled inside with the help of the whole group of 5th year girls. James and Sirius were lying on the floor still laughing when Sirius jumped up in a flash, brushed some imaginary dust of his shoulder and said:

“I’m telling you mate, we get into adventures earlier and earlier each year, pretty soon, we’ll be having them before we even get the chance to ask each others how our summers were”

“That would be horrible wouldn’t it?” Sirius didn’t catch the sarcasm in James voice and picked up his bag and went to find Remus. James laughed to himself, thinking of how Sirius never asked anyone how their summer was.

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