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Hello everybody! Yours truly is done with midterms, and thankfully, I didn't give my parents any reason to kill me...hehe. To all those who wonder why I don't write longer chapters, I guess it's because you can't have too much of a good thing at one time... Next chapter will probably be up in 3-4 to learn, you know! Enjoy! Gabrielle ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in the common room. Hermione was doing her Potions homework, Ron was trying to peek over her shoulder, and Harry was reading a letter from Sirius.

"Harry, what did Sirius say?" said Hermione anxiously. Harry rolled up the parchment and sighed. "We can't come for Christmas, the whole Order is relocating to someplace that's too dangerous for us," he said, scowling. "Now where am I going to stay for Christmas?"

Ron looked at him with a bemused expression. "Harry, mate, you're obviously invited to us-"

"-and he can't go, Ron," cut in Hermione, who had finished her homework and sealed it magically, so Ron couldn't take a peek. She looked at him, exasperated. "Your whole family is in France for Christmas, to get to know Fleur's family."

Ron stared at her, mouth hanging open, while Harry rolled around next to him in silent fits of laughter. While Ron was regaining his consciousness, Ginny climbed through the portrait hole, looking grumpy. As she made her way over to the trio, Ron unsticked his jaw and turned to her accusingly.

"Can you do a favor and not go and spout off the family vacation plans to everybody?" he said, looking mutinous. Ginny sat down next to Harry, who planted a kiss on her cheek (Ron made a strangled noise in his throat as he saw that). "Hermione asked, so why should I not tell her?" she shot back at Ron. "You weren't planning on going, were you?" she said incredulously to Ron.
He mumbled something along the lines of "wasn't sure if it's a good idea", and buried himself back in his Potions essay.

Ginny turned to Harry, who was staring glumly into the fire. "What's wrong?" she asked him gently. He sighed deeply. "I can't go to Grimmuald Place for Christmas because of the Order, and your family is unavailable, so I'll have to stay at Hogwarts-"

"-with me," said Ginny softly, "and Ron, and Hermione. Don't worry, you're not alone." Harry looked at her gratefully, and he kissed her tenderly. The kiss soon became a little more than tender, and Ron cleared his throat uncomfortably. They pulled apart, and Harry put his arm on her shoulders and squeezed.

"Oh, Ginny, Ginny, Ginny," he said, as she closed her eyes and leaned her head on his chest.
"What would I ever do without you?"


Harry woke up the next morning with a stiff back, a sore neck, and a warm weight on his chest. He rubbed his eyes slowly and looked down to find Ginny asleep, her mouth open and eyes closed. Harry sighed happily and looked out the window. Dawn was breaking; the sky was light blue, ad the sun was about to rise. Harry had an excellent idea. He preformed a feather-light charm on Ginny, and carried her, sleeping, up to the top of the Astronomy tower.

As he opened the door and stepped out onto the roof, Ginny stirred. Harry sat down on a blanket that he conjured from thin air, and wrapped Ginny in another blanket. She opened her eyes, and gasped. The sun was rising, and the pink, purple and orange light bathed the couple in a heavenly glow. She looked at Harry with a blissful look, and he kissed her softly on the lips in response.

"Good morning," he whispered.

They stayed like that for an hour, cuddling and kissing, until Ginny jumped up with a worried look on her face. Harry understood, and before she could utter a word, he said, "Ginny, it's Saturday morning. Don't worry."

She settled back into his arms, and they stayed like that until the Hufflepuff Quidditch team went outside to practice.


When Harry and Ginny came into the common room, laughing and joking, they stopped in the portrait hole. Not of their own volition, but because of the astonishing sight before them.

Ron and Hermione were locked in a passionate embrace.

They must have realized that they were being watched, because they pulled apart and turned around, to find Harry and Ginny with their mouths hanging open.

By the time Harry regained the ability of speech, Ginny had pulled Hermione aside for a full explanation. Harry did the same to Ron.

"Right, mate, 'fess up," he said to Ron, who was looking shell-shocked. "What…" He tried gesturing with his hands, but he couldn't explain his question. He started laughing between attempts at explaining himself. He finally gave up to the laughing, and guffawed out loud, until Ron punched him.

"OW! Ron, you git, you didn't have to do that!" Harry held his nose, which he suspected was broken, and looked at Ron seriously. "What made you finally make a move?"

Ron sighed. "We were having one of our usual rows about Krum, and Hermione was getting really mad. Finally, she shrieked that if I didn't want Krum snogging her anymore, I should do something about it, and…" He seemed at loss for words, until Harry filled in for him, "…you did."

He (Ron) nodded. Harry looked at Ron, Ron looked at Harry, and then they simultaneously said, "Unbelivable." Harry clapped Ron on the back and said to him heartily, "Good luck mate. You're probably going to be spending a lot of time in the library from now on…"

He left to the boy's dormitory, chuckling all the while.


Romilda Vane was royally pissed off. She had heard some good news and bad news while trying to do her homework in the common room (trying being the key word). The good news was that Harry was staying in Hogwarts for Christmas, meaning she didn't have to break into the Burrow.

The bad news was, his girlfriend and two cronies were staying also.

No good.

She scowled as she made her way up the staircase to the Owlery. She was sending a letter to her parents that she won't be joining them for Christmas, because all her friends are here. The truth was, she didn't have any real friends. They all admired her. 'And,' as Romilda thought smugly, 'they have a good reason to.'

She had a master plan for Christmas, and NOBODY was going to ruin it for her.

She smirked to her self as she said the last thought out loud.

"Not even Ms. Ginerva Weasley."


Harry was sitting in the common room, when Romilda stepped into the portrait hole with her gaggle of giggling girls.

"So, where are you girls going for Christmas?" came the shrill voice of Romilda's top girl, Shelby Pattison.

"My family is going to France," she said smugly, contempt etched on every plane of her unblemished face.

"My family is going to Brazil!" said Karen Fiennes eagerly.

Harry stared. Karen used to be a little…weird (considering she was Luna Lovegood's cousin, Harry wasn't surprised), but this was over the top. She now looked like all of Romilda's clones-clad in the finest-quality silk robes and cashmere sweater vests, and a ridiculous amount of make-up. Harry privately thought that she looked ridiculous and a suck-up, but he didn't mention it out loud.

The rest of the group looked at her.

"Well, my family has relatives there…" Karen's voice trailed off, and she suddenly became very interested in the red-and-gold carpet.

Harry had a feeling that the trip had something to do with Crumple-Horned Snorcacks, but he didn't mention this out loud either.

"I'm staying at Hogwarts," said Romilda loftily, flipping her hair over her shulder.

Now the group really gaped at her.

"Family's in America," said Romilda, with a note of disdain in her voice. "Horrid place."

A chorus of agreement came up from the girls, and they left for supper, cursing hamburgers, Hollywood, and all things American in general (A/N: Please don't kill me…*whimper* I love the ol' US of A! I've been there sooo much! And who can hate Hollywood…hehe).

Harry groaned loudly and slumped down in his chair.

"Why does this always happen to me?!"


Can't you just go somewhere on vacation?
I could book your flight
and pack your bags
if you want
A one way ticket out of my life
Watching you fly away
I never liked you
I never wanted you
I never liked you
I'm not in love with you

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