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    Very first story!! :) Read and review, people! *is happy*

    EDIT - 1st Dec 06 - Re-read the story and was reduced to cringing and beating my self into a pulp mentally. Heh. Anyway, this whole story is going to be sent for beta reading (KEIRA IS LURVE!) so no major updates, alrighty? By the way, Hermione and Draco are rather OOC from the JK books.
    Please don\'t kill me. ^^





    ~When Tragedy Struck.




    How could he do this to me? HOW? Aren’t I good enough? Wasn’t I always there for him? How could he betray me like this? I can’t believe him!

    I sat huddled in a broom cupboard, hugging my knees to my chest while fat, salty tears rolled down my cheeks. My hair was looking very unkempt and I knew my eyes were extremely puffy. My eyelashes were heavy with tears and my eyes were blurry. I didn’t know what happened next. Last thing I remember was sobbing uncontrollably, eyes closed tight, tears falling…

    Groaning, I slowly pried open my eyes. Sunshine was pouring onto the bed, blinding my eyes with its… wait.


    Rubbing my bleary eyes for a clearer view, I saw myself in a large, fluffy, pink bed with white shimmering drapes and the word “Head Girl” on the headboard.

    My bed?

    When was I in my bed? Wasn’t I in the broom cupboard?
    Pushing myself up into a sitting position, I felt something wet slide off my forehead. Glancing at it, I saw that it was a wet towel.
    What’s it doing on my forehead?
    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of sliver-blond. Immediately I tensed up and as I turned my head, my suspicions were confirmed.

    Draco Malfoy was sitting on a chair, his head on one side of my bed.
    Obviously he was fast asleep.
    My hand flew up to my forehead and I felt myself burning up. No wonder the towel was on my forehead. But that sure didn’t explain why Malfoy was in my room though.

    Did he take care of me over night?

    Oh merlin, I hope not. I’d have to owe him and hell knows what he’d do to torture me, the sadistic, evil, twisted little…

    Ah, what am I doing? Aren’t I supposed to wake the little git by now?

    Slowly, I brought my hand forward and poked him lightly in the shoulder. He didn’t even stir. I tried calling his name but that didn\\\'t work either. Well, if it’s a game he wants, it’s a game he gets.
    Taking in a deep breath, glaring at him in the process, I leaned over and yelled into his ear, “MALFOY!! GET UP!”


    I smirked as he fell off the chair.

    He was mumbling and grumbling incoherent words, rubbing his back and then as he saw me his eyes went wide with alert and worry.

    “Granger? You’re up? When were you up? Are you okay? How’re you feeling? Are you still burni-”

    “Wait! Hold the hundred and one questions! First, let me do the asking.
    First of all, how did I end up back in the Heads’ dorm? Wasn’t I in the broom cupboard?”

    He shifted uncomfortably. “Well, yeah, you were, Granger, ‘till I found you. Did you know you were sporting a 58°C fever? You could’ve died in there if I didn’t find you! It was way past curfew! What were you doing in a broom cupboard?”

    “I was, well, nothing. Personal issues.”

    My fellow Head gave me a suspicious glance.
    “You don’t say. I’m sorry I even asked. What was I thinking…”
    Somehow, I found the way he phrased it rather amusing and I couldn’t suppress a laugh.

    Malfoy seemed rather surprised at me for some reason. What? Hasn’t he ever seen a girl laughing? He’s a weird one…

    It was only when I shooed him out of my room and passed my calendar hanging on the wall did I realized it was a Saturday. Furthermore, it was a Hogsmeade Saturday! I could skip the robes today!

    Smiling all over, I pulled out a white sleeveless turtleneck and a denim skirt. It was rather short, as I had bought it last year but I was still able to slip through the opening of the skirt so it seemed rather a waste to throw it away. Furthermore, it was really beautiful, with crystal sequins along the hem and pockets.
    A shimmering pink belt, a light fuchsia cap and hair tied down in two ponytails completed the whole look. I felt rather pleased with myself for not being a fashion victim today. I wonder how Ron would…

    Then I remembered.

    How he was with Lavender.
    How he hugged her.
    How he held her.
    How he kissed her.
    How I felt my heart collapse right there and then.

    I completely broke down again. Why did he betray me like this? What’s Lavender got I that haven’t? Why was he so attracted to her? What made him go to her rather then me? Why did he hug her? Why did he kiss her? Why?!

    My sobs must’ve been heard my Malfoy because in a second’s time, I heard footsteps and the door to my room opened. By then, I was too busy crying to acknowledge him but he sure did acknowledge me.
    In a fraction of a second, I felt his arms around my crouching figure and soothing words being whispered into my ear. I let my instincts take over and I buried my head in his chest. He held on to me tightly, stroking my hair, comforting me. While I was crying, one tiny part of my brain was screaming, “Get out of his arms right now!!! Malfoy is never nice! It’s a trick! A trap!! Free yourself!!” But I couldn’t. I really couldn’t. I needed comfort and reassurance now and Malfoy sure gave me all that.

    I was crying harder then ever now because of my internal battle and also to what Ron did to me. Suddenly I felt that his hands had stopped stroking me. He was staring at me, I could tell. Then, his hands lifted my head up to face his and before I could open my tear-stained eyelids, I felt him stroking my cheek with a single finger. Then all of a sudden, his soft lips were on mine.
    Instinctively, I pulled away.

    "Malfoy! What did you think you were -"

    But again, he caught my lips with his, silencing me with the melting kiss but the very surprising thing was; this time,
    I felt myself kissing him back.



    I saw my boyfriend hanging with this girl that I hate
    He didn\\\'t have to tell me why last night he was late
    I can\\\'t believe what you tell me
    Your lies have come undone
    Now I\\\'m living on the run looking out for number one


    I was lost in him.
    The kiss was so intense, so passionate.

    My arms went around his neck and because of my still-crouching figure; his arms went round my back and as my brain properly registered what was happening, my eyes snapped open and I gasped, only to have him taking it as enthusiasm and slipping his tongue into my mouth.

    His lips were pressing on mine so hard, I thought my lips would be bruised soon enough. But suddenly, I didn’t feel like pulling away anymore. I let his hands roam around my body and they stopped at my waist. I could tell that he was feeling the curve of my waist and then his hands slipped to my hips. His mouth was withdrawn from mine and I felt myself give a very light, nearly inaudible moan.

    His soft lips came crashing down on my neck and moved up to my to my jawbone. I moaned again and I could feel him smirking at the side of my neck. His lips withdrew a little distance and his breath came down on my ear. Normally, it would have felt ticklish but now, I was practically melting, my spine tingling with lust

    I went along with him and pulled my fist down his rock-hard chest. While I melted into him, I could also hear his breaths becoming shorter and quicker. He moved his mouth over to my ear and that oh-so familiar tingle came over me again and he whispered “Don’t cry…

    Just those two words pulled me back to earth, and in earth, I was tangled up in Draco Malfoy’s arms, my eyes closed, hands on his muscled chest and he was breathing hard on my ear, hands wrapped around my waist.

    I practically screamed mentally.

    His eyes were still closed and as his lips skimmed across my skin to reach my lips, I turned my head and wriggled out of his comforting arms.
    I was panting heavily and so was he. As our eyes made contact I suddenly felt afraid. I took one last look at him before I fled.

    I didn’t know why I fled. I just did. Was it because I felt guilty? That I betrayed Ron? But… Ron betrayed me too…

    Something clicked in my mind and as evil as it was, I wanted to go along with it. That’d make Ron feel guilty and hurt. I’d get payback for what he did to me. Although… my plan would involve Malfoy… I mean, Draco.

    So step number one of my plan was Malfoy.
    What else could I do?
    I did a 180° turn and headed back to my room, where I knew Draco would be. He was still in shock when I drew back, I could tell.

    If my plan went flawlessly, Ron, not to mention the rest of the Hogwarts population, will be shocked to their life’s end on Monday morning…



    Ahh... my very first story!! Was it okay? Hope so.. :)) Please review and tell me how it was~ thanks!

    ` Meg;

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