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Chapter 7 – Secrets Are Out That evening at dinner, James and Sirius were being their usual selves and having a food fight, Peter hadn’t shown up and Remus was being unusually quiet. “Hey, Moony? Are you alright?” James asked Remus, receiving a smack on the head from a bread roll thrown by Sirius. “Err, yeah. No… I talked to Ruby.” He said looking towards where she was sitting with her friends. She was staring aimlessly at her plate. Lily nudged her and she looked up meeting his eyes for a moment before she excused herself, leaving the great hall without a second glance. Sirius breathed a silent ‘oh’. “I guess she didn’t take it too well.” Remus shot him a dirty look before he too abandoned his meal. James leaned forward to slap Sirius in the back of the head. “Nice one.” “What?!” Sirius complained, rubbing his head. “You are a complete idiot, you know that?” “We knew that.” Lily commented, joining them at the table, followed by Holly. “Gee thanks, love you too Lils. So other than insulting me what do what do we owe the pleasure of your company?” Sirius greeted. “We know you know what’s going on with Remus and Ruby, and we want to know,” Lily explained. James and Sirius chanced a sideways glance at each other. “You know we know? And you want to know?” Sirius asked leaning forward. “We know you know. And yes! we want to know!” “So let me get this straight…you know we know and you don’t know but you want to know?” “Yes! We want to know.” “Ok…Know what?” James asked innocently. “GA! Stop it or I will stab you with-“ “So she didn’t tell you?” Sirius interrupted suddenly. James shot his a dirty look, one more ‘you know’ and Lily would have forgotten what they knew that she didn’t. “No, she didn’t tell us which is whyyyyy you. Are. Going to!” Lily told them slowly as if speaking to a small child…an annoying small child. “There is something going on, isn’t there?” Holly blurted out. “We don’t know what you’re talking about,” James said defiantly. Lily rolled her eyes at him, “You are so impossible!” “And yet still so unsure what you are talking about.” James told her as he and Sirius left them both fuming in the great hall. *** James and Sirius found Remus staring aimlessly out at the lake. “She doesn’t hate you, you know. She’s just scared,” Sirius said. Remus turned to face them, smirking slightly. “Thanks, Padfoot. You’ve made me feel so much better. The girl I like is scared of me,” Remus threw himself onto the grass, now lying on his back looking up at the moon; the very same moon that brings him his terrible fate every time it’s full. “You guys didn’t react like this when I told you.” “Yes, but we are guys. We saw it as a new adventure.” James pointed out. “Why didn’t she see it like that? I thought she was different…” “Give her some time. Eventually she will accept it.” James told him. “Maybe she can even try the whole animagi thing…” Sirius added with a smile. Remus groaned. “You two are so not helping.” “What are friends for?” Sirius asked, patting Remus on the back. “I am so never telling anyone else my secret ever again.” *** Lily and Holly returned from dinner, ready to ask Ruby what had happened. They hadn’t expected to find their friend staring blankly at the wall, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Ruby, are you okay?” Ruby didn’t move, she just shook her head. Lily and Holly sat down on either side of Ruby. “You wanna talk about it?” Holly asked. Ruby shifted herself “He likes me.” “Oh my god, Ruby! That’s great!” Lily exclaimed, “I mean it is? Isn’t it? Because you like him too...?” she finished worriedly seeing as Ruby wasn’t nearly as excited as she should have been. “Yeah, it’d all be great, that is until he kills me!” Ruby looked at her two friends, who were staring blankly at her, “He told me that he would never embark in any sort of relationship without me knowing the truth.” She told them. They both nodded. “That was very thoughtful of him…” Holly said just to fill the silence. “He told me he is a werewolf. Has been since he was a child.” Ruby whispered, the tears starting up again. “Are you sure that’s what he said?” Lily asked shocked, but not nearly as bothered as Ruby seemed to be. “Positive. Let me tell you Lils, it is definitely not something you miss.” “So what does this mean?” Holly questioned quietly. Ruby groaned, flopping back on her bed. “It means that every full moon, that sweet kind and generous boy turns into a full fledged rampaging monster!” “Poor thing.” Lily murmured. Holly nodded. “I know.” Ruby sat up again. “What do you two mean?” Lily shrugged. “It mustn’t be easy turning into a werewolf monthly.” “I don’t know why we didn’t figure it out, he always seems so tired and that.” Holly added. Lily nodded slowly. “Imagine keeping a secret like that.” She whispered. “All these years.” Ruby let out a weird sort of laugh. “I'm not the only one who knows. I’m pretty sure his friends would.” “Yeah they would have definitely known something was up.” Holly agreed. “And they never told anyone. Wow.” Lily finished amazed at their strong bond and loyalty. “So you two think its ok?” This time Holly shrugged. “He can’t be dangerous, otherwise he wouldn’t be here. I think its more sad for him.” Lily nodded. “You know he would never do anything to deliberately hurt you, Ruby. He must really like you to tell you the biggest secret of his life.” “This is so confusing.” Ruby whined. Lily laughed. “Come on. Lets go sit by the fire. We can toast marshmallows.” *** “Moony, get up!” James and Sirius yelled at Remus the next morning. “What time is it?” Remus asked, wrapping his blanket tighter around himself and over his head. “Nearly six.” “Nearly s… NEARLY SIX! Why are you waking me up so early?” Remus demanded from under his covers. “Because we woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep,” Sirius said, grinning innocently, “and we thought that we could do something as Marauder’s today, to you know, keep your mind off other things.” Remus had risen from his bed and was now in a sitting position, “Okay, fair enough but why six in the morning?” “We told you, we woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep and you know what they say Moony, there’s no time like the present.” Remus groaned as he reluctantly got out of bed, “Cant the present wait until daylight?” he complained even as he got dressed to follow James and Sirius down to the Great Hall for breakfast. The boys left Peter in bed, he seemed to be distancing himself from the other Marauder’s lately. As the three boys walked through the Gryffindor common room, they noticed that there was three lumps on each of the couches next to the fire. “Who slept out here?” Remus whispered, leaning closer to James and Sirius. “We shall soon find out,” Sirius said mischievously, grinning and raising one eyebrow. James and Remus looked at each other, worried about who was going to get frightened awake by Sirius Black at six in the morning. “Padfoot, I don’t think this is such a good idea…” James’ attempts at stopping Sirius failing miserably. Sirius walked right up to one of the couches, and poked the sleeping Gryffindor. Nothing. He poked again, a little bit harder than he anticipated because all of a sudden Holly sat up and punched Sirius on the arm. “Ouch, did I really deserve that?” “Yes, I think you did… what time is it?” She asked with a yawn, smoothing down her messy blonde hair. “Six fifteen,” Remus obliged. Holly groaned, flopping back on the couch and closing her eyes as Lily and Ruby woke up. “Sorry girls,” James began, “but Sirius here – “ “Knew they were sleeping in the common room,” Sirius interrupted, pushing Lily’s feet over so he could sit. “I saw them here last night before I went to bed,” he added seeing the puzzled looks on James and Remus’ faces. Lily yawned, stretching her feet out again on his lap. “That’s wonderful, but that doesn’t explain why you woke us up at 6.15 on a Sunday.” She complained. “Tell me about it.” James agreed. Sitting on the arm of the couch next to Sirius. “He woke us too.” He told her, absentmindedly tickling Lily’s toes as he spoke. Lily giggled. Pulling her toes out of his reach. “Stop it.” She murmured, slightly embarrassed. She looked around. Holly was still sprawled on the couch next to her with her eyes closed. Ruby on the other hand was sitting with her knees pulled up to her chin, determinedly looking at the floor. Remus too noticed she was looking uncomfortable. “Sooo…” Sirius said, also noticing the awkwardness. “Shall we go eat since we are all up? Care to join us girls?” Lily nodded quickly. Eager to leave, but a groan from Holly’s direction indicated food was the last thing on her mind. James winked at Lily and Sirius, walking over to her. Without making a sound he whipped her blankets away. Holly squealed at the sudden rush of coldness. Sitting up straighter she pointed at James. “You are so dead. Ok fine! I will go get dressed for breakfast. Stupid boys…” She grumbled standing up to make her way back upstairs. Lily followed silently, dragging Ruby with them. The boys telling them they would meet downstairs. Once out of the portrait hole, Remus turned to Sirius,” Why did you do that!?” “Do what?” “Invite them to have breakfast with us? I thought you said we were having a Marauder’s day so I could get my mind off other things.” “So I did… but did you see Holly’s PJ’s?,” Sirius asked as they walked to the great hall. “Can you say cute?” Remus rolled his eyes. “ so because you have a weakness for girly pajamas I have to spend breakfast with a girl who can barely meet my eye because she is scared I could maul her to death?” He hissed making Sirius’ eyes widen. “Geez Moony, melodramatic much?” Sirius joked. “Anyway who’s up for waffles?” He exclaimed, bounding excitedly towards the great Hall. “She will come around Moony. Maybe she will have fun today.” James offered weakly as they followed Sirius with a little less enthusiasm. Remus scowled. “Its alright for you James. Lily actually likes you.” He said making James beam. Rolling his eyes once more he strode off quickly hoping Sirius was right and today wouldn’t be a total nightmare. *** Breakfast that morning was awkward, due to Remus and Ruby not talking. “So, what should we all do today?” Sirius asked, putting emphasis on the word all, and receiving a glare from Remus. “Well, I would very much enjoy a nice game of Quidditch,” James said, the others laughing at him, “What’s so funny? I really do want to play Quidditch.” “Of course you do, you live, sleep and breathe the game!” Sirius told his friend. “Actually, it could be fun,” Lily piped up, everyone turned to her with amazed looks on their faces. “Since when have you liked Quidditch?” Ruby asked. “I just said it could be fun.” “That’s settled then, Quidditch it is. So, will it be a battle of the sexes?” “Prongs, I think that’s a splendid idea!” Sirius exclaimed, jumping up from his seat, “To the Quidditch pitch!” The other five followed him, laughing and shaking their heads. *** “Lils, that was the funniest thing I have ever seen!” Ruby exclaimed, through a fit of giggles, Holly joined in. Lily’s face was going as red as her hair. “Hey, I think we could make a fine Quidditch player out of her yet… so long as she stays on the ground,” Sirius added, causing the girls to laugh harder, “OUCH!” Sirius turned towards his assailant “What was that for Prongs?” James just shook his head in response, then turned to Lily and whispered something to her. The two of them then headed towards the lake. “Must be off for a romantic stroll,” Holly commented. Remus, Sirius and Ruby agreed, then all four of them returned to the common room. Once through the portrait hole, they sat down in front of the fire. Remus looked over to Ruby and realised she was avoiding his gaze, “Err, I just remembered I have some homework to do.” With that he left for his dorm. Ruby watched him leave, tears welling up in her eyes. She too got up and left, not saying a word. All day she had tried to act normal but thoughts kept her from being the friend he needed. Sirius sighed, seeing two of his friends so unhappy., “So, Holly, did you have fun out there?” Sirius asked, noticing that she had moved a little bit closer. “Yeah, I did.” Sirius noticed the look in her eye, one he had seen many times before. He leaned closer to her, until their lips met. Holly broke away first, Smiling slightly. “Holly, I…” Sirius began. Trying to fill the awkward silence. Holly stood up. “Well, goodnight.” She said, turning to leave. “Holly?” Sirius called as she reached the stairs. She turned hesitatingly. “Yes?” “Will you go out with me?” he asked slowly. Holly stared at him in disbelief for a moment. “I’m sorry, I have to check on Ruby.” She told him before rushing from the room. Sirius groaned, smacking himself in the head just for being stupid. He had just kissed Holly Marlingson and it had meant nothing to her. *** “I wonder what Prongs is doing,” Remus thought out loud to Sirius. As an answer they heard laughing coming from the common room. “They’re back, that was definitely Prongs’ laugh.” Sirius and Remus walked down the stairs that led to the common room, to see James and Lily sitting by the fire, talking, laughing, getting along like a house on fire. Sirius and Remus sat down on the bottom step. Meanwhile, across from them, Holly and Ruby had also come down to see what was going on, they too sat down on the bottom step of the stairs. Remus sighed. (A/N: Can You Feel The Love Tonight, from Disney’s The Lion King) Sirius: I can see what’s happening. Remus: What? Sirius: And they don’t have a clue. Remus: Who? Sirius: They’re falling in love and here’s the bottom line, our trio’s down to two. Remus: Oh. Sirius: The warm caress of firelight, There’s magic everywhere, And with all this romantic atmosphere, Disasters in the air. Holly and Ruby: Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once in perfect harmony, With all its living things. James: So many things to tell her, But how to make her see? The truth about my heart, impossible. She’d shy away from me. Lily: He’s holding back, he’s different, But why I cant decide. Why wont he ask me out again, What’s he got to hide? Holly and Ruby: Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once in perfect harmony, With all its living things. Can you feel the love tonight? You needn’t look to far, Stealing through the nights uncertainties, Love is where they are. Remus: And if they fall in love tonight, It can be assumed. Sirius: His pranking days with us are history, Both: In short our pal is doomed!! Sirius and Remus continued to watch as James and Lily moved closer to each other, the same look in their eyes that they had when they were dancing together at Christmas. The four seventh year Gryffindor’s sitting on the steps got up and returned to their rooms, leaving James and Lily alone once more. *** “Lily, will you go out with me?” James asked, forgetting his earlier vow to take it slow. But now with his arms wrapped around the girl of his dreams, as she rested her head on his chest he couldn’t resist. He waited as she looked up into his hazel eyes and he stared down into her green ones, fearing her answer. She smiled at last. “Yes, James, I’d love to.” *** A/N: ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ from the Lion King, Composed by Elton John. Well this chapter was posted about a week ago. but apparently not...sorry bout the long wait it was not lazyness it was HOLIDAYS! my co-writer has now gone back to school so expect some delays. Apologies!

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