It was hard to believe. One minute Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were walking happily with Professor Lupin and Harry’s Godfather Sirius, the next minute they were being attacked. Harry remembers Draco Malfoy and Dean Thomas jumping at Professor Lupin and Sirius and clawing and punching them, he remembers him and Ron been thrown back by Cho Chang, and he remembers Hermione and Ginny screaming in fear.

Harry later realized that the students attacking him and his friends were in fact William, Thomson and Morgan. At first Harry thought this was the fight that William had been talking about, but he was wrong. William had no intention of killing Harry, Ron and Hermione; he was just playing with them, mocking them. Sirius, Professor Lupin and Ginny’s lives were in danger however.

Harry and his friends were not alone though. Shortly after the attack, Professor Dumbledore, and the teachers from Hogwarts joined to help him. Along with them were members from the Order, and Hagrid, who even though didn’t have a wand was a good fighter. But William, Thomson and Morgan were not alone either.

Shortly after they saw Professor Dumbledore and the others appear, tons of creatures started attacking at the teachers and the rest. Harry didn’t really know how to describe what they were. As far as he could see they were red winged, demon looking creatures, the type you’d see out of medieval books. The demons didn’t touch Harry, Ron or Hermione once, but they slashed at the others. While Harry and Ron were being thrown about by William, Hermione was protecting Ginny from the demons. So much was happening; so many people were being hurt.

Harry didn’t know what to do. William was fast, and what made it even more terrifying was how he was disguised as Cho Chang. He kept trying to punch and hex William, but none seemed to be hurting him. He just stood there laughing at him, laughing at his fear. Harry honestly thought that he was going to die, but deep down inside he knew he wasn’t. Williams may not have wanted to kill him, but he sure wanted to hurt him. Harry felt William pick him up and throw him against one of the walls hard.

William then started punching him hard in the gut, making it almost impossible to breath. But then he stopped, and when Harry had got enough breath in him and opened his eyes, he saw something that made his blood turn cold. Ron had hurled himself at William when he saw what he was doing to Harry, and had actually got him off guard, but only for a few seconds. William was now holding Ron by the throat and choking him. Harry got up quickly and ran towards William to save his friend. But William would not be fooled twice, he turned around and threw Ron at Harry, and both the boys collided with each other. As Harry was trying to push Ron off him, a shadow descended on him.


Hermione was not having much luck either. She was trying as hard as she could to protect Ginny, but was failing badly. The demons or whatever they were, were relentless, and there was so many of them. Every time she cursed or shot down one of then, more came, lunging for Ginny. “Hermione” cried Ginny’s scared voice. “Don’t let them hurt me”.

“I won’t Ginny, I don’t care how hurt I get, I won’t let them hurt you” shouted Hermione.

One of the demons flew towards Ginny, but was instantly whacked out of the way by Hermione. Hermione was confused though, why weren’t they trying to attack her, why didn’t they bite, and scratch her, like they were doing to everyone else? Hermione looked in Harry and Ron’s direction and saw that none of the demons were trying to attack them either, course Harry and Ron had to bear the brunt of William or Morgan or whoever he was. Hermione felt tears sting her eyes; she didn’t want to end like this. Why was it that whenever something good happened, something bad happened too? Why were they constantly haunted by William, Morgan and Thomson?

‘I know why’ Hermione thought bitterly to herself ‘Because everything bad happens to us’. The demons flying around the two girls were trying their hardest not to touch Hermione and only attack Ginny, this made it slightly easier for Hermione, but it was still hard. As a demon tried to duck above Hermione, she cursed it, and let it fall to the ground. But at that moment she felt a jolt run through her, and started screaming. She felt as if she was been electrocuted. When the pain went she turned round to see Dean Thomas smiling at her, holding Ginny’s wand in his hand.

But Hermione knew it wasn’t him, it was Morgan, or William or Thomson, which ever one she didn’t care. Hermione tried to raise her wand and attack the disguised Dean, but couldn’t. To her intense horror she found the corner of her vision going black, and she knew she was going to faint. The disguised Dean started walking towards a screaming Ginny, and Hermione blacked out.


Ginny couldn’t stop screaming, or crying, she was going to die. She saw Hermione bravely fight to protect her from these weird red demons, and then get attacked from Dean Thomas. But Ginny wasn’t stupid, it wasn’t Dean, it was one of the people that Harry told her about, one of the people who kidnapped her. All she could do was crouch in the corner, sobbing at what was happening all around her.

She turned her head and saw Harry and Ron been beaten up by an evil Cho Chang, she saw Professor Lupin and Sirius been ravaged and torn, and she saw the winged demons swooping and attacking the teachers and the Order. Ginny felt her heart stop when she saw Hermione fall to the ground; she knew it was her fault.

She hadn’t thought when she saw Dean Thomas that it wasn’t really him. She had just assumed it was. She had seen him smiling at her kindly, and had given him her wand, so that he could help Hermione. But she had realized too late how bad a mistake she had made, when she saw Dean’s smile became menacing and his eyes flash red. He was too quick, one moment he had her wand the next he was using it agaisnt Hermione. Ginny had given the evil Dean a rope, and he was now going to strangle her with it.

The evil Dean started walking towards her, when he saw Hermione faint. Ginny had to do something; she couldn’t just sit there and scream. She struggled to her feat and started running as far away from the evil Dean as possible. She was foolish to think she’d ever get away, he was too powerful, too quick, he had caught up with her in minutes. All he had to do was grab her hair and she was down. “Please don’t kill me” she cried. But the evil Dean ignored her entirely, and put the cruiciatus curse on her. When the pain went, she felt a whisper in her ear.

“Do you know what my name is?” he asked softly. Ginny couldn’t speak; all she did was shake her head.

“My names Morgan” it whispered. And Ginny was thrown into darkness.


Ron couldn’t think; he couldn’t believe what was happening. All he could hear were screams; people hurt and possibly dying that was all he could hear. He was such an idiot, what he had done was so stupid. He shouldn’t have tried to stop William; he should have tried to curse him from behind. And now him and Harry were hurt. But he couldn’t just stand there and watch Harry get punched continually, he just couldn’t. But it only made matters worse, because in seconds after jumping at William, he was being chocked. But Harry wasn’t going to stand and watch Ron get hurt either.

Ron knew what William was going to do, and he would have shouted at Harry to stop but couldn’t, he felt his breath leaving his body. Ron could see the shock on Harry’s face as William hurled him at Harry. He hit Harry painfully and they both fell to the ground, and Ron tried his best to get up, but he felt so weak. He looked to see if Hermione and Ginny was ok, but was met instead with Hermione lying crumpled on the ground, and an evil Dean walking towards Ginny.

‘No! Not Ginny and Hermione’ he thought frantically to himself. He couldn’t let them die. But Ron didn’t even have time to get up, because a dark shadow overtook them, and he found himself looking into the eyes of William disguised as an evil Cho Chang. ‘Stuart what do I do!’ he thought frantically trying to contact Stuart.

‘I…I don’t know, Oh God I don’t know’ came the frightened voice of Stuart. Ron wasn’t angry with him. He didn’t know what had happened to Stuart the day that he had died, only that he knew that it must have been horrible. Ron was prepared for anything that happened to him, he was prepared with the possibility of death. He wasn’t going to die crouching on the ground; he was going to die fighting. With this he got up and stood face to face with William. He looked at Harry and smiled bravely, and then threw the killing curse at William. It hit William, and he fell to the ground.

Ron was in shock, it couldn’t have been that easy, but he relaxed when he saw the evil looking Cho showing no signs of getting up. He looked and saw that Hermione was still lying on the ground unconscious, and to his horror he saw Ginny lying on the ground too but with blood around her. He ran up to Harry and shook him awake. ”Harry, we have to go and help Hermione and Ginny, there’re badly hurt” he said desperately. Ron stopped shaking Harry when he saw Harry look at him horrified. Ron was about to ask why when he felt a jab of pain. He looked down and saw blood on his stomach, and he collapsed on top of Harry.


Harry didn’t know what to say. There he had been lying on the ground, then he saw Ron get up and put the killing curse on William. The evil Cho Chang lay motionless on the floor, and Ron ran up to him. All he could hear was Ron telling him hurriedly that Hermione and Ginny were badly hurt. Harry knew he had to protect Hermione and Ginny, but he felt so weak. And then it happened. He was staring at his best friend admiring him so much for how brave he had acted when standing up to William, and then William came up from behind and stabbed Ron. He saw Ron’s scared and shocked face, saw him look at the blood coming out from his stomach, and saw Ron fall on top of him. And then he found his head falling to the ground, lying on the dirt, feeling weaker and weaker by the minute.

He expected William to hurt him, but he saw William walk away instead, as if bored by the fact that both him and Ron were too hurt to fight. Why wasn’t he dead? The killing curse was unblockable, no one could survive it. So why was William still alive? As Harry lay on the ground he heard Professor Lupin and Sirius’s voices. They were by him, checking him, to see how he was. “Damn their both hurt badly, especially Ron” said Lupin angrily.

“His sister is being treated right now; she’s not in a good shape. And Hermione isn’t good at all” said Sirius sadly.

“What you going to do?” said Lupin his voice low.

“I’m going to take on those evil pieces of filth and make them pay” growled Sirius.

“You won’t survive, they’ll kill you” said Lupin seriously.

“I know, but if I die I’ll make sure they don’t forget me” said Sirius bravely.

“What about Harry?” asked Lupin. They clearly didn’t know that Harry could hear them. Harry felt Sirius’s hand ruffle his hair.

“Goodbye Harry, your mother and father would be proud to have a son like you” whispered his Godfather. Harry couldn’t, he wouldn’t let Sirius die. But he was so weak, and before he could shout to Sirius not to go, he blacked out.


When Harry woke up, he was in the hospital wing. Ron, Hermione and Ginny were lying in the beds as well, looking at him nervously. “I’m so happy you guys are alive” he said. The others nodded; all four felt tears sting their eyes. Professor Dumbledore came in and looked at Harry sadly. Harry looked at his three friends. Hermione had a potion by her bed, Ron had his middle section bandaged up from where he had been hurt, and Ginny had cuts all over her.

Harry looked into Dumbledore’s face and knew. “He’s dead isn’t he, Sirius?” said Harry. Dumbledore nodded his head sadly. Hermione and Ginny gasped and Ron looked down at his bed covers.

“How did you know?” asked Professor Lupin shocked.

“I heard you both talking when you were checking me and Ron” whispered Harry. Professor Lupin buried his face in his hands. Harry felt tears fall down his face as he realized that he would never see Sirius again.

It turned out that Professor Dumbledore and the Order managed to destroy most of the demons. The rest flew away when they saw their masters leave. William, Morgan and Thomson had no intention of killing Harry, Ron or Hermione. They had done it for whatever reason they had. Morgan, who had been fighting Sirius, saw that the demons had no success in trying to get past Hermione, and parallelized Sirius temporarily with a hex. When he had done this he attacked Hermione and injured Ginny leaving her to die.

Thomson was busy fighting Lupin at this time. After Morgan had done this he left the fight and went back to wherever he had come from. Thomson saw this and after giving Professor Lupin a hard blow to the chest, disappeared to join Morgan as well. William’s at this point had already stabbed Ron, and had left to join his three friends. Before leaving he had signalled the last of the demons to retreat. The moment he was gone, the havoc and fighting stopped.

The teachers found Ginny and healed most of her wounds, then got a stretcher to take her back to the castle. The others found that Hermione was in a very bad shape and managed to heal her also, and got a stretcher for her as well. Sirius and Professor Lupin then went and checked Harry and Ron. They gave Harry and Ron to the Order to take back to Hogwarts, and there they healed him and Ron too. Sirius found a way to get to where William, Morgan and Thomson where, and followed them bravely. Professor Lupin found his body two hours later. That was it that was how Harry’s godfather Sirius Black died, and Harry stared to cry.


Later on in the day, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were walking towards Hagrids Hut to see how he was. Ron’s brow was furrowed as he thought intently.

“What’s the matter Ron” asked Hermione.

Ron shook his head. “It’s nothing” he insisted.

“Go on” insisted Harry.

“Well I could have sworn that when William was smiling at me, you know in that evil way, that… well I saw fangs” said Ron slowly.

“You saw what!” said Harry shocked.

“I know, but when he smiled, it looked like he had fangs” said Ron shrugging his shoulders.

When they reached Hagrids hut, Harry knocked on the door. “Maybe you were just hallucinating Ron, I mean we were all pretty out of it” suggested Harry.

When Harry got no reply he knocked again. He twisted the door knob, and the door opened. The inside of the hut was wreaked, nothing had been left untouched. Fang, Hagrids dog was lying near that wall whimpering. Ginny ran up to him and comforted him. “HAGRID” Harry shouted, fear edging into his voice. Harry heard a faint moan near Hagrids bed, and saw Hagrid lying on the floor blood everywhere.

“Harry” he muttered, trying to raise himself, but falling to the ground.

“Hagird oh God, please don’t die, please don’t die” begged Harry desperately. Hagrid looked at Harry and smiled.

“I’m proud of yer, never met a finer wizard than you arry. I just want you to know that… I was always appy to have a friend like you” muttered Hagrid. Then Hagrids eyes closed, and his breathing stopped.

“NO, NOT YOU HAGRID, NOT YOU!” screamed Harry. Hermione was sobbing in Ron’s arms and Ginny was crying as well. There was nothing Harry could do, Hagrid was too hurt, he was dead. Harry looked up at the wall and saw writing.

This is revenge for what you did to our servant

Harry looked down at Hagrid, and felt sadness overcome. Hagird was dead. He was dead. Hagrid the half human, half Giant who had came to him when he was twelve to tell him that he was a wizard. Hagrid, who had bought him his owl Hedwig. And Hagrid who had stood by him always, with loyalty that never faltered. Hagrid his closest companion was dead.

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