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Image hosting by Photobucket A/N: ok guys i really dreaded writing this chapter but i think it turned out ok and i hope i've done some justice. please enjoy and review

Chapter Thirteen – The Settling Of Scores

They say that it’s always darkest before dawn and, for Harry and Hermione, this couldn’t be truer any other day but this one. They stood in the darkness of Grimmauld Place waiting for the other Order members.
One by one they all flew or apparated in, until all were ready and accounted for. Silently the group mounted their brooms, casting disillusionment charms, and flew into the morning sky.

Hours later, Harry led the group to the ground in a small clearing, surrounded by dense forest.
“Ok, the cave should be easy to find – it’s fairly big,” Harry informed the Order, “Surround the area and only half of you go in. We want to attempt to flush them out and I have no doubt Voldemort will be quick to call the rest of his cronies so watch your backs. Hermione and I will be going after Voldemort alone – discreetly. Everyone clear?”
Harry received affirmative nods all round, “Be careful and good luck,” Harry finished his speech and he and Hermione took off behind the trees.


Ron, Rae and the rest of the Order set off for the cave Voldemort was hiding in.
“That’s it,” Ron assumed confidently. They had reached a huge rock face that had an equally huge opening that descended into the dark ground below. The group surveyed the area to find only one exit.
“That makes it easier,” Rae said, “But we still need to watch out for everyone.”
The group surrounded the cave’s entrance and half of them proceeded to enter it.


Harry and Hermione had also reached the cave, but were under Harry’s invisibility cloak. They went around to the back of the cave only to find no secondary exit.
“We’ll have to create an opening in the rock,” Harry said, “It’ll be the best way to get in without going with the others. Change into your animagus form so you can hide easier.”
Hermione did as he asked and was soon replaced by a bushy tailed squirrel. Harry turned to the rocky wall of the cave and, pointing his wand, yelled, “Reducto!”
The wall exploded around Harry as he reverted to his animagus form. The great puma turned to his squirrel counterpart and gave a nod, then crept into the cave. Hermione followed.
The two animals kept to the shadows, avoiding the torches that lit Voldemort’s lair.
“Funny,” thought Harry, “Surely my reducto curse was heard.”
There was no one around.


An explosion at the rear of the cave had put the Order members on high alert. It also caused the members who had entered the cave to retreat, followed by several Death Eaters.
Immediately they all sprung into action, firing curses and jinxes left, right and centre. The Death Eaters wasted no time in calling for backup. Soon enough another fifty of the dark army had apparated into the battlefield.
“Crucio!” One yelled, directing his wand at Rae.
“Protego!” Lupin yelled back, stepping in front of Rae.
“Thanks Moony,” Rae said quickly.
“Don’t mention it. You and Harry are the closest thing to a son and daughter I have. I’m not going to lose you,” Lupin replied, all the while protecting him and Rae with the protego shield.
Rae smiled then fired of a jinx, disarming and solidifying a death eater in one hit.

Ron and some other former DA members were busy cornering a pair of Malfoys.
“how sweet this will be,” Fred said.
“You know, we could just petrify them so Harry can do the honours,” George said, “And Hermione of course.”
“That filthy mud blood couldn’t do anything to me!” Draco Malfoy scoffed.
“Ha!” said Ron, “Last I checked she was top of the class. Petrificus Totalus.”
Draco Malfoy fell backwards, crashing to the ground as stiff as a board. His father soon followed.


Harry and Hermione had already crept through several passageways and the battle outside was gradually getting louder. Harry turned back into his human form, causing Hermione to follow suite.
“Remember to put all the hate in the world into the killing curse, Mi,” Harry said, “It helps to think of all the loved ones you’ll be saving by killing him too,” Harry put his hand on her stomach, “Especially these loved ones.”
“I love you Harry, be careful.”
“I will If you do,” Harry remarked with his signature grin.
Hermione turned back into a squirrel.
“I love you, Hermione,” Harry whispered before taking his puma form once again.
The pair rounded the final corner only to find the opening of the cave and no Voldemort.


Ron had just disarmed and bound McNair when he turned to see a great black puma emerge from the cave. Rae had seen it too. She started heading towards this potential threat. As she neared the huge cat, it turned its head and looked at her. It had the most striking green eyes. Those eyes looked so familiar. Then Rae noticed the lightning bolt mark on its head.
“Harry?” she whispered. The puma winked at her then started walking closer.
“Rae! Watch out! The ruddy thing will eat you alive,” Ron yelled, running over, wand at the ready.
“Ron! No,” Rae yelled, grabbing him, “It’s Harry you moron!” She hissed in his ear.
Ron looked at the puma and recognised its features, “Bloody hell, Harry,” he breathed.
The puma walked away, as though it had spotted something.
Ron threw himself back into the battle. Rae turned around only to come face to face with a woman who shared her black hair and grey eyes.
“You,” the woman said, “Who are you?”
“Rae,” Rae said coolly, “You must be Bellatrix, am I right?”
“Humph. Who are you? You look familiar,” Bellatrix said raising her wand.
Rae did the same, “You may remember me from Hogsmeade, or maybe I remind you of the darling cousin you sent through the veil at the ministry.”
“Sirius. What’s Black got to do with you?”
“Maybe I didn’t mention my full name. I’m Astraea Black – Sirius was my father.”
“Oh how rich, he actually knocked someone up.”
“You’ll pay for that comment, dear cousin,” Rae spat. But before she could jinx Bellatrix, the death eater disarmed her.
“Anyone who is the descendant of a blood traitor like Black deserves to be tortured. Crucio!”
Rae let out a blood curdling scream as she fell to the ground in agony.


Harry’s keen puma hearing couldn’t miss Rae’s scream over all the noise of the ongoing battle. He ran, at lightning speed, and pounced on Bellatrix, knocking her over, causing the curse to break. Harry morphed back into his human form, much the shock of Bellatrix.
“YOU! You’re an animagus!” she spluttered, “Oh the Dark Lord will love to know this!” She sounded almost gleeful.
“There’s a lot about me that your dark lord doesn’t know. And you aren’t going to live long enough to tell him what you know,” Harry said simply.
Bellatrix opened her mouth, ready to scream of Harry’s presence but before she could make a noise, Harry silenced her with a charm.
“Now, where was I?” Harry said, enjoying the look of hatred in the death eater’s eyes, “Ah, that’s it, avenging my godfather. Bye bye Bella – Avada Kedavra.” A bolt of green shot out of Harry’s wand and no sooner had it hit Bellatrix’s chest had he turned back into a puma and retreated back to Hermione, who was hiding in a tree. Using his claws, Harry climbed the tree to join her.
“Where is he?” Hermione asked.
Harry morphed, “Dunno, it seems odd that he hasn’t surfaced.”
“I saw you get Bellatrix,” Hermione said quietly.
Harry looked over at her and saw her pretty features etched with dread, “Mi?” he said, reaching out and placing a hand over hers.
“How did you do it?” she asked, almost desperately.
“I told you before, just think of all the hate you have for him.”
“No, I know how to do it, theoretically. I mean…”
“Oh, well when you’re standing in front of someone who has inflicted pain on people you love – that makes me sound like a killer – what I guess I’m saying is you do it because you have to.”
Hermione glanced at him weakly.
“If it helps, Voldemort is no man – he isn’t human – he’s a monster. Just think, he deprived your children of grandparents,” Harry leaned over and kissed her.
“Thanks, love,” Hermione said.
Harry looked back down at the battlefield and spotted a black cloaked figure appearing.
“He’s here. Change.”
They both reverted to their animal forms and Harry jumped from the tree, Hermione scurried down the trunk after him.
Harry sleeked over to the dark figure, like a predator ready to catch its prey. As he got closer he growled, alerting Voldemort of his presence. The Dark Lord turned and Harry pounced, knocking him back.
Voldemort began to laugh, manically, “Ha! Potter! How clever, an Animagus. Show yourself or are you too coward?”
Harry growled but transformed none the less, “This is the end Riddle!” Harry declared.
“Yes Potter. For you – Avada –”
“Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled as Voldemort finished his curse. Once again their wands joined in Priori Incantantum.
“Remember this?” Harry yelled.
“Only too well,” Voldemort snarled. They both struggled to hold their ground and force the spell to their opponent.
Harry could see a small squirrel creeping up beside him, but closer to Voldemort. The diminutive animal gave him a nod, and Harry broke the connection. As he did this Hermione transformed, “Hey riddle!” she said, “Over here!”
Voldemort looked over in time to see Hermione raise her wand, “AVADA KEDAVRA!” she yelled. The green bolt hit Voldemort dead on, and he fell – hard.
“Is he..?” Hermione gushed, panting.
Harry waled over to the Dark Lord and gave him a fair kick, then checked his pulse – nothing. Voldemort was dead.
“Eat shit, Riddle,” Harry spat as the Order members cheered and the small number of remaining death eaters disapparated.
“You did it, Mi!” Harry said, scooping her into his arms, “You did it! I love you!”
“You too Harry, love you too.” Hermione replied.

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