One hit, and then one more, just a little step from fainting. She couldn’t take it anymore. It had been 3 months since her mother had died, but the only thing that did was further piss him off. Now, all of his anger was to be reflected only over her. Those days, se would cry herself to sleep, she didn’t know anymore if it was because of how her she felt on the outside or on the inside. If she could just run away, but that was impossible. After her mother death he had destroyed her wand and told her she was never to do magic in any way, nor to leave the house, write to anybody or else. She was nothing but a prisoner on her own house.
You see, Briseida Thomas was the daughter of Justine Thomas and you could say of Jason Thomas. That is because she was born before she met him, and she was two years old the day she carried the flowers on their wedding. Her mother had fall rather quickly for him, and it wasn’t until they were installed in their new house in northern Argentina that she was able to see the monster the man was. For 13 years she tried to handle him, tolerating the yelling and the constant flagellation. But when Briseida receiver her letter from Hogwarts, he refused to allow her to assist and decided that she was to be taught at home by her mother. Four years later she fell sick, and medi wizards were unable to diagnose her. But Briseida knew what it was killing her mother; it was the sorrow of a life lived in pain. She then promised herself that she would never allow such thing to happen to her. She was to escape from that horrible place as soon as she could and never come back. And she had found the perfect chance.
_But what is miss to do when she is lost in England? _ the house elf was preparing dinner while she sat down drinking a coup of coffee.
_ I will find my father, or maybe the rest of my family, I don’t really know, but what I’m sure of is that once I leave this house I will never come back_
_What will happen to Mucky miss? _
_When I’m safe I will come back for you_ the elf jumped on rejoice. Suddenly the front door of the house opened.
_He’s back miss, he’s back_
Briseida ran to her room before her stepfather could realize she had left it. After a few minutes he came inside to find her lying under the window.
_Pack your bags, I’ve got tickets for the plain that leaves for London tonight_ and so she did.
That night on the plain she tossed and turned on her seat, unable to sleep. She had heard him talking to Elijah, his friend who was having a coffee with them before boarding. They had talked about a meeting in Knocturn Alley on the 7th of June, two days from that midnight. She knew that was in the magical part of London, maybe from there she could get to Diagon Alley. She had heard her mother talk about them both.

Chapter One:
“when your not safe at home and
your running back running back
while your off track
looking for a hope and for house to call your own
you need a phone your feeling so alone
you don't know where to stop while your falling apart
you need someone to hold your hand to call
you feel a little older
you need a shoulder oooo noo
but your not alone
the worth you will believe
and if you want to change how its meant to be
even if they think your strange
ooo you want to live a life
you want to breakaway
counting on your hands the days you have left to pay
but you are nuts”
Alexz Johnson – Running Home

Since they had arrived at their new house Briseida had been busy unpacking and fixing the house. Secretly she was looking for one thing, her mother’s wand; she hoped he hadn’t destroyed it too. While her father wasn’t looking she ventured to look on a box he had forbidden her to open. And there it was, rapped on a silver piece of fabric.
_Reducto_ She murmured and the wand was not longer than one inch. She sliced it down her pocket.
The rest of the day and part of the night she prayed he wouldn’t decide to open that box. The sun rose on the 7th of June. Briseida got up and dress.
She followed him silently into the car. She thought several times about escaping before than she had planned, but then again, her plan was so perfect she was scared that changing it might signify its failure.
Once they had reached Knocturn Alley he turned to her.
_ Now, you will not move from here, I have a meeting to attend to_ On that moment somebody crashed against him, making the sleeve of his robe to lift. A little green shadow shined on is left arm, but he quickly covered in front of her expecting eyes. _Don‘t talk to anybody_ He turned to leave, but suddenly something seemed to cross her mind. _ Pego_ He murmured and her feet were stuck to the floor. _Just in case you think about doing something foolish_ She reclined against the wall, while many man and woman wearing dark robes as her fathers walked into the little store. She waited a few moments after the last person closed the door behind him. She looked around and whispered_ Finite Incantatem_ The wand on her pocket returned to its normal size. _Rompio_ She dared to move just one step, still turning her heads to the sides to see if anybody had noticed her, but no. She looked to her left and the little light that there was on the street seemed to disappear there, so she chose the right, and without a second thought se ran as fast as she could. Suddenly she hit something, or somebody.
_I’m so sorry_ She said getting up from the floor, looking extremely nervous and scare
_Don’t worry_ A red head gave her a funny look and said
_Ar you OK?_
_I need help_ She answered
_I’m Fred Weasley_
_Briseida Thomas_
_What do you need help then Briseida Thomas_
Then they heard a yelling. She knew where it was coming from.
_Well I really need you to hide me, and then I’ll explain it to you, but it’s got to be fast_
_Follow me_
Just then she saw him, walking in the crowd.
Fred seemed to understand the look on her face. He grabbed her hand and started running.

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