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R.E.C. by pearluna

Dedicated to the real Rachel Elizabeth Croft.... of course... :)

Disclaimer: I don’t own it.... I’m not J. K. Rowling.... I’m a teenager living in NYC..... who is moving soon.... and writes fanfics for fun.... Rachel is the name of my best friend, Bianca is my other best friend, and umm.... I got the idea for Anne Greene’s name from my friend Jas-o-mine..... But I own the plot!

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Chapter 8: First Surprises

I know, I know. I’m taking FOREVER to tell you all about my first year, but I’ll finish it eventually. Anyways, as Anne and I headed to Astronomy, we chatted about meeting Fred and George Weasley. “‘Keep in touch.’ I wonder what that means,” I asked.

“Good question. I suggest that meant for us to write to them,” answered Anne.

I grinned mischievously. “Well, then, we will! And I have a feeling that they also meant to tell them what we need for a few pranks, and maybe what we need them fore. Maybe we’ll get a discount!” Anne laughed.

“Maybe!” We laughed and continued on our walk to the tower. We reached the Astronomy classroom about ten minutes before the period ended.

“Where were you two?” Inquired Professor Ginny sternly.

“We met some people who needed to talk with us, Professor,” I answered.

“Yes,” continued Anne, “They said to give you this.” She handed the note Fred and George had given us to Prof. Ginny, who quickly read it, nodded, and told us to sit down.

“Do you two have free time later, or should I just tell you what we did today?” she asked.

“Could you explain it now, please?” asked Anne. I nodded.

“OK, Anne,” said Professor Ginny, and began to fill us in on what we had missed that day. Fifteen minutes later, class had ended and Anne and I had seated ourselves in the Great Hall for lunch. I immediately started piling my plate with roasted red potatoes, stuffing, and turkey. Exactly one minute later I was stuffing my face in the most polite way. Yummm....

“Rachel, slow down. You’ll suffocate yourself!” said Bianca, one of my classmates.

“She’s been worse,” Anne said calmly.

“Worse?!” Bianca exclaimed, clearly not believing Anne.

“You should have seen her at the Welcoming Feast,” explained Anne.

“Bianca, don’t hate on my mad eating skills,” I said, randomly finding air in the midst of food. “Don’t be jealous just because I can eat more and faster than you can!” I continued sarcastically. She rolled her eyes.

“Whatever.” We all laughed. After a few more rounds and about fifteen minutes later (I had stuffed myself), lunch was over. Too bad.

“Hello, class. Rachel and Anne, please see me after class. Today we will be working on turning pinecones into pears,” instructed Professor Hermione. After yet another easy transfiguration class (for me and Anne, at least—among other things, Professors Ginny and Hermione tutored us. However, I had always had a knack for this sort of stuff.), the bell rang. “Anne Greene and Rachel Croft, please come here!” reminded Professor Hermione. We left our things on our desks, nodded goodbye to Bianca, and went to her desk.

“Yes, professor?” asked Anne, calm and polite as ever.

“Hello, girls. I just wanted to tell you that we are going to have a study session tonight, OK? I know it wasn’t scheduled, but you know,” she said mysteriously.

“OK, Professor, no problem,” I said, confused. Professor Hermione was never mysterious.

“All will be revealed in due time.” Anne and I laughed at Professor Hermione’s words.

“You saw Ever After, Professor?” I asked.

“Of course! I am muggle born, after all!”

“Duh. I knew that,” I said, slapping my forehead. We all laughed again.

“See you later, then, Professor!” we called over our shoulders, heading off to Potions.

After potions, we entered the History of Magic classroom. In the midst of Professor Zabini droning on about goblin rebellions and whatnots, an owl pecking on the window woke me up. I groaned, looked around me, got up, and let it in. It landed on my shoulder. Once I was sitting down again, it hopped off my shoulder and onto my desk, sticking out its leg. I read the names on the envelope:

Miss Rachel Elizabeth Croft
Miss Anne Rebecca Greene

I poked Anne, who jerked her head up. “Wha?” she asked, squinting. I showed her the envelope. She looked as confused as I did. “Well, open it!” she whispered.

“OK, OK,” I muttered.

Dear Rachel and Anne,

Hello! I know I saw you two about an hour and a half ago, but Ginny told me to tell you that we are going to have some “special guests” tonight. See you then!


Hermione Weasley

At that moment, the bell rang. Anne and I gathered our stuff and headed to the common room. “Who do you think the ‘special guests’ are?” I asked Anne.

“Who knows?”

“They do,” I answered. Anne laughed.

“You get the point.” We flopped into the large, green beanbags in front of the fireplace we had received from our parents and continued to guess. “Professor Ron?” guessed Anne.

“Professor Harry?” I asked.

“Professor Ginny’s mom and dad?” she added.

“The Minister of Magic?” I contributed.

“Umm.... one second, I’m cold, and so are you,” said Anne, getting up. She lit the fire (using magic, of course). Warmth seeped into my icy body.

“Thanks Anne. This dungeon sure can get cold!”

“I know,” she smiled. “Well, it’s almost time for dinner. Take it easy, Rachel. Don’t scare Bianca!” We laughed and headed up to the Great Hall.

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