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Chapter 14: Paige Holly Springer is not a hopelessly-in-love wimp

I must have stood outside my dorm room for hours. Or 5 minutes but it seemed like I was there a really long time. I knew everyone else was in there because I could hear their chatter as they got ready for bed.

There was a reason I wasn’t going in and that’s because I was afraid that as soon as I entered everyone would know. They would see some sort of sign written all over my face that would say

I, Paige Springer, just snogged Sirius Black for the better part of an hour...and it was damn good!

It still felt a little strange I just remember us trying to get back to the common room before some prefect caught us but every few steps we just resumed snogging. It was a little embarrassing when he had to help me up the stairs because I was so dazed and my damn knees were so damn weak like some damn cliché.

Then….err…..we entered the common room and it happened to be empty and, well the sofa was just there and everything and before we knew it (more like before I knew it), our snog fest turned horizontal. Eventually I managed to get words out and tell him I had to go up to bed and he just smiled and walked me to the stairs, giving me a nice long kiss goodnight. Should of made a run for it but in my defence, he’s bloody gorgeous and incredibly seductive.

Anyways here I was preparing to go in. I bit my lip to hide my smile that wouldn’t go away and shoved open the door.

The girls in the room barely looked up and continued chatting. Amy was already in her bed sleeping and Lily was reading. Lily looked up and said hello but remained completely engrossed in her book. Okay, so maybe I didn’t have to put on a cover after all.


“Paige wake up now, your weird grin is creeping me out” Amy hollered at me.

Any drowsiness I had immediately vanished and I sat up alarmed “I’m not grinning” I protested.

“Whatever” she said rolling her eyes. “Come on I want to eat breakfast with Remus, unless you’re still being an idiot and avoiding Sirius, than you can stay up here and starve”

“I’m coming” I groaned as I felt my stomach growl.

After I was ready and started heading down with Amy I grew nervous. What the hell was going to happen today? Would he kiss me hello? Pretend it never happened? I didn’t exactly know which one I preferred at the moment.

“HELLO, Paigeeeeeeee” Amy called in my ear. “You’re behaving stranger than normal, what’s up?”

“Nothing” I answered inconvincibly and she rolled her eyes again. “Oh I know what this is about”

I looked at curiously, surely she couldn’t know.

“Well fine then, if you’re that insistent you don’t like Sirius I’ll stop telling him where you are at all times and make sure he leaves you alone, but you’re really annoying, I mean so many girls would love to be in your place butttttt nooooo you have to be single.”

“Uhhh” I answered, I wanted to tell her about me and Sirius, I really did but something inside me didn’t want to deal with the I-told-you-so’s just yet and besides I didn’t even know if there was a me and Sirius yet.

We reached the Great Hall and all five of our friends were there already eating. I sat down and made sure not to meet Sirius’s eyes.

“Sirius I need to talk to you” Amy announced to him as soon as we sat down. I went bright red instantly. I couldn’t believe she was going to do this now.

I heard him answer “Alright” and listened them get up and leave.

“What’s that all about?” Peter asked, with his mouth full I might add.

“I have absolutely idea” I answered absentmindedly and stole a glance at the two.

It looked like she was trying to let him down nicely about how I didn’t feel the same way as he did. Unfortunately for her he had a bit of a smile like he knew otherwise. His eyes met mine during the conversation and I gulped and looked down at my oatmeal. They came back a few minutes later and Amy quickly whispered to me “There it’s done, I hope you’re happy”

I ignored her and concentrated on my oatmeal but I could feel his smug grin on me all throughout breakfast.

And through the entire day for that matter. He went through with Amy’s instructions and didn’t follow me anywhere but I could feel his smirk all day in every class we shared and at every meal.

We were all heading to the common room that night when I heard a whisper in my ear “I know you want me” I was very proud of the fact that I didn’t turn around and look at him but at the same time I was ashamed at the blush on my cheeks. I looked over at everyone else but no one seemed to notice what had just taken place.

I rushed up the stairs while everyone said goodnight to each other and hurried to get changed for bed.

Unfortunately when they came up, Amy and Lily had both decided that today was the day to feel bad about forcing Sirius on me and they were trying to make up for it.

“I mean it would be weird if there were three couples in our group” Amy theorized.

“Not to mention that Black isn’t really boyfriend material” Lily added. “I mean when I think about how many girls have talked about their encounters with him, I really think you’re better off”

“Do you really think it’s been a lot of girls, I mean a lot a lot?” I tried to ask casually while masking an emotion that I prayed wasn’t jealously.

“Oh yeah, definitely” Amy agreed. Little did she know this wasn’t making me feel better and long after they went to bed I was still awake.

Wait a second, what the hell was I doing? I’m not a stupid insecure hopelessly in love little girl, I’m Paige Holly Springer. I have hexed Lucius Malfoy, punched Kimberly Roberts and tackled Remus Lupin, I’m not a wimp, I’m a kick ass female that Sirius would be lucky to date the hell out of.

With my sudden burst of energy I threw off my covers and silently made my way out of the room and down to the empty common room. Then I went up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory and entered the 7th year boy’s room. I was met with snores and after tripping over a broom and cursing out loud; I realized I didn’t have to worry about being too quiet when none of them stirred at my noise.

I found Sirius’s bed and poked him in the arm and whispered his name. He gave a low growl that caused me to jump back a little while he remained sleeping. Okay…that was a little disturbing. I took a good look at the sleeping Sirius, who had his mouth opened and his sheets were sprawled all over the place.

Must be a mobile sleeper, not that I…uh….really cared about the sort of information.

He did look quite cute though, which was why I felt kind of bad about picking up a shirt of the floor and whipping him in the face with it.

“Grua wha?” He said sitting up and I shushed him. “What are you doing here?” he asked while rubbing his eyes then his grin appeared on his face “Oh” he whispered mischievously and pulled me onto the bed “I like your PJ’s” he whispered oh-so-sexily. I really don't know why, I was wearing sweatpants and a faded ACDC T-shirt, this boy was possibly mental.

“NO” I hissed “That’s not it”

He gave me a look of mock sadness and I crawled off of him and positioned myself cross legged at a little bit of a distance. He gave me a sheepish smile “Can’t blame a guy for trying” he told me as he sat up and the sheet moved downwards giving me a good look at his bare torso.

I couldn’t help I stared. “Paige, hello????” he whispered while waving a hand in my face.

“Just a sec” I answered, still a little transfixed.

Finally I moved my eyes to his face. “Okay now we can get down to business” I instructed.

He raised an eyebrow suggestively “And what do you want to talk about in my dorm room in the middle of the night while surrounded by three other guys”

I raised an eyebrow just as suggestively and decided to fight back “Well I didn’t know you were into group things but I must admit, the four of you is a very tempting offer”

“OH no no NO” he exclaimed in a loud whisper and put his hands to his face while falling back onto his pillow and I laughed lightly.

“I wanted to talk about…..umm what exactly is hmm” I said trying to start a conversation that I knew was going to be a very awkward one.

He sat up again grinning “You want to know if you’re like all the others, which leads me to believe that you don’t want to be, which makes me know for sure that you really like me”

I glared at him “Shuttup” but we both knew he was completely right.

He moved towards me “From the moment I tried to kiss you the first time I knew for sure I liked you more than other girls, and when you rejected me, I knew it more than ever”

“So you’re saying….” I said trailing off. He leaned in close “I want this, us, to be completely serious”

“Well I think it should be a little Paige too” I couldn’t resist saying.

He gave a slight groan “You think I haven’t heard every single pun that has to do with my name”

I grinned at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “Well get used to it, I love puns and I’ll do anything for a chuckle”

He laughed and kissed me back, unfortunately I underestimated his strength and my head flew back and it hit the wall. Right where my bump from the urinal was. And if the thump of my head hitting the wall wasn’t loud enough to wake up the other guys in the room, the extremely loud “BLOODY HELL” that escaped my mouth did.

As I scrambled out of Sirius bed I was met with three very tired but very shocked faces.

We all stood gaping at each other, it was James who spoke first “You, and…him, in bed…his shirt” I looked down at the shirt I was till holding and that’s all it took for me to yell “Bye” and run out of the room. I ran back to my room and threw open the door in haste, and that’s when things got worse, the door slammed shut behind me and like an opposite domino effect, each girl popped up.

They all started grumbling and I heard Amy’s voice distinctively “Paige you stupid freak what the bloody hell is wrong with you?” She climbed out of her bed and glared at me. I tired to resist but my eyes met hers and through the grumbling of the others we were silent and I knew that somehow she was guessing exactly what was going on by my guilty face.


“NO” I screamed “It’s not like that” I tried to explain but her eyes were full of fury. So I did what all good friends would do in this type of situation, I ran away so she wouldn’t be tried for my murder like she surely would be if I did stay.

I made it down the stairs but she jumped on my back and we both went down. We rolled over and she managed to pin me down. A strand of her hair fell in my face and I grabbed it with my mouth and jerked my head to left. She let out a screech and I managed to wiggle free. By now all the 7th year Gryffindors that had been woken up were downstairs watching us with confusion and more shock. As Amy grabbed my ankle again and this time I attempted to fight back arms intercepted and soon James was holding Amy back and Sirius me. After a few minutes of struggle Amy went limp and stopped trying to fight James off and I followed suit.

“You can let us go now” Amy told them in a commanding tone and they complied.

She crawled over to my while taking deep breaths from exhaustion. I was doing the same thing.

“So, you and Sirius?”

“We’re not shagging”

“But you guys are kind of an item now aren’t you?”


“How long?”


“Well, I told you so”

“I know”




“I can’t believe we just did that”

“Yeah just like those bimbo girls in that movie we saw”

“I feel dirty”

“We need to stop trying to sort out our issues through violence”

“I agree, I’m tired also”

“Yeah me too, let’s got to bed”

And with that we both stood up and set off to bed. Before we entered our room I distinctly heard Sirius’s voice back in the common room.

“Moony, what have we gotten ourselves into?”


A/N: You guys have no idea how much fun I had writing this chapter.

So anyways my apologies for the lack in updating that has been happening over the last 2 months I feel very bad :(

But there are a lot of time consuming things out of my life now (the hell that was my first semester is over for one) and I hope to have all my stories updated more regularly

So thanks for all your continued reading and reviews!

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