Harry and Hermione sat together by the lake and stared out at all the students. Ron and Ginny were talking in the library. “Harry there’s something I need to tell you” said Hermione slowly. Harry nodded his head in agreement.

“Yeah me too” he said.

“Harry I love Ron” she blurted out. At this same moment Harry said rather quickly that he loved Ginny. The two friends stared at each other in disbelief; this wasn’t what they had expected.

“You love Ginny? Harry that’s such a relief I thought you loved me!” smiled Hermione.

“It is for me too. I thought you loved me Hermione. That’s why me and Ginny decided not to be together till we told you and Ron” said Harry feeling a great weight off his shoulder.

“Me and Ron were exactly the same” said Hermione laughing at Harry.

“When did you get together then?” asked Harry.

“That day when Ron was in the hospital wing” replied Hermione blushing at the memory.

“What about you?” she asked.

“Only two days ago” answered Harry.

“The same day Neville had to go to St Mungo’s” whispered Hermione, her eyes becoming distant. Harry nodded, his face darkening, as he remembered how upset Neville had been.

Neville was no longer in St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. The doctor had said to Neville’s grandmother that he was well enough to leave, but it would be wise to let him stay at her house for a few days before he returned to Hogwarts. Harry and Hermione had visited Neville at his grandmothers before returning to Hogwarts, and had been quite surprised. Hermione was shocked at how the doctor could even think of letting Neville out of the hospital, because he still clearly wasn’t well. Neville still looked pale, and ill, and he clearly wasn’t getting any sleep, as he had bags under his eyes. Neville assured Hermione that the doctor knew what he was doing and said that he would be back to normal in a couple of days.

What Harry was so disconcerted about was how Neville was acting how nothing had happened. Harry was very sure that Neville hadn't told his grandmother how he felt. But Harry decided to leave it; he didn’t want to upset Neville.

”He was really upset” said Hermione slowly.

“Yeah I know it’s sad” agreed Harry.

“Hi Harry” said a voice from behind him. Harry turned around and saw Ginny beaming at him. Ginny sat down next to him, and kissed him. Harry looked at Ron, who was being hugged by Hermione; he gave a nod to Harry showing he didn’t mind him dating his sister. “Wow look at us four, finally were all out in the open, no secrets” laughed Ginny. All four of them nodded laughing, and then got up to go to their lessons.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had Potions, much to Harry and Ron’s disappointment. When they sat down at their table, Professor Snape entered, glaring at all the Gryffindor students. Ron was fidgeting, a lot and looking quite nervous. Hermione knew exactly why. “Don’t worry Ron, you just tell Stuart not to interfere” she said kindly.

“It’s not that easy Hermione, he does things on the spur of the moments” said Ron nervously. But Stuart never made an appearance in the Potions lesson, it seemed that he had either heard Hermione, or just wasn’t bothered, either way; it was very helpful to Ron. At the end of the lesson Malfoy stopped the three friends looking quite nervous himself. “What do you want” said Ron glaring at him.

“I need to talk to you its important” he said glaring at Harry. It seemed it was taking a great effort for Malfoy to talk to them.

“Ok fine then” said Harry. They were about to go to an empty classroom, when Malfoy stopped.

“Does the mudblood have to come? I don’t mind Weasley, but I don’t want her to hear” said Malfoy giving Hermione a look of purest loathing.

“Tough Malfoy, you either tell us with Hermione there, or you don’t tell us at all” said Ron angrily. Malfoy glared at him then walked into the empty classroom.

”I need to know, have you been having any dreams like Longbottom has” asked Malfoy.
”No, we’ve had worse. We’ve had friends been stabbed and kidnapped” said Harry stonily. Ron fidgeted at this mention.

“Well I needed to tell somebody. It’s started right after Emma died. I’ve been having nightmares nearly every night, always the same dream” said Malfoy.

“What nightmares?” asked Harry slightly curious.

“Students in the Great Hall dead, not a lot, but dead. And there’s always someone standing in the Great Hall, but I can’t see, and I think that’s the person who killed them” said Malfoy shuddering.

“Wow” said Hermione softly.

“These dreams have been getting to me lately” said Malfoy looking at them for the first time desperately.

Later on Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were walking in Hogsmeade, feeling happy, even though they had received quite uneasy news from Malfoy. With them were Professor Lupin, and Harry’s Godfather Sirius as a black dog. They were talking happily, when Sirius growled long and hard. Professor Lupin stopped abruptly and looked around. But before any one could ask questions, Sirius and Lupin were attacked, and Hermione and Ginny screamed. Far away other students heard, and the teachers ran to see what was happening.

Neville who was at home looked out his bedroom window, and looked worriedly at the sky. It was blood red.

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