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----- Dobby: You may have realized that we split chapter two because it was so long. Winky: It is now in … I think, three chapters? Dobby: Three? Yup, three. That’s right. Hope you guys are glad we reposted this. Winky: We were actually debating whether or not to. Dobby: It was getting kind of random, but… Winky: The coin flipped on the right side, so… Dobby: Here! Chapter Three – Going Back a Long Way That night, he stayed awake for a long time staring at the canopy of his bed. Why had he fought so long and hard with Evans about her almost saying his butt was cute? It repulsed him to think of her having thoughts like that about him…right? Much as he hated to admit it, he realized that her comments probably made him insecure about his looks and personality both. Other girls gushed about how gorgeous and witty and funny he was; yet she pointed out all of his shortcomings. The enmity between him and Liliana Aimee Evans had started back a long, long time ago: five years back. ----- James Harry Potter was very excited and at the same time very, very nervous. For today was to be his first day starting at the school for witches and wizards, Hogwarts. His parents had so many great expectations of him and to be honest, he wasn’t sure he could live up to all of them. They expected him to be in Gryffindor, excel in classes and his father also wanted him to get on the Quidditch team for his house. James himself just wanted to get through school okay and have as much fun as he could. Now he was on the train to Hogwarts, waving at his parents: his mother was wiping her eyes with a handkerchief and smiling, his father was grinning proudly and waving. James felt a sadness deep inside of him dim some of his excitement. He would not see his parents again until the next summer because they were both Aurors and very busy. He couldn’t even visit them during the Christmas and Easter holidays, because they were always on the move and fighting Dark wizards. He knew their job was very dangerous, but he couldn’t be more proud of his parents and the cause they were fighting for. He would gladly go without seeing them for a year if their duty to wizardkind prevented it from being so. The train rounded the bend and they disappeared from view. James sighed sadly and started to walk around, looking for a compartment to sit in for the long journey ahead. He walked into a compartment with a pale boy with light brown hair and a small girl with dark red hair that fell in soft waves over her shoulders and hazel eyes. They both looked up at his entrance, and James realized he had made a mistake; the girl’s eyes were not hazel, but a pure, vivid green. Coming back to earth, James grinned nervously at them and said, “Hello, I’m James Potter. Can I sit here?” The pale boy grinned, but the girl had an odd expression on her face. “You’re a first year, right?” she asked. James felt a sinking in the pit of his stomach. Had he walked into a compartment of second years? He felt really, really stupid; now they would think he was…hang on! James looked at the book the girl was holding. It was a copy of ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One’. James made some quick calculations: would he pass for a fourth year?…probably not…he was tall enough to be a third year, though… He said with a wicked grin, “Oh no, of course not, I’m in third year! Can you squirts skedaddle? I’d like to sit here.” The girl with red hair looked defiant and opened her mouth to say something angry when both boys burst out laughing. The pale boy had of course noticed that James did not have any house logo on his robes; therefore he must not have been Sorted yet. “Oh, ha ha, very funny,” said the redhead sarcastically, looking disgruntled. “Remus Lupin,” said the pale boy, shaking hands with James. James grinned at him, then held out his hand to the redhead, who hesitated before taking it grudgingly. “Lily Evans.” “Nice to meet you, Red,” said James cheerfully. Lily Evans looked a bit annoyed, but seemed used to such comments about her vivid red hair. She sat down and resumed reading her book. The hours slipped by, Lily reading and occasionally throwing disapproving looks at James for no apparent reason. James didn’t notice; he was too busy talking to Remus. Remus, it turned out, had no father; he had been killed by the infamous werewolf, Fenrir Greyback. Remus’ face had darkened at the name and a sad, faraway look came onto his face. James’ grin faded and he said quietly, “I’m sorry.” Remus shrugged it off, saying it was not James’ fault. He added that his mother was often ill, and he might have to leave Hogwarts now and again to look after her. James nodded seriously, and then the conversation turned to lighter topics. Just then, the lunch cart lady came in. “Anything off the trolley, dears?” she asked cheerfully. James and Remus took out their money at once. Both were starving. Lily didn’t glance up from her book; she had not noticed the arrival of food. “Lily,” called James. “The lunch trolley’s here!” She didn’t say anything or indeed, even look up. “Lily!” he said a little louder. Still no response. “OI, EVANS!” he yelled, finally losing his patience. He chucked a cauldron cake at her just to make sure he had her full attention. She gave him a death-glare and took out her money and ordered Liquorice Wands, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Chocolate Frogs and practically everything else there was there. For a while, there was silence in the compartment as they devoured their food ravenously. Lily finished first and was now trying the Every Flavour Beans. She was trying each flavour and sorting them into piles. Afterwards, she started on the Chocolate Frogs and Liquorice. She offered them both some: Remus accepted, but James was full. After lunch, Lily went back to reading. It took only a short while for ‘full’ James’ stomach to start rumbling loudly. Lily looked up. “D’you want the rest of these Every Flavour Beans?” she asked, smiling at him for the first time. Her eyes were sparkling like she was laughing or something. James swallowed and tore his eyes away from her face. “Sure,” he said hoarsely, taking the bag and muttering his thanks. The tips of his ears burned. What had just happened? Remus and Lily both seemed to be trying not to laugh. James looked thoughtfully out of the window and put a green bean in his mouth. He immediately choked: the bean was sprout flavoured! He swallowed it with difficulty and searched for a safe one. He took out a golden brown bean and popped it into his mouth. However, instead of toffee, it turned out to be earwax. In this manner, he tried several beans: rotten egg, bitter gourd, spinach, liver, tripe and red chilli. That was when he came to the conclusion that something was up. He looked suspiciously at Lily who could not contain her laughter any longer. She and Remus both rolled in their seats laughing hysterically. “Hysterical. Yeah, real mature, Evans,” said James angrily, then downed a whole bottle of water in one. He knew it was a funny prank and all, but his throat, which still burned from the red chilli, said otherwise. They both bickered non-stop until the journey was over. ----- Winky: We love Lily and James! Dobby: Nuff said. -----

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