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Chapter 4- Him, Them, Everyone After a few weeks I got to trust the Marauders more. We hung out a lot and sometimes when I needed to clear my mind and think, James and Sirius would accompany me on my nighttime runs in our Animagus forms. I did try out for the chaser position on the Quidditch team like James and Sirius… begged me to and I did indeed get the position. I still managed to keep somewhat solitary but Lily and the other girls in our dorm included me in their ‘girl talks’ every now and then. I declined a lot-most of the time- because all they talked about were boys and such and that stuff just wasn’t my thing to talk about. One day in History of Magic-the boys persuaded me to not pay attention in that class- James, Sirius, Remus and I were passing notes to each other. -So who’s up for a nighttime run tonight?- James wrote. -I’m up, I’ve learned too much and I need to freshen up a bit- I wrote back. -I’ll leave you guys to it… seeing as I’ll only ever have two legs except during my time of the month.- Remus wrote. -I’ll join you as well. I haven’t let Padfoot out since Moony’s time of month.- Sirius wrote. -Let’s play hide and seek again. That was a good idea Mutt.- James wrote. -I agree!- Sirius wrote. -I guess so. So on to a subject in which Remus can partake.- I wrote. -Yes, please…- Remus wrote. -I think we should visit the kitchens after this class.- Sirius wrote. -Yea!- James wrote. -No. I’ve never ditched a class and just because I’m friends with you guys now doesn’t mean I’m going to start.- I wrote. -I agree with Mutt. Besides, we have DADA next. It’s a good class.- Remus wrote. -Fine.- James wrote. -Party poopers.- Sirius wrote. -How far are you to wooing Lily, James?- I asked. -Pretty close.- James wrote. -Yea, if you consider 3 Quidditch pitches close…- Sirius wrote. -Or twice the size of the Forbidden Forest close…- Remus added. -Ha-ha. Just because I’m closer to wooing Lily than Sirius is to wooing M- James managed to write before Sirius took the parchment away. -That isn’t something we have to discuss here in public Prongsie.- Sirius wrote. -So… Remus what did you get on the Transfiguration essay?- I wrote trying to switch the subject. I felt sad that Sirius was trying to ‘woo’ another girl. I wanted to be that girl. -Pretty good. Considering the topic was the difference between Animagi and Werewolves…- he wrote. -When’s the next Hogsmeade visit?- I asked. Pretty random yes but it needed to be asked. -This Saturday actually. Who are you guys going with?- James wrote. -I was going to ask this Ravenclaw girl.- Remus wrote. -I wanted to ask somebody.- Sirius asked. Somebody? He was going to ask someone. -Who were you going to ask Sirius?- I asked. -None of your business Mutt.- He wrote. -Sorry. I was just making polite conversation. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before.- I wrote. -Hey now children. Play nice. Who were you going with Mutt? I’m going to ask Lily to go with me.- James wrote. -No one.- -Why? Don’t tell me you’re going by yourself.- Remus asked. -Who said I was even going?- I wrote. -You should go Mutt. You could go with James when he gets turned down by Lily.- Remus wrote. -Yea you… HEY!- James wrote. -I’ll think about it.- I wrote. Then the bell rang, signaling the end of the class period and the beginning of lunch. I packed my things away along with the parchment we were writing on and we walked down to the Great Hall. My bag split when we were walking down and I told them to go ahead. “I’ll catch up with you guys later. Don’t worry.” I told them as I swatted away Sirius’ help. “You sure you don’t need any help?” Remus asked. “If I’m not there in 10 minutes- send a search party.” I said sarcastically. They nodded obviously skipping over the sarcastic part. When they were out of site and my things were back in my bag with the split magically repaired I heard a voice. “Well, well, if it isn’t the little Mudblood loving slut.” I looked up and saw Malfoy, amazingly without his usual cronies. “Well, it sounds as if you’re nose has healed well. No doubt a 12 inch wand up your nose caused a little pain, even for a strong Slytherin such as yourself.” I told him. “Sit and eat lunch with me Jones- or should I say Mutt. That is what your boyfriends call you. Why don’t I join the trend?” He said. “I would sit and eat lunch with you but it would be quite pointless. Every time I would look up and see your face my lunch would come and revisit me.” I told him. “Watch yourself. You wouldn’t want to make enemies with me. Why don’t you want to trust me like you have come to trust the famous Potter and his boyfriends?” He asked. “Basically because I had a choice. Even if I didn’t have a choice I would rather sleep in the lake with the giant squid then become friends with you.” I turned to leave but Malfoy grabbed my wrist. “Come on. Just one day with me. What could go bad?” He asked. “A lot of things. Besides, wouldn’t your friends laugh at you for hanging out with a-what did you call me again? Oh that’s right- a Mudblood loving slut.” “Mutt?” Wow, they actually took me seriously. “Mutt? Where are you?” Remus asked. “Oh look Jones. Your boyfriends have come to rescue you.” He sneered. “You wouldn’t have been able to handle me without them.” “I beg to differ Malfoy. I do believe it was me who shoved my wand up your nose the last time we met.” And then with one swift movement and spell said underneath my breath, Malfoy was laying on his back with giant boils all over his face. “There you are Mutt- what happened?” James asked. “Malfoy decided he’d abduct me and try to get me to hang out with him.” I told them. “Well, I guess you can handle him pretty well.” Sirius laughed. “Of course, did you have any doubts?” I asked them. They all shook their heads abruptly. “Right well… I think we can leave him here and we’ll continue with lunch.” We got down to the Great Hall and I had just sat down and had started to pile food on my plate when somebody tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and Daniel Willis, the 7th year Gryffindor beater, was standing behind me looking quite nervous. I turned back around and figured it was because Sirius and James were glaring at him. “Hey, um, Gwen,” I flinched. “Please call me anything but Gwen.” “Um, ok, how about Belle?” He asked. I’m not stupid, I know that Belle is French for beautiful but in my opinion it’s better than Gwen. “Sure. Was there something I could help you with?” I asked him. “Actually, could I, um, talk to you for a moment? Outside the Great Hall, please?” I nodded and I led the way to the Entrance Hall. “What did you want to talk about Daniel?” “You can call me Dan.” “Ok… what did you want to talk about… Dan?” I asked again. “Well I was wondering if you were going to Hogsmeade with anybody.” I shook my head. “Well, um, would you like to go with me?” He asked. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down at his feet. He was a pretty good looking guy. Short brown hair, brown eyes, some freckles underneath his eyes and across his nose. He also had the build of a good beater. I wasn’t planning on going to Hogsmeade, but it’s not like anybody else was going to ask me. I also didn’t really have anything to do Saturday so I would just be reading and I can do that anytime. “Sure.” I told him. “As a… um, date?” He asked. Wow, a date. This would be my first date ever. I guess I did like Dan. He was funny and I had gotten along with him during Quidditch practices. He was nice too. He helped me sometimes with my homework whenever the boys were gone doing Merlin knows what. “Of course.” I smiled. He looked up and smiled at me too. “Great! I’ll meet you in the common room at 10:00 then.” I smiled and nodded and he went back to the Great Hall. I walked back in and sat down in my spot next to Remus and started to eat again. I guess I was smiling really big because the boys were looking at me weird. “What did he want?” Sirius asked. “Honestly Padfoot, can’t you tell?” Remus smiled knowingly. “Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked her.” He asked. I just continued eating, well aware of the conversation that was taking place. “He asked her out.” “Wow, Mutt’s got a date!” James smiled at me. Sirius’ face darkened a bit before he put on a fake smile. “Congratulations Mutt. We’re happy for you.” Remus said giving a pointed look at Sirius. “Uh, yea. You’ll have a good time. Dan’s a good guy.” He said plainly. I didn’t take notice though. He’d find a date. He was after all, Sirius Black. The morning of the Hogsmeade trip, Lily and I were getting ready together because she actually said yes to James only if they double dated with Dan and I. I wore a knee length green skirt that I attached different colored brown and green ribbons to it. I wore a short sleeved green shirt with a black long sleeved shirt underneath and I wore these muggle shoes called Converse that were all black. I wore my make up with natural colors and I put my hair up in a bun with my wand holding it together. I wore my brown owl feather earrings and I put a large snowy owl in my bun. Lily wore some jean pants and a black blouse. She did her make up with natural colors as well and she borrowed some of my small black owl earrings. When 10:00 rolled around we walked down the stairs. Dan and James were standing there along with Sirius and Peter. Remus had gone to meet his date. Dan and James had giant goofy grins on their faces. Sirius was eyeing Dan with a look of pure hatred and Peter was just standing there. “Hey, Belle, you look… wow.” Dan managed to say. I smiled at him and waited for him to start a conversation. When he didn’t talk I turned to Sirius behind him. “Where is your lovely date for today Sirius?” He looked away from Dan, finally noticing me. He had wide eyes and he stammered when he answered me. “Oh… well she had already gotten asked so Petey and I are going stag today.” He smiled at me. Dan tried to take my attention back. “So, do you want to go down now?” He looked to James for confirmation instead of actually asking me. “Sure.” I told him. He held out his arm so I looped my arm around his and we all went down. We shared a carriage with James and Lily. James and Lily were having a nice conversation whereas Dan just stared at my chest or my legs and then smiling at me. “This is going to be a great date.” I mumbled and the only one who seemed to hear me was James who looked at me sympathetically. “Where would you lovely ladies like to go first?” James asked seeing how Dan was content with just staring at my body. Lily and I looked at each other with a similar face and when we were both thinking the same thing we voiced our opinions. “Honeydukes!” We both exclaimed. We walked in there and I was looking at the sugar quills because I had recently used my last one in class. I picked up a few that I was planning on purchasing when I heard someone behind me. “So, are you having a wonderful date Mutt?” I looked behind me and Sirius was standing there. “Yea, right.” I mumbled. “This is the best date I’ve ever been on. It’s actually the only date I’ve ever been on, but I didn’t expect it to be this… boring.” I told him. “Well, it’s not supposed to be boring, and I’m sorry that your first ever date is sucking.” He said as he took the sugar quills from my hand and went to buy them for me. “Me too. I actually was kind of interested in him. He was funny but now we’re on a date all he’s doing is staring at my body. He’s making me feel so bloody dirty.” I told him. He gave me the already paid for sugar quills and I thanked him. “You know, we could both ditch our dates and then we could hang out.” He offered. I thought about it. I could stay with Dan who was boring me to death and staring at my body or I could leave him and hang out with a guy who’s my friend and he actually has conversations. “Sure, but let’s tell James so that he and Lily can ditch him as well.” I told him. We told James who left conveniently right after Sirius and I left. Sirius and I went to the 3 Broomsticks. “So, you never told me. Who was your date?” I asked Sirius. “Oh, it was Peter.” I looked at him quizzically. “Oh,” It felt like my heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. “I didn’t know you rolled that way.” Then he looked at me quizzically. Then he looked at me wide eyed and shook his head vigorously. “No, no, no, no! I don’t, I’m straight! I’m like, as straight as straight can be!” He said. My heart lifted and I laughed. “Ok, that’s good.” He smiled. “Why is that good?” I stammered and blushed. “No reason. It’s just good to know which way your friends swing is all.” I told him. He laughed. “It’s ok. I’ll go get us a couple of butter beers.” He left and went to the bar. When he came back he handed me my butter beer and he sat down with his. We talked and laughed for the rest of the time and then we caught a carriage back up to the castle. “Hey, are you hungry?” He asked. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and it was past three in the afternoon. I nodded. “Let’s have a picnic.” He grabbed my hand and ran out of the pub. He continued to drag me to the Shrieking Shack. I was laughing the whole way because I would have lost him or fallen if he wasn’t holding my hand. We stopped beside a tree and with a wave of his wand a blanket and a picnic basket appeared on the ground. “Um, Sirius,” He looked at me. “You’re still holding my hand.” He blushed and let go of my hand. We sat down and I picked up the basket. “Let’s see what the lovely house elves have given us to eat.” I looked through the basket and saw some biscuits and some sandwiches and some butter beers. “Yum!” Sirius said as he and I both picked up a sandwich. “So why did you ditch Peter?” I asked him. “He’s boring. He’s not any fun when it’s just you and him. I found a lonely 7th year girl and hooked them up.” I smiled. “How sweet.” He laughed. We continued eating and laughing until it was around dinner time, and time for us to go back to the carriages. There was one left so we got on and guess who was in the carriage. Non other than Severus Snape and Malfoy. “Well, look here, Severus. It’s the two mudblood loving fools.” They laughed. I took my wand from my hair and tapped it on Malfoy’s nose as I sat across from him. “You know, the tip of my wand rather misses your pathetic brain. Why should we deny them the chance to meet again?” I sneered. He paled but then put on a smirk. “Do you know what I overheard today? Willis was talking with one of his friends about how you’d be an easy catch for their dare. It’s a shame he lost it. I put in 5 galleons on that one.” He laughed. I was starting to cry but I wouldn’t give Snape, Malfoy or even Sirius the pleasure of seeing that. I never cried in front of anyone. Instead, I punched him in his nose and jumped out of the moving carriage. I ran the way up to the castle. “MUTT!” Sirius was following me but I was crying hard now. This was exactly the reason why I didn’t want friends in the first place. They just end up backstabbing you. I ran past the open Great Hall doors with everybody eating dinner. “MUTT WAIT!” Sirius continued calling. I kept running. One good thing had come from this year. Quidditch practices kept me in shape. I ran to the portrait of the fat lady but she wasn’t there so I kept running. Finally I stopped at corridor with a tapestry with trolls on it. I paced in front of the open wall just thinking that I needed a place where I could hang out for a while and possibly spend the night. I heard a pop and a door appeared. I just shrugged and opened the door. I locked the door. “MUTT? Where are you?” Sirius called. I looked around the room. It looked like my room at home. Black carpet with purple walls that had those muggle glow-in-the-dark stars stuck all over the ceiling. There was a fire place with a fire in it and my bed that had a dark purple comforter on it. I lay on the bed and just cried. I didn’t even hear that Sirius had opened the door and relocked it. He also cast a silencing charm on it. I didn’t notice him until he sat on the edge of my queen sized bed and rubbed my back as I cried into my pillow. “This is exactly why I didn’t want friends. Stuff like this always happens. I was perfectly content with not having friends, I couldn’t be bothered. But you just had to push your way into my life. Look what good it did!” I sat up and glared at him. He just had a shocked look on his face. For once, Sirius Black was speechless. “Mutt,” He began but I cut him off. “NO! This is all yours and Potters faults. I HATE YOU! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” I went back to my pillow. “Come on, Mutt, you don’t mean that.” He said as he got up off the bed and looked at me. I looked up at him again. “Does it look like I’m bloody joking Black? I’ve never opened up myself to anyone. ANYONE! And as soon as I did, I not only went against my promises to myself but I ended up hurt, just like I knew I would be. Just leave me alone. If I ever see you or talk to you again, it will be way to bloody soon.” He just stared at his feet. “But what about…” I cut him off again knowing exactly what he was going to bring up. “I’ll stay on the team, I’ll come to practices, but only because Gryffindor deserves to win. I won’t tell anyone about your guy’s bloody secrets so you don’t have to worry about that either. Now just please leave me now.” I got underneath the covers of my bed and turned away from him. He went to the door and opened it. “I just want you to know, that we didn’t want this to happen… We’ll miss you Mutt.” He turned and left. A/N: I'm such a softie, the cold shoulder doesn't last very long. I couldn't bear keeping the Marauders at bay... You know the drill- READ AND REVIEW.... please

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