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Hermione tumbled into a dark cabin, he hands bond behind her back. Within a few short minutes she had the bonds undone and was inspecting the room with interest. She had wondered where Malfoy had gone after Hogwarts, and here was her answer. He had become a wizard pirate, and he didn’t realize that he had just struck the jackpot. If he ever found out what information they were bringing back to the Order, well, she didn’t want to think about it.

Suddenly the door flew open and the devil himself walked in, a deep frown creasing his lips. He looked thoughtfully at her before closing the door behind him.

“Granger, long time no see,” he said a smirk playing across his features.

“It should’ve been longer,” Hermione muttered and he narrowed his eyes.

“What did you say?” He hissed and Hermione bit back her fear. She straightened her back out and looked him straight in the eye. This was no time for cowardice.

“I said, it should’ve been longer,” his eyes glinted dangerously before he relaxed and smirked again.

“Yes, who would’ve thought that you would be my prisoner,” he was clearly trying to bait her. It seemed nothing had changed since school.

“Who thought you’d become the scum of the ocean,” Hermione retorted viciously.

“Something interesting has been brought to my attention, and I’m afraid I’ll need you assistance. You see, before we sunk your ship we searched for whatever object that you had been bringing over for the Order. I’m afraid we couldn’t find it. Where is it?” He asked curtly and Hermione glared at him.

“We weren’t bringing over an object for the Order; we were taking something from the Order somewhere else. You happened to catch us on our return trip, empty handed,” this time Hermione smirked.

“Maybe I’ll just have to question your crew,” he threatened, for Hermione knew that if he questioned her crew they would be hurt.

“Don’t touch them,” he laughed and leaned back against the wall.

“I don’t think that you are in a position to tell me what to do Granger,” a sudden knock at the door made him stand up straight.

“Yes?” Draco asked and a pirate came in.

“Caption, Rick was shot with a curse, I’m afraid he’s dead, sir.” Draco’s face paled. Rick was the healer, if they didn’t have a healer on board then what would they do?

“Thank you, you may leave now,” the man left and Draco turned angrily to Hermione.

“Do you have a healer amongst your crew?” Hermione, who had been watching on the scene, realized that Rick must have been their healer.

“Yes, but they won’t help you,” Draco snarled at her answer.

“If you tell them to they will,” his eyes glinted dangerously against the candle light coming from the corner of his desk.

“That won’t help either,” it was her turn to smirk. It drove Draco insane that she smirked, it was his smirk. She had no right smirking. “I’m the healer.”

“Great just my luck,” he muttered.

“What did you say?” Hermione asked, enjoying the fact that the power had now tipped in her favor.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Granger, will you help my men,” he looked like it was killing him to ask for help, but Hermione didn’t take control of that. No she was fighting her own private war, and the promise she had spoken before rebounded across her head. I will use my healing skills to help whoever asks for it.

Pain filled her eyes as she stood there in silence and Draco wondered what was wrong. He didn’t know that at that moment she remembered blank staring eyes, he didn’t know about her promise, or the past that haunted her every night.

“Yes,” she replied curtly and Draco looked at her surprised, but no emotion showed in her face.

“Ok, well we usually drop all of the prisoners off at the next harbor and let them go on their own from there. We’ll get a new healer there and you and your men can get off the ship,” Hermione looked at him surprised. “What? Did you think I killed my prisoners? No, I just le them go, but they have to find their way back on their own.”

“Ok, who is injured?” Hermione snapped wearily. She was not going to like this.

Draco led Hermione into the make shift sick room, where a line of pirates waited bandaged up. Hermione looked around at the supplies and snorted.

“I will need some rags, strips of cloth and some water. The magic tends to work better if you don’t clean the wound magically,” Draco nodded and within seconds a few of his men came in with the needed supplies.

Draco leaned back against the wall and watched as Hermione got to work. For the healings they had given her, her wand back. She seemed to love healing people, even if they were pirates. Her eyes shone with light that wasn’t there before and she bit her lip as she concentrated. She looked beautiful, Draco thought to himself. No, this is the bucked tooth, bushy hair Granger we’re taking about. The only problem was that she wasn’t bucked tooth any more and her hair now lay down her back in soft curls. Draco shook his head and continued to watch her heal.

When the last person was healed Hermione stood up and began to clean everything. Draco rolled his eyes in annoyance, and waited until she had finished stacking everything neatly into a corner.

“Come on Granger, I’ll show you to your room. Since you are the only girl on the ship, we figured you might want some privacy.” Draco led her to a room right next to his own. He was a light sleeper and would be able to here is she got up in the middle of the night to do anything.

“Thank you,” she said forcibly before slamming the door shut in his face. Draco scowled ad made his way up to the wheel. Morning was there and the storm had ceased, Draco wasn’t in the best of moods and couldn’t wait until they got to the next harbor to get rid of Hermione.

Just as Draco was about to reach the wheel he saw lights drift slowly on by. Hurriedly he ran up to the wheel. His gaze fell angrily on Riley.

“Did we just pass a harbor?” He asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

“Yes sir,” Riley said nervously, he had seen the tension in Draco’s eyes.

“Next harbor we stop, you here me? We need to get rid of this crew as quickly as possible,” Riley just nodded mutely.

Anger glinted in Draco’s eyes, but he wouldn’t take it out on his crew. After all, it wasn’t their fault that he was stuck with Granger.

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