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Forever It’s funny. I never thought this day would happen. I guess, I should have predicted it, but a part of me always hung onto the idea that we’d be together again. Silly, I know. It was my fault that we broke up in the first place, but I thought he understood. I never expected him to live as a monk, but I thought he would wait for me. Deep down. Very deep down, I thought he would wait. He didn’t. I got the invitation on a piece of ridiculous girly parchment. There was a pink ribbon surrounding the whole thing and fake gaudy flowers were sprinkled on the front. He must have hated these invitations, but I guess he must love her to compromise like this. I never would have made him compromise. Okay, that’s a lie. I always made him compromise, but that was what was so great. I mean, if he picked, the invitations would probably be themed with the Chudley Cannons on the front. Now, I’d give anything for Cannon invitations if my name was on them. Mr. Ronald Weasley & Miss Jennifer Revald Invite you to attend their union on Sunday, November 5th at the The Burrow I couldn’t help but let out a loud sigh. Who is this Jennifer Revald person? Is she good enough for him? I doubt it. My thoughts were at that moment interrupted by a very exasperated Ginny Weasley, well actually, Ginny Potter. I still haven’t gotten used to that. She’ll always be a Weasley in heart anyway; between the red hair, freckles and fickle temper, it was undeniable. “Hermione!” she shouted at me as she glanced down at the invitation in my hand. “I was hoping to beat that over here. Pig has certainly improved over the years.” She grabbed my hand lightly. “Are you okay?” No! I’m not okay! How could I be okay when Ron was marrying some slag. “Sure. I mean, we all knew this would happen.” Ginny shook her head gently like she didn’t believe me. Was I that transparent? “You know, you don’t have to pretend for me.” “It’s been four years, Ginny! Of course he would find someone else. I mean, Ron’s a great guy. Attractive, intelligent, pigheaded…the way his ears light up in rage or embarrassment and the way his arse…” She cut me off making an exaggerated disgusted face. “Enough!” There was a brief silence before she spoke again. “I always wanted it to be you.” I shrugged my shoulders. What do you say to that? Me too! I want it to be me! Right now! “Ron and I were on different paths. Sometimes things don’t work out.” “I still can’t believe that stupid prat ever broke up with you, ‘Mione,” she said sympathetically. Wow. Ron hadn’t told her what happened. He was true to his word. I guess I should break the truth to her. “Um, well, I kind of broke up with him.” I mumbled that sentence quite a bit in hopes she’d brush it over. No such luck. Her eyes widened in shock. “You, what? You broke up with him?! I had no idea. What happened?” Great. I’ve avoided this conversation for years and now I’m stuck explaining to Ginny why I broke up with her big brother. “It was really hard. Ron was training all the time with his minor league quidditch team. I mean, you remember? He was so determined to go professional. I still think he would have made it if he didn’t hurt his hand like that.” Ginny looked at me very directly. “Don’t change the subject, Hermione. What happened?” “Well, he was training and I was studying under John Finegan at the time.” Why was this so hard to say? I began to feel my palms sweat. Ginny’s going to hate me for breaking her brother’s heart. “Ron would get so jealous of John! No matter how often I insisted there was nothing going on, he just didn’t believe me.” Ginny’s mind was clearly reeling. The pieces were falling together. “Did he gone on a jealous rage?” Ha. I wish. That would be an easy answer. “No, he just never would let it drop. Then one day, John made a pass at me.” “No!” Time to explain it all. “Yeah. It was horrible. One minute we were reading a book on Ancient Runes, the next his hand was wondering up my thigh.” I shivered a little. It still made me uncomfortable to think about that day. “Of course, I told him I had a boyfriend and his actions were inappropriate. I told Ron that night and he went off the deep end. He wanted to beat him up! Honestly, Ron could be such a prat. That was my future he was risking.” I looked over at my best friend. She was on the edge of her seat. She’s been dying to hear about this for so long. I continued on when it was clear she had no intention of commenting. “It turned into a major row. It seemed like our lives would never reconcile. Ron was right, my work was too important to me. So I called it off. That was that.” The redheaded woman was tapping her fingers ferociously on the table. “That was it? You broke up over a stupid row like that?” Stupid row? How could she say that! My future was important! I would never have my ministry position if Ron would have beaten John to a bloody pulp. But I would have Ron. All I could manage was a pathetic reply. “It was a big deal at the time.” Nothing was said for an eternity! Okay, maybe it was thirty seconds, but it seemed like forever. I could feel Ginny’s eyes on me. She was judging me for my ridiculous actions. Finally she spoke. “I’m sorry Hermione.” I guess I was wrong about that one. “Are you going to go?” “Where?” The wedding had completely shot out of my mind after that conversation. “The wedding. Are you going to go?” she asked again. “Oh. No, I don’t think so.” Like I want to be at a wedding watching the love of life with someone else. I’m sure the world wants to see a crying Hermione Granger. No, I will stay at home and work. Maybe, eat some ice cream. “Ron really wants you to come,” Ginny said softly. “You were his best friend for half of his life.” Yeah. Just not for the last four years. I’ve gotten all my information on him from Ginny or Harry. It’s been a challenge not running into Ron considering we have the same circle, but that just gave me another reason to throw myself into my work. “I don’t know, Ginny… Is she nice?” Maybe I shouldn’t have asked that. “Yeah, I mean, I guess. She wouldn’t have been my choice for him, but she’s a really sweet girl. She’s a muggle, though. Our family was a bit overwhelming at first,” she explained. “A muggle? Wow. I never would have guessed.” Okay, now to embarrass myself more. “Is she pretty?” “I mean, I guess, you could say that in a traditional sort of way, you know. Blonde hair, big kockers…” Ginny trailed off. Great. Some blonde bimbo. This is all wrong for Ron. He should be with someone smart. Maybe someone with brown, bushy hair… I need to stop thinking like this. Ginny’s voice broke threw my reverie. “I need to get back home. Harry’s waiting on me. Promise you’ll think about it?” “Yeah.” She gave me a quick hug and headed out. I guess I had a lot to think about. --- I floo’ed into the Burrow to find it decorated to the hill with the pink and flowers that were on the card. It was sickening. I’d say it was reminiscent of that muggle stomach medicine. Ron must hate this. Molly was the first one to spot me and dropped everything she was doing to give me a hug. Her warmth was refreshing. It had been a long time since I had been in the home of this wonderful woman. “Hermione! Dear! I’m so glad you made it. George and Fred are seating people out back if you want to find them. I’m afraid Ginny and Harry are getting dressed since they are in the wedding.” Molly rushed to the next arrival. She was running around like mad woman, making sure everything went wonderfully for this wedding. I walked around to the all-too familiar backyard. “Hermione!” Fred shouted and predictably, “Her-mi-o-ne!” came out of his brother’s mouth right after. They were looking happy. Fred and George were self-declared eternal bachelors and seemed to think this was the last wedding for awhile. I bet they have something entertaining planned. “Hi, Fred, George. Where am I sitting?” “Right this way, Miss,” George stated. Of course, Fred wasn’t about to be outdone. He stuck his arm out to escort me. “So, Hermione are you seeing anyone?” I panicked. What kind of question was that? Should I lie? Ron’s getting married and I don’t even have a boyfriend. “Um, no, not at the moment.” “Well then, now that Ronnie Dear is getting married, I’d say you are fair game. Do save me a dance,” Fred stated giving me a wink. That was unexpected. I just laughed in response. Maybe I will dance with him. No, I don’t think I’ll stay for the reception. The wedding is going to be hard enough. I sat down at the appointed seat. I was in the middle of the crowd on the groom’s side. Not even the front. Over a decade of friendship, and I get a mediocre seat. I suddenly felt myself suffocating. My nerves were wrecking havoc on my body. How could this be happening? I haven’t felt this nervous since my 7th year N.E.W.T.s. I needed to get out of here. Maybe I’ll just apparate home. No, I can’t leave. Maybe I’ll just go in the kitchen for a glass of water. Good plan, Hermione. As I stepped into the kitchen I saw a head of matted, red hair. I know, not a surprise, this is a Weasley kitchen. However, when said person turned around, it was Ron. He looked amazing. He was smiling at me and before I knew it his arms were wrapped around me in a tight hug. “I’m so glad you came, Hermione.” I almost forgot what it felt like to be in his arms. As he let go, I felt an emptiness inside of me grow. I never want to leave this arms. I summoned up all my courage to respond. “I couldn’t miss one of my best friend’s wedding.” I grinned back. Could he tell how phony I was being? No, who am I kidding? This is Ron. He’s not exactly king of being perceptive. I love him for his simple ignorance at times. He’s such a man. “Why are you crying?” His voice broke into my thoughts. I’m crying? Oh god! I hadn’t noticed I need to get out of here. Immediately, I turned to run away, but his strong hand grasped my arm. “Don’t go.” “I’m sorry, Ron,” I mumbled. He was looking at me with such concern. “Don’t apologize. You can still talk to me, you know? I’ll listen. What’s wrong?” Ron was clearly being absurd. This was his wedding day and he was wasting his time worrying about me. “It’s nothing really. You know, stress at work,” I lied. He gave me another reassuring hug. “You’ll be fine. You are bloody brilliant. Don’t worry for a second.” I took in his scent once again and nodded in response. Okay, Hermione. You need to stop crying. Right now. “So, it’s pretty crazy, isn’t it?” he asked me. Of course, I didn’t follow. “What?” “Me getting married. I never thought it would happen,” he stated with a nervous grin. Should I push my luck? “Yeah, I’ve got to admit, I was pretty surprised to receive the invitation.” “She’s a great woman, you know.” Why was he telling me this? Was he rubbing this in my face. “Um, I’m sure she is. Ginny tells me she’s a muggle?” “Yeah. I met her in muggle London. I was trying to a felly tone to work and she helped me out. Imagine her surprise when I couldn’t work it!” he declared with a smile. That was very odd indeed. Ron was not exactly prone to using telephones. “Who were you calling?” I asked with genuine curiosity. “I was, well, I guess it’s not important now.” He let out a little sigh. It was so sexy. “I was going to call you.” My heart stopped in my chest. Why? When? He answered my non-verbalized questions. “It was when you were living with your parents for that short time two years ago. I thought maybe you’d want to talk to me.” He wasn’t making eye contact with me. What a relief, I was definitely still crying now. “Why didn’t you call me?” I asked. “You weren’t home. The felly tone talked back to me then. Saying you weren’t home and something about a beep. I didn’t know what to do so I hung up,” Ron stated with a tinge of embarrassment. “I wish you would have called again,” I stated before realizing what had come out. His eyes looked angry. I hope I didn’t make him mad. “It’s my wedding day, Hermione.” What did that mean? “It’s my wedding day. You can’t say things like that.” He still wasn’t making eye contact with. I could fix this one easily. “I just meant, I wish we would still be friends.” “Oh.” Was that disappointment in his voice. I couldn’t do this any longer. I needed to get away from him. “Ron shouldn’t you be getting ready.” “What? Oh, yeah. I guess so.” He smiled at me. “It is really great seeing you, ‘Mione and I’m sure whatever problem you’ve been having at work will be fine.” “Congratulations, Ron,” I said as he walked away. Under my breadth I mumbled, “I still love you.” A part of me wished I had the courage to say it out loud to him. Maybe then, he would say he loved me back and leave the bimbo. “I didn’t leave,” I heard his voice announce. “What?” I’ve never panicked so much in my life. “I heard what you said. That’s not fair you know,” he stated blue eyes piercing into me. Shit. He had heard. “I didn’t mean for you to hear that. I’m so sorry. Just forget about it.” “How can I forget about that, Hermione?!” he shouted. I suddenly felt sick. “If you are really in love with this girl, then this isn’t an issue!” I shouted. I head him mumble a “bloody hell” under his breadth as he left the room. I should leave, but I’m still standing here completely numb. That was harder than I thought it would be. How could I have been so dumb? Before I had a chance to make my great escape, Ginny was walking towards me. “Hermione!” She hugged me into between her shouting. “I’m so glad you came!” I’m not. “How could I miss this?” My voice cracked a little. “Oh, you’ve been crying. Are you okay?” No! No! “Yeah, I just ran into Ron. You know.” “Aw, hun, I know. You should really get in your seat. The wedding is going to start any minute.” Ginny was obviously trying to retain her excitement from me. “Oh, Ginny Binny! I’m coming down!” Harry’s voice was clearly recognizable. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at his ridiculous nickname. Clearly, Ginny wasn’t so happy with it as she turned a bright shade of red. He came barreling down the stairs in his dress robes and immediately slipped his arms around Ginny’s waist before noticing my presence. “Hermione!” “Hey, Harry. You look quite dashing today.” Not as dashing as Ron, but he did look good. He gave me a quick hug before returning the compliment. “Well what are you waiting for? You are going to miss the wedding!” That’s the point, Harry. Everything in me said not to go back outside, but apparently I don’t even listen to myself. I walked back to mediocre seat as music began to play. Ginny made her way down the isle followed by some girls I didn’t know. And there she was. The slag. Jennifer. Jenny. How could they have a Jenny in the family? I mean, Ginny, Jenny, it’s bound to be confusing. But, she is pretty. I can see why Ron likes her. She looks so happy. I hope she makes him happy. I really do. I think I’m crying again. I looked up front to see Ron standing there next to Harry, Charlie and Bill. Harry was smiling giving him a pat on the back. Ron looked so nervous. It was really endearing. As she made her way to the front Ron grabbed her hand gently. He used to grab mine like that. Ron leaned down and whispered something in her ear. Then, I heard a loud slap as Jenny’s hand smacked across his face. What had he said? Are they not getting married? What’s going on. I need to listen closer. I could hear Harry’s voice. “What’s going on, mate?” Ron responded but I couldn’t make out what he said. Bill’s voice came through next. “Isn’t it a little late, Ron? I mean this is the wedding!” Jenny by this point had ran to one of the bridesmaids and walked away. Ron looked so upset. I want to go comfort him. But even more, I want to know what’s going on! My thoughts were interrupted by Ginny shouting at me. “What did you say to him? This is his wedding day! You can’t try to get someone back on their wedding day!” I blinked a few times. I had done this? “I didn’t try to get him back. I mean it wasn’t like that.” I had done this! “So, you didn’t tell Ron you loved him?” “Well, I did, but I didn’t mean for him to hear. I swear.” Had my words stopped him? Maybe, he still loves me. No, I can’t make that jump. Maybe, I just reminded him that what he had with her wasn’t enough. “I can’t believe you did that! Mum must be furious!” Why was Ginny yelling at me? I thought she wanted Ron and I together. I guess ruining his wedding wasn’t the best thing… “If Ron really loved this woman, he wouldn’t have doubts because of a few words.” “He got nervous. Hell, one of the great loves of his life comes and tells him something like that. He has to think about it! Wouldn’t you do the same?” I guess she’s right. I could hear her still talking to me, but I don’t know what she said because he was walking towards me. Ron was walking right towards me. “We need to talk.” Those words. Those blessed words of hope. He grabbed my hand and we both apparated back to my place and away from the crowds. Was he crying? “Ron, what happened?” “How could you do that to me?” So, he’s going to yell, too. I guess I deserve it. “I’m sorry, Ron. I really didn’t mean for this to happen. I shouldn’t have gone.” “Yeah, you are right.” Then I did something stupid. Something amazingly stupid. I kissed him. I could taste the saline on his lips. He didn’t kiss me back. His lips were totally still…for a moment. And then, he kissed me back ever so slightly. After a second his tongue was begging for entrance into my mouth and I happily obliged. He pressed me against the wall ravaging my mouth with a beastlike hunger. After five minutes of this frantic wanting, he stopped. He pushed me back and looked at me straight in the eyes. “It’s not supposed to be like this. You left me.” No holding back now, Hermione. “I won’t leave you, again. You have me for forever, if you want.” That’s the way it was always meant to be. “You promise?” With every fiber of my being. “I promise.” The next thing I knew, our clothes were strewn throughout the room and Ron was carrying me back to my bed. We were ever so kindly interrupted as two people burst through my bedroom door. “Have you seen, Ron?” Shit. That was Ginny’s voice. “Oh, Merlin!” I grabbed my sheet in an attempt to cover myself up. Harry was tugging at Ginny’s arm. “Ginny, we should probably get out of here.” I agree, Harry. “Ron! What do you think you are doing! This is your wedding day!” I heard him moan. “Ginny, this is none of your business. Get the bloody hell out of here!” “Your wedding day, Ron!” Ginny was quite a spitfire. “It’s not my wedding day anymore! I’m not marrying Jennifer. I can’t. I’m still in love with Hermione and she is still in love with me! My wedding day will be when I marry her. That’s it.” I’ve never heard a better statement! Ginny smiled. What did she have some sort of mood disorder? Happy, so fast. “So, you guys are really, together?” I smiled. “Yeah, Ginny. Forever, this time.”

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