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    Please know that I am, in no fashion what so ever, the owner of the magical world in this story. All wands, brooms, games, ect. belong to the great J.K Rowling and could never possibly be owned by one like me...else it'd be ruined, hehe.

    Chapter one- Starting Anew

    Some four hours later, the same bulky looking man with the same scraggly, untamed hair stood before the same teenager with the same glowing red bag pushed down into the depths of her pocket. Towering over her, the man walked to her side and took the only open seat in seeing distance, on the wooden railed bench. Upon his weight, the side he sat down on sunk into the sandy ground while the other side rose up into the air. With a shaky, embarrassed smile, the man gave a thick grumble sort-of laugh which turned soon into a fit of uncontrollable coughing upon being under the intense violet gaze of young Payton.

    Clearing his throat, the bulky man settled his great black eyes upon the ground, tensing up his toes succumbed inside his great mass of shoes out of pure embarrassment. Payton took the seat raised into the air, and the burly man re-adjusted himself so that the side of the bench lowered itself. Sitting close to the man, Payton barely cracked a smile. Soon enough, the young girl was practically crying with laughter. Her sweet giggles and tears of joy brought the man to laughter himself. “Oh, it’s so great to see you again Uncle Stephan.” Payton uncurled from her laughter fit position and jumped upon to overly large man in a big, warm hug. She hadn’t seen her uncle in so long, being preoccupied with all of the business in her tower and such. Being 15 years old wasn’t much help either, as teenagers at this age were always trying to find their own independence in things and progress in life on their own. This reason just happened to be one of many in which young Payton had locked herself in her beloved castle for the last two months, talking and singing with no one but the clouds, her growing plants, and the occasional bird chirping along so high in the sky.

    “How have you been, Leyla?” asked the large man, using her middle name as he always did. The violet eyed girl just smiled, a sad smile, but a full one none-the-less. She didn’t even have to answer her uncle, as he already knew that not everything had been all fine and dandy the last few months. “Yes, stupid question, I know.” Payton mustered up a light giggle. Oh how she had missed her uncle in every way. She even missed how he would embarrass her to no extent every year on the first of September as he watched her leave on her school train until the locomotive soon turned its first corner out of sight, always a single tear rolling down his rough cheeks. Yes, it was great to be with someone that still hadn’t abandoned her.

    Bright blue clouds rolled above the girl’s velvet black hair, the only sign that happiness and care-free spirits still wondered around in her little world. Payton gazed at the passing clouds for a moment, finding the hidden picture in each puff of white before moving on to the next cloud and finding its hidden creature. Slowly, the girl’s eyes began filling with a wet saltiness, catching in her eyelids before she blinked them away without giving the tear time to fall down her cheeks. She had done too much crying lately, that much was sure. Staring at the white wonders, thoughts of Payton’s mum came to mind. She looked just like her mum, or so Uncle Stephan had told her. All that Payton still had of her beloved mother was the star shaped locket tied loosely around her slender neck. A thick hand covered her small shoulder and a gruff voice spoke into the air, “She would’ve been so proud of you, Leyla.” Stephan pursed his lips in remembrance of his dear sister. “With everything you’ve accomplished and found out on your own, she would’ve wanted to be here for you, there’s no doubt in my mind about that…”

    A single tear fell from Payton’s violet eyes, rolling down her cheek solemnly. And just as the tear fell to the earthly ground beneath her, the sky began to mist over, blue clouds turning to grey quickly, soon making the young girl feel even more miserable then she was two moments before. Oh how she was so moody lately, from happy to miserable to ecstatic all in the amount of three whole minutes!

    “Mum always did love the weather, didn’t she?” Payton’s voice was soft and low, full of blocked in emotions swirling around her in so many angles all at once. “We used to just sit outside and stare at all of the clouds passing by and try to guess which ones were animals and which ones were the gods of the sky.” A feeble attempt of a laugh escaped the girl’s lips, but only another tear fell down her cheek. The fake smile was doing nothing to hide her sadness. Stephan wrapped his arm around his only niece, pulled her to him so that she was leaning on his large, rounded chest, and played with the ends of her jet black hair.

    “Just remember this one thought, Leyla. You’re mother is always close to your heart.” Payton gripped the metallic chain that was wrapped around her neck and moved her fingers across it, feeling every crease and folding of the star shaped medallion. She could even feel the smooth inscription of her mother’s handwriting on it.

    My darling daughter, though my body’s gone,
    I am close to your heart always. I love you dearly, sweet princess.

    Another lonesome tear trolled down the girl’s cheek as her mother’s bell like voice echoed in her head. More clouds rolled in, only enhancing the girl’s terrible mood. With her uncle there or not, she hadn’t felt so alone in so long. Hastily, Payton used the back of her hand and wiped the tears away and stood up. “Come on, Uncle Stephan. Best get inside and get this where it belongs.” Indicating to her still glowing red pocket, Payton stared at the raindrops hitting against the soil of the ground in which her feet were now sinking in.

    Without waiting to see if her uncle stood to follow her, Payton began walking away, towards the ever so familiar bungalow house settled along a cliff overlooking a great ocean. Her broom was gripped tightly in her hand, her fingers pulsing and throbbing along with her head. Her feet made a light ‘thud thudding’ sound as they carried her from the now pouring rain inside.

    Bridget Dove stood with a bundle of flailing legs in her arms, rocking the baby back and forth as it wailed, the rain hitting the sill of the window, screeching down the glass before slowly falling off and hitting the roses below it. Deep, dark circles surrounded the new mother’s blue eyes, swallowing them in a since of being a “proud first time parent.” Bridget’s curly black hair fell around her face in spirals, just like it had ever since she was little herself. Breathing hard, Bridget sighed, “Come now, shhh. Hush Payton, momma’s here.” Cooing to her newborn, the young mother paced along the elegant walls around her, gentle yellow in color with small baby ducks following a trail of rain drops along the ceiling.

    “Hush now, baby. Please don’t cry.
    Momma’s here to sing you a lullaby.”
    Began she, her lovely voice ringing out into the cool room and grabbing the attention of the screaming child in her arms.
    “Take my hand and hold it tight.
    Plead and prey you’ll grow tonight.
    Play with your young hands, I will.
    Keep your head up strong and still.
    Hush my baby, please don’t cry,
    And tell me you’re going to be alright.
    Times are tough and tougher still.
    I can’t help, but I know this will.”
    Finally, the cries of young Payton stopped, the brilliant eyes of the young girl falling upon her mother’s with interest, as if she knew exactly what her mother was saying to her. As Bridget sang the last few words, cradling her baby with one arm and reaching into a pocket with the other, she pulled out a locket, star in shape and let the young fingers of her child hold and play with it.
    “Fight away the evil near,
    I will always be here.
    Hush little baby, seize your cries;
    I’m here to sing you a lullaby.
    Hold this ‘round your neck always,
    Keep me close until the day,
    That I’m here not to stay
    By your side to watch you play
    Please my baby,
    Don’t forget
    The secret’s with you
    Till the end
    Find it; you have to on your own
    Till the time that you have grown
    To the woman I have Seen
    Keep your thoughts to stay clean.
    They’ll be for you, soon I hear
    Always keep what you hold dear
    I’m with you, my sweet child,
    With the secret that you hold now
    Stay my baby, keep me near
    Remember to never fear
    I love you, sweet girl
    Time to save you from this world…”

    Bridget ended her beautiful song with tears streaming down her face, her blue eyes but a blur. Baby Payton only gazed at her mother with sadness in her violet eyes, but with no tears. It was so hard to imagine that in just a few moments, Bridget Paige Dove would have to give up her only child. Give her to someone else to care for her, yes, but to save her life in a way that the baby would not know until she had lived several years. Rain still pounded on the window, but not as hard as it had been for the last several days. At last, the weather had let up. “It’s time, my child,” she spoke gently to her baby, the one person that she loved more then life itself. And that was why she was doing this; because if she didn’t, life would be a meaningless adventure.

    Bridget still held Payton close to her, rocking her back and forth rhythmically. Now that the baby was quieted and had a look upon her small face that she knew something greatly life-altering and yet did not cry, it was time to give her only child to the only person she would ever in her life trust, her brother. Just as the thought of her beloved child coming into the loving arms of her brother, Stephan Cole Dove walked into the nursery, a sling wrapped around his broad chest.

    “Bridget,” he spoke. Even with a gruff voice like his, it was now soft and gentle. More tears escaped the woman’s eyes as she took a final look at her darling daughter. With nothing more then a goodbye kiss upon the smooth skin of her little girl’s head, Bridget handed the bundle to her brother, turned away, and hid her head in her hand, facing the wet window pane, the only place in the nursery where she would look outside upon the many treetops surrounding her little home. Stephan was quiet. He knew this was extremely hard on his little sister, to have her only child taken away from her after only a few short months of her birth. And so, pursing his lips, the man held the baby within his arms for a moment before placing her in the sling around his chest, bundling her inside of it tightly. Payton’s round little face looked up at her uncle with a certain look in her eyes that almost spooked him. Yes, she was definitely her mother’s little girl, as that was the same face that Bridget herself gave him when she knew something terrible was soon to happen.

    Two short steps and Stephan was once again out of the nursery, this time with an almost too quite baby with him. Bridget couldn’t bear to watch her brother take Payton away, and so instead she looked out the window solemnly. After watching her brother fly away on his broom through the rain and out of sight, Bridget began singing the same lullaby that she had been just a few short moments ago, this time with a part of the song that she had left out.
    “I know that you are so strong
    As to make the evil fall
    Bye, my baby, please stay safe
    To come out in the top some day
    Let him guide you though your tasks
    Help him be your guiding mask
    Fall, you shall not stand to bear
    Keep that locket; I’ll lead you to care
    Find out what you’re meant to find
    Break the spell, let it all unwind
    Stay my baby, you always shall
    I love you, and keep well…”

    Several more tears fell out of the heartbroken mother, but what was done was done. At least, for now, her child would be safe and would have the chance to grow into the woman she was supposed to, and fulfill her destiny. “You’ll be safe now, Payton. Don’t ever forget me.”

    End Flashback

    And that was the last time that dear Payton had ever seen her mother, when she was no older then 9 months old. Since then, she refused to live with any one other then her beloved tower and her Uncle. Stepping through the mud to the house, Payton’s eyes continued to let tears loose, at least she was somewhere now where she knew forever and always that she would be safe.

    a/n: Please, please, please REVIEW!! I really like where this story is going, and I need to know if you do too! Thx-

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