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I don't own harry potter although if I did it would be very very jolly good. I'd be rich which I'm not. I'd be famous, which I am not. Need I say more?

“I prefer reading about people’s soppy love lives then actually living them.” I told Lily for the hundredth time. “Besides it’s not like you actually have one, that is if you count Potter.” I had hit a sensitive spot therefore the only thing I could do was smirk at her scowl.
“I swear to God my little Daniela,” she said mockingly, “If you mention that Potter boy”, here she spits the name Potter with venom thus making me cringe, “ I will make sure it will be your last word you shall utter on the face of the earth.”
I rolled my eyes thinking about all the times she said those exact same words to me when the name James Potter comes up into our conversations, which is most of the time because I think Lily has a bit of a crush on that boy which she obviously disguises as hate. Instead of coming up with a witty insulting comment I hug her and tell her how much I’ve missed her because it’s the truth and she my best friend after all. All thoughts of Potter are vanished from her head and she laughs and hugs me back with vigor. I feel happy and elated; I’m back at Hogwarts, my home..err.. that is my second home. Argh leave it to me to ruin an incredibly special moment.

Speaking of ruiners of special moments here come the Rotten Foursome i.e. the Marauders. All four of them were walking in a straight line tallest to shortest, Black, Potter, Lupin and Pettigrew, the irony of it all I thought. Heads spin in their direction because apparently they are Gods. I turn away disgusted, not wanting to be a part of the admirers. Potter annoyed me with his good looks and pompous attitude toward all living things that were beneath him which would be everybody except for his groups of friends and of course Lily. Lupin, Remus wasn’t all that bad he was pretty decent and actually quite nice but he didn’t try to stop his friends so I assume he’s just as bad as them. Pettigrew creeps me out if I must be honest, those beady eyes are always hiding something. I shudder. Then there is Black, the pigheaded good for nothing ugly disgusting most annoying arrogant git ever to walk on two feet. He beds girls every night then dumps them like that and you know what baffles me the most? It is the fact that the girls he dumps come running back to him.

They are coming toward us, James with his usually cocky grin on his face.

“Do you think we should make a run for it?” I ask Lily seriously.

“What would be the point? I think a good slap in the face shall be good enough don’t you think?” She turns to me and grins, we are wild, we are.

“What a great way to start the year,” I grin maliciously. Sometimes I wonder why I was put in Gryffindor, honestly.

They slink up to us. James opens his mouth to speak. I cut him off.

“Just don’t say anything Potter, it really will do you good.” I say.

He looks at me quizzically. Then looks at Lily. Shakes his head, ruffles his hair and then grins and woe upon woes speaks.

“Hello Evans, Favriaani. How are you two lovely ladies doing on this particular fine morning?”

“Beautiful, that is until you came” I remark sweetly looking at them through my lashes and batting them profusely. Lily laughs, they look at me as if I were insane and I often think I am.

“Potter will you please leave me the hell alone?” Lily says through gritted teeth after a period of silence involving Potter looking at Lily adoringly and Sirius looking at the pretty blonde passing by, Remus staring at Lily and I and Peter eating cheese.

“Not until you say that you love me, Evans. Because I know you do. I do. I do.” His voice gets higher and higher making people stare and making my head ache. Lily’s thinking on the same lines then… SMACK.

His face turns red from embarrassment or the slap I can’t tell but through it all he’s still grinning happily. Boys are complete morons. Sirius starts laughing so hard that he doubles over and giggles on the ground. I look down at Sirius and think, I’ve never heard or saw a guy giggle before. Remus shakes his head silently and meets my eye. I smile; after all he is quite nice and smart. Peter still continues to eat probably used to all this commotion.

Lily has a look of horror on her face but then who wouldn’t she just slapped Potter and all the git can do is laugh. I drag Lily away and call out to the gits, “ Goodbye boys”. I find it is a great way to end this nasty scene that we have caused. I’m so busy pulling Lily along that I bump into someone then that someone embraces me into a hug. I try struggling but I realize its Charlie and scream rather girlishly and Lily joins me. The group is reunited me with my black hair, black eyes, tan skin Asian little me, Charlie with her chestnut colored hair and gold eyes easily the prettiest out of all of us although Lily is just as beautiful flaming red hair and starling green eyes that are just so greenish. They are my best friends and ye Gods I’ve missed them so.

Charlie takes in my disheveled appearance and Lily’s irritated face and says, “ James wasn’t it?
“Potter” I say
“Dim witted gorilla” Lily says.
We look at each other and laugh hysterically. I am totally loving the first day back, really.

We grab our trunks still chatting merrily while looking for an empty compartment. We stop chatting merrily when the only compartment not full is the one with the Marauders. It sounds totally predictable and so unlucky.

One question crawls into my mind.

Why? Why? Why?


If you are reading this you've probably taken the time to read my story and for that I thank you and if you could tell me how I did, such as, was it too boring? Too fast? was it even good at all? it would be greatly apreciated.

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