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Reader Questions: Elixir asked: Does James see Lily as an infatuation, adoration, or is he really starting to believe that he's in love? Answer: You see; James has always lived the good life. He was smart, popular, good-looking, had a nice family, etc. He meets this girl (Lily) and he is attracted to her, even at a young age (you know men!) and so he just bugs her as we all know. It’s not until his seventh year that everything starts to change. His parents are gravely ill and possibly dying, things are happening that never happened before, and in a sense, it scares him. Yea, he still has the popularity, the intelligence, but I think it gets to a point where James is actually thinking about reality. He knows he likes (or perhaps) loves this girl, and he wants a chance before the rest of his so-calm-and-perfect-life begins to change drastically. So, James is changing his ways, I think it’s more of a I’m-in-adoration-of-Lily-Evans-and-I-may-just-love-her sense. I think it’s just a slight infatuation though… but… lets find out… there are so many twists and turns!! (Brilliant question!!) No one really asked this... except my friend, and I thought it would be a good tidbit! Question: What gives you inspiration whilst you write? Answer: To be truthful... I listen to the Wicked soundtrack whilst I write... on replay... until I get a Writers Block or I have to go [somewhere]. I'm dead serious, Wicked is my inspiration and it rocks!
It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death Chapter 08 ~ Misconceptions and Revelations about Love
Nova walked swiftly down the halls. If she could hurry she would be able to be in Great Hall as dinner was starting, so it did not look like anything out of the ordinary was occurring. She turned into the Hospital Wing and slipped behind Marla McKinnon’s curtain. “Hey, Nova,” Marla said, setting down her quill and opening her arms for a hug from her friend. “Merlin, you have no idea how much I miss you guys,” she said to her friend, embracing her tightly. “Yea, we miss you too, girl, you better get well soon!” Nova let go and sat down, looking at her friend, even though she was sick, she still looked radiant. “How’ve you been feeling?” she asked her. “I can’t describe how I have been feeling. I can barely eat, my stomach hurts, I feel nauseous all the time, and I’m always tired. My nose is still stuffy and I’m coughing and sneezing like crazy,” Marla complained to her friend. “Well, actually, that’s pretty descriptive,” Marla laughed. “Maybe you have mono,” Nova said with a smile. “Oh ha ha, I see you haven’t lost your wit,” Marla said, screwing the lid to the ink on so that she wouldn’t spill it. “No, I have the flu, according to Madame Pomfrey.” Marla looked towards the curtain and whispered, “She’s one hell of a new nurse. She’s almost like Madame Pince, well, she’s nice and all to talk to. But she’s obsessed with who comes in and out to visit you.” Marla leaned back against her pillow and sighed. “I cannot wait to get out of here, Nova, you have no idea.” “Well, Fabe hasn’t been snogging anyone else,” Nova said airily. “I mean, if he was, I would give him a nice swift kick, you know?” Nova paused. “Oh God, I’ve been around Lily too long.” Marla raised her eyebrows, a frown settling on her lips. “Anyway, that’s why I’ve come to talk to you, Marla. It’s Lily. I swear; Lily’s a wreck! I don’t know what she’s so upset about, but I think she’s heartsick,” Nova said worriedly. Marla nodded knowingly. “Well, that Amos situation last year was really hard for her. She thought he was going to propose to her at graduation,” Marla said, “he just totally ruined her life. I thought we were never going to get her out of bed…” “I don’t know what to do. I warned James, though. And when they do get together – oh yes, they will get together - I will warn James with my whole entire being. I swear, if he hurts her… he’ll wish he never lived,” Nova said to Marla, taking out a pack of chocolate frogs for her friend. Marla took one and thanked Nova. “How are you so sure that they’ll get together?” Marla asked, opening the box and looking at the picture of Rowena Ravenclaw. “I mean, Lily hates him with all her being, Nova.” Nova fiddled with her chocolate. “Marla, I don’t think that’s bothering me as much as how upset Lily has been… I mean, she’s depressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lily depressed,” Nova said, a worried expression overtaking her features. “Ok, let’s put get Lily and James together plan going, then,” Marla said, sticking a frog leg in her mouth and chewing thoughtfully. When she finished she said, “And I know exactly how to get this going,” she smiled. Nova walked into the Great Hall after her meeting with Marla. The smells of pumpkin and ham nestled into her nose. October was finally setting in. She walked down the Gryffindor long table and plopped down next to Lily. She pulled the mashed potatoes towards her and she scooped a large pile onto her plate. “Nova, is that all you ever eat?” Alice asked Nova. Nova nodded. “Yes, of course it is!” Nova took a spoonful of the lumpy bunch. She swallowed and said, “You know, in only three weeks to the day that we go to Hogsmeade, can you believe it?” Nova asked. “This year is already flying by.” Lily shifted in her seat and continued to look at a paper that was in front of her. She was picking up a pea at a time and popping it into her mother with her index finger and her thumb. She would chew slowly and then repeat the whole process again. Nova’s eyes shifted to Alice who shrugged. “I went and visited Marla,” Nova said aloud, reaching for her glass of pumpkin juice. “She said she’ll be out by Saturday.” Nova sipped her juice and her eyes bulged as she saw James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew walk in. Alice looked at what Nova was looking at and stood up. “I think – I think I’ll go look for Frank,” she said to Nova, grabbing her bag and dashing past James who looked at her as she ran out. Nova watched James’ eyes linger on Lily who was still reading the parchment. Nova’s eyes caught Sirius’ who looked at her with a smile. His curly, black hair seemed ruffled and his cheeks and the tip of his nose were red with windburn. Just as Nova was praying that they wouldn’t come down this way, Sirius began towards her, the others in tow. Her plopped down in front of her on the opposite side of her. “Lily dear, how are you doing?” Sirius asked, his eyes still on Nova, who commenced on eating her mashed potatoes. Lily looked up at him with a glare. “Black, I’ve told you for seven years to stop calling me ‘dear’,” she said to him icily. She rolled her eyes and looked back down at her paper. “You’re doing well, then!” he said to her cheerfully. James sat down next to Sirius (across from Lily), Remus and Peter settling next to Sirius. Peter grabbed greedily for the ham and plopped two large pieces on his plate with a large dose of mashed potatoes. Remus seemed to have an appetite since he took a serving of everything. He looked much better than he had a few days ago, color had seeped back into his skin and he seemed more energetic. James was cutting a piece of ham slowly, his eyes glancing over at Lily ever so often, over his glasses. Sirius grabbed a roll and buttered it and looked at Nova. “So, Nova dear, who are you going to Hogsmeade with?” he asked her nonchalantly, spreading the butter cleanly across the roll. Nova looked up, her long hair falling into her eyes. “What’s it to you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. She tucked her hair behind her ear and took another spoonful of mashed potatoes. Sirius laughed. “It’s up to me, ‘cause I want to see if you’re free,” he said to her, taking a bite of the bread. He chewed thoughtfully and then said, “Because, I wanted to see if you wanted to go with me.” He leaned in and smiled charmingly at her. Nova stared at him; his chiseled features cast shallow shadows across the depths of his face; the fathomless of his gray eyes twirled in swirls of tornados; his curly black hair fell against his face in an elegant fashion; his lips twisted into a charming, smirk-like smile; his cheeks a rosy-red from the cold, the tip of his nose dotted with small freckles only seen by her. Lily looked up, intrigued by this offer offered to Nova. Nova glanced her purple eyes towards Lily, whose hand was holding back her hair to look at Nova. Nova begged with her eyes for help. Lily tucked the strand behind her ear. “Black, will you be a dear for me?” Lily asked him, taking Nova’s begging to heart. Sirius turned his gray eyes towards her. “Of course, Lily, what do you need?” he asked. “Don’t ask Nova out,” she said her voice straining. Sirius laughed. “Now, Lily dear, because you turned James down does not mean I can’t ask someone out.” Sirius turned his eyes to Nova. “What do you say?” Nova smirked somewhat. “If Lily goes with James, then I’ll go with you,” she said, turning her eyes to Lily. Remus and Peter, who had been quiet, stopped what they were doing and looked at Lily. Lily’s eyes focused on Nova’s with a hardcore look as her smirk enveloped her face. She felt an icy cold breeze pass through her and she bit the inside of her lip. “I-I have remedial Transfiguration,” Peter said, grabbing three rolls and darting out of his seat and scurrying across the aisles to the entrance of the Great Hall, where he ripped through a bunch of Ravenclaw’s who were entering for dinner. “Now, there’s something I haven’t heard,” Remus said aloud. “This’ll be quite interesting.” Lily shot him a glare. “Remus, do not take their sides!” Lily said to him. Remus shrugged. “C’mon, Lily, can’t you just give in? It’s been almost seven years,” he said tiredly, poking his peas around on his plate. Lily gritted her teeth, keeping her eyes from James’. “Remus, have you been sick lately? Honestly, you’re acting strange lately,” Lily said to him. “I will not go out with him!” she said, rising and pointing at James. She gathered her belongings and turned to James. “I swear, Potter, you follow me to the dormitory, I’ll kill you,” she said through gritted teeth. She stalked out of the Great Hall and out of site. “Well, sorry, mate. I tried, and apparently Nova did, too,” Sirius said, turning his grey eyes on her. “So, my offer still stands.” Nova smirked. “As does mine; no date unless Lily and James go together,” she said to him. “They’re already going together, though!” Sirius protested. “No. Dumbledore told them they had to go together,” Nova informed him, picking up her spoon. “Lily apparently doesn’t want to…” Remus sighed. “James, why do you want to go out with Lily so badly?” James looked up, a questionable expression set upon his features. “I don’t know, Remus, I just don’t know.” Lily clutched the sides of her book as she heard the portrait hole open. The fable’s words blended as her eyes didn’t focus and her ears became sharper. James had just entered and he had walked into the bathroom. Lily peered over the top of her book, she felt foolish, but she didn’t want it to seem to obvious that she had left. Should she go upstairs, in the privacy of her bedroom? Or should she stay put…? Lily heard the flushing of the toilet, seconds left in her decision. The sink went on and Lily felt a slight prickle of perspiration gather at her hairline. She saw the knob twist and she righted the book so that you couldn’t see her face. Her knuckles turned white as she heard him close the door behind him. Lily’s eyebrow cocked as she heard the chair of the desk brush against the stone floor and she heard him sit down. Why the bloody hell is sitting down? Down here, too! Can’t he leave me alone? She asked herself. She peered over the book’s top again, only to see James sitting there, staring at her, his arms folded across his chest. Lily dropped the book and stared icily at him. “That good of a book, eh?” he asked her with smirk. “What do you want, Potter?” she asked, marking her page and setting it right. She stared at him, her face set in stone, his in a smirk. “A review on the book,” he said to her, tilting his head to one side. “Potter,” Lily growled at him. She tucked her legs under her body grabbed the book threateningly. “Fine. An explanation would be nice, I suppose,” he said, his smirk not budging. “You’re testing my patience, Potter, and if you don’t leave, I’ll throw the book at your overly-inflated head!” Lily said to him, her face growing warm. James laughed. “I told you in Potions the other day that your face gets red when you’re mad. And if I recall correctly, you’re very contentious – you’re the one flourishing the book at my head,” he said, looking at her over his glasses. “You’re the one who sat there!” Lily countered. “You’re the one who started this whole thing. I was merely just sitting here,” James said to her. “It’s annoying when you’re staring at me.” “You’re the one who looked.” James sat upright his elbows resting on his knees. “You know, I really didn’t do anything. I sat down here and you looked at me and throw your patience on the floor.” Lily raised her eyebrow. “What do you really want, Potter?” Lily asked him, some of her iciness shaved off. “I told you, an explanation would be nice,” James said nonchalantly to her. Lily grinded her teeth and breathed out. “Potter, it’s a bloody book. A Muggle book, mind you. Why would you want to know what the book is about?” Lily asked him, her eyes settling on his figure. “How do you know I meant the book?” James countered, his eyes settling on hers. “Fine. The book is my favorite Muggle book. It’s a classic fairytale about a girl who must live with a beast in a castle, so that her father wouldn’t have to. She hates it there and she hates the beast. Eventually, they get to know each other and they fall in love,” Lily said to him, hoping he wouldn’t press the other matter further. James shook his head and stood up, little bits of laughter ringing out of his mouth. “And where are you going now,” Lily asked, her fury igniting. “You cannot just simply come in here and interrogate me about – about a book! Then, just leave!” she said to him, watching his body move towards the portrait hole. James grabbed something behind a chair and turned around. “Quidditch practice,” he said with a smile. Then, he walked out of the portrait hole, his Nimbus 1000 swinging behind him. “Argh!” Lily screamed when the portrait hole shut. “James Potter, you are such a prat!” “James, where the bloody hell have you been,” Sirius Black said just as James came out of his office, his Quidditch Robes on and his broomstick in one hand, a chart in the next. “Yea, James, we’ve been waiting for ten minutes now!” Nova bellowed; her own Nimbus resting beside her. “I’m sorry, guys; I was going over some plans,” James said to them, using his wand and going over to the chalkboard. “Nova, when you see that snitch, you really have to fly,” James said to her, looking at her. “Really. You catch that and we can win. If we’re down, but a lot, try to keep the other Seekers attention the opposite side until it disappears.” “Ok,” Nova said nodding, taking in the information. Being a Seeker was not that hard. You didn’t have to memorize plans and plays at least. James turned to a boys next to her. “Alex, I need you to stick with the plans I came up for us three last year. Those were perfect. We need to score more though,” he said to the blonde-haired boy and Sirius. “Have you practiced over the summer the plays I owled you?” James asked. Alex nodded. “We tried to go over each others houses as much as possible. But we think we got them down pat. Especially when we worked with you the few times,” Ken said to him. “Ken and I worked on this move, though,” Sirius said looking at James. “I dive and fake throw it to you and then, I pass it to Ken, who should be in front of the opposing team,” Sirius said to James. He shrugged, “It worked pretty well at practice.” James nodded. “It sounds reasonable. We’ll try it out. We can always alternate plans,” James said approvingly. “Yes, we can alternate parts, too. So, the opposing teams don’t follow the pattern. ‘Cause then they’ll only block Sirius or me,” Alex added. “Exactly,” he said. “Excellent plan, guys.” James turned to a girl behind Nova who was polishing her broom handle. “Jen, I need you to just keep the balls out of the hoops,” James said to her. He looked at the broom and smiled. “I’m glad you got the Nimbus for your birthday. You won’t regret it, I swear,” James said to her. The girl looked up. “Yea, I’m glad I got it, too. Thank goodness I got rid of my Comet 140,” she said with a laugh. “I was the slowest one on the team. Now those two are,” she said with a laugh. “Hey!” Ken said offensively. James laughed. “Alright, guys, lets start practice!” Nova stood up, pulling her long hair back into a ponytail. “Hey, Potter, wait up!” she said, as the others began out, talking amicably towards one another. James stopped and waited for Nova to catch, her putting the last twist on the band, tying it securely. “Yea?” he asked her. “That discussion at dinner last night…” Nova began as they walked out. “Sorry. I think it’s my fault that I had Lily flip out at you,” Nova said with a smirk. “But I tried.” James laughed. “Yea, she’s a stubborn one.” Nova raised her eyebrows. “And I’m not stubborn? Geez, James, you need to open you eyes.” “You are pretty stubborn… especially when it comes to Quidditch,” James said to her. Nov shrugged. “I may be a girl, but I know what I like.” She glanced up at James who was mounting his broom. “I’ll let you know now, James, Lily’s not taking this lightly. There’s a lot you don’t know about her and she doesn’t want you to know about her. For some odd reason she’s harvesting a grudge against you,” she said with a smile. “Well, it’s not so odd,” she said. James smiled. “Thanks, Nova. But lets hope this “grudge” is over by the weekend we go to Hogsmeade,” James said to her. Nova looked at Jen in the sky, practicing with the other Chasers. “If I were you, I wouldn’t let Jen interfere with you and Lily,” she said to him. James didn’t dare glance up at the sky. “I know. But it’s not like that’s what Lily is holding a grudge against me for,” James reasoned. Nova shook her head. “James, do you not get it? You have to keep your focuses on Lily. Don’t go around looking at other girls,” Nova said. “Well that’s sort of hard, wouldn’t you say? It’s not like this school is just boys.” “James, don’t be smart with me,” Nova said to him, her eyes flashing. “Lily is my best friend. I nearly killed Amos after he broke up with Lily. I will not have you hurting her either, you hear? If you do get together, you’re under my radar,” Nova said to him. “I won’t do anything stupid… but that’s a hard thing to do, being me.” Nova raised her eyebrows. “Then, don’t piss her off. It’s simple, Potter, plain simple.” Nova let the struggling Snitch go and she kicked off the ground, her words lingering in James’ mind. “What did Ms. Feisty want?” Sirius asked James, as the two walked up the slopes from Quidditch practice. “Padfoot, stop calling Nova ‘feisty’ it’s sounds really wrong,” James said, running a hand through his damp locks, making it clump together and stand up. He shook his head slightly and breathed in the chilling air of autumn. “What? She is! Now, answer me,” Sirius said, switching the broomstick from his left to his right and grabbing a small brown bag from his pocket. He pulled out a small red pill-shaped object. He popped it in his mouth and smiled. “Feistiness goes together,” Sirius said, sucking on the candy. James laughed and grabbed several of the candies. “Pepper Imps are hot, not feisty, Sirius,” James said, popping two into his mouth. Sirius shook the bag and said, “I need a refill. Thank Merlin we’re going into Hogsmeade in about two weeks,” Sirius said, pocketing the bag. “Plus, what’d she say?” “Nova?” James asked, getting a nod from Sirius. “She told me not to break Lily’s heart if we get together… or else she’d hurt me. Basically, she threatened me,” James laughed. “Didn’t you see what she did to Amos Diggory?” Sirius asked seriously. “Apparently not…” “He was in the hospital wing for a week or so,” Sirius said. “Hexes, charms, and little but of physical contact kept him in there,” Sirius laughed. “That girl is definitely my type.” “Ok, Padfoot, then why don’t you ask her out?” James asked him. “Because she won’t go with me unless Lily goes with you!” Sirius said. “Wanting to go with you, of course; not forced by the Headmaster,” Sirius added. “Yea, well, Padfoot, don’t get your hopes on going out with Nova anytime soon.” “Why not?” Sirius asked. “Because I don’t think Lily’s going to be going out with me anytime soon,” James said looking at Sirius. The two weeks passed painfully slow for the upper years. For some, it felt like the time for them to go to Hogsmeade would never come. But October dawned on and the 31st of October (a Friday) soon dawned, causing the whole school to be filled with giddiness and glee. Students passed out candy sent from home and cakes and pies were stored in their trunks for late night eating. Halloween morning was a bright one, pumpkin spice permeating throughout the school. Lily exited out of the Head’s Dorm, and entering the Great Hall. Hagrid hadn’t upset them this year; the pumpkins seemed twice as large than last year and the smaller ones grinned at them wickedly. The First Years’ eyes bulged out of their sockets when they saw the difference in the Great Hall and sat down to a pumpkin spice-filled breakfast. Lily sat down in between Alice and Nova and helped herself to some hot cider. She buttered a slice of pumpkin spice toast and bit into it. “I could get used to this,” Nova said, grabbing a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds and munching on them. “Have you ever noticed that Halloween is almost like a day long feast?” she asked after chewing. Lily finished chewing her toast and said, “I don’t think I could eat pumpkin spiced food all year long.” She wrinkled her nose. “The smell would become aggravating, and I wouldn’t love autumn as much,” she said. “Ok, Ms. Pessimistic,” Alice said, drinking her hot cider. A sudden whoosh of wings filled the air and Lily looked up for her Owl, Caramel. Her mum and dad sent something every Halloween, since it was one of Lily’s favorite holidays. Nova’s sleek black SCOPS owl settled in front of her. Lily admired Nova’s owl, it was so small and so cute. Nova patted her head. “Thank you, Jinx,” she said to the owl, giving the owl a drink of her pumpkin juice, which the owl drank gratefully. Nova tore off the paper and smiled as she opened the box inside. “Pumpkin pasties and Pepper Imps, my parents know me well,” Nova laughed. She took out a small leather pouch and jiggled it. “Aha, Galleons… my mum rocks,” she said with a smile. She took out an envelope and began to read the rather lengthy note. Lily was laughing as her own owl stooped in front of her as Jinx was leaving for some well-deserved rest in the Owlery. “Hello, Carm,” she said, detaching a package and a letter. Lily set aside the box and opened up the letter. It was rather short and it seemed rushed. October 29th Lily dear, I hope your year is still going wonderfully. Your grades are excellent, darling, don’t worry yourself so much. I’m sure your hard work and dedication will get you into the job you speak so much of. I don’t have a lot of time, but your Aunt May is very sick. She had a heart attack last night. Your father and I will be leaving immediately for a twelve o’clock flight. She’s not in very good condition according to your Uncle Jim. But don’t worry, hun, we’ll pray for the best. Don’t worry about us. Have fun in the village this weekend. If you need anything, send a letter to Petunia and Vernon. Xoxox Love, Mum and Dad Lily gasped. “Oh my God,” Lily said, standing up abruptly. “I have to go respond to this,” she said, grabbing her school bag and dashing out of the Great Hall re-reading the letter, and not noticing that she had elbowed James on her way out. James sat down where Lily had been, Sirius on his opposite. “I haven’t been in the Great Hall for a minute and she runs?” James asked, cocking an eyebrow at Nova. “No, something happened,” she said. “She was reading a note from home.” Nova picked up the package that Lily had left and finished off her juice. “I’m going to go make sure she’s alright,” she said, eyeing James. “And no, do not go after her, either,” Nova said, concerned about the tears in Lily’s eyes. Nova headed out of the Great Hall, making her way up the steps leading to the Owlery. She opened up the door to the Owlery and was hit with a breeze of cold air. She brought her arms instinctively to her body and shivered slightly. She saw Lily over in the corner, leaning on the wall and writing feverishly. “Lily?” Nova asked. “Is everything alright?” Nova asked, edging towards her. Lily turned towards Nova, her eyes threatening to spill with floods of tears. “I’m fine,” she said, turning back to her letter. “What happened? Tell me, please,” Nova said, putting the package on the windowsill, and sitting next to it, watching as Lily’s neat, slanted, and cursive writing spilled across the parchment. “My aunt May, who happens to be my favorite aunt, had a heart attack… she might die, Nova,” Lily said to her. “Oh, Lily, I’m so, so, so sorry,” Nova said to her, her heart going out to her friend. “Is that the one that stayed at your house during the summer that I stayed?” Nova asked out loud. Lily nodded and folded the parchment, calling for a barn owl, giving her own owl some sleep and rest. The owl stuck out its foot and Lily tied it neatly around the leg and giving the owl the address, she turned around put the slender package in her messenger bag, which she swung over her shoulder. “Come on, Nova, lets go to class,” Lily said, walking towards the door. Nova stopped her. “Lily, are you alright? I’ll tell Professor McGonagall. She’ll understand,” Nova said, reaching up and wiping her friend’s tears from her eyes and cheeks. Lily shook her head. “There’s no point in waiting around, Nova. Can we go, please? The day will go by faster.” Reluctantly, Nova opened the door and the two walked into the hall. Clapping shoes told them of other presences and came face-to-face with Alice and Marla. Marla enveloped her friend in a hug, her tight curls bouncing. “Oh, Lily! I heard that you were distraught, are you ok?” she asked, pulling away and looking at Lily. “My aunt is just very, very sick,” Lily answered, allowing Alice to hug her, too. “I’m fine, guys; I just really want to go to class so that the day goes by faster.” Marla laughed. “It’s just like you, Lily – when in doubt, go to class.” The four of them laughed and linked arms and walked off just as the bell rang for their first lesson. Lily stared out the window and watched as the huge lakes of snow drifted down from the sky and littering the Earth. Only this morning had it been sunny, not foretelling any signs of snow. A snowy Halloween… that’s a new one, she said to herself. She watched as the flakes hit the ground and layered the Wizarding World in whiteness. It was amazing at how fast the world had coated itself. She considered going outside to walk in it, since this was her last class. “Mr. Black, will you please stop poking your rat and pay attention,” Professor McGonagall’s voice said sternly, bringing Lily abruptly from her thoughts. Sirius looked up, trying to conceal his hearty grin. “Sorry, Professor,” he said, releasing the end of his wand from the rats side. James and Sirius laughed silently as McGonagall went on to discuss the hardness of transforming a rat into a small cub. They looked over at Peter who was sitting behind them, who was wearing scowl. Remus laughed silently beside Peter, looking at his own rat, which look like Peter when he transformed. A small first year walked in, looking scared to death of entering a seventh year classroom. “What is it, Mr. Glinkon?” Professor McGonagall said; her back turned to the class. Sirius made a frightening look to the boy, who took a step backward. The class erupted into fits of laughter. “That’s enough!” Professor McGonagall said to the class. “Th-the Headmaster would-would like to see Lily Ev-Evans,” the boy stuttered out, his eyes round. “Thank you, Mr. Glinkon,” she said. She didn’t have to excuse him, for he ran out of the class quickly. The class erupted into laughter as Lily stood and collected her belongings. “Ms. Evans, please get your notes from one of your friends later,” Professor McGonagall said tiredly, rubbing her temples. “Yes, Professor,” she said, exiting the class and walking towards the door, taking one last glance at the snow. Snow. It symbolized purity, maybe something purifying was going to happen. Like taking James away from my side for tomorrow, Lily thought acidly. Lily walked up the steps and taking a step back as Nearly Headless Nick passed. “Good evening, Ms Evans,” he said cheerfully as he passed. “Good evening,” she said as she approached the Headmasters’ office. She stopped and thought. “Shit, the password,” she thought to herself. “Uhm, Pumpkin Pasties, right?” she asked. The gargoyle nodded and jumped to life, allowing her entrance to the secret stairwell. “In light of Halloween, of course,” she said to herself as she stepped on and took the ride up, the cylinder staircase riding up, painfully slow for Lily. Lily took her step off and straightened her skirt and smoothed her robes. She approached the door and knocked hollowly. She waited for Dumbledore to answer. “Enter, Ms. Evans,” came Professor Dumbledore’s voice on the other side. Lily grasped the brass doorknob, which was chilled. She turned it and entered the Headmaster’s office, which was just as cluttered with knick-knacks as last time. He smiled over the parchment he was reading. His eyes seemed saddened and his face seemed torn. “Ms. Evans, good evening,” he said to her. “Good evening, Professor Dumbledore,” she said, closing the door behind herself. “Please, Ms. Evans, sit. I have to tell you something,” he said sadly. Lily felt a cold spell overcome her. She sat down coldly as she was told. Her eyes drifted towards the window, where the snow seemed to come down even more heavily, the clouds in the sky a tremendous dark grey; the sky, greyer. “The snow came suddenly, didn’t it?” Professor Dumbledore asked her, his own crystal blue eyes glancing at the weather. “Yes, it did,” she said, her eyes mesmerized by the fast flurries. “But it’s a pretty site… the world covered in white.” “I agree, Ms. Evans. It’s quite a pretty site. Odd for the snow to come this early – but it has happened before.” Lily’s eyes traveled to Professor Dumbledore’s and she licked her lips. “You wanted to speak with me, Sir?” she asked him. She nearly kicked herself for asking such a question. Her heart already hurt, and she didn’t even know what he was going to tell her. Yet, she had a hunch, and she begged the present to prove her wrong. Professor Dumbledore leaned in forward and he smiled sadly at her. “Ms. Evans… Lily. I received a note from London this afternoon,” Dumbledore began, picking up the parchment again, reading through his half-moon spectacles. Lily shook her head slightly. “What would London want with me?” she asked Dumbledore. “Is there a Wizarding community there, too?” she asked. “There are Wizarding communities everywhere, Ms. Evan, including London,” Dumbledore said slowly. “Ms. Evans, there was an attack in London this afternoon. Do you remember the attacks I was telling you about?” Dumbledore asked, receiving a gentle nod from Lily. “Well, the same man is doing these attacks. He’s trying to make a point, a powerful point.” Lily shook her head at Dumbledore and looked at him curiously. “Why would you tell me about these and not tell Po-James about it?” Lily asked, stuttering on James’ name. “The man, whose name is Tom Riddle, attacked a hospital.” “But why-,” Lily asked, quickly stopping herself. Her hand rose to her mouth. “My parents,” she said, looking up at Dumbledore. Lily leaned against the desk, tears threatening to spill. “Please tell me that there are survivors, Professor Dumbledore, please,” Lily said, her eyes locked with Dumbledore’s. “I’m sorry, Ms. Evans… this is the hardest part about my job. When a family member dies and then I have to inform them,” Professor Dumbledore said to her. “I’m deeply sorry, Ms. Evans.” Lily looked up, tears slowly making their way down her cheeks. “Both of them?” she asked tearfully. Dumbledore nodded mournfully. “I have to go,” she said, getting up quickly. “I will inform your teachers, Ms. Evans,” Professor Dumbledore said, rising. He watched as the door closed and heard the clicking of her heels hitting the stone steps hollowly. Dumbledore sat down at his desk and he rubbed his temples. He walked over to a closet and extracted a memory, from his past, and slipped it into a basin, where silver strands glowed earnestly in the cabinet. “Professor Dumbledore?” said a voice from the door. Dumbledore turned around. “Minerva, aren’t you in a class?” Dumbledore asked the professor. “Yes, well, you know seventh years,” Professor McGonagall said with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, Albus, I just saw Ms. Evans in the hall and she was in tears. Albus, what happened?” Professor McGonagall asked him. Dumbledore sighed. “The hardest part about my job, Minerva; the telling of mourn.” “Oh, that poor girl,” Professor McGonagall said, looking backwards. “Who was it?” she asked. “Both her parents and a sick aunt – all thrice Muggles,” Dumbledore said with a shake of his head. “The poor people. They have nothing to do with this world and they have to suffer from our debts.” ”What debts, Albus?” McGonagall asked, her eyes wide with fear. Professor Dumbledore stood up and walked over to the window, where the snow was still falling. “Debts of a boy denied love, Minerva… love catches up with us again,” he said, turning to her. “I will need Ms. Evans’ friends; Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, Ms. Vance, Ms. McKinnon and Ms. Jewel.” He clasped his hands together behind his back and turned to look back out onto the snow dusted landscape – Professor McGonagall leaving quietly. Lily didn’t feel like going back to her Dorm. How could she? All the things that reminded her of home – her parents – were scattered there. She clutched the strap to her bag in her hands, her knuckles turning white, and turned to the front doors. If she didn’t want to go to her Dorm, she might as well go where no one would venture for awhile. She opened the heavy wooden doors and took a step into the pure snow. Her footsteps leading to a bench were the only dents in the perfect scenery. She took out her wand and she melted the snow away, leaving the bench dry and embracing her as she sat down. Her bag plopped onto the snow, quills scattering out. Lily didn’t care, why would she have to care? Her heart ached physically, her stomach felt as if someone had punched it in. Tears were pricking at her eyes, and they begged her to blink. Lily leaned forward, her head sinking into her hands. The tears pooled out, collecting in her hands and running down her arm, the coldness pricking it and making it stick to her; tears edged into the side of her mouth, the saltiness of the tears causing a bitter taste to enter her mouth. Her hair stuck to her hand and arms, and her nose and cheeks became blotchy red as the news finally hit her with another punch to the stomach. Lily sat on the bench and cried silently, her whole body shook with the silent sobs that escaped as little breaths of air, yet the feeling was still there. The hotness of the tears cascaded down her cheeks and onto the snow, the snow falling from the sky growing steady and lighter. Lily felt herself as she had never felt herself before; alone. Alone and lost. She was only sixteen years old, turning seventeen quite soon – but yet, she had no mother and she had no father, and that simple thought brought on another bout of tears, the scalding hotness rushing down her cheeks and branding her with an everlasting feeling that sunk into the fathoms of her heart. She felt someone sit next to her, but she didn’t move. The tears collected into her hands, as her sobs racked her body. “I know how hard it is,” the voice said. Lily didn’t bother to move her hands. She took in a breath of the chilling air and whispered, “Go away, Potter.” Her voice faltering at the end, the shallowness of her voice catching in the wind. How could she feel so alone, yet her heart lifted, a hormone spreading through her body. “I don’t think that I can do that,” he said to her. Lily shot up, pushing the fiery strands of hair from her face, her hands shaking. “What the hell do you mean by that? I asked you to go away. You have no bloody clue how I feel right now, Potter, no clue at all,” she said. James had jumped slightly, at the fact that she could chastise him so, yet be so upset at the same time. “I do have a clue. I feel it everyday.” “Who have you lost? No one, Potter! I lost my family! My parents,” she said, her voice catching at the end. “I thought you have a sister,” he asked her. “I do. But she’s a total bitch. She doesn’t even like me. It’s all became I’m a witch,” she said. “My sister wouldn’t take me if her life depended on it. She’s rather die in the fires of hell,” Lily said, wiping the tears from her face. “Wow,” James said, he looked over at her, even though she was looking out at the whitened fields. “I never knew you could curse or degrade someone in such a way,” James said to her, a little laugh escaping from his mouth. “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” “Yea, well, I learned two today: you can curse and you hate your sister with a vengeance.” Lily smiled slightly and looked at him. Suddenly, she jumped up. “This is your entire fault!” she said suddenly to him. “How’s it my fault?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow at her. “Your parents! Your family! They are all Aurors! And not one of them has caught this man that’s going around and killing people! Not one person has! Who is, Potter? Who’s going to stop this man from killing another person, like he killed my parents!” she asked him, tears cascading slowly down her cheeks; lines of tears reforming on her face. James nodded, suddenly understanding. He stood up and faced her, gripping her shoulders in his hands, holding her firmly in his square line of vision. “Blame everyone, Lily Evans, but it’s no one’s fault except that man’s fault. He’s the one killing him. He’s the one using the Unforgivable Curse.” Lily stiffened with his feel. The hormone shot through her body and she felt herself tense, yet relax in his grip at the same time. The tears came faster and hotter, mixed with feelings and sadness. Out of no where, Lily flew out of his arms and punched his stomach once, right in the gut, then flung her arms around him and embraced him tightly. Her head rested in the middle of his chest, her tears coming faster and more furiously than before. The sobs racked her body again, her breathing became shallow and hoarse as sobs escaped her mouth and entered the James’ clothing. Lily felt James fasten his arms around her waist and embrace her slightly, allowing Lily to mourn in the waking of his arms. Nova, Alice and Marla walked together towards the front of the school. Lily had not been in the library nor her Dorm. Figuring she’d be outside, they walked towards the front doors of Hogwarts, the three all worried for Lily. There faces adorned in mourning and sorrow. Nova opened up the doors, the metal squeaking loudly and the wood grunting in old age. The three girls instantly brought their cloaks more tightly wrapped around themselves, their scarves hiding their mouths. The snow was slowing down, leaving a foot or two of snow on the ground, littering the world in pure whiteness. “I’m going this way, guys, you two go that way,” Nova said pointing them in directions, Nova taking the path with footprints leading to a path that was known to be filled with benches. Nova turned the corner and stopped cold. There in the middle of the path was Lily, in the arms of James Potter who looked both confused and hurt. How the hell had he found her first? What was going on? James face met Nova’s and he stepped back slightly, Lily releasing her arms, her face blotchy red with tear trickling down in fast paces. Her body shook, even under her heavy cloak, her face was distorted, her red hair sticking to her cheeks, her eyes clashing horribly with the greenness of them. “Oh shit,” Lily said, her eyes drifting to James, who looked like a puppy caught in a bad deed. “Oh bloody hell…,” Lily cursed herself, wiping her cheeks fervently. “Thanks, Potter, for the…,” Lily said incoherently, running past Nova, her eyes threatening to spill again. Nova’s eyes caught James. “Look what you did,” she said, glaring at him. “I didn’t do anything!” James said. “She came at me! I came out here to comfort her! Then, she starts punches me and then hugs me! I did not do anything to her!” James said, reminiscing the previous moments. Nova stared hard. “God help you, James. I swear…,” she said to him, starting backwards towards the castle. “She’s vulnerable. You have to watch,” she hissed. Turning around and running back up to the castle. James dropped his arms and sat down. “Why is this so hard?” he asked out loud to no one in particular. “Why can’t I just hold her in my arms for more than a few seconds, without her crying…?” Nova ran into the Heads Dorm, practically spitting the password at the portrait. She entered Lily’s Dorm room, taking the steps two at a time and opening the door, which was cracked. Lily lay on her bed, curled in a fetal position. Nova walked over and sat down on her bed, pushing the hair out of Lily’s face. Lily looked up and sniffed. “I can’t do this anymore, Nova. My heart cannot hurt because of two problems. It cannot mourn and yearn at the same time,” Lily said, her voice high-pitched. A sob racked her body and Nova held her. “I can’t do it, Nova, I can’t do this anymore.” Author's Note: Hey, guys! Well... long enough for ya? Eighteen Microsoft Word pages (size 10 font) and just about 8,000 words... I hope I paid up for the debt for not updating quickly! Exams are on my back and they're all killers!! Anywho, this chapter... wow... well... Ok, drama, romance, plot thickening, and death... I'd look at the irony in this chapter. There's plenty of it! A lot of foreshadowing as well. Check my Author's Page in my "Web Page" section. There is where you can find a link to a website where I tell you of updated stories and new ones coming soon! Sign the guestbook or look for when I will update next!! Thank for ALL the reviews! I continue to thank my faithful reviewers: Elixir, Mags, TomBrady, believeintrees (new), Lillibet, presi and Dracoshipper!! Thanks to all the new reviewers and everyone who reads this! It keeps my motivation up!

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