"Act two, scene one. Action!"
"Nathan, I love you." Hermione said, facing Draco, practically choking on her lines.
"There's no way I'm kissing her!" He said, completely out of character. "No bloody way."
"Draco," said the director, otherwise known as Gwyne, a previous Hogwarts student, "It's not that big of a deal, and it's not real, it's acting. Alright, Hermione, from the top."
"Nathan, I love you." Hermione said.
Draco leaned forward. Hermione leaned back.
"Cut! Come on, Hermione! Make an effort!"
Hermione, taken aback by being talked to so harshly by a teacher, looked down.
"Let's wrap it up for today." Gwyne said. "We'll try again tomorrow."
"Nice one, Granger," Malfoy said, walking from the room.
"Me?" Hermione said. "You're the one who complained about kissing in the first place."
"Yeah, but I'm not the one who leaned back. You didn't make an effort, as Gwyne pointed out."
"At least I didn't get all whiny," Hermione said, speeding up to get ahead of Draco
"That's because you so obviously wanted to kiss me," Draco called out to her. "Duh."
"Please, Malfoy," Hermione said, blushing at the accusation. "As if I would ever kiss you."
Draco didn't respond, so Hermione turned around. Draco was gone. He probably hadn't heard her comeback. Darn.
Hermione turned around and walked up to the entrance to the Head Girl and Head Boy dormitories.

* * *

"How was your rehearsal, 'Mione?" Ron asked between large bites of his dinner.
"Better than I thought it would be. You know how I expected to have to kiss Malfoy today? Well, he made a scene, so Gwyne decided to end rehearsal."
"Lucky," Harry said, nodding his head.
"But, we're going have to rehearse the scene again sometime."
"Way to think on the bright side, 'Mione," Ron said.
Hermione gave him a look and told her friends that she had to go finish some homework, and that she'd see them later. Walking from the Great Hall, Hermione went over her homework in her head: A five-parchment essay for potions on love potions, off all things, and to practice a charm for Professor McGonaggall. It wouldn't take her long at all.

* * *

"So, Draco, how's that play going?" Draco's friend Blaise Zabini asked.
"Fine." Draco said nonchalant.
"Wasn't today the day you practiced that kiss with the mudblood?"
"Yeah. I just told the director that I wasn't doing it and that was that," Draco lied. He always lied when something didn't make him sound good. It was second nature.
"Nice one, mate," Blaise said.
"Yeah," Draco said, standing up. "I've got to go, Blaise."
"Bye, Draco."

* * *

"Love potions can be harmful if not made properly...," Hermione murmured, reading through her essay.
"What's that, Mudblood?" Draco said, entering the common room where Hermione sat surrounded by books and pieces of parchment. "Love potion, eh?"
"Professor Snape's homework, Malfoy. Which you'd know about if you'd pay attention."
"Except that I already finished that work, Granger, the night it was assigned," Draco said triumphantly, with a sneer.
Hermione looked at him and rolled her eyes.
"And how are you doing with memorizing your lines?" Hermione asked.
"Well...." Draco said.
"Thought so."
"Well, if you'd help me practice like you said you would, I'd be better."
"I never said I wouldn't help you."
"Help me now, then!" Draco said.
"Alright," Hermione said. "Accio, script!"
"Well... uh... we could polish off act two, scene one from earlier today," Draco said, flustered as to why she was so agreeable.
"Sure," Hermione said. "Right... well let's start then."
"Ok... go."
"Nathan, I love you." Hermione said in a rush.
Draco moved towards Hermione. Put his hands on her shoulders. Moved closer. Closed his eyes. Kissed her. Moved back quickly. And forgot his line.
Hermione stood still, looking at Draco. She had her left hand on her lips, her right holding her script. Draco looked back at her.
"Uh.... Line?" Draco said.
Hermione pulled her hand from her lips and glanced at her script.
"It's 'I love you, too.'"
“Right. I love you, too.”
“You promise?” Hermione said, back in character.
“Er… I don’t have my script with me….”
“Here, take mine,” she said, frustrated.
Draco scanned the script to find where they’d left off while Hermione tapped her foot impatiently.
“Here we are! Hope, I’ll love you forever. Till the day I die,” he said, playing the role of Nathan once more.
Hermione looked at him. This was just too awkward for her, especially after the kiss. At least Gwyne would be happy.
“I’ve got to go, Malfoy,” she said. “Bye.”
“Whatever. It’s not just my grade on the line. And I actually have to go, too. You know, go wash my mouth out. I don’t want any mudblood germs infecting me.”
“Clever, Malfoy,” Hermione said sarcastically, smirking. “But a little late.”
“You disgust me, Mudblood.”
“Likewise, Ferret,” Hermione said, turning her back and walking out of the common room. “Likewise.”

A/N – Chapter Two – complete! But also quite short- sorry about that! They’ll get longer, I promise! Review if you’d like to, and if anyone would like to make me a banner, I wouldn’t complain! Thanks! xo

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