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Chapter 27
Mage Secrets

“Good evening Professor,” Harry said as he and Josephine entered the DADA classroom.

“Good evening. Please close the door, Potter,” Harry did so and locked it with the bolt on it. Donovan locked it with a spell as well and placed a Silence Ward on the room.

“For the past several weeks we have been working on getting acquainted with the power and feel of the different types of magic. As you may have noticed, there are certain kinds of magic that seems a little bit easier to handle for each of you. This can be explained by the fact that you are each a different MageKind.” Donovan motioned for the students to take a seat. Harry was hoping that today Donovan would reveal what kind of Mage he was.

“Now that you know the basics of magic essence, I would like to share with you something about Mages. What I am about to tell you is knowledge that is not known among the Wizarding world; knowledge so old that it is only whispered in folktales and legends. Professor Dumbledore said that Mages are rare, but thousands of years before it was not so. The Wizarding world transformed to something more structured like it is today when wizards began to mix and match the magical essences to suit their needs better. The colors of magic were forgotten and, with them, so were the Mages,” Donovan paused; he stood up and began to pace the room slowly as he spoke, his mood visibly darkened.

“The downfall of the Mage Class began with a Warlock name Autrius who used Psionic Magic to try and control the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. When the battle was over and he was defeated, there was still much fear left in the Wizarding world because many feared Autrius’ followers. This fear turned to fear of Yellow Magic. In turn, that fear was transferred to Daiteran Mages who are the only ones to wield Psionic magic to the full extent of its power,” he said looking over at Joséphine.

“Soon after Autrus’ fall, Daiteran Mages were being executed for the most minor infractions, and then Wizards and Witches didn’t even need a reason to apprehend Daiteran Mages and sentence them to death. When most Daiteran Mages were killed, or perhaps they had hid to save their lives, the fear turned to Mages in general. To make matters worse there were a couple of truly terrible dark Mages that only enforced the fear of Mages. The belief then became that a Mage is always a Dark Wizard, and anyone suspected of being a Mage was hunted down and Mages were killed almost to the point of extinction.”

Harry and Joséphine were captivated by the tale.

“As time passed, our kind disappeared from public knowledge, but a few of the bloodlines still trained, and the knowledge of them was kept secret. Trained Mages are rare now, but they are more common than the Wizarding world realizes and we have lived among them in quiet.” Donovan paused, seemed to gather his thoughts, and then continued, “The existence of Mages has become a heavily guarded secret; the knowledge of our powers written down, the history of our kind kept within The Books of the Mage Code. Only those belonging to a direct Mage bloodline and trained in the art of Mages can read the pages. So the knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation in this way,” Donovan paused as if to contemplate something before he continued.

“There are very few bloodlines that know they are Mage bloodlines, all of them know of the books, of their knowledge and they still train Mages. But there are many bloodlines out there that do not know they posses the power to become Mages.”

Harry raised his hand. “So in order to become a Mage you have to train as a Mage? I thought you said Mage traits were inherited.”

“Yes, both a true. Every descendent of a Mageblood can become a Mage. So in every generation there have always been Mages around, but the majority never discover that ability and few rarely do become Mages. Centuries ago the knowledge was lost or never passed down from parent to child. It was perhaps done to ensure that the Magechild’s life would not be forfeit for fear of Mages. A Mageborn child will not become a Mage because Mageability will not grow on its own. It has to be trained and developed. If a Mage doesn’t know he is a Mage, he will never become one except in certain and very rare cases.

“In ancient days there was a Mage Academy, much like Hogwarts. A record was kept of any Mageblood child born in any corner of the world and upon their fifteenth birthday they would be sent to train at the Academy. Each Mage Apprentice studied until the Council conferred onto them the title of Mage. It takes years to master the Mageability.”

“So you know of every Mage ever born in the world?” Harry asked curious and wondered why one of his parents hadn’t known they were Mages, or had they?

“Not anymore. When the Mage Academy was destroyed all of those records were destroyed, as well as the knowledge of the Ward that was used to identify Mageborn children upon birth. Now there only remain seven Ancient Mage bloodlines that make up the Mage Council. One of these Magebloods is the Keeper of The Book of the Mage Code, two other bloodlines track and update the remaining records that keep the genealogy of all those lines that we know are Mageblood.”

“So you ‘ave always known that we were Mages?” Joséphine asked.

“We don’t know of every Mage that is born. Without the Ward, it is impossible. What we have is a few ancient records of known families that produced a Mage. So we have kept the genealogy of each family through the centuries, keeping track of descendants and such. But our records are not complete. So there are many Wizards out there who could be a Mage, but we never know. Upon a Mage’s 15th birthday, sometimes the Mageability is manifested, but it rarely happens. If we become aware of a Mage from a family that is not in our records, a new record is then started. The Mage council rarely intervenes when there is belief or knowledge of a Mage, especially when the Mages themselves do not know of their power. Only when somehow they discover their abilities or when there is a Mage who indicates a great amount of power do we step in and make them protégés,” Donovan paused when Harry raised his hand.

“How can you detect if a person is Mage then?” Harry asked.

“We keep an eye out on events at each of the Wizarding schools in every country of the world. If a Mage is discovered we search our records and start a new one if the Mage is unknown. This is how we realized you were Mages. You Harry, have been of interest to us since the day you defeated Voldemort when you were a baby. We have kept an eye on you since you returned to the Wizarding world and began to attend Hogwarts. We became aware of Joséphine when she turned 15th years old. Even then we weren’t able to discern if either of you needed training or not. But last year it became evident that Miss Bellou’s power will grow and any training in anything will only increase that power. To leave that Mage power untrained could cause not only her own death, but the death of many around her. Also, it could reveal to the world our existence and that is something that we will keep a secret as long as we are feared,” Donovan paused then turned to Harry. “We have recently discovered that your mother, Lily, was a Mageblood, and as you have demonstrated throughout the years, you are an exceptional Wizard. Now that we know that you are a Mage, it is important to train you for your own protection. Also, if you were steered to the dark side, you both would be formidable Dark Lords.”

“Better keep us where you can watch us,” Harry said watching Donovan apprehensively. This answered his question why Donovan was so interested in him. He wanted to ask about his mother; Donovan said that they had discovered that she was a Mage. Was it because of Alex Knightley? Once Donovan was assigned to his vault case by the Ministry he had learned Marie Ellen’s true identity. Was Lily a Mage because of the Schellden’s? But there was something about Donovan that he didn’t quite trust. There was more to this man than anyone could know. After all, he could disguise himself, was an Unspeakable, and now talked about secret Mage Bloodlines. Harry didn’t know how much he really could trust him.

Donovan turned to scrutinize Harry. “It is good that you a weary of me, and not so trusting. That will be another lesson, choose who you trust wisely, especially when you are a Mage. Even your friends will betray you, someday… somehow,” Donovan said with a hint bitterness. Harry noticed that he seemed to be speaking about himself. Donovan regained his composure.

“Vous êtes in the Keeper bloodline?” Joséphine asked with interest.

Donovan laughed. “You really think I would divulge such information? Now it is not the time for you to know. Like I said, that knowledge is guarded heavily. Lets move onto describing Mages and the known kinds of Mages…” Donovan said as he leaned against his desk.

“In general, Mages have some magical powers that are common to all regardless of the kind of Mage. For example, Mages are the only magical class with real Psionic resistance ability. It is ironic that those who could resist the control of the Warlock Autrius, and were the ones to end his reign of terror, in turn were almost wiped out of the face of the earth,” Donovan said his tone of voice sarcastic.

“Mages can learn to wield magic with their hands without the use of staves and wands, but it is very difficult since wands and staves are used to channel the magical energy and to project it. Another power that all Mages have is a great ability to learn new, more advanced powerful spells, and quickly. However, Mages require extensive physical training to increase strength, dexterity, and stamina. Since a Mage has the capability to wield large quantities of a type of magic in its purest form, it is imperative that a high stamina be maintained, or a single spell could drain a Mage of their magical power and leave them vulnerable,” Donovan said as he began to pace slowly as he spoke.

“There is one other thing that all Mages have in common, but that has always been kept secret from the Magical world. It’s the one thing that clearly distinguishes a Mage from any other magical being. Mages have the ability to create portals on command and cast teleportation spells, which are different than those used to create Portkeys, and are untraceable by the Ministry.”

“But Portals are impossible to create!” Joséphine exclaimed.

Donovan smirked, “It is impossible for any other wizard, warlock, witch, or sorcerer. No other magical being can create a portal on command. It takes them years and meticulous study to create portal with the use of potions and rather complicated spells, and even then, the portal is not stable. Mages can do it without thought.”

“So that’s how you disappear into brick walls, you open up portals!” Harry exclaimed with understanding and wondered if he could learn to do that as well. Donovan seemed to read his thoughts.

“This takes time, knowledge, and practice to learn, not to mention insuperable amount of energy. So, although all Mages have the ability, not all take the time to learn.”

“You will teech us?” Joséphine asked, excited.

“In time, but first not only must you get stronger, you must learn to wield your magical strength properly before you can even attempt such a feat. And yes Harry; that is how I do it. It is very handy if you wish to make a hasty retreat, especially if you are disarmed, for you don’t need a wand to create a portal. Yet, I’ve just begun to master that ability. It takes years to become adept at creating portals,” Donovan turned to his watch. “I don’t have enough time to give a description of kinds of Mages, so that will have to wait until another time.” He stood up and headed to the door.

Harry was once again disappointed that he would not be able to learn what kind of Mage he was. He’d been told he was an elemental Mage, but they had yet to narrow down which element he favoured.

“We have gone over our time limit; you need to return to your common room at once. Until now we have mostly worked on recognizing the different feel for each type of Magic. From now on we will begin to focus more specifically on your abilities according to you each of your kind. So Joséphine, I would like for you to practice summoning as much yellow magic as you can. Harry, keep your practice with the Elemental spells. By the way, you have made very good progress with the air and water magic as you demonstrated yesterday,” Donovan said although to Harry it didn’t seem that he approved of him using his Mage magic in public like that. Harry had found Malfoy threatening his little sister, Bianca, in a deserted corridor. From a distance, Harry had caused a strong wind that had swept Malfoy away without touching Bianca, pushing him into the toilets then causing the toilet water to regurgitate onto Malfoy. Harry had thought that no one had seen him do anything. He didn’t know that Donovan had sensed his Mageability.

“You are dismissed for tonight,” Donovan said and the pair left the classroom and headed for Gryffindor.

They walked in silence for a while, but Harry wanted to talk to Josephine, to get to know her. He didn’t know why, but he felt so comfortable with her around. He was becoming accustomed to the feeling in his body when she was around.

“So, did your parents know you are a Mage?” he asked to begin a conversation.

Joséphine looked down at her feet, “I do not know my reel parents. I was adopted when I was baby when my mother gave me away.”

“I am sorry,” Harry said feeling like a jackass.

“Eet’s alright. You did not know. I knew I was adopted. But I learned I was a Mage when Professeur Donovan found me in France…”

“How did he find you?” Harry asked curious.

“He came looking for me, at my school; he said they knew I was Mage because of something that ‘appen in school, so he came to see what potential I ‘ave. He said I needed training, for my safety. But he was coming ‘ere to ‘Ogwarts to teach. Eet is the reason why I ‘ave come to ‘Ogwarts,” she laughed. “I was seven year student in Beauxbatons, but I was ‘urt. I could not take my final tests, so I decide to come ‘ere. I really wanted to move away from mes parents too. Ma mother is ok, but I ‘ate mon père. He ‘ates me, and I ‘ate him,” she said and shuddered as if relieving a nightmare.

“I guess we also have that in common. We didn’t grow up knowing our true parents, and have to live with people we hate,” he said thinking bitterly of his Uncle Vernon and his cousin.

As they walked, they began to talk about Harry’s life a bit. Harry was telling Joséphine the time when Fred and George had given his cousin Dudley a Ton Tongue Toffee.

When Joséphine and Harry entered the common room, they were laughing hard. Joséphine almost tripped on the threshold so Harry reached out to steady her. It was this way, almost embracing and filled with mirth, that they entered. Fred was sitting with George waiting for Joséphine to return. Most of the Gryffindors were still up.

Hermione turned to look at Fred whose easy-going look had turned to a scowl when Harry and Joséphine entered. Hermione frowned. The whole school knew that Fred fancied Joséphine, but they were not officially going out. George too noticed the dark look on his brother, and tried to get his attention.

“There vous êtes!” Joséphine exclaimed when she spotted the twins, smiling broadly at them.

“Of course I’ve been here. Where else would I be? I was waiting for you since we were supposed to meet half an hour ago to work on that Charms homework,” Fred said annoyed. “Where were you?” he demanded.

Joséphine was startled by his response. Her smile faded. “Vous know where I was. I was in detention with Harry,” she said, beginning to get worked up.

“Detention was supposed to be over an hour ago!” Fred yelled standing up.

Joséphine could not understand what Fred’s problem was. She didn’t think he would be so mad because she was late to help with his homework.

“Professeur Donovan kept us longer. You want me to say ‘Sorry Professeur, Fred is waiting for me, I must be done with detention?” Joséphine was now utterly irritated, her French accent getting in the way of her words. If Fred hadn’t been upset he would have said it was so cute of her.

Fred didn’t know how to retort to her statement, and even if he had, Joséphine didn’t give him a change.

“Je ne sais pas pourquoi vous agissez comme ceci mais vous êtes un imbecile!” Joséphine screamed at him and stormed up to the girl’s dorms.

George began to laugh. “Did you catch that dear brother?” he asked Fred who stood watching after Joséphine. His smile faded as he saw Fred didn’t react the way he expected.

“I got the word imbecile, but that’s about it,” Fred said and walked away. George rolled his eyes and stood up to follow him.

“What’s wrong with Fred?” Harry asked not quite sure he understood what just happened.

“I think Fred is jealous,” Hermione said looking at Harry and biting her lip.

“Jealous!? Of me?” Harry exclaimed stunned, but he couldn’t help but blush. He remembered how he used to react to Joséphine when they first met. He sometimes still felt that weird feeling of wishing to hug her, and sometimes he caught Joséphine looking at him with a strange expression, almost as if she wished to be hugged. But it never happened anymore.

“Well, you did seem rather chummy with Joséphine when you entered,” Ron said not quite knowing what to think. Harry was his best mate, but he didn’t appreciate him making moves on the girl who Fred obviously fancied.

“What? That? She tripped! Just as we were coming in through the portrait hole! I simply helped her!” Harry said a bit defensive. True, he was really comfortable when Joséphine was around and they seemed to get along really well, but Harry had learned from early on that Joséphine fancied Fred not him, which made him wonder if they fancied each other why weren’t they together?

Harry’s mood was ruined and he didn’t feel like staying around for conversation. He left the common room and headed upstairs to his room. Harry went to bed earlier than usual.


Wednesday had been a rather boring day. It had rained all day and the students hadn’t been able to go outside for anything. Quidditch practice had been cancelled, so Harry, Ron and Hermione along with Dean, Seamus and Neville had spent all of their free time searching more information on the veil, and the Planes of Magic. They had now narrowed down the list to 25 Planes of Magic. It was tedious work to read through scroll after scroll about each Plane, and decipher if it was a hostile Plane to humans upon entry. It wasn’t until after dinner that the rain finally let up, and they had abandoned their search for tonight.

From his window, Harry had a great view of the grounds. He wished he could take a night stroll, get some fresh air and clear his head. His stomach grumbled. Maybe he should pay a visit to Dobby in the kitchen. Should he ask Ron to go with him? Harry had been so busy with homework and his extra time taken to do his search on information about the veil, the DA, Quidditch… Ron was usually present at most of those events, but he just hadn’t had a good chunk of time alone with him just to chat. He decided he would invite him and maybe Hermione too, and maybe they would sneak out to the kitchen and get a quick bite. He went for the door but it opened before he got there and Ron and Hermione entered.

Harry smiled and lifted up his invisibility cloak. “I was going to look for you and see if you were interested in ransacking the kitchen,” Harry grinned.

Hermione frowned automatically. “Harry I don’t….” Ron clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Absolutely,” Ron said and Hermione glared at him. She pushed his hand away; she fixed the both of them with a hard stare, then sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Oh, all right… but you do know that it is wrong, and to top if off we are both prefects,” she said to Ron.

“Oh, live a little Hermione,” Ron chided.

“I said I would go,” she said and motioned towards the invisibility cloak “Here, hand me that… I learned this new tricky spell today,”

Harry handed her the cloak. Hermione pointed her wand at it “ Exactus Entitas Replicatus Dyo

Harry and Ron watched amazed as two more cloaks appeared on Hermione’s hand.

“How do you know which one is mine?” Harry asked a bit nervous, all three looked the same to him.

“This one is yours… you can feel the difference,” she said and true, his felt a bit silkier than hers.

“These are a bit crude, but they will work. I haven’t quite figure out how to make the replicas permanent, but these will last for about forty-eight hours, I think.”

“This is cool. So if you ever make it permanent we can each have one?” Ron asked with excitement.

“Someday, hopefully. But they will only last as long as the original, so if anything happens to Harry’s cloak, ours would vanish,” she said and wrapped the cloak about herself. She was now only a floating head on the air. Ron quickly donned his. Harry put his on and pulled out the Marauder’s Map. “The coast is clear,” he said and the three of them made their way to the kitchen.

On their way back to the common room, Harry noticed that Hermione’s hair was visible.

“Hermione, psst…”


“I think your spell is fading…” Harry said catching up to her. Hermione noticed it also.



“Yours isn’t fading,” Hermione said with a frown noticing that Ron was still invisible.

Harry muttered an obscenity.


“Filch is heading this way,” he said as he noticed the custodian in his map.

“Oh no, he’ll spot me,” Hermione said in a panic.

“Here, hide under mine. We can both fit here,” Harry said and he enlarged his cloak and made it a bit bigger than normal size. Harry opened it in front for Hermione to get in. She hugged him by the waist, and pressed her head on his chest. Harry closed the cloak and pulled the hood over his head. The three of them pressed themselves against a dark corner of the corridor just as Filch rounded the corner. They could hear Filch muttering and grumbling as he neared. He didn’t see them and walked past. Soon the echoes of his footsteps disappeared.

Hermione listened to Harry’s heart. It was beating fast and his chest rose and fell fast as well. She inhaled deeply of his scent. He smelled like soap and a hint of cologne scent from his deodorant. She also smelled his masculine scent, and she involuntarily moved her face so her nose was pressed right against his chest and inhaled. Harry’s eyes widened in surprise. Is Hermione sniffing me? Was she?

Just then he seemed to realize that Hermione had her arms around his waist, her body pressed against him. This made him nervous. Hermione felt Harry’s heart began to beat wildly, and she realized what she was doing. She felt her face grow hot; she twisted her head again so that her cheek rested on his chest.

Harry didn’t know how to react, and Ron saved him from the awkward moment.

“He’s gone,” Ron murmured.

Hermione opened the front of the cloak and stepped out. She was glad that the corridor was mostly dark and that it hid her burning cheeks. Harry was looking at his map as if nothing had happened. Hermione sighed with relief. Maybe he hadn’t noticed.

“Ok, it’s safe to go back,” Harry declared and led the way with a quick step. Hermione replicated another cloak for herself from Harry’s and followed Harry, and Ron followed behind them.

They had almost run into Snape, and to Ron’s horror, his cloak was beginning to fade as well. He was lucky to be in the darkest part of the hallway at that moment, as Snape didn’t see him. By the time they entered the common room, patches of Ron’s bright red hair were visible, as well as other holes throughout the cloak.

They were laughing and catching their breath after their escape.

“That was close,” Hermione said with a smile. Harry nodded as he exhaled.

“Too close!” Ron replied and held the invisibility cloak that looked like swiss cheese. “Blimey Hermione, you’d think you could do a better job than this. Look at this thing, it’s a miracle Snape didn’t see me!” Ron said intending his poke to be in a fun way, but it didn’t sound like that at all. Harry was a bit caught off guard, and Hermione’s face fell entirely. She crossed her arms.

“For your information, that replicating spell is extremely difficult to do. And I wasn’t replicating tea cups. Why do you think invisibility cloaks are so rare and so damn expensive? I’d like to see you try it and make it last more than two minutes,” she said, obviously hurt by the jab.

“Hermione, I’m sure Ron didn’t…”

“No Harry, don’t make excuses for him. I’m sure he can make them himself…” Hermione said looking quite mad.

Ron’s face turned red and he scowled, “Oy, I didn’t… you don’t have to be so sensitive abou…”

“See that’s the thing… sometimes you can be a complete insensitive git!” Hermione said and made her way to her room.

“What the bloody hell is your problem!” Ron called after her.

“Ron, don’t…” Harry began but was silenced by Ron’s glare.

Breakfast was a horrible affair for Harry sitting between his two best friends which weren’t speaking to each other. Thinks didn’t improve at all throughout the day. They had Transfiguration, Potions, and lunch, and still those two weren’t speaking to each other. Finally, it took a plant strangling Ron to the point that he almost died before Madam Pomfrey was able to rescue him for him and Hermione to make peace. They were heading back to the common room talking about what they should do during the afternoon.

“Well, do you want to head to the Library and do some more research on the veil? I’ve caught up with my homework and have some free time,” Hermione asked.

“I wish I could, but I have the Transfiguration Essay to do. I haven’t even started…” Harry replied. He would much rather research the veil, than anything else. He cringed when he realized what he just said and to whom.

“Harry! That is due tomorrow! I thought you had started on it before now!” Hermione chided him, she the turned on Ron. “I suppose you haven’t started either.”

“I have,” he responded to her with an expression of taking offense.

“How many words?” Hermione asked crossing her arms.

Ron blushed and mumbled.

“Putting the topic on the essay does not really constitute starting!” she huffed. “Just don’t come to me for help at midnight tonight because I am not going to help you! You’ve had two weeks to write this!” Hermione yelled at them, turned, and headed away towards the library.

Ron looked at a loss. “Do you reckon she means it? She will give in, won’t she?” he asked Harry.

“I don’t know. She seemed really upset. Maybe we should not wait until very late to ask for her help. She might be in a better mood after dinner… oh no!”


“Today is Thursday! Damn, I have detention with Professor Donovan. Ron, you’re going to have to deal with Hermione alone. I think we better head back to Gryffindor and get working on that assignment. I probably won’t have time to finish it!”

“Alone? I’ll have to ask for her help alone?” Ron paled.

“Come on, let’s get going,” Harry pulled him along and the two raced back to the tower.

“I am doomed. I can’t face Hermione alone!” Ron groaned as they reached the tower.

“Well, then let’s hope we can finish before dinner, and that way we won’t have to ask for help,” Harry said as he pulled out his books and set out.

“But I know I won’t be able to finish without her help,” Ron complained as he pulled out his parchment paper with the title on it. He sat on a chair and opened up his book. They both searched for the topic on the essay and soon each had a book morphed into the text they needed. Ron began to scribble away on his parchment, almost copying down the information, while Harry read before he wrote. Hermione didn’t return to the common room the rest of the afternoon, and they didn’t meet her again until dinner.

“So, are you still mad at us?” Harry asked tentatively as she sat down at the table.

“I wasn’t mad at you. I just get frustrated sometimes because no matter how many times I tell you to do your work you always put it off to the last minute. I really have no idea how you have managed to make it to sixth year,” Hermione said a bit serious.

“Because of you. If you didn’t help us, we’d still be repeating the second year,” Ron said feeling happy that Hermione did not seem upset with them anymore, and picking up a drumstick.

“Yeah,” Harry agreed, although he’d like to think that he did contribute something to his learning.

Hermione ignored that comment. “So, did you get it done?” she asked as she reached for a roll.

“Almost, I have only the conclusion left to do,” Harry said as he took a piece of chicken.

“Me too,” Ron agreed, although he had a bit more to do than Harry.

“Well then… I guess I better proofread them for you. Someone has to make sure you aren’t just making things up,” Hermione said and received very toothy grins from both Harry and Ron.

“Oh Thank Merlin!” Ron exclaimed “I thought I might have to resort to groveling,” he added.

Hermione couldn’t help but smile “Next time I might just wait long enough to see you do that.”

Ron pouted and Harry grinned, which earned him a spoonful of mashed potatoes in his face. Harry filled his spoon with peas to flick it towards Ron, but he ducked and Harry sent the peas flying down the table hitting Fred who was in conversation with another 7th year. Fred looked back, and George happened to be waving his own spoon threateningly towards Neville.

“Hey! George!”

A glob of pudding smacked George in the face when he turned towards Fred. Someone shouted ‘FOOD FIGHT!’

Harry was glad when Donovan came to take him and Joséphine to detention. No one would confess to the crime, and since all four houses had eventually been all part of the riot, all students present had to remain to clean the Great Hall by hand as punishment, since mass detentions were not logistically possible.

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