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Chapter 15: “I will not cast spells on other students” (A/N- ok this was so much fun to write! And it's another long one(now good or bad?) I really loved writing this chapter because this is where things start to change for Lily, wink wink**, I was almost going to title this “Nervous” but I thought better…so….enjoy!) Winter, its strong hands had wrapped its fingers around the castle, strangling it with it’s choked winds and whirling snow. The fury of the season had been wrought at last. It was late December, the holiday season nearly upon them and some how the strange events of the past seemed to be like a speck in her mind. Lily sat on the warm hay, starring blissfully out the frosted windows of the owlry, a frozen letter in her small hands. She shifted, sitting more comfortably into the hay and shoved the letter back into its envelope after reading. Another letter from her secret friend she had read and now once again it was her turn to reply. But she had no time for writing now; she had prefect duties to fulfill. Sitting up after a few moments thought she gathered her things and made for the door, her fiery hair flying wildly in her face, charged with static and filled with bits of hay. The dull thuds of Lily’s uniformed clogs ricocheted dully off the marble floors. She huffed moodily as she saw McGonagall pacing over to her, this obviously was probably going to be a lecture on why she was ten minutes late. “Miss Evans!” McGonagall shrilled loudly, her beady little eyes sharply upon her, “thank goodness you’re here!” Lily looked at her with mild interest, her glum expression with carelessly raised eyebrows to show her “concern” for her problem. “What?” McGonagall stole a nervous glance back at the classroom she had run from, “I must release you from all hall patrolling duties tonight…” Lily’s brow raised higher, her hope suspended in the air like valentine's day cut-out cherub. “…for you must do another duty that unfortunately I am assigning to you…” Lily released a sigh under her breath, looking at the same classroom the Professor had glanced at, with curiosity. “….now normally I would never tell a student to do detentions for me but in this case I shall have to pardon that, you are a prefect after all but it seems peeves has made a mess of things back in my classroom…so Lily I need you to watch a student of mine for two hours or so back in my classroom for detention.” Lily nodded her head casually, smiling faintly and replying, “So what do you want me to make him do?” “Oh just make him do lines and if he gets really out of hand I am allowing you to deduct house points if he disobeys” McGonagall began to walk down the hall, Lily turned to grab her just as she turned the corner. “Professor, what do you want him to write exactly?” The woman pondered for but a mere moment, “Make him do….”I will not cast spells on other students” **************** Lily entered the room with mild interest at who her guest was to be. She could make out in the far middle of the room, a curious boy, sitting slouched back in his seat, his feet absurdly strewn over a desk. From the back she saw a mop of sable hair shining in a tousled mess upon his head. She pursed her lips tightly, bowing her head down and briskly began to walk towards the front of the room where she immediately began to write out the sentence “I will not cast spells on other students” on the board. She wrote the cursive letters carefully, talking as she spoke, her back to the student, “You are to do lines sir, you will write this 300 times until your time is up where upon you may leave…Mr. Potter” Lily didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, she recognized that build anywhere… Lily paused in thought. Hm….build…. She turned around expecting to see two hazel eyes gleaming at her, dazzling over a broad smile. But when she turned around she merely blinked her soft red lashes a few moments. James was sitting, a dazed expression blinking in his wide brown eyes. He stared with his mouth slightly agape, a dumb visage on his head. His hand had immediately jumped to his hair to rumple it up, an automatic reaction when he was excited or nervous….or around Lily. Lily had turned around, a bit of a shocked expression on herself as she leaned herself against the edge of the professors desk. “Did you hear me?” she said blankly, unable to think of any other comment. James acted as though he hadn’t heard this, “Where’s McGonagall?” “Why?” she teased mockingly, “You’d rather have her?” He shrugged his shoulders, “Well I don’t really like having you be in charge for my punishments” She smiled a little, “So this is for what you did to Remus, eh?” He snorted instinctively, rolling his eyes, “He deserved it” “Well you deserve this!” she cried with vexation. James stared at her with a meaningful look, Lily’s head moved back and turned around to sit at the desk unable to look at him for too long. She sat down at the teacher’s desk, but James continued to stare at her apathetically. Her lips tightened, slightly perturbed, “Well get going James!” She cried, her eyes sternly bent upon his staring eyes. James bent down to take out a quill and parchment, but he looked back at her, after blinking his eyes a few moments and stared insouciantly at her with a smile. Lily huffed with irritation, “What!” He smiled more broadly, “You just called me James” Lily felt her stomach drop as though from a rollercoaster, but it tickled her making her squirm. She opened her mouth for a moment but simply couldn’t put together coherent sentences and was only able to muster her meek order, “Lines!” James bowed his head down to his paper, a small smile hidden in the corner of his mouth. She watched hesitantly from her seat, her brows nervously furrowed as she looked. James turned his head up for a moment only to look back down, “You know you really shouldn’t do that” he said bluntly. “Doing what?” she said bemusedly. “Bite your lip, you do it too much. You bite your lips and they get scabs, I’m just saying it’s not good” Lily tried looking down at her lips, but only saw her nose in a vain attempt and realized sheepishly that she had been biting her lip. She stopped biting her lips for the rest of the time. Lily sat jadedly in her seat, twiddling her thumbs, picking dirt from her fingernails, shifting positions, anything to busy her and keep her from dying of boredom. Twenty minutes passed from the ten they had started with, half an hour down – an hour and a half to go. James turned his quill down, putting down his things and sat with his chin in his palm with his arm supporting his head as he looked at her. James squinted his eyes as if studying her scrupulously. When Lily took the time to notice she jumped slightly, “What are you doing?” He smiled drowsily and indifferently, “I wrote on both the back and the front of the page, and I’ve no more paper” She looked at him impatiently, taking out her wand and sternly making appear another slip of parchment in front of him. He looked down at the blank slip and smiled, “thank you” Another fifteen minutes slipped by and once again James turned down his things to stare incessantly at Lily, awaiting another slip of paper. Lily obliged, though sternly again and growing more impatient. However, he was not done yet, he kept staring. “What!” she cried again. He held up his inkbottle and swished it, “I’m out” With a menacing look she gave him bottles upon bottles of ink. And then yet again twenty minutes later the same happen, where upon she cast up a whole pile of parchment slips completely fed up. But it wasn’t over yet, just as she really thought she didn’t have to worry about this anymore forty minutes later he turned down his quill for a fourth time and this time he put his hands together, clasping them lightly and stared pleasantly at her. Lily slammed down her fist which she had been fiddling with and glared at him with her eyes bulged to the size of tea saucers. “Potter! I gave you plenty of paper! I even gave you plenty of ink! What excuse can you possibly have left!” “I’m done” Lily looked at him quizzically, her eyes blinking rapidly, “What? But you can’t, I told you to—“ “ You told me to write 300 lines where upon I could leave” he said smiling gently. "And i did." “But you still have fifteen minutes left till you can leave!” she said exasperatedly. “Then it looks as though we’ll just have to wait” Lily took a deep breath, mumbling quietly, “Alright” He nodded his head, an almost earnest look on his face. They sat in silence for a few minutes, Lily began to drum her fingers on the desk, her face distantly washed in an absent glaze. “Could you stop that?” Lily looked up, still drumming her fingers. He looked at her again, “Could you please stop that? It’s really quite annoying” For the second time she sheepishly pulled away from what she was doing. Somehow she felt so nervous and small, she had only wished he had teased her about it instead of asking politely. That was the problem, she didn’t know how to respond to him, if he teased her she would have gladly continued to pester him. But he asked nicely and she had never known him to do so, so when he did she felt awkward and guilty shrinking back into her chair to hide herself. She couldn’t understand it, millions of times she would just reply with mock or scorn, but this time she didn’t know. It was as if he were some complete stranger or as if it were someone she lik— She stopped herself right there in mid thought, not daring to even think such a thing. She blinked out of thought to look at James who was apparently smiling down at the table to himself as though he had seen something funny. “What’s so amusing?” she asked, with a bewildered smile. James’s smile broadened and as he was about to start off on something else noticed something as he looked at her, “You did it again” “What?” “When ever you ask me a question and you’re confused, you wrinkle up your nose as you smile when you look at me like I’m crazy” Lily smiled wrinkling up her nose as she gazed at him funnily and nodded, “Ok…” James sighed sadly, a strange yet subtle smile on his face, he had predicted her reaction, though he was hoping for more of an epiphanic moment, if she knew all the things he knew about her she might just make a connection… Lily was smiling at him, obviously thinking of other things at the moment. She gazed at him. hm….it’s just like those days ago in the hospital wing, I swear he’s been acting different….almost….sweet…. “Evans?” Evans! Helllllllllloooooooo! Evans do you read me?” A hand was being waved in Lily’s face that at the moment looked dazed and dreamy eyed. James smiled, “You know that was a treat, the last night of this three night detention thing and I got to spend it with you” He beamed brightly at her, squinting into her eyes as though searching for her. Lily blinked out of her wistful state and gaped slightly bug eyed at him. Quickly she looked up at the clock and looked back him; her stomach was doing odd things. She remained silent for a moment. “Uh…..time’s up! Now I have to go! Bye James!” nimble like mouse she jumped from her seat and flew out the door, leaving James utterly stupefied looking agape at the now empty room. She walked hastily down the hall, walking not twenty feet from the classroom when she saw McGonagall appear and upon which spilt a mess of excuses and reasons and statements just to leave her as quickly as she had left James. James was still standing with shock embedded into the chocolate hazel hues of his eyes. His heart thumped a little faster for a moment. She said my name again. ***************** Lily sat silently in the common room, a dim fire licking up the last of the smoldered ashes in a feeble cry. She was biting her lip again, like she always did when she was nervous, and this time she very nervous. damn, damn, damn….. she couldn’t sit still, she was so anxious and so mad. What was that back there? She didn’t know why she ran out of there, this was not the way it was supposed to be. A week before holiday, she didn’t know if she could last that long with her thoughts. She couldn’t understand it, she was supposed to be in love her pen pal, but the picture of James kept popping up in her head and she couldn’t get it out. She sat timidly in front of the fire, searching inside herself when a thought appeared. Hm….if only it was a combination of the two…then I could have both… Slap. That’s right, she slapped herself. Lily smacked herself right in the face after thinking that, and she slapped it good and hard, her cheek actually felt red and raw. Great! she thought, rolling her eyes and head as though she was talking to someone in front of her, Now not only am I extremely confused but I can’t even trust myself to think freely! She sighed, trying to let out the enormous elephant that was sitting on her chest at the moment. The portrait hole opened, James walked in and she froze. “Wow!” he said, stopping in front of her, “Looks like you’re going to bite off your mouth with the way you’re biting you lips!” Lily stood up, something had happened when he walked in, a circuit had broke, a very LARGE circuit. “JAMES POTTER!” she snapped furiously, standing with clenched fists. “YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE!” James appeared to be a deer caught in head lights, bewildered at what was happening, I mean usually when she got mad he at least knew why she was angry. “What!” he squeaked in bafflement. “How dare you!” she barked, her teeth griped solidly in their jaw. When James did not reply she continued, “How dare you act the way you do!…All of our lives together you have been nothing but arrogant, egotistical, selfish and whiney! And NOW you decide all the sudden to be polite and charming!” “charming?—“ he said, but was instantly cut off. “How DARE you! And how do you suppose I’m supposed to act! Now that you’re nice and you confuse me with this new you! I don’t know how to act around you now! I feel speechless! How dare you do this to me! Just quickly change all the sudden, I can’t take it! I can’t take!” James was now the one speechless, all he could do was stare at her, helplessly looking for an answer of what to do, his brows furrowed up as though guilty with his mouth open as though about to speak. “Hmph!” she said, nostrils flaring slightly, with that she turned on her heel and ran for her dormitory after her rash act. Silence filted through out the room, a pure silence that beat at the drums of his ear, the words were flickering in his mind. What had happened? Lily threw herself in the room, slamming the door to go to sleep... But morning brings back your senses as night suspends them and it wouldn’t be till then would she realize the vicious repercussions of her impetuousness. (A/N- MUWAH HA HA HA HA MUWAH HA HA HA HA! Lol, well this is my punishment to Lily for being so mean to James last time….Remus….he’s on the way…don’t worry ^ ^, and this was fun, James was making her nervous and he didn’t even know it! Isn’t it funny life? I love driving these characters crazy ;*P Ah so tell me what you think, by the next, expect the next chapter or the one after that to be on winter holiday! Now THAT is going to be fun to write….. ciao darling ^ ^)

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