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A/N: Hey everyone! First of all thank you for being such great reviewers, you're all awesome! This chapter is another filler, sorry but I'm taking it slow so that I can get ready for the big... 'bang!' lol! Hope you enjoy, it's a bit complicated!

Ginny’s body stiffened as she stood at the top of the stairs, she couldn’t move, no matter how much she struggled against it. The front doors opened, creaking earily as they did. Her eyes widened in desperation as two tall, blond figures stepped through the door.

“Bye Mum,” said Draco glancing around nervously.

“Goodbye Draco, stay out of trouble,” said Narcissa reaching up to hug her son. He nodded, whispering something in her ear and Ginny noticed she wiped a tear away slowly.

The doors closed after Narcissa left and Ginny felt herself released from the magical binding that held her there. She just stared though, she didn’t run down the stairs and into his arms, but she watched. Her heart seemed to break at the site, he was paler, and skinnier and somehow he seemed to have grown weaker since she’d last seen him.

He took a step forward, smiling awkwardly. “Ginny, god I’ve missed you,” he whispered holding a hand out for her.

Ginny’s feet moved automatically, taking one step at a time down the stairs. As she reached the last steps she ran, her arms held open, waiting for him to hug her. It didn’t come though, he grabbed her shoulders, holding her at arms length. His head was bowed as if he was in pain, and when he looked up; Ginny was surprised to see tears resting in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Draco pulled her forward, holding her close to him. This wasn’t how she’d pictured them seeing one another again. His heart was beating quickly as he ran his fingers through her hair. He was whispering something that she couldn’t hear.

Something told her to pull away from him, and as she stepped back there was the unmistakable look in his eyes that said it all. Someone was hurt.

“What’s wrong?” she asked again, holding onto his hand tightly. He shook his head, pressing his fingers against her lips to quiet her.

“Let me be with you, Ginny. We have some catching up to do,” he said trying to smile again. Ginny nodded as he planted a slow kiss on her lips. He sighed happily; as if that had released something from his chest and Ginny felt her spirits lift. It had been so long since they’d even kissed that she’d almost forgotten how her body tingled to the way he touched her.


“Ginny we need to talk about some things, things that are important. Life threatening things,” said Draco. His head was bowed, and he held one of her hands in his softly.

“I don’t want to talk right now Draco,” muttered Ginny. She ran her finger along the wood of the desk and tucked her legs beneath her.

She carefully placed her cold fingers under his chin, and saw he shivered at her touch. Ginny closed her eyes and breathed deeply, pulling herself up until she was high enough to capture his lips with her own. It took him a few seconds for him to respond. Ginny knew something serious had happened.

Not only could she feel his pain through his kiss, but the way he looked at her now, the way his smile was forced, it all showed her just how horrible he was but she didn’t say anything.

Draco’s lips played against her skin softly. She arched her back rhythmically and sighed, she shuddered beneath him as her body tingled. His kisses became more intense as he moved up her jaw line. Finally he captured her mouth again.

Draco’s hands moved down Ginny’s back, softly resting against her. Lips clashed together in pure passion but in the back of Draco’s mind, what he had to tell Ginny was overpowering everything else.

He pulled away hastily, running his hand back through his hair as he grimaced. “Sorry Ginny. We really need to talk,” he exclaimed.

Ginny nodded, crossing her legs as she made herself comfortably on the desk. “Perhaps we should go somewhere else?” Ginny suggested.

“Where?” asked Draco rolling his eyes. Ginny raised her eyebrows and looked at her feet, it was just a suggestion. “Sorry, I’m just stressed. Where do you want to go?”

“I… don’t know,” said Ginny trying to not sound stupid. Draco smiled, for real this time and grabbed her hand. He almost marched her out the door, and as they walked onto the seventh floor, Ginny realised he was leading her to the room of requirements. She nodded her head, knowing perfectly well she should have thought of that before.

Draco’s hand rested against her hip as the oak door opened, not a sound was heard as they stepped into the cozy room. Walls of brown and red surrounded them. A small couch and fire were at the far end and the sight warmed Ginny’s heart.

She gently pulled away from Draco’s arm and bounded across the room, her hands placed on the white couch as she leapt over the back of it. She peeked over just enough so that Draco could see her eyes, and for the first time since she’d seen him come back he laughed.

Before she had realized he’d moved, he was standing in front of her again. This time with a grin plastered on his face, he lifted Ginny up easily and sat down where she’d been. Placing her hands on her hips, Ginny jumped down on top of him, squirming around until she was comfortable. Finally, she stopped, resting her hand on his chest as she gazed into the fire.

“So what do you want to talk about?” she asked dreamily.

“Sylvie,” said Draco looking at her guiltily.

“Mum said you came and took her home. How’d she deal with that,” asked Ginny, she was very carefree.

“She didn’t go home Ginny,” said Draco, his eyes were concentrated on the fire. His guilt was overpowering him again.

“Whaddya mean?” asked Ginny pushing herself up so she could look at him.

“V…Vold…Voldemort took her,” whispered Draco wrapping an arm around Ginny to stop her from jumping away from him.

She didn’t move though, just stared at him. Not a tear came, no signs of remorse, sadness or grief even filled her eyes. They were just shocked. “Why?”

Little did she know, that she was the reason. Draco stared deep into her eyes, how was he to tell her that the reason Sylvie was gone was because of her.

Ginny, Sylvie’s in Voldemort’s hands because I have to kill you or they’ll kill her. Do you get it, you need to die, or Sylvie will die. I don’t know what to do… hear me out Ginny… hear me out!

The thought screamed through his head as her eyes looked into his soul. “Voldemort gave me a task Ginny,”

Ginny nodded, looking hesitantly at his arm. Draco nodded, gripping his left arm so that she wouldn’t move back the sleeve. “What does he want you to do Draco? What does Sylvie have to do with it?”

“Voldemort, he’s gone and asked me to be with someone, someone that has information on your side. I… have to do something horrible to them,”

“What does that have to do with Sylvie though?” asked Ginny, Draco shook his head, holding back a damn of tears threatening to break loose.

Why don’t you understand Ginny, you’re the reason! YOU!

“They took Sylvie, threatening that if I don’t complete my mission, than she’ll die,” said Draco looking into the fire again. He felt his eyes burn from not only the heat, but the pain he felt inside.

“What is your task?”

Can’t you figure it out Ginny? Can’t you figure out that you’re my task!

“I have to kill someone Ginny,”

“WHO?” asked Ginny sitting up even more.

Figure it out! PLEASE!

“Who?” asked Ginny, a bit calmer now as she rested herself against Draco’s chest once more.

“It’s…” Draco started.

How do I say it?


Ginny stiffened and she sat backwards, unwinding his legs from hers. “What do you mean?” she asked backing away to the other side of the couch.

“My task… you are my task Ginny,”

Her eyes remained locked with his. Did that mean what she thought it meant?
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