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“Wake up darling. You’re going to Hogwarts today!” My mother did her morning ritual of throwing off my covers and opening my curtains as I just got up. I went to my already packed trunk and picked up my clothes for today. I put on the uniform minus the robe because I didn’t feel like having to change on the train. The noxious gasses that formed in the muggle salon also always found their way in the girl’s bathroom on the train. “Gwen, you got an owl this morning. I don’t know who it’s from, but the handwriting looked like a boys.” I groaned. I forgot that I had to sit with those three on the train today. They really weren’t going to leave me alone. I took a shower and put my hair in a bun using my wand to hold it up. I put on a little make up and looked at my eyebrows. There were a couple rouge hairs that decided to grow back so I plucked them just so I wouldn’t look entirely foolish. I put on my snowy owl feather earrings and put another snowy owl feather in my bun. I went downstairs and started eating my breakfast and I just stared at the owl and its letter. It was a brown owl with bright yellow eyes. It flew over and landed beside my plate. I gave it a piece of fruit and took its letter seeing how it was going to stay here until I read it. Dear…, Well, we don’t really know your name yet but we’ll know it soon. We just wanted to make sure that you didn’t forget that you were sitting with us on the train tonight. We forgot to tell you that you’ll be riding in the carriage with us up to the castle. Ok, no we didn’t forget to tell you that. Peter told us that he was riding in the carriage with his girlfriend so we’ll have an empty space and who better to use that space then you? We also wanted to tell you that we thought of a nickname for you. We don’t know why but we thought that it was perfect for you. Your name now is- I’m sorry we must cut this short for James’ mother is calling us down to breakfast. We will see you soon. Sincerely, The Marauders minus Peter Then the owl took off and I continued with my breakfast. When I was done my mother took my plate to the kitchen and I went up and got my prefect badge out from the top of my trunk and put it in my pocket. I closed my trunk and brought it downstairs. Then before we even got in the car, my mother had to give me her ‘now before you get there’ speech that she’s given me for the past 6 years now. And finally we’re in the car and off to the train station. I kissed my mother good bye and went through the barrier to get to platform 9 ¾. “Mutt!” I heard yelling. Somebody obviously lost their dog. “Mutt, wait!” More yelling. “Sirius, you did write in the letter that her nickname was Mutt right?” James’ voice. “Uh… no. Your mom was calling us to breakfast at that point.” They finally got to me. “Bloody hell Sirius, that should have been the first thing on the letter.” Remus said. “How are you doing?” Sirius asked me. “Just fine.” James took my trunk. “Here, you and Remus need to go to the prefect compartment. We’ll see you later.” Sirius took Remus’ trunk and Remus and I went to the prefect compartment. When everyone got there, James being fashionably late of course, Lily started off the meeting. “So first off everyone, Gwen here took my place as 7th year female Gryffindor prefect.” I banged my head on the side of the compartment. Now James and Remus knew my name. “Now here is the list for who patrol’s the halls when.” James handed out the lists. “This next one is the list for who needs to stay at Hogwarts on Hogsmeade days.” Lily handed those ones out. “This last paper is the different activities that we’ll be doing this year. The big one is a Christmas ball, and there will also be a graduation ball. The 7th year prefects will be decorating and working on the Christmas one, but the rest of you need to do the Graduation ball, seeing how 7th year’s will be the only ones going to that.” James handed the papers out. “Now, go get your robes on with your badges. 7th years patrol the corridors first, then the 6th years, then the 5th years. The times to change are on that first piece of parchment.” Now go, go, go!” Lily said. Remus and James dragged me to the compartment. I got my robe with the badge on it out and was about to leave when Sirius and James sat me back down. “So now Remus and I know your name now.” I banged my head against the window. Before I could cause too much damage to me or the window Sirius put his hand in between. “Well, care to tell me?” Sirius said. “My name is Gwyneth Jones. I will kill you if you actually call me Gwyneth though.” I told them. “So then you’ll enjoy your nickname, which is the only thing we will call you.” James said. “Your nickname is Mutt.” I raised one of my eyebrows. “Mutt? What kind of a name is Mutt?” I asked them. “Would you rather we call you Gwen?” I cringed at the name that caused me pain, pain because whenever my mother wanted to me to do something girly she called me that. “No, I like the nickname; I’m just wondering were you came up with it.” I asked them. “It just came to us.” James said. “Now come on Mutt, we have to patrol the corridors.” Remus said. We got up and walked around, making sure that the students were in their compartments. “I have to go to the bathroom so I’ll meet up with you in a bit.” Remus ran off in the opposite direction. Then as I was walking, I ran into somebody I had always hoped I’d be able to steer clear of. Malfoy. “Well look who we have here. You’re obviously one of the Marauders new sluts.” He sneered. “Why are you hanging around them?” “It’s none of your business who I hang around Malfoy. Now seeing as you’re not a prefect, kindly go back to your compartment with all your groupies.” “You know, I wouldn’t get too close to them. Potter and his arrogance. Black and his new whore every week. Pettigrew couldn’t even count to twenty if he didn’t have his toes. Of course you can’t forget Lupin. No, nobody could forget a monster.” That struck my last nerve. I didn’t care that he called me a slut because I knew I wasn’t one. I did care that he called Remus a monster. Remus is a werewolf, but he is one of the kindest guys I know. I pulled my wand out of my hair and pointed it at him. “What are you going to do? Hex me?” He smirked. Then I felt somebody push my arm down. Remus was next to me holding the owl feather that dropped out of my hair. He looked a little more pale then usual, probably from being called a monster. “No, you’re not worth my energy.” Remus and I pushed past him and carried on patrolling. “That’s right, listen to the stupid monster.” I turned around and totally forgot that I was a witch. I had my wand in my hand so I shoved it up his nose. I pulled it out and wiped it on Malfoy’s robes. “Gross, excuse me while I wipe all the troll bogeys off my wand.” I turned back to Remus and he was staring at me wide eyed and open mouthed. “What? You’re not a monster, and it was making me bloody mad that he was calling you one.” Remus paled a little more and after casting the cleaning spell on my wand he grabbed my hand and we ran back to the compartment. James and Sirius were sitting playing Wizards Chess when we came in. “What happened? You two should still be patrolling for ten more minutes.” “Well, Remus went to the bathroom and I had a run in with Malfoy. He started calling me a slut and was telling me what terrible people you were. Then I was going to hex him but Remus showed up and made me lower my wand. We were about to walk away when he called Remus a monster so I… um…” I stopped talking and put my hair back in a bun with my wand. Remus gave me the owl feather and as I stuck it in my hair he finished the story. “She shoved her wand up his nose. Then she told me that I wasn’t a monster and it was pissing her off having to listen to what a monster I was.” James and Sirius looked at me the same way as Remus did. “What? All I did was inflict pain on a bloody Slytherin.” I waited for a while but they continued to stare at me so I got up and got halfway through the door when Remus pulled me back in. “Do you… know…?” Remus asked in a whisper. “Do I know… what?” I asked. “Do you know… what he is?” Sirius asked. “Oh! You mean a werewolf? Yes I know.” “How? When? You haven’t told anybody have you?” Remus asked. “Well, I can’t tell you how because I don’t really trust you guys right now, I figured it out in 3rd year and of course I haven’t told anybody. Even if I wanted to tell somebody who would I tell?” I asked them. They all gained more color in their faces. “If we get you to trust us, will you tell us how you found out?” James asked. “Sure, I guess so. I mean, the only person who knows is Dumbledore.” I told them. “You’re not a Seer are you?” Sirius asked. “No, thank Merlin. I don’t know how I could live being a Seer.” We laughed. When we got to Hogsmeade station we all got into a horseless carriage and rode up to the castle. We sat down at the Gryffindor table. I sat down next to Sirius, Remus across from me and then James next to Remus. “Excuse me, girl, but I believe that you’re in my seat.” I looked up and saw James and Remus laughing and I heard Sirius groan. When I looked at the girl who was talking to me I could tell she was part of Sirius’ fan club. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t get the memo saying that this seat was reserved. Unless,” I stood up and checked the seat then sat back down, “no, I don’t see your name carved on the seat here either. I guess you’ll just have to run here faster next time.” She glared at me then left. “I can’t believe you just did that!” Sirius said. James and Remus were still laughing. I looked at Sirius to show him that I didn’t understand what he was saying. “No other girl I know would stand up to the leader of that bloody club.” He said laughing. “Well, we’ve already figured out that we have a unique girl on our hands here. I mean, do you know any kind of person who would shove their wand up Malfoy’s nose?” James said. We simmered down enough to pretend to pay attention to the sorting and to Dumbledore’s speech and then we started eating. “As much as I like the guy, Whitey needs to keep his speeches to a minimum, especially on the first night.” The boys looked at me weird. “Who’s Whitey?” “Dumbledore is.” I told them and continued eating. They just shrugged and went back to their food. When everyone was full we got up and followed James who was directing the first years to the Gryffindor common room. “Come on you midgets, keep up. Today’s Friday so you have the whole weekend to talk to the paintings.” He yelled. “Potter! Don’t call the first year’s midgets!” Lily yelled. “I’m just calling it like I see it.” When we got to the common room I bid the boys good night and went up to my dorm. As I was lying in my bed waiting for sleep to come I thought about the past few days. “Maybe having friends isn’t as bad as I thought.” I said and then was consumed with sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was the only one up. I always wondered why I slept in at home but not at Hogwarts. It was 5:30. I took a shower and got dressed. I put my hair in my wand bun and wore my brown owl feather earrings. I put on a little make up and then brought my school bag downstairs. I took out my ink and my quill and started to draw every little thing on my arm. When my left arm was full of quick little doodles from my wrist to my elbow it was 6:15 amazingly and still nobody was up. I brought my bag back up to my room and I took out my broom and went to the Quidditch field. I took out the quaffle and started to play my own little game. *Back in the common room* Lily went down the stairs just to be bombarded with questions about somebody named Mutt. “What are you guy’s on about?” She asked them. “Is Mutt upstairs?” James asked her. “Who’s Mutt?” She asked them. “He means is Gwen upstairs in the dorm? See, we’d like to talk to her before we go off to breakfast.” Remus asked. “Oh, I don’t know. Let me go back up and see.” She ran up the stairs and looked in the dorm. Gwen wasn’t there, just her school bag and her broom was absent from beside her bed. She went back to the boys. “Is she there?” Sirius asked. Lily shook her head. “No, but if it’s important, you might want to check the Quidditch pitch. Her broom is gone and I always remember her going there to fly sometimes early in the morning.” Lily told them. The three boys left the common room and headed to the pitch. Sure enough, a girl with feather earrings was flying around playing with the quaffle. They sat in the stands for a while just watching her. “Bloody hell James, she’s really good. She’s better than the chasers on our team last year… well besides you of course.” Sirius said. “We have to get her to try out. If we want to win the cup this year we’re going to need her on the team.” James told them. *Back to me* After half an hour of playing I heard clapping and cheering. I stopped and looked around the stands and saw three boys. James, Sirius and Remus to be exact. I flew over to them and hopped off my broom into the stands. As soon as I put my feet down James jumped over and hugged my knees. “Mutt will you please try out for the team. Please, Mutt, we really, really need you on that team.” James begged. I looked up at Sirius and Remus who were staring at James like he had gone crazy. Sirius looked up and knew instantly what I was thinking. “No, he has never begged before in his life.” He told me. I nodded. “Please Mutt! I know you have this whole life goal to remain friendless and solitary but I’ll cry if you don’t try out for the team.” James said and he put on a puppy face. He stopped for a second and looked at Sirius. “Sirius you’re better at the sad puppy face, and she already knows about Remus… do it. Besides you’re a beater and you should know as well as I do that unless we have her on our team then we’re going to loose that cup.” Sirius nodded. “You’re next though.” Sirius said before he changed into a big black dog. He tucked his tail in between his legs and sat on the ground. Then he used his front paws to scoot forward towards me. He had the most adorably sad puppy face in the world. My heart melted and I felt something that never in all my life I had felt, but I knew exactly what it was. I was starting to like Sirius as more then a friend. I couldn’t let that happen. He would dump me after a week. I shook my head and turned to James. “If you show me what your animagus form is then yes, I will try out for the team.” James hugged me quickly and then turned into the most beautiful stag. They both changed back. I smiled at them, opened my mouth but then decided against telling them and I started to go head down the stand. “Wait, wait, wait. You were going to tell us something, and I also think that you should trust us enough to tell us how you knew about Remus.” James said. I turned around and walked back to them. “Yes you’re right. Now, you can’t tell anyone about either one of the things that you’re going to find out about me. First off, I knew about Remus because I am kind of, sort of like a Seer but not really. I have dreams about what is happening in the present. I had a dream the Remus turned into a werewolf and that you guy’s turned into your Animagus forms in third year. I tracked the full moon and I saw you all leaving during a couple of full moons so I figured it out.” “So you already knew that we were Animagus?” Sirius asked. I nodded. “Yes.” “Prove it.” James said. “Peter is a rat and he pushes a knot on the Whomping Willow which freezes it and it takes you guys to the Shrieking Shack which isn’t really haunted.” I told them. “Wow. Well then what is your other thing?” Sirius asked again. “Well in my first year I was reading a book about Animagi and I didn’t really understand that it was illegal to be unregistered.” James raised his eyebrow. “So, what? Are you and Animagus too?” I nodded and the boys looked at me excited. “Show us!” Remus said. I changed into my Animagus form. “Bloody hell.” James said. “Mutt’s a panther!” Remus laughed. Sirius scratched behind my ear and I leaned into it and purred. They laughed again. “You’re a really pretty panther Mutt.” Sirius said. I rose what would be an eyebrow. “I… uh… I mean…” He blushed and I changed back into my human form. I checked James’ watch. “It’s 7:15 boys. What are we going to do today?” I asked them. They looked at each other and then back at me. “I think we should show you our secrets.” James said. I rose my eyebrow again but Sirius and Remus each took one of my hands and ran with James in front. “Guys…” I panted. “I may be good at Quidditch, but I don’t think I’m as fit as you.” I told them as we ran past breakfast at the great hall. They were practically dragging me away. I whimpered and the smell of a delicious breakfast caught my line of smell. “Don’t worry; we’ll get something to eat. You just need to know our secrets first.” Remus said. “They better be worth it.” I huffed. When we got to their dorm we all sat on the floor as James went through his trunk. He threw a giant piece of parchment near us and then pulled out a liquid looking cloak. “This is my invisibility cloak.” He showed me the cloak and how it works. “This is the Marauder’s Map. It’s a map of the castle. It shows us all the secret passage ways and it shows us where everybody is.” I looked at them like they were crazy. The parchment was blank. “Oh sorry. You have to tap it with your wand and say ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’.” Remus demonstrated and I picked it up and read: Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief Makers Are proud to present The Marauder’s Map “Wow, and you guy’s made this?” I looked up and saw them nod. “When you’re done with it you put your wand to it again and say ‘Mischief managed’. Or else anyone could read it.” Remus did so and everything was clear again. “Let’s see what our 14 year old self think of you. Put your wand tip to it and say ‘Reveal your secrets’.” Sirius told me. I did as he said and writing showed up. ‘Mr. Moony would like to say that Ms. Jones has a wonderful group of friends and she should trust them more than does.” “Do you still not trust us?” James asked me. “With a map like this and an invisibility cloak? What do you think?” I told him. “Point taken.” “Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony and would like to add that her hair and her owl feather jewelry shows her unique character.” “Hoe do you make your owl feather jewelry anyway?” Remus asked me. “Ah, if I told you then I would have to kill you.”” I laughed. “Mr. Padfoot would like to add that not only is she a pretty panther, but she is a very beautiful girl.” “Oh god, I hate myself.” We laughed. “Mr. Wormtail bids Ms. Jones good day and advises her to stay a few feet away from Mr. Padfoot until he has time to take a cold shower.” I laughed and handed Sirius the parchment so he could read the last part. He looked down a bit to convince himself he didn’t need one. “Stupid rat.” We laughed some more. “So, who’s up for food?” James said and we went to the kitchen and got our well deserved breakfast. A/N: I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to update. I had an accident that landed me in the hospital. Long... literally bloody story. Anywho. I hope the length will make up for it. Read and Review please!!!

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