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Image hosting by Photobucket A/N: thankyou to my loyal readers who have waited so patiently for me to update. My holiday was great and i hope you enjoy this chapter and it was worth waiting for. REVIEW plz.

Chapter Twelve – Anamagi And The Order

Once all the hype of the wedding was over, Harry, Hermione and Rae returned to Grimmauld Place for the remainder of the Christmas break. Rae went, immediately, to find her new puppy and Harry and Hermione retreated to the Potions Lab in the basement.
“Have you got the potions and instructions?” Hermione asked. Harry responded by producing the said items from his robes.
“Step one is to find out you inner animal,” he said, reading Hermione’s neat handwriting.
“I wrote down a spell for that. We’ll have to do it on each other and freeze the image.”
“Yep, the spell is ‘Rivelus Interno Bestia’. Who first?”
“You. Ready?” Hermione raised her wand, “Rivelus Interno Bestia.”
A silver shimmer enveloped Harry and then blew to the side to form the shape of a great and proud puma.
“Arrestarsi!” Hermione incanted, pointing her wand at the holographic animal. It turned solid, like a giant 3D photo.
Harry then turned to Hermione and performed the spell on her. The same silver shimmer appeared around her, this time parting to take the shape of a red squirrel.
“Arrestarsi,” Harry said, turning the squirrel into a solid form.
“Ok, the characteristics of the animal only adapt when you have transformed,” Harry read, “Next we have to take half the potion and imagine transforming into the animal. When we have a clear image in our heads we say a spell, ‘Animagus Transformus’ and we’ll change.”
“Ok well let’s split the potions. What does it say to do after we transform?” Hermione asked.
“Um, the first transformation will only last 10 seconds, then we change back and drink the rest of the potion which allows us to change at will.”
“Alright,” Hermione held up a half-full potion vial for Harry, “Cheers.” They both drank their potion.
For the next few minutes or so, both concentrated intently on their animal. Then they both raised their wands and together recited, “Animagus Transformus.”
Harry’s body began to get longer and larger. He felt himself go down on all fours and a thick black coat replaced his clothes. His puma form had a lightning bolt mark on its forehead and striking green eyes.
Hermione’s transformation saw her shrink, dramatically, in size. She grew a bushy brown tail and brown fur. Her squirrel form had warm chocolate eyes.
Ten seconds later, they both transformed back to their human selves. They drank the second half of their potions, cementing the animagus ability within them.
For a test run, they transformed again and wandered around the basement for a while, getting used to their new beings.
“This is great Mi,” Harry said after they had returned to their human selves, “Now we are really ready to get Voldemort. It’s time to track him down.”


Harry requested a meeting of the Order to plan a strategy and find Voldemort’s whereabouts.
Hermione and Professor McGonagall performed a joint spell that worked much like a tracking device. They soon discovered that Voldemort was in a cave in North Scotland and was with his most trusted Death Eaters.
“Ok, everyone will need to be on full alert,” Harry directed, “You will need to keep the death eaters busy so me and Hermione can find Voldemort. We leave at dawn.”
The members of the Order collected their things and began to disperse. The meeting was over.


Once the members of the Order had gone, Grimmauld Place was quiet again. Harry lay on his bed reading a Defence against the Dark Arts book, while Hermione tore through her trunk looking for something.
“Mi, what are you looking for?” Harry asked. The room was a mess, which was more something Harry would achieve, not Hermione.
“Nothing important,” Hermione mumbled.
Suddenly the door swung open and in bounded a black puppy, followed by an apologetic Rae, “Sorry,” she said, “He’s being a mischief.”
“It’s ok, Rae. Hey, Paddy, come here,” Harry called, laughing.
“Whatcha lookin’ for?” Rae asked Hermione.
“Nothing much,” Hermione, again replied absently.
“Sure looks like nothing. Hey what’s this?” Rae picked up a book from Hermione’s discard pile and started flicking through it.
“Oh, it’s just the book I borrowed when I was researching why I had Harry’s powers.”
Rae stopped at a chapter titled ‘Side Effects of Highly Magical Conceptions’ and began to read aloud, “The conception of a child between two highly magical humans can have severe side effects. None of them are harmful to any party involved. The first and most common of these effects is the passing of the father’s magical abilities to the child. This, of course allows the child to inherit these abilities but also allows the mother to use these abilities during the term of her pregnancy.”
Rae turned the page and stopped short, scanning the page silently, “Um did you read the next page?”
“No. Why? I got my answer, I was in a rush,” Hermione said.
“That’s not like you Mi,” Harry commented, “What’s it say?”
“Um, ok,” Rae began reading aloud again, “The second most common side effect is multiple conception. It is consistent for highly magical humans to conceive more than one child in a single pregnancy. Thus flipping the cosmos and making it rather rare to conceive a single child.”
Harry swallowed hard, “So does that mean twins?”
Hermione nodded, wide-eyed, “Or more.”
Rae continued, “There’s a method of finding out. Oh, it’s easy. Summoned a Patronus lately, Hermione?”
“Do it. Says here that when pregnant, the female’s Patronus takes on certain characteristics of the pregnancy.”
Hermione picked up her wand, “Expecto Patronum,” she said. A silver otter shot out of her wand as usual. Followed by three baby otters. Harry, Hermione and Rae all stared in astonishment.
“Triplets?” Hermione whispered.
“I guess the stakes just got a bit higher,” Rae said.
“I’ll say,” Harry agreed.
“I’ll, uh, leave you two alone,” Rae put the book down, called Paddy and left.
“This doesn’t change things, Mione,” Harry said, “Except now we have a bigger family to fight for. We’ll be ok.”
Hermione smiled, weakly and came over to crawl into Harry’s arms.
“Now, what were you looking for?”
“Mmm, just my diary.”
Harry chuckled, “Getting a bit distant in your pregnancy, sweetie,” he grabbed his wand and whispered in Hermione’s ear, “Accio Hermione’s diary.”
A/N: sorry its so short but i wanted to give you something to read!!! next chappie will be longer

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