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Draco landed gracefully on his feet at the chamber. He placed the Portkey in his pocket, brushed some dust off his robes, and examined the chamber. Even though he had lived in Malfoy Manor all his life, he had actually never been to this place. It was a small eight by ten room with metallic tan walls and magically flaming torches. The ground was made of the same metallic tan colored stone. There was no entrance or exit, the only way to get out was to Apparate or use a Portkey. A gust of cool air seemed to circulate around the room, Draco shivered. Not because of the breeze, but because of what he had to do when his prey finally got caught in the trap. He reached for the icy handle of his wand. He ran his fingers over the smooth, polished tip that would emanate the deadly beam of light. He paced uneasily back and forth across the small room that seemed smaller with every step he took.

“Thump!” a noise echoed off the room at the far left corner. His prey had arrived. He walked over with trembling knees and commanded himself to raise his wand at her.

Hermione quietly stood up, her caramel-brown eyes lit with a flame, her hair fanned out lightly behind her, her red lips warm and inviting, the torches on the wall dribbling a warm glow on her soft complexion.

“There is no Recondite Butterfly, is there?” she said in a calming voice with a thread of a tremble caught in the syllables. Her hazel eyes burned with intensity as they locked directly with his gray ones.

“I see you’ve solved the riddle.”

“Just as you intended,” she finished the sentence for him. Draco couldn’t help but notice the disappointment and anger burning behind her gaze as she bit her lip to keep it from quivering.

“Catching on, aren’t we?” he moved closer to her and rearranged his face into a cold smile. He could see that her lips were now trembling.

“I didn’t need to catch on to anything in the first place. Kingsley Shacklebolt is the rat, isn’t he?”

“If it makes you feel better, it was under the Imperius Curse. Not that he was fighting it particularly hard.”

“Then why make him disappear, why give me a clue?”

“Because I want to know, I want to know how important I am to you,” his eyes darted back and forth between the delicate features on her face, he licked his lips when he found his eyes continuously attracted to every movement of her lips. He had to remain devilish and resist the temptation of her presence, but it seemed that she was alluring him with every breath she took.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she took a step back so that they weren’t touching. Draco took a step forward.

“I may not know you as well as Potter and Weasley do, but if you can figure out the riddle, then you would have noticed the headline of today’s paper,” he reached out his hand to touch her face, and she brushed it away with a stony expression on her face and looked away from his eyes.

“Do you really want to know?” she turned her eyes back to his and walked forward so that he was completely engulfed in her scent and her words. “Do you really want to know?”

“Yes, I do,” he stepped forward and wrapped his arms gently around her, he could feel her hair tickling his chin. He moved his face to the left and lowered his lips gently so that it almost met hers, and without breaking their connection of eyesight. He could almost taste the scent of her lips…


The same spell was bellowed by the two people in the chamber. They were now standing across the room from each other, their wands flown out of their hands.

“You have your answer now,” she sent him a steely smile which he returned.

“There are only two ways to get out of this room, by Portkey, or by Apparating. Only Malfoys can Apparate out of here,” he could see her fighting her panic and trying to keep her composure.

“You’re a sick and twisted bastard!” she growled with her jaw set and her chin held high.

“I wasn’t the only one firing a spell,” he stared at her with what he hoped looked like cold eyes.

“So be it,” he saw her feel the wall behind her for a trapdoor of some type to escape with as she pretended to calmly respond.

“There is only one way for you to get out of here,” he reached into his pocket and took out the Portkey. He held it out on the palm of his hand a sparkling gold butterfly, adorned with jewels, it’s wings fluttered. Before it could escape, he closed his hands again.

Hermione remained silent, her eyes still staring straight into his.

“The Recondite Butterfly, the Malfoy family heirloom. Its beautiful, isn’t it?” he spoke without gesturing to the Butterfly.

“Anything of yours is filthy and disgusting!”

“Kingsley Shacklebolt is correct…on certain terms. My job is to capture a butterfly,” he walked forward to her and gently stroke her cheek with his cold fingers.

She grabbed his arm and pulled it towards her body and twisted it. He let out a yelp of surprise but refused to scream and spoke with a grimace instead.

“You want me, Hermione. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have come today,” his logic had been tossed away like a piece of garbage. His desire seemed to be ruling his mouth as his heart edged it forward.

“I don’t want you, you filthy piece of scum!”

“I know you don’t mean that,” he lifted her chin up gently, just the way he did when he first kissed her by the lake, “because I want you too. I want more than what I have of you. I want all of you, every single bit of it.” he murmured in a husky voice and he caressed her lips with his in a violent and unstoppable kiss.

“Stop! I-I don’t want you!” she pushed him away with her lips bright red from the kiss and her breaths in heaves. “Stop doing this to me! If-If you want to kill me, just get it over with! Harry and Ron would have gone to get help by now!” she tried to walk away from him, but he stopped her and his five feet eight inches of Quidditch trained muscles stood firm on his ground.

“Don’t you get it? I don’t want to kill you! I made Kingsley Shacklebolt disappear and I was the one that told the Daily Prophet. I wanted to make sure that you knew there was something wrong with him so you would stop looking for the damn Butterfly! Why the hell did you show up anyways if you knew it was a trap and you hated me!” he seemed to be losing control as fifteen years of calm and composed graceful Malfoy features were twisted into fifteen years of rage and suppressed passion.

“It’s because I’m an idiot! Hermione Jane Granger, top student of the year, Prefect of Gryffindor, doesn’t mean a single thing! I’m still a naïve and idiotic girl! Happy?” a tear rolled down her cheek and she angrily swiped it away before it reached her lips.

“You want me, I want you, what the hell are we waiting for?” he pulled her into his embrace and she pressed her cheek against his pounding heart and gingerly reached out to soothe his heavy chest.

She lifted up her lips and he bent his down. His lips first brushed lightly against the corner of her mouth. He then kissed her bottom lip and ran his tongue over her top lip. His body trembled with desire to kiss her fully on both of her lips, but he restrained.

“What are you waiting for?” her eyes filled with desire for more, more of his lips, more of his heart, more of his passion.

“You,” his lips dived for hers and his tongue stroke her closed mouth and she opened them immediately and their tongues danced to their release of suppressed emotion as their lips were locked in a firm embrace. Draco’s hands were on her waist and her fingers ran over his back and felt the product of years of Quidditch training.

“I’m a Gryffindor, you’re a Slytherin. What are we doing?” she asked when they finally resurfaced for air.

“Something that we both want to do very badly,” he ran his fingers through her hair and felt her caramel locks slide between his fingers.

“Why do you want me anyways? You’re the most popular boy in Slytherin. Even the Gryffindor girls talk about you sometimes and Hogwarts has plenty of pretty girls. Every boy in Hogwarts seems to have his eyes on Ginny-”

“I can have a pretty face anytime I want, but I want more than that. You’re not just another girl. You’re Hermione Granger, the only girl with enough nerve to punch me and still get away with it.”

She blushed.

“I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

“I can say that my ego was more bruised than my face.”

“Would this make it better?” she tip toed and kissed the cheek that she punched two years earlier. Before her lips could touch his cheek, he turned so that she kissed his lip.

“I definitely feel better,” he grinned and his blue-gray eyes filled with a mischievous sparkle.

“I could punch you again so I can try and make you feel better.”

“I think I’ll pass, but right now my lips feel slightly injured, do you think you could…”

She tip toed and her lips were about to touch his when a loud beeping noise filled the chamber. Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out his pocket watch.

“My father will arrive in five minutes,” he said once again in his Malfoy calmness as he was thrust back into reality.

Hermione looked into his eyes as she looked desperately for a sign as to what would happen next. After their kisses, will he still turn her into You-Know-Who? Did the kiss mean anything to him? Was she just another girl that would soon drift out of his life?

Draco walked to the left and the right of the room to pick up both of their wands. He handed Hermione’s wand back to her.

He reached into his other pocket and pulled out the Recondite Butterfly. He took her hand in his.

“This is the Malfoy family heirloom. It contains the most concentrated form of magical energy in this universe. It’s the Portkey out of this room,” he placed the fluttering golden ornament into the palm of her hand.

“Draco, no, you can come with me! We’ll go see Dumbledore, he’ll help you! You don’t have to do what your father-”

His lips silenced her as he kissed her hard, to make up for the past and the future that he knew he would never be able to have with her. His lips sent her the love that he so desperately wanted from her, but knew that he wasn’t worthy of it. He was the son of a Death Eater and his family were Pureblood wizards since the founding of their family. His love for her will always be there but he would never be able to have her.

“I love you,” he whispered. He tapped the Butterfly with his wand and stepped back.

“No! Draco! You’re coming with me! I know you don’t want to be on the dark side! You can still come over! I’ll help you! We all can! Stop! I’m not going without you!” she reached out and tried to pull his sleeve, but the Portkey whisked her back to Hogwarts.

“No! Draco!” she screamed and her voice echoed when she opened her eyes and she found that she was in an empty classroom and he was miles away in Malfoy Manor.

Tears began to spill from her eyes as the Butterfly in her hand struggled to get free. It’s jeweled eyes seemed to wink at her as it’s golden wings fluttered against her palm.

“Tell Draco I love him,” she whispered as she relaxed her fingers and the Butterfly took flight out the window and back to it’s master.

“Goodbye,” she murmured through her tears as she watched the speck of gold disappear outside the window.


Draco watched Hermione disappear. He could still feel her lips against his. He could still feel her body pressed against his. He could still taste the scent of her lips while she was kissing him. He could still feel the warmth of her body against his cold muscles.

But as the draft of the chamber swept around him and his memories and passion drowned in the bitter air, he found that he could feel nothing, nothing at all.


A/N I must admit, I feel that I'm not totally satisfied with this story, there are some parts that I felt I could have done better. Anyways, I would like to thank all of you that read this story and all my reviewers for their support. Out of curiousity, do you like it when authors leave notes at the end of their chapters/stories, or do you just find it annoying? Just some info gathering for future stories. =)

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