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Sirius was walking along side of the highway when a taxi came driving by slowly. “Ha! You dimwit! You can never get this French fry!” Sirius heard someone yell out of the window. Sirius moved closer to take a look inside. “Snape!” Sirius yelled in surprise. Snape was leaning out the window on the other side calling to someone. Sirius banged his fist against the closed window. “Snape!” He called again. Snape stopped yelling and looked towards the noise. “Ah!” Snape said peacefully. He rolled down the window. “It’s my good old friend Sirius! Want a French fry?” “I do!” Someone called from behind the taxi. It was Lupin. He looked exhausted. “Lupin!” Sirius called as he hugged his friend. “Good to see that you lived. Now,” Sirius stepped back a couple feet. “I realized that I have put you in possession of that bloody key. Can you believe it?” Lupin put his hand inside his pocket. “Ha! I do have it!” “You know what that means?” Sirius asked his buddy gaily. “We can win the prize money together!” Lupin yelled cheerfully. “No!” Sirius continued in his gay tone. “Your going to give me it and leave me be! Sounds great, right?” “Forget this,” Snape said as he watched out his window. “I hate soup operas. Let’s move driver.” “I thought,” Lupin started sadly. “I thought we were friends.” “We are friends. Tell you what. When I win, I’ll share the money with you,” Sirius promised. “Really?” Lupin asked hopefully. “No,” Sirius answered. “Then I’m not giving you this key!” Lupin said angrily. The taxi started to move. “Um,” Sirius tried to find words. He couldn’t let the taxi get away. That was his ticket to the big bucks. “Will you give me the key if we work together?” “No,” “Why not!” Sirius moaned as the taxi started to roll away. “Because you will back stab me and run away like last time,” Lupin explained. “Okay, okay,” Sirius said quickly. “We will work together AND you will get to keep the key with you so I won’t just run-away. Okay?” “Well,” Lupin pondered. “Come on quickly!” Sirius urged as the taxi moved away faster now. “Because our only way to Silver City is that bloody taxi!” Lupin’s eyes widened. He started sprinting toward the taxi while Sirius trailed. Lupin jumped on the taxi and pulled open the shotgun seat. “Hey!” The driver yelled at Lupin. “What the hell are you doing to my taxi?!” Lupin punched the driver. He opened the driver side now and threw the driver out. He moved over to the driver seat and stopped the taxi. Sirius soon arrived at the back passenger seat. “Hello Snape!” Sirius said as he dragged Snape out onto the road. “Hey!” Snape yelled as Sirius let him go and ran back to the taxi. “Hey! You’re cheating!” Sirius stopped and turned to Snape. “There are no rules, sucker!” Sirius yelled and he got into the car. The taxi drove away. “Holy ****!” Voldemort swore. “We are going fast!” “Well, you told me that if we don’t get there fast that you would kick my butt!” Wayne Bright laughed. Voldemort glared at him. “You idiot! I meant that!” Bright stopped laughing. ‘Rat Race’ (the song) played on the radio. “Turn that bloody thing off!” Voldemort commanded. “Ah,” Bright said as he turned off the radio. “So. Your British. Right? I could tell by you saying ‘bloody’. Except, my friends are American and they say ‘bloody’ too. Hmm.” “I am a superior dark lord come to kill all muggles and witches and wizards!” Voldemort shouted. “Muggles? What the heck are muggles? Are you Antarctican?” Bright asked. “Antarctican? Antarctican! What the hell does Antarcticans have to do here? Are you racist!?” Voldemort yelled. “No!” Bright shouted sounding alarmed. “No,” He repeated softer. “I was just asking if you were from Antarctica.” The trip was silent from then on, until they ran into someone. “Hey,” Bright said peering through the windshield. “There’s someone in the middle of the road!” Voldemort leaned out of the side window to look. It was a person trying to build some kind of go-cart out of a wreckage of a burning, tipped over car. He looked closer. Soon, he realized who it was. “Don’t stop!” Voldemort told Bright. “Run the maggot over!” “But,” Bright started. “That’s no maggot! It’s a person!” “I bloody well know it’s a person! I’m calling him a maggot!” Voldemort shouted. “Now run him over or I shall smash you skull against that window glass!” “But,” “Now!” Bright shut his eyes while the car ran over the body and the go-cart. George started tearing the burnt, flipped over car apart. “I’ll just build a go-cart type thing! I’ll show Fred when I win that money!” George mumbled to himself. So, George started to put together his ‘miracle machine’ by using spare parts from his car. Hours later, George ran into trouble. “Oh man! I need two people for this part,” George complained. Suddenly, a man appeared behind George. “Hiya! Car trouble?” The man asked. George turned around to find a man that was about George’s height and had red hair. Actually, he looked just like George! “Um,” George was lost of words. “Yeah. My car, um, kind of, uh, flipped over. Oh yeah! And burnt.” “So,” The man started. “You are trying to build a go-cart?” George was amazed. “Yeah! But I need help with this part.” “Well,” The man said. “I got plenty of free time. I’ll help you. By the way, my name’s Mike.” “Hi,” George said. “My name’s George.” So, Mike helped George out with the go-cart and stayed to finish it up. Soon, they were finished. “Hey Mike,” George said. “I’m just going to get a couple things over there. Is that okay?” “Sure!” Mike said cheerfully. “I’ll be right here!” George walked off the road and down a hill. Mike looked at the go-cart, admiring their work. He suddenly heard a car zooming towards his direction. He waved and stood where he was. But the car didn’t stop. It kept on coming until it was too late for Mike to move. The car killed Mike and entangled his body with the go-cart and the go-cart was stuck to the car, so both were gone. George came back. He looked over toward where the go-cart was supposed to be. “****!” George cursed. “I knew that Mike couldn’t be trusted!” Fred was walking down the high way. He was 10 miles now from Silver City and he was exhausted. “I… Can’t go on… Anymore,” He moaned. He fell down to the ground. “Fock Silver City!” Two cars sped down the highway, 7 miles away from Silver City. “Get away from our car!” Ginny yelled at Ron. Ron and Harry’s car was pushed up against Hermione and Ginny’s. “You stop that attitude and then we will pull away,” Ron told his sister. “Get the **** away from our bloody car!” She screamed at her brother. Ron was shocked. “I’m telling mom that you said that word!” Ron teased. Ginny leaned out of the car and punched Ron in the face. Ron became very mad. He leaped out of their car and into Hermione and Ginny’s. He dragged Ginny into the backseat. Harry again rammed Hermione’s car. “You bum! Stop it!” Suddenly, Harry’s car was bumped from behind. It was Voldemort and Wayne Bright. “Hit them again! Hit them again!” Voldemort screamed at his driver. Ron was then shot off the highway by his sister’s wand. He landed on the side of the road. Ginny then leaned out of her seat and shot Harry’s car. It spun out of control and finally stopped on the side of the road, 30 yards away from Ron. “Shoot!” Ron yelled. “I didn’t know she had a wand!” He yelled to Harry. “Dude!” Harry yelled back. “We learned that, like, last chapter! Get with the program!” A taxi flew by Harry and Ron. Ginny tried shooting spells at Voldemort’s car. Voldemort leaned out and threw a human heart at the wand. It fell out of Ginny’s hands and onto the road. “Hey!” Bright yelled. “Where did you find that heart?” “In the back,” Voldemort responded. “Why? Bright stopped the car and started screaming. “What the hell!” Voldemort yelled as he covered his ears. “Why are you screaming?!” A big yellow taxi flew by the stopped car. Inside the speeding taxi contained Sirius and Lupin. “Hey!” Lupin shouted. He pointed out the window. Straight ahead of them was Hermione and Ginny’s car. “Hey!” Sirius shouted too. “I see them! Let’s get them!” Wayne Bright and Voldemort were looking at the ground on the side of the highway. “Are you sure you saw it fall here?” Knight asked nervously. “Yeah,” Voldemort responded. “Why?” “Well,” Bright took a deep breath. “I’m supposed to drive to El Paso to deliver a heart for someone there. And you threw the darned heart out the window! Now we have to find it!” “We?” Voldemort said looking disgusted. “What’s this we stuff?” Voldemort walked away. “Hey!” Bright yelled after him. “Where you going?” “To get my bloody money!” Voldemort shouted back as he hopped into the car, pressed a pedal and zoomed off. Sirius and Lupin’s car rammed Hermione and Ginny’s. “Stop that!” Ginny yelled at them. But she couldn’t do anything about it; she was now wandless. Hermione suddenly rammed them hard. The taxi flew off the road and Hermione and Ginny’s car almost tipped over. Ginny gave a sigh of relief. “That’s everyone I think,” She said. “Let’s go to Silver City.” Hermione and Ginny drove safely all the way to the train station. There was no sight of Voldemort. Hermione parked the car in the parking lot and she and Ginny ran towards the train station. Once in, they saw 4 rows of lockers. They froze. “What was the locker number again?” Ginny asked. “Goddamn it,” Hermione cursed. “I forgot.” The girls sat down on a bench and thought. “I know!” Ginny shouted. “Number 77!” “No you moron,” Hermione said. “There are only 16 lockers.” “Oh,” Ginny sat down. “Wait,” Hermione jumped up. “Number 7!” “No, that can’t be it,” Ginny thought more. “Yes, that’s it!” Hermione ran towards the locker. “Wait,” She looked at the key. “This isn’t our key! This is the car key!” She turned to Ginny. “Ginny, go get the key in the car!” Ginny ran out and got the key. “Thank you,” Hermione said. “And now, we are victorious!” “Not so fast!” A voice shouted. Voldemort appeared in the doorway. “That money is mine!” Hermione thought. “Hey Voldie,” “Don’t call me Voldie,” Voldemort sneered. “We’ll give you the money if,” Hermione smiled. “If you stand on that train track.” “You’re on!” Voldemort laughed. He stepped on the train track and stood there. Suddenly, a train came. Voldemort screamed as he was plowed over. Hermione turned toward the locker and put the key in. She turned the key slowly. Then, she swung the locker door open to reveal a duffel bag. “You think the money is in here?” Hermione asked. Her and Ginny unzipped the bag. They were amazed. Inside the duffel bag was 100 million galleons, just as the person had said. So, that’s the end. Hermione and Ginny won the money and lived rich lives. The rest of the contestants went on with their lives. Waiting. Just waiting for the next race for a lot of money.

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