Chapter Eight: Unforgivable “I never knew so many bad times Could follow me so mercilessly It's almost surreal All the pain that I feel The future ain't what it used to be” ~“The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be”, Pandora’s Box Author’s Note: Have any of you heard the music by Harry and the Potters? Hehehe. I’m glad they write songs about Harry Potter and they live in Boston where the Red Sox are ^_^, but I doubt they’ll become famous with the nonHP likers around the world with songs like “I Am A Wizard”, “Wizard Chess” and “Save Ginny Weasley” as creative as they are. I think it’d be interesting to actually hear the songs in a punk rock version though. It would work better for them. They’ve got the right voices, but the acoustic guitar and keyboard doesn’t do much for me. The drums are okay though. Did any of you actually buy their CD? Also, I’ve been told by a few people that I have created too many OCs. Um, well I’ve created 1.5 from what I can see. And I’m terribly sorry if I seem like I’m jumping around. It’s hard writing chapters with my schedule and often when I start writing from where I left off I’m in a completely different mood. Not to mention the fact that everyone is in different places. As for length, if you have read any of my other fics, you’ll notice that this is quite a lot more writing for me than most chapters in my other stories. I’m just a high school student. I don’t have the ability to write amazing works like those on the Sugar Quill. That’s mostly why I’m on this site and No tests to pass for you to post. AND, as for Remus’ recovery… *cackles*… I know how vague I’ve been… Believe me, there’s a reason for it. It will be very important later on so never fear. As for OCs. I’m getting incredibly sick of them already, don’t worry. There will probably be one other new character that isn't terribly important to this story, but very important to the sequel. Others will merely be names you hear of students and so forth. But think about this, even Harry is a Gary-Stu. It’s hard to create a character that’s not Mary-Sue because there is always some person who will say “Well they are missing an ear, that’s so not original.” (No one is missing an ear, don’t worry. It was just an example.) Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that, but I do work hard on my projects. PLEASE REVIEW! ~Liz Tonks immediately rushed over to Harry and helped him up. Harry shook his head, hot tears falling down his pallid face. He fell back onto the floor, his shaking legs unable to support him. “I killed him. I killed him.” Harry mumbled over and over, growing louder as Tonks tried to comfort him more. “Shhh, Harry,” Tonks soothed quietly, holding Harry awkwardly and stroking his head. “You did nothing wrong.” Suddenly Harry was standing; his green eyes alight with an unrecognizable burning. His chest rose up and down slowly. “I…Killed…A…Man…” Harry breathed; his words as sharp as broken glass. Somewhere in the house light bulbs exploded. “I killed him. Don’t you tell me that I did the bloody right thing. Are you that daft? I killed a man.” He hissed through clenched teeth. Tonks recoiled at Harry’s harsh words. “Harry,” Hail began quietly. “You’ll have to kill many men.” Harry spun around and faced her, green flames shot up around him, licking his legs and arms in a large amount of uncontrolled magic. “Don’t you dare talk about that. Don’t you dare. You have no right. I don’t even know you!” He looked her straight in the eyes and Hail did not look away but rather looked deeper. Harry felt an odd sense of calm fall over him and a soft feminine voice whispered slowly in his head. We’re going to Hogwarts… Pack your things… You’ll be safe there…Just relax… We’re your friends, Harry… We’d never intentionally hurt you… Harry was unaware of the whispers around him or the support of Kingsley and Moody helping him upstairs. “What did you do?” Remus hissed from behind Hail as they watched the almost limp form of Harry Potter walk with the two Aurors up the stairs. “I did nothing.” Hail stated simply, spinning on her heel to face him. “You did something, I know you did, Storm.” He muttered; his face deathly close to hers. Remus felt the wolf inside him snarl and thrash about. There was something very wrong with her. Something terribly wrong; though his sensitive nose could not figure it out. He fought down the urge to growl as she walked past him towards Tonks who was staring blankly ahead, obviously deep in thought. Harry, Moody and Kingsley appeared from the other room and Remus gathered in a circle with the rest of the group. Once again Remus found himself standing next to Hail, and with the full moon rising in a few nights, Remus’ senses were raging, finding the smallest scent and analyzing it down to the last particle. He found himself feeling the auras of the people around him. It was mostly the chilly feeling of nerves mixed with the burning sensation that was coming from Harry who still seemed a little out of it; staring vapidly ahead. Remus half listened as Moody began the count down. He leaned towards Hail, who snapped her head towards Lupin. Something similar to electricity flowed through his veins and Remus fought the urge not to cry out in pain. Hail raised an eyebrow and smirked. I’d watch yourself, Lupin. A feminine voice began sharply in Remus’ head. Remus blinked a few times and looked back to the knee-high boot everyone was holding. What are you talking about? Remus thought to himself. Just watch out, alright?

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