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    ((A/N: sorry for such the horridly long wait. I had college applications to finish and sorry, but those were first priority. I do have math homework I should be doing right now too, but yeah, I'm a writer not a mathematician so who cares? Thanks to all the reviews and the yells to get going. This ones dedicated to TomFelton_Malfoy926 and polkadotincense. YAY!!!! And inspirations come from what happened not even an hour ago to me, Kinda.)) There was this saying that floated around Ginny's house almost every day. No it wasn't 'I didn't do it!' though that was said an awful lot when the twins lived at home. This one was used almost every time someone told on another sibling to void Molly Weasley's anger from being shot right back at them. Don't kill the messenger. Yes, this was Luna's mantra at the moment as she walked down the corridors to meet Ginny at one of the towers. Don't kill the messenger. Really it's not her fault she wanted to go on a date with Blaise so bad that she had to do this. Plus Draco was nice... sometimes... though Luna thought he had shifty eyes. With her blonde hair tucked in a braid, Luna walked slowly up the stairs in ballet slipper like shoes- her newest addition to her completely odd wardrobe. Yet Blaise said he liked them as much as her butterbeer corks today when they passed in the hall. Luna was smitten. They kept running into each other and before she even had a moment to say hello he would literally take the breath from her as he kissed her. Yet it wasn't like the other girl's he kissed; Luna knew this by the way Draco rolled his eyes and stuck his finger down his throat behind Blaise's back. Luna didn't understand it completely, but she was quite aware she was the only girl he would pick up and spin as they kissed. Being so smitten with Blaise though didn't make this easier. With her messenger bag that usually was full of books full of clothes and make-up, Luna walked up the stairs whimpering slightly. "But you don't know her temper!" she whined down to Blaise who was at the bottom of the stairs with swollen lips to match Luna's. He smirked though; damn it why did she have to look so cute with her cheeks flushed red like that? "You'll be fine dove, I'll see you in the entrance hall at six," he smiled and disappeared before she had time to protest. She groaned audaciously though that didn't lure him back to quip at her for being stubborn. Yet it was hard to do so when all he wanted to do was snog her when she acted so...so... Slytherin like. Without luck Luna returned to walk up the stairs shifting the heavy bag to her other shoulder. The bag might be enchanted to be like Marry Poppin's bottomless pit, but it was a light as an elephant- she would have to work on the weightless charm a bit more tomorrow, but at the moment she had to convince Ginny to go on a date with Draco Malfoy. "Ginny!" Luna yelled as she opened the door to find the red head sitting on the ledge of a window. Empty classroom would be the best place to tell her. That way if Ginny attacked she could lock her in and get a good head start before anyone let the Wealey fireball loose. "About time you showed up," Ginny sighed and bit her lip. No she was not watching Draco Malfoy and friends having a snowball fight down below her. Ridiculous. You need to get your eyes fixed! She glanced away from the display below her to see Luna and her bag. At first glance she was skeptical. "Hi Ginny!" Luna smiled. Hell she had to get some of that Gryffindor bravery. "Luna... what's with the bag? I thought you said tonight we wouldn't do any homework," Ginny eyed Luna with her bright green eyes. "Unless you call studying Slytherin boys homework," Luna grinned. Ah there was her bravery. No maybe it was that Slytherin cunningness Blaise passed to her through his lips. Ginny's red little eyebrows furrowed. She may have a crush on the Slytherin and she may have licked him, but when she saw him in the halls it was not the same romantic, catch her in mid air with his lips kind of encounter as Luna and Blaise had. Actually it was no kiss and an awkward wave... "We are going out tonight... on a date... with Slytherins," Luna informed Ginny bit-by-bit waiting to be attacked. Not her fault! Blaise suggested it. And-and-and she REALLY wanted to go out with Blaise Zabini. Well she already was- wasn't she? Oh not best not to think about what your not sure about if it may break your heart. Ginny gasped. Her a date? With Slytherins? No no no because she knew that meant with Draco Malfoy. And she couldn't like Draco Malfoy and she definitely could not date him. "Luna I love you, but this-this is crazy. Crazier than that time you wanted to catch Polka dotted Flutter-pixies in the Forbidden Forrest!" Ginny babbled. Luna smiled broadly. Yay! She wasn't going to be killed! "Oh please Ginny! It would mean so much to me if you came!" Luna begged. Ginny wavered on her feet. FINE! She liked Draco. A lot. She thought about him constantly and watched him during dinner. Ever since he showed the slightest hint of liking her she could not get him off her mind. This was lunacy. It all had to do because of this summer. She hated this summer. It was worse than when Tom Riddle started sucking her soul. Harry dumped her and then took Ron and Hermione away from her to who the hell knows where. Her mum sent her back to Grimmuald Place as the Order reworked their flanks and tried to cover for Dumbledore's loss. And okay so she wasn't supposed to be listening in to the Order meetings with the extendable ears, but she wanted to know where Harry was and if he was all right or if she could go visit him. However, that's not what she found out. Draco Malfoy was found half dead in a pile of his own blood, a gash through his entire chest. She didn't know what to believe, but she hoped she wasn't right. "GINNY!" "WHAT!" Ginny shook her head out of her daydream and Luna's blue eyes glared at her in the mirror that had somehow appeared. Luna had taken over. Way over. Ginny had just let her. She sat in a short green dress in front of a mirror as Luna rolled curlers into Ginny's hair. "Hold still!" Luna grumbled. She herself was in the same exact dress but an icy blue color. Ginny liked how it looked on Luna. On Luna the halter top dress was sleek and smooth, showing off her legs and making the blonde girl look taller. For Ginny the light green dress brought out her curves and chest giving her a bit- okay a lot- of cleavage. "Luna I don't know why I'm letting you do this, Draco probably has no idea I'm his date and will probably be running for his dorms when he sees me walking down the stairs with you," Ginny grumbled smoothing her face with her hands. "Don't you'll smudge your make up!" Luna poked at her and started un doing the rollers to give Ginny soft waves in her hair. "And if he's running to his dorms, it's with you over his shoulder and a tent in his pants!" "You pervert," Ginny grumbled slouching in the chair she sat in. Luna laughed, but was completely happy. She was going on a date with Blaise tonight and Ginny one with Draco. Finally things were coming together. Ginny wanted to complain and put up more of a fight, but she couldn't/ Luna was beaming and she couldn't let the little Ravenclaw down. She was going for Luna, not herself, not Draco. Going for Luna to make sure Blaise didn't jump on his little dove with how much leg she was showing with her dress and silver strappy high heels. Yeah that's a good excuse. The redhead stood up and bit her lip. Damn it. She couldn't deny it- she looked hot. Luna chose the right color dress to match her eyes as well as any Slytheirns obsession. However, she had to smile how Luna saved a bit of Ginny's Gryffindor ways by giving her gold shoes instead of silver. Each girl wore a bit of her own house and a bit of her dates. It was kind of cute how Luna's mind worked sometimes. "You ready?" Luna asked and bit her bubblegum pink lip. Hell she was nervous. She felt naked. No not because of the dress, but because for the first time in years she had taken off her butterbeer necklace and radish earrings and now wore a pair of light blue moonstones in each ear that Blaise had given her the other day as a gift. No reason behind it besides saying they reminded him too much of her eyes for him to not buy them for her. "No." "Good," Luna smiled and grabbed Ginny by the hand and pulled her out of the empty classroom and down one of the many staircases. Luna looked at Ginny biting her lip. "What?" Ginny snapped. She was kind of pissed that Luna had made her actually want to go on this date. Luna took a deep breath her blue eyes looking down the staircase to the entrance hall, "The perception of beauty is a moral test." And with that Draco and Blaise laid their eyes on the two most beautiful girls in the entire school.

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