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    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognisable characters from Harry Potter, any forests, villages, greek mythology, or weird names, apart from Pretorian which i made up of the spot. I do own Elepheteria's personality, and anything else that somebody else does not own.


    I haven’t always wanted to find love and triumph over evil. I still don’t. But knowing me, I will anyway. Even though I try not to be noticed, I always am. I always end up in the middle of things, and I always end up breaking someone’s heart.

    I don’t know how I manage it, it just always seems to happen. And let me tell you, after 500 years, it starts to get old. That’s right, 500 years. It’s not like I’m going to live forever. Nymphs after all, aren’t immortal. Just live longer than humans do. A lot longer. So you can imagine, a Dryad like me, getting bored with life. ‘Oh yeah, lets go and prance around like idiots and be merry all the time and hang around with gods and seduce men to then eventually kill him! Great idea!’ It’s not that I don’t like all that, minus the prance around and be idiots and be merry bit, it’s just that I’m bored living in a boring forest where no-one but boring people go in that’s apparently boringly forbidden. I mean, come one! There’s a whole village and school right outside the perimeters!

    I want to go out and make a new life that doesn’t consist of me prancing around like an idiot, being merry all the time, seducing and killing men, well, maybe not the killing bit, but still! I am going to write an official complaint to the gods! See if I can leave this ruddy forest with its ruddy giant spiders and ruddy centaurs. ‘Oh, I see that Mars and Jupiter have aligned. A shadow has pasted over you recently!’ Great help that’ll be, It’s always good to know when a shadow has pasted over me. NOTE THE SARCASM!!!

    I just want to do something. Maybe go to that school on the edge of the forest. You never know.


    Sighing, I peered through the branches of the trees at the very edge of the forest to look at the huge castle, Hogwarts. Living in the forest, you hear many rumours from the various creatures and trees about the place, which is why you would never believe something unless it is backed up by many different species. However, the one thing that I was certain of, was that everyone went home in the summer. This was the time for me to be able to come out of the forest and explore everything.

    I have never dared to enter the castle itself or Hogsmede, the little village, in fear of being seen as some kind of monster, just the grounds. The thing that amazes me the most, is the Willow Tree, or as others call it, the Whomping Willow. When I first tried to talk to it, I must admit that it tried to kill me. But it soon came to trust me, and we are now great friends and share each others secrets.

    Now you must admit, how can a tree and somebody be friends? But being a Dryad, and being a daughter of Mother Nature, I have the ability to talk to nature itself. Humans, animals, trees and even the walls of the castle made from stone of the earth. They all have a story to tell, and I am the one that often listens. Humans would often find it weird to know that we can talk to trees and such, they picture us sitting down around a campfire in our little communities, words flowing from our mouths and the trees talking back to us. I myself laughed when I first heard someone share their thoughts on this, but it is quite the opposite. The words would flow from our minds, and as for talking back, a cat would meow, a tree would groan in the wind, and a rock would… well, a rock would… do whatever a rock does. Usually complain about the weight it had to hold.

    So, as I was saying, I and the Willow tree have become real great friends. I tell it how much I want to get out of the forest for good, and it tells me about all the students and their going ons. Even about the boy that turns into a werewolf every full moon and his friends that change into animals to help him. Not that I didn’t know that, I have often seen them while I hide, watching as they go through the forest when the wolf runs away.


    Noticing that the sun was already going down, and knowing that my guardian, Pretorian, would kill me if I were late, I walked back into the trees, slowly apparating back to my community. The difference between wizard apparating and Dryad apparating is that wizards go off with more of a loud ‘pop’ with all the spinning and funny business that they require, while Dryads apparate with more of a fading act. If one were to do it at the right timing, someone could be looking right at you, and then you would slowly become see through and then vanish all together. And plus, when wizards do it, they feel like they’re being squeezed by something horrid, while when Dryads do, it feels more like flowing somewhere else.


    To describe my community, it was just a clearing. A clearing where we would build fires, cook, commune, and sleep. We weren’t civilised, but we lived good lives. It was a very large clearing though, like a meadow, with a lake and waterfall and everything else that you wouldn’t expect to be in a dark and gloomy forest with awful creatures. In fact, if you didn’t know how to get there in the first place, you would never find it. It would just continue being forest.

    Spotting Pretorian over by a large rock and tree, I walked over to him, sat on the rock while he was looking the other way, and tried to act like I had been there all along. We weren’t really aloud to leave the clearing, the gods didn’t want us to mix with people that we wouldn’t eventually end up seducing and such, but I had been doing it ever since I was in my hundreds. Pretorian turned around and scowled at me, handing me the plate of food that I had to eat. Not many other Dryads in my community ate human food, not many Dryads in my community even ate at all. But when my mother died, I started learning everything that I could about who my father was. He was a wizard, a Frenchman that wandered into the forest. All in all he ended up dead, her pregnant, and that’s how Pretorian came along.

    Pretorian was a Satyr, or more commonly known as a Faun. He was a great friend of my mother, many said that he was her lover, but when her tree got burnt down, she died, leaving me in the care of Pretorian. He was a good Satyr. Like a father that I never had, but in a sense it wasn’t like having one at all. I smiled at Pretorian and took the plate, knowing full well that he knew that I had gone from the clearing, again.

    “Elepheteria! What have I told you about wandering off!” he said, eyeing my dirty dress. I sighed. I knew I must do it, but to say it, would be a totally different thing.

    “Pretorian… I don’t know how to say this…” he looked at me with a worried expression. Ah, but he knows. He’s known for a long time. “I want to leave the forest. I want to go out into the world. I want to go to Hogwarts with the humans and live a life as they do!” He sighed and looked down.

    “You have wanted this for so long, Elle, I have felt it. But you do not know magic! You cannot go to a school for humans when you don’t even know how to say an incantation, let alone have a wand!”

    “But Pretorian! My father was a wizard, I can do magic, I know how to do magic! I just need to get started! Please, Pretorian, my mother wanted me to live my own life, not be bounded by this forest to live a life like she did. Do this for her!”


    Our conversation may not have seemed like much to you, but to us, it was years worth of conversations to us. Although it pained him to see me go, he let me. He wrote a letter to Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster at Hogwarts, and had a meeting with him inside the forest. Dumbledore took me without questions, and leant me money for school. I never knew that something so hard to think about would be so easy to do. If it wasn’t for Albus Dumbledore, I wouldn’t be living a life at all. I was set free from every ones expectations, but on it’s own, I started a new life far more dangerous for me and other people that could be predicted. But, C’est La Vie. Such Is Life.


    Authors Notes: So, this is my new story, C'est La Vie. I hope you all have enjoyed it. In case you haven't notcied, Elepheteria is a Dryad, which is a Nymph of the woods. Pretorian is a Satyr, which is a Faun, or one of those A mythological Greek creature, half man and half goat, who attended Dionysus and represented male sexuality and drunken revelry; goatskin-clad followers of Dionysus who served as the chorus of the satyr play.

    You all know what i mean! Like that Mr Tumnus from Narnia, The Lione The Witch And The Wardrobe! Okay, her name, Elepheteria, means 'Free' in Greek, which i thought would be a nice name, as A) Freedom is something that she strives for, B) She can shorten it down to Elle, as Pretorian called her, so that no one will get all like 'Wow, she has a weird name, she must be like, some magical creature, like a Nymph, you know?' and C) It sounds funky.

    Okay, now that we have that out of the way, This story is basically about how Elle gets to go to Hogwarts, the summer before she goes, Dumbledore will tutor her so that she at east knows some magic before going, and she will fall in love with a human/mortal AKA Sirius. Happy? lol. Okay, that was just the low-down of it, so continue reading, enjoy it, and tell me what you think, correct any mistakes i have doen, and review!

    Thank you for reading, this is your writer, Kit B.

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