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Chapter 14: more than you’ll ever know (A/N- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! I know it took a long time, really, but hey the good news is this is a very long chapter so it is completely proportional to the time. Well, I just hope you like long chapters, so pull up some popcorn and coffee and sit back! Hm….yes popcorn and coffee something I’m very much addicted to….hm….gooooooooooood….oh yes…enjoy!) White sheets were gnarled under the ferocity of Lily Evans. Her body seemed to be only described as “a human pretzel” for all of her limbs where intricately entwined with the paper sheets of the hospital bed. Lily stretched her arms and legs catlike, blinking her curious eyes to the filtering sunlight that was cascading down the end of her bed. Her vision cleared from it’s foggy mess and she scrunched back into the warmth of her bed ending with a last yawn as she noticed who, pray tell was standing near her bed side. “Absolutely loving the PJ’s Evans, but I will say, I always thought green baby turtles fit you better than those purple ones” A groan was emitted as the brilliance of the gleaming white teeth menaced down at her. James stood, bouncing on his heels, and wheeled closer to her face. “Morning Evans!” he cried loudly, beaming his face inches from her own and obviously haven recomposed himself from last night. Grumpy, and in no mood for Potter, she full heartedly pulled the sheets over her head, groaning something about “going away”. A bark like laugh shrilled the air, “No! I can’t do that! I’m here to feed you breakfast, give you your morning paper, and ah yes, I do believe we have mail from the same, none other than RED DRAGON!” Quicker than you could say buttered toast Lily was sitting straight up (purple turtle hospital pj’s in full tact mind you), hair array in a static tangle and glaring up at her letter he was now waving around. Lily made a grab at the air but missed. “Potter, give me my letter!” He raised it higher, “jump for it! Come on now jump! Up! You can do it!” Ferociously she was snatching at the air, reaching and jumping pathetically to get the letter. “Now, wait!!” he called brightly, swinging the letter higher, “I won’t let you read the letter until you admit to me that I was right you were wrong!” “Wrong about what!” she cried, giving another jump as she did. “You had amnesia and couldn’t remember a thing and then remembered!” Lily stopped jumping, lips pursed, “Until a hear from the nurse that I specif—“ “Ms Evans!” boomed a heavy voice, “Ms Evans you’re awake! Oh how good! Now let me just ask you, how are you feeling?” “Fine” she grumbled lowly, eyes narrowed, dangerously hovering on James. “Good, after last night when you remembered I thought you were sure to go into some sort of catatonic shock!” the nurse called joyously, “Oh course I’m only kidding, but, after amnesia it can be quite shocking to find out that’s happened to you! I mean, it’s not the first case I’ve seen, the mind does that you see. Usually, but not always after an episode of that kind the victim will be absolutely confounded when explained to them that they had previously lost their memory. No worries, all memory is restored, just not of the incident. I’ll say it’s funny how the human mind works huh?” Lily’s pupils had gone rigid and sullenly she nodded her head quietly, “Yes, I’m much better” “oh well that’s good! Now, I must be off to do more work, I’ll check in on you later!” with a last swish of her long lavender robes and the click of her office door, the nurse was gone. “Alright” lily mumbled, dropping her gaze to the floor. “Alright what?” James replied innocently, batting his eyes curiously. She pursed her lips tightly straightening her shoulders more haughtily to speak as though indifferent, “Alright I was wrong” “And…?” He continued, widening his eyes more and holding a hand to his ear delightedly. Lily rolled her eyes, and spoke through gritted teeth, “I was wrong and you were right…. happy?” A lazy smile rolled onto his face as he gazed off dreamily, his eyes twinkling as he spoke. “Almost…. but there’s one more thing that would REALLY make me absolutely ecstatic.” “And what would that be?” Lily asked casually, lying back in her bed with a lazy arched eyebrow. “Letting you just jump for an hour or so for you letter that I so magnificently have” Lily pursed her lips tightly and drew herself up high outstretched a long arm for her letter that he had once again started to wave. “Potter give Remus’s letter to me!” she barked promptly, beginning again now in a row of jumps that would remind some much of a tiny jumping poodle. James raised his hand higher; amused as she jumped fruitlessly for the letter he flapped endlessly. But he frowned, and looked at her strangely, “Remus’s letter?” “yeah!” she said, going at another jump for it. “You do realize that Remus is not your pen pal right?” Lily scoffed softly, “You wish!” James’ frown deepened, “Seriously, I’ll call him down to tell you, I forgot that over your episode you forgot about that, Remus never was, you just jumped to conclusions” Lily stopped jumping, leaning over and huffing, chest heaving from exhaustion, “Sure, Potter” “Really! He—“ The door had just cracked open and who should enter, but none other than Remus. He peaked his head through the door, nervously murmuring, “Um….hello Lily” “Remus!” she called energetically, going over to give him a hug. Remus held up a hand to her face when she tired to hug him, “Hold on….look Lily, I have something I need to talk to you about” James smirked to himself, throwing an arrogant look at lily when she turned to him, “Alright” she said turning back to face Remus once more, “Sure” Remus entered and the two walked off into a corner to discuss while James sat happily in on her bed watching them intently. Ah, he’ll get it now. First will be the pursed lips, then her voice will rise and teeth will clench….and for the finale…ah yes, the FINALE…a hard slap across the face, he’ll get just what he deserves! James sat across the room waiting for the first sign. But the pursed lips did not show as they talked. Alright…well she doesn’t always do that…it’s ok….just wait for the voice…yes… But that too never came, no rising of the voice or clenched teeth. And then, when James was so down that he wouldn’t see Remus get slapped it worsened. Will it at least it can’t get any worse than not—hold the phone! James thought madly, in an uproar he sprang from his feet, completely perplexed. Lily was looking sweet and had in fact, finished their conversation with a kiss on the cheek! Lily walked back, swinging her hips happily. “WHY DIDN’T YOU SLAP HIM ON THE FACE!” he roared as Remus stood petrified beside her. She looked over at Remus sweetly, “Well Remus was saying how he should have told me in the beginning that he wasn’t but he was so excited at the thought I liked him. But I realized that I was the one who had jumped to the conclusion! But that was only because I already liked him! Remus of course now explained how he’d still like to be friends with him if it was alright and of course I said yes!” “BUT HE LIED TO YOU!” “Yes, but he did say he was sorry!” James shook with anger, wand in hand clenched tightly with white knuckles and before he could control himself a curse came slurred out of his mouth. A blue jet of light blasted Remus in the face and he fell backwards, a thick bushy mane of fur hiding his face. “JAMES!” Lily boomed running over to the unconscious Remus lying on the floor. Before anyone could say “James Potter” the nurse was back and sentencing James to three nights detention and had Remus in a bed. When Remus was in bed sleeping and the nurse gone Lily shot him a look of contempt. “What!” he cried at her. She shook her head, “Serves you right, anyways, can I just have my letter?” James blinked his eyes, he had forgotten about the crumpled letter in his hand. Somehow this seemed to outrage him even more, reminding him the fact how he should be the one Lily was kissing, not him. He pulled out the letter from his pocket looking at it, and an evil smirk crept on his face, his teeth showing and a look in his eyes as though he had just dug his teeth into freshly killed prey. “I was right….again” he said resentfully. “What?” she said quirking an eyebrow. “I told you Remus wasn’t your penpal, but you wouldn’t believe me and I was right AGAIN! But you never listen to me and now you have to admit it” Lily pursed her lips again, “FINE! I don’t care! I just want my letter!” He smirked, “I think I’ll read it first.” “James give it to me!” She said, taking up her jumping once more. “Never!” he cried enthusiastically, hungry for revenge. “I have your letter and—!” he was cut off though, lily had just stopped jumping and her eyebrow was raised high. “How DID you get my letter?” she asked curiously, staring incredulously at him. James frowned slightly, to his great consternation he had hoped the jumping might have continued on for longer a time. “Was told to bring down some of your stuff, this being one of them, here…” James then proceeded to dump out a load of papers and books on her bed, all assuming to be her homework. Lily sat back down, staring fixatedly at James. “Aren’t you gonna try and get your letter back?” he said, frowning again. Lily amused her self for the moment and answered him by taking out her wand and casting a spell. “Accio letter!” she called, and immediately the letter zoomed from his hand and into her own, going on to read the letter. Dear Icy Flame, It’s been quite long since I last wrote to you, I think 2 weeks, right? Anyways, I’m writing to say how sorry I am that I haven’t written to you in those days, in fact as you might have heard, I was a bit distracted with Lily Evans, who I heard had gotten amnesia during this time. I can only say that she lives in my house as well, and after hearing for her accident I felt a bit concerned. Anyways, after our last conversation, I think I should answer your last question of “Do you perform any sports or such?”. OH yeah, most definitely, I play quidditch. I don’t know if you enjoy the game, but there’s nothing better that I love to do. Why do you ask though? I mean, from talking to you, I always thought you were very smart and into your studies? Or do you prefer both? So, looking forward to your reply. Sorry again on not writing to you in so long, lots of homework, all that stuff, you know -your friend, Red Dragon When Lily looked up, James had an unusual smirk of satisfaction inscribed on his face to create a terrible visage of pretentiousness. James cleared his throat softly, making opportune an offer to speak, “that git ranting on about dark art magic, is he? Love’s it doesn’t he?” Lily rolled her eyes at this suggestion, “no actually, but…. now that you say that, how did you know he enjoys the dark arts?” James felt his stomach churn, he had tried to offer the idea that he had read the letter. However, as he swore desperately under his breath he realized he was recalling the wrong letter and gave information that only he would know. “Uh…well I read some letters before” he tried nervously, trying and failing miserably to act nonchalant. “I don’t believe you” she stated simply, blinking her wide jade eyes widely, “you’re lying” “What’d you mean I’m lying! Of course I’m not lying!” Lily quirked an eyebrow, looking at him dubiously, “Oh really? Well if you had read a letter previously and had remembered what it said would be impossible! First of all, why would you remember it now and secondly if you really had you would have been boasting about it the second after you read it. You also knew Remus wasn’t really my penpal and told me. So if you never read the letters then you must already know the information which means you know everything about this person because of one simple reason!” James’ stomach dropped, he felt bilious, like he had swallowed something vile and his stomach was churning. Nausea seemed to overwhelm him, what if she had figured it out? “What would that be?” he muttered softly, swallowing hard trying to get his stomach to settle. “You know who it is! Don’t deny it, you must know him, or else how would you know so much!” The past few seconds seemed to vanish and his eyes popped up to look happily at Lily. He smiled widely and unseemly, began to laugh. Lily blinked her eyes as she watched disbelievingly as he began to laugh harder, “What’s so funny?” He looked up at her through tears of mirth, “You’re right! You got me! I know him!” “Yeah, right don’t try to den—wait? You agree? You DO know him?” “Yep!” he howled louder, now having to cover his mouth from insane laughter. “Al—alright” she finished, quite baffled at his odd behavior. James began to descend on his strange fits of chuckles and flung himself on the bed, sitting and coughing out the last of his giggles. Lily stared incredulously at him for a moment, not taking her eyes off him and boldly tried at something, “So….who is he?” James stopped laughing and looked at her, “As if I’d tell you!” “That’s not fair! I know every secret of him, more than you even know and I can’t even know who he is!” The pit of his stomach once again did a terrible plummet and he frowned, remembering his terrible childhood memory, and Julia. He wanted to reply with something witty but all he managed was a spiteful, “Yeah?” Lily smirked thoughtfully, aware of the sore spot she had hit, “yes, but you wouldn’t know, he only told me, because he trusts me!” James clenched his teeth bitterly, “No, I know all his secrets, he told me!” Lily pursed her lips, secretly smirking, “I’m sorry but he didn’t, and even if he did tell you, you wouldn’t be able to handle it! He’s been through more pain, more terrible trauma than you will ever know because you’re just a spoiled, pampered prat!” James felt his chest heave, “Yeah! Well how would you know! How do you know I haven’t been through just as much as him, huh! How do you know! You don’t, that’s how!” “Please!” she scoffed complacently, “You are an affluent, pureblood prat who’s been sheltered and spoiled and blinded from the harsh realities of life!” “Don’t you say that when you’re so ignorant to what you don’t know!” He felt his throat tighten, memories rushing back. The anger in him pulsed thickly and for the first time he actually despised Lily. She smirked, continuing, “I’m not the one who’s ignorant, you are!” He felt speechless, and swallowed hard, “You don’t know” he laughed nervously, “Why do you think I act the way I do? That’s why HE and I are so close, because we know, we know what…” James stopped, and dropped his gaze to the floor and did something that was so unlike him, Lily had to keep from her jaw dropping, “Evans, can you just please drop it? I don’t want to talk about this, I don’t want to fight” Even still, Lily couldn’t help but move her head back in amazement, almost speechless, and so taken aback she was only barely able to reply, “Um….sure” He looked at her and replied by giving a smile that read “ok good, so now what?” James pursed his lips, not in frustration but out of boredom and naturally his hand shot to his hair where he tousled it messily, “So…ok….I think I’m going to get going” Lily nodded her head as he turned to leave, smiling at his gentlemen like manners. But such a triumph could not withstand long and, upon shutting the door closed behind him added, “Have fun with your little Red Dragon, if it doesn’t drive you crazy not knowing.” He finished with a smirk and shut the door… Oh boy… or rather… Oh James. (A/N- sorry it took me SOOOO long again, truly sorry, and yep if you got through this long chapter I applaud you. (claps hands vigorously*)

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