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Harry lay on his side, with his head propped up on his arm, tracing patterns lazily on her arm as they talked. She told him about last year, stories about when she was young, and he told her more about the Dursleys, about the horcruxes, and about his childhood. Some things were important and some things were random, but it didn’t matter.

Harry was telling her what he felt was an very amusing story about a time when a spider was determined to move in with him under the stairs when Ginny raised her hand to his cheek. “Ron would have freaked,” he was saying when he trailed off, seeing her expression. “What?”

“They’re horrible,” she said, and Harry smiled.

“They’re not that bad really, I mean, Aragog was horrible, but he was like, a hundred times bigger than this one…”

“Not spiders, you’re family… I’d like to see your cousin live in a cupboard…”

Harry smiled and leaned down and kissed her. “Oh no, Duddykins would never fit,” he joked as he pulled back and her eyes flashed.

“Oh I’d make him fit,” she said and Harry chuckled, capturing her mouth again. “Without magic,” she added as the mood began to shift and they felt the tension begin to build between them.

“Protective are we,” Harry murmured against her lips and she grinned.


She ran her tongue along his bottom lip and he opened his mouth for her, letting her slip her tongue inside. He groaned softly as she pulled him to her.

“I love you so much,” Ginny said, moving to kiss his neck.

“I love you too Gin,” Harry tried to reply, but it came out jumbled. His mouth and mind refused to communicate as he felt her lips on his skin. She rolled him over until he was on his back, and from her position on his chest she could see the hunger in his eyes and feel how much he wanted her.

“Gin,” he began, but she silenced him with a kiss and gave him a small smile as she sat up and pulled her shirt over her head, shaking her hair out and dropping it onto the bed beside them. He groaned inside, feeling his resolve wavering as he reached out and ran his hands over her stomach. She could feel them shaking as he touched her.

She reached for his shirt and pulled him up until he was sitting with her straddling his lap. Her arms linked around his neck keeping him close as they kissed, their tongues dipping and exploring, dancing together. As the kiss became harder, more intense, Harry couldn’t help it as his hands moved to her thighs and he pulled her more firmly against him. Ginny moved her hands down his sides and lifted his shirt up, breaking the kiss as he raised his arms, letting her pull it off of him. He’s so beautiful, she thought as she looked at him.

He tried to keep his breathing steady as she ran her hands over him, feeling the muscles on his stomach and arms. She ran her fingers along the scar Riddle had given him on his chest, trailing soft kisses across it before moving up to his neck. He let out a low moan as she grazed her teeth over his skin and she smiled at his reaction as she continued her attack on his senses.

Ginny trailed her hand down his stomach and along the thin line of hair that disappeared into his jeans. She brought her head up and kissed him, grabbing his bottom lip with her teeth as she began undoing his belt. He brought his hand between them and caught hers, stopping her movement. “You, you don’t have to do this,” he said when she looked up at him. “We can wait…” She kissed him softly and then leaned her head into his chest.

“You’re right. We should wait. I needed time to trust you,” she sighed, not even trying to hide the disappointment in her voice; a feeling that matched his completely.

“That’s probably best,” he murmured into her hair, trying to be supportive.

She kissed his chest softly. “Do you think so? Do we really need to wait?” she asked as she raised her head and looked at him. He opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say to her. “Will we be more ready or surer of our love if we wait?”

He shook his head, but just barely. He wanted this. He felt like he had to have her, to claim her as his and he certainly didn’t want to stop her if she was talking herself into it. At least part of him didn’t want to, the randy male part of him that was rattling the cage inside of him, begging to be let out after all this time of being without her. The other part needed her to be sure because if she regretted it later it would crush him. He took a steadying breath.

“You need to trust me remember? I need to prove to you that… that…”

“You need to prove what love?”

She was trailing her hand up and down his stomach now and finally he took it in his, stopping her movement so that he could think.

Harry swallowed. “That I love you. That I’m not leaving, ever.”

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered, watching her face. “You know I do,” he added softly and she shut her eyes for a second.

He leaned his head in, resting his forehead against hers as he shut his eyes too. “Do you know what would have happened if you had died? If he had killed you?” he whispered.

“No,” she breathed back and she felt him shake his head a little.

“I don’t either. But I think… I truly think I might have just died with you. I am never letting you out of my sight again, so we can do this whenever you are ready love. We have the rest of our lives.” Ginny took an unsteady breath and brought her hand to his cheek, running her thumb back and forth across his bottom lip.

“I want you to show me,” she said and he struggled to swallow, to focus on her words and not the movement of her finger.

“Show you what?” he asked, his voice more ragged than he would have liked as he pulled back to look at her and Ginny gave him a hint of smile as she met his gaze.

“Show me how much you love me,” she replied, biting her lip. Harry’s eyes flew from hers to her mouth and any attempts by him to be the noble, honorable, sensible person he had been going for flew straight out the window.

He didn’t say anything; he just took her face in his hands and brought her to him, catching her lips in a kiss that took her breath away.

They kissed hungrily and after a second Harry slid his shaking hands up her back, unhooking her bra and slipping it off before pulling her against him. Harry couldn’t get enough of her; he felt like he had been starving for her and hadn’t fully realized it until finally being able to have her. Ginny moved her hand back down his body; feeling him shudder under her fingers as they moved lower. She undid his belt with trembling fingers and pulled it off, dropping it over the side of the bed.

Harry’s heart was pounding as he felt her pull the button free and unzip his jeans. She hesitated for just a second before slipping her hand into his boxers and Harry groaned into her mouth, his breathing becoming raspier and more labored by the second.

Neither one of them could believe this was actually happening and after a few more minutes Harry didn’t think he could take anymore and flipped them over, coming down on top of her.

“Ginny, if you want to stop you need to tell me now,” Harry ground out, searching her eyes while trying to keep control.

“If you stop Harry, I will never speak to you again,” she gasped and he laughed before kissing her deeply.

“Well I couldn’t have that,” he murmured as he unzipped her skirt and slid it off of her. She was so incredibly beautiful to him that he just froze for a second, staring at her before pulling off his remaining clothes and bringing their bodies back together. He wanted her so badly as he fumbled for the wand he had left on the table next to them and performed a quick charm, he was amazed that he could think clearly enough to remember the words.

“I love you Ginny… I’ve always loved you,” he said softly, looking down at her. His eyes were dark with passion and filled with emotion as she looked into them.

“I know,” she replied, cupping his cheek in her hand and drawing him down for a kiss. He could tell she meant it – that she believed him - and he felt the last bit of his heart fall into place. “I love you too.”

Harry went slowly, trying not to hurt her and they came together, giving themselves over to the love of the other. Harry had never felt anything like it. He would have sworn that she had been made just for him. With Beth it had always been soft and quiet, and just a little bit rushed because they didn’t want to get caught, but this was different. He couldn’t even pinpoint how it was different really, it just was. It was intense, emotional and utterly complete; it was Ginny. She was passionate and enthralling and he lost himself in her. Every touch, every kiss was amplified and he knew, absolutely knew in his soul that he would never be able to leave her, would never be able to get enough of her.

The intensity of the situation, of what they were doing and the feelings coursing through them was almost too much for them to bear as their love and desire overwhelmed them; their cries seeming to echo around them in the otherwise silent tower.


When they came back down Harry rolled onto his side, drawing her over with him.

“Oh God Ginny, that was…” He didn’t know how to finish, so he pulled her against him, kissing her deeply. It had been so pure and emotional and unlike anything he had experienced. In his mind it had been perfect.

“Brilliant?” Ginny finished for him and he looked down at her.

“More than brilliant,” he said softly, pulling her closer for another kiss.

They continued to hold each other for a few minutes and eventually, as their breathing became normal and they began to fall asleep, Ginny’s mind ran back over what they had just done. She could still feel him. He had been everywhere; teaching her, loving her and filling her so completely that she couldn’t think so she had finally just given in to the intensity of it all. It had been amazing, perfect… but… almost too perfect. There hadn’t been any fumbling or awkwardness and her heart dropped a little.

Ginny’s vision began to blur and she sat up, not wanting Harry to see her. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs, wiping her tears quickly from her face as he sat up next to her.

He brushed her hair behind her shoulder so that he could see her face. “What’s wrong love?” he asked softly, running his hand up and down her back. “Ginny?” She still didn’t answer him and he furrowed his brow as he looked at her profile. Did she regret it? It had been everything to him, he wanted her to feel the same.

“Please talk to me,” he said quietly, kissing her shoulder softly. She took in a shaky breath and wiped her face again. She didn’t know how to say it. She looked over at him and saw his expression, full of worry and confusion and she leaned over and kissed him.

“This was… this was my first time,” she said, her voice wobbly and he moved his hand into her hair, massaging her neck.

“Was it not… did you…” Harry trailed off. He didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to ask. He didn’t understand. Oh God, was I rubbish?

Ginny shook her head. “It was wonderful. It’s just… it wasn’t your first time was it,” she asked softly, not really wanting the answer.

Harry’s hand stopped moving on her neck and after a second he closed his eyes and rested his head on her shoulder and she knew. Ginny’s mind began to race. He had slept with Beth. She wasn’t sure how that made her feel, he hadn’t cheated but…

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to be…” she said softly and he kissed her shoulder before resting his forehead against it.

“I know,” he said softly.

Ginny put her hands over her face. A second ago everything had been perfect and now… “Oh God, I’ve ruined the moment… I’m sorry… it doesn’t matter… I…” Harry kissed her shoulder again.

She kept her hands over her face so he pulled them off and she opened her eyes to look over at him. He gazed at her and brought his hand to her cheek.

“It does matter. I… I have done this… but, but it has never been like what just happened.” He looked at her, running his fingers through her hair as she gazed at him. His eyes were full of love and a peace she hadn’t seen before. “I have never felt more connected to anyone in my whole life than I felt to you a minute ago.”

Ginny bit her lip, blinking back her tears. “I haven’t either,” she said and he gave her a small smile.

“I’m sorry,” he said, closing his eyes and shaking his head a little, hating the letters, hating everything they had taken from him. “It should have been you, but we can’t change it.” He opened his eyes again. “I’m here now, and I’m not going anywhere. You are the last person I will ever do this with love. That’s what’s important.”

He kissed her softly before pulling away again. “I thought what we just did was incredible,” he said searching her eyes. “Nothing can change that, or take it away from us. Please don’t… don’t let anything cheapen that.”

Ginny looked at him and knew in her heart that he was right. It didn’t matter. It wasn’t how she wanted it, but he was hers. He was here with her and she brought her hand to his cheek. “It was amazing, and it doesn’t cheapen it.”



He gazed at her and kissed her forehead before resting his own against hers, their faces close and their eyes closed. They sat there for awhile, warmth from the other flowing through them before Harry spoke. “Truthfully Gin,” he said softly, lacing his fingers through hers, “It… well I’m not sure it would have been as brilliant… if we…well, if one of us didn’t know what we were doing… at least the first time,” he said awkwardly, feeling his face flush and feeling like a complete git for actually saying that thought out loud. Ginny was silent for a second before she began to smile and after a minute she let out a small chuckle.

“Way to look on the bright side Harry,” she chuckled and he smiled.

“You know me, mister optimism… and you didn’t ruin anything love. We have the rest of our lives to have moments like these,” he said softly, running a hand down her cheek. “In fact,” he said as he moved his hand down her neck to her chest. “We have right now…”

He began to kiss her, moving her back down onto the bed. “Harry,” Ginny murmured against his lips as they kissed, heat beginning to build inside of her but he didn’t let her finish.

“Please,” he whispered between kisses. “Please let me show you… let me show you how much I love you,” he practically begged, needing to be near her, needing to know that it was ok, that they were ok, and after a second she wrapped her arms around him and they lost themselves in each other.

When they came back down again she smiled up at him and he kissed her softly. Harry dragged a blanket over them and they fell asleep in each others arms; both feeling whole for the first time since last year.


Harry woke slowly, smelling roses and he smiled as he opened his eyes. He was on his side and Ginny was asleep beside him. He watched her for a few minutes, playing with her hair. He liked it long and decided she should never cut it. He began running his finger over her shoulder, tracing patterns with her freckles. His touch eventually woke her and she smiled up at him as she stretched, arching her back like a cat.

“Hi,” he said, leaning down and kissing her lazily. He pulled away from her with a sigh. “I guess I should go,” he said, “I don’t want your mum to send out a search party.”

She frowned playfully at him and he chuckled, leaning back down and kissing her quickly before moving to get off of the bed. He pulled on his boxers and headed to the bathroom. When he came back into the room he stopped. Ginny was sitting up on the bed waiting for him. She was holding a sheet up to cover herself and she looked gorgeous.

The sun had set while they were asleep and a fire had been started, causing the light to bounce off her hair as it fell in soft, messy waves to her elbows. Ginny saw his eyes flash as he looked at her and she dropped the sheet to her waist. “Are you sure you have to go?” she asked casually, even though her heart was pounding and even she was a little surprised at her boldness.

He stared at her, suddenly jealous of the hair on her chest. He smiled as he moved back to the bed, jumping up on it and crawling quickly over to her. She fell back giggling as he crouched over her. “Decide to stay?” she asked as he lowered his head to kiss her. It was a playful, yet passionate kiss and Ginny pouted dramatically when he broke away.

“Well,” Harry said as he began to kiss her face, moving from her nose to her cheeks and down her neck. “I just remembered something important I needed to do.”

“Oh yeah? And what is that?” He kissed her shoulder before raising his head to hers, his eyes a mixture of mirth and desire.

“I have to kiss every freckle on you body,” he said with a smile before he dropped his head back down. He kissed her neck, sprinkling kisses down her throat to her chest.

“Oh yes, very important,” she agreed in the most serious voice she could muster.

“You see Ginny” he said as he moved down, kissing her skin as he went, “I don’t want any to feel left out.”

“Oh course not,” she sighed, her body beginning to tingle.

“I mean look,” he said kissing her between her breasts. “Here’s one.” Ginny settled back onto the bed, sighing contently as the tingling increased. After awhile he moved on. “And then there are all of these,” he said moving down her stomach, pulling the sheet down as he went. He kissed her hip, “and here’s another one.” He kissed under her belly button, “and another.”

He looked up at her, his eyes flashing as he pulled the sheet off completely. “Did you know you had one here,” he asked, as he lowered his head, shifting her leg so that he could kiss the inside of her thigh. Ginny was having trouble breathing as she watched him, not entirely sure where he was going with this. He looked up at her before dropping his head again, kissing the inside of her other thigh. Her heart was pounding when she heard the last thing she ever expected.


Harry flew off the bed, scrambling over the side and landing in a heap as Ginny jerked the sheet up, tucking it under her arms. “Ginny, where are you? Are you here?” her mother called from the fire place. “They really need to fix the reception on this thing I can barely see… oh there you are dear, are you already in bed?” Ginny turned, trying to block the other side of the room, but she didn’t really need to; there was nothing in the world that could have made Harry sit up so that he could be seen. His heart was trying to break out of his body and he swore he had just experienced his first real heart attack as he listened.

“I… I was just taking a nap mum, what did you need?” Ginny said, running a hand through her hair and trying to sound normal.

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. I know things have been hard for you… have you spoken to Harry?”

Ginny’s mind raced, what can I say, yes? In fact, he’s hiding behind the bed in his boxers?… she settled on, “umm, no, I haven’t why?”

“Oh, no reason dear. I just thought… well never mind… I just want you to remember how special you are. Give him time, he will work it out…” Harry sat up slowly, staying directly behind Ginny so that he couldn’t be seen and reached across the bed, taking her hand. Ginny squeezed it as Mrs. Weasley continued. “I know you love him, and I know he saved you but if he doesn’t get it together, then he doesn’t deserve you.”

At this Mrs. Weasley’s hand came into the fire and she wiped her eyes. “You know that right dear?”

“Yes mum,” she replied as Harry squeezed her hand.

“Now, your father’s birthday is coming up and we need to talk about what you are getting him.” Harry had begun to trace patterns on her back and she struggled to focus.

“Um, mum, I have a lot of homework to do, can we talk later?”

“Well I really need to know dear so I can let your brothers know and…” Ginny tried to subtly swat Harry’s hand away as her mother continued on about how they couldn’t all get him the same present but it didn’t work.

“Mum, I’ll let you know about the gift tomorrow, I promise, but I really need to go,” Ginny said quickly, trying not to squirm too obviously as she tried to move away from his tickling fingers. As soon as her mom was gone Ginny grabbed a pillow and threw it at Harry who was on the floor with a ridiculous grin on his face. “You’re horrible! What if she had seen you?” He climbed back on the bed with a smile and drew her to him.

“She would have said ‘Oh Harry dear, I’m so glad you got it together, of course you can be with my gorgeous daughter!’” Ginny laughed at his impression of her mother and kissed him. He became serious after a minute and ran a hand through her hair.

“I really don’t deserve you right now,” he said, playing with a piece of her hair. “But I will.”

Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing his face. “Oh shut up Potter, or I may start to believe you,” she said as they fell back onto the bed, a tangle of arms, legs and fabric.


Ginny was lying on top of Harry, resting her chin on his chest as she looked at him. The sheets were gathered around their waists and he had his hands folded behind his head, looking at the ceiling as she traced her fingers lazily along his scar. “Was it bad? When you told her?” she asked.

He looked down at her and she saw his eyes cloud over. She could tell he didn’t really want to tell her about it and she looked down. “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have… It’s really none of my business,” she said, shaking her head before she kissed his chest and turned her head, laying it on his chest. He looked at the top of her head for a second before moving one of his hands to her hair with a sigh.

“It was horrible,” he said as he ran his fingers through it. “She just kept crying. She can hit pretty hard actually.”

He twirled a piece of her hair around his finger as he thought back. “Although not as hard as you…” he added, reminded of the several times she had slapped him. She turned her head to look up at him.

“Does she know? That you didn’t choose her?”

He shook his head. “I didn’t tell her, but I’m sure she probably guessed… I just… I just couldn’t tell her that.” Ginny stared at him and opened her mouth to ask a question but changed her mind, turning her head and nestling against him instead. “What?” Harry asked, watching her.

“Nothing, it’s not important,” she mumbled, snuggling closer. Harry frowned.

“Ginny, what were you going to say?”

She sighed and turned back. “I… I was just wondering if you reconsidered.”

Harry narrowed his eyes in confusion, “reconsidered what?”

“Well, reconsidered leaving her… thought about taking it back and staying with her… I mean it must have been awful and…” his eyes cleared and he reached down and grabbed her arms, pulling her up until their faces were level.


Ginny looked down at his face as his eyes watered.

“I hated, hated hurting her and it was awful, but no, that never even occurred to me…” Her eyes began to water too. “My heart is yours Ginny… ” She swallowed, suddenly feeling foolish for even asking.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry you had to deal with this...” she trailed off as he brought her down to him, wrapping his arms around her as she nestled her head in his neck.

“It’s ok, love. It was my mess to fix. And don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.” She laughed into his neck and pushed herself up.

“Isn’t that my line?” she asked, leaning down and kissing him. He smiled and pulled her back down to him, wrapping his arms around her as she nestled her head back into his shoulder.


Eventually Harry really did have to leave. “I’ll see you soon,” he said, kissing her softly.


He smiled and kissed her again. “Yeah, I promise.”


It was after three in the morning as Harry moved quietly through the burrow to his room, unable to keep the stupid grin off his face that he had had since leaving Ginny’s room. He opened the door and slipped inside, closing it quietly.

“Where have you been?” a voice asked and Harry jumped in surprise, spinning around to find Ron sitting on the edge of his bed, waiting for him to answer.

“Lord Ron, don’t do that!” He said, running a hand through is hair.

“Where have you been Harry?” he asked again and Harry stared at him for a second, not sure what the best answer to the question was. When he didn’t answer straight away Ron spoke again.

“Hermione talked to Beth today,” he said, watching Harry for his reaction.

“Did she?” Harry replied, slipping his shoes off and walking to his dresser.

“Are you going to hurt her?” Ron asked to his back and Harry glanced over his shoulder quickly before looking back down into his drawer, pulling out a shirt.

“I already hurt her. I’m sure Hermione told you that.”

“Not Beth, Harry. Ginny. Are you going to hurt Ginny? I assume that’s where you’ve been, judging by the state of you,” he said, giving an automatic shudder and going into big brother denial about what had probably happened.

Harry turned around and looked at him for a second. “No,” he said, sensing the importance of his answer. “I will never hurt her Ron. She’s everything.”

Ron looked at him, seeing the seriousness and the truth in his face and after a second he nodded and stood up. “Ok then.”

He walked to the door and opened it. He stopped as he began to leave and looked back at Harry who was still watching him. He looked down for a second, fiddling with the doorknob as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. “You know I love Beth Harry… but… well…” He looked up and Harry gave him a hint of a smile.

“I know,” was all he said and Ron nodded, closing the door behind him and heading off to write a note to Hermione. She had threatened to hex him if he didn't tell her what Harry said the minute he talked to him and he didn't doubt she would do it.

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