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A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry if this chapter is confusing, I'm trying to set up for something big in the next few. Please review and thanks for reading. Hope you like!

Draco grabbed the clothes out of his closet, pushing them into his trunk. He didn’t care about having them folded. He just wanted to get away from the mansion. That was all that mattered any more.

Every time he sat down, memories seemed to rush past him. As his eyes closed he saw Sylvie being taken away, the screaming pitch of her voice, as she begged and pleaded with the man carrying her away.


Her blond hair seemed to go limp as she screamed at the man. That wasn’t what hurt Draco the most, it was the fear in her eyes, the feeling of utter and utmost hope being lost. The sight made him angry. Sylvie wasn’t supposed to be caught in this.

“She will be returned if you fulfill your task Draco.” Said Voldemort smirking at him. Draco nodded, avoiding Sylvie who was in the arms of a man he didn’t recognize. Draco turned around and stood beside his father, not saying anything as he tried his best to avoid Sylvie’s eyes.

“Draco…” she said quietly. His eyes darted up, and he realized he’d never felt and more guilty in his life. One of her hands was outstretched, the small hands that he’d held so often. On her feet were the ballet slippers that he’d given her, but she didn’t care about that anymore, all she cared about was going to her brother. “Draco…” she said again, squirming in the arms of the Death Eater.

“Shut up!” exclaimed the Death Eater sharply. Sylvie closed her blue eyes and held back the tears that were threatening to break through. As she opened them again she looked at her brother, was their any hope left in the world?

Draco’s heart seemed to break as she turned away from him; he hung his head low and looked at his father in disgust. How could he have let this happen? What kind of family was this?


Draco shook his head and grabbed his quills from his desk. Shoving them in the trunk he couldn’t help but wonder where Sylvie was. Hopefully she wasn’t hurt, if they even touched her Draco had sworn to kill her.

Then there was the other thing haunting his mind though, Ginny. God he missed her, but he didn’t want to see her again as well. Now that he knew his mission was… to kill her. When his mind wasn’t set on Sylvie and how she was doing, he was thinking of her. He missed her in so many ways, her flaming hair, her soft kiss, and even the sharp tone of her voice as she yelled at him.


“Shh…. Somebody will hear us!” exclaimed Ginny as Draco bumped into a desk. He swore loudly and Ginny threw a glance over her shoulder at him that was easily read.

“Sorry! Can’t see a damn thing!” said Draco brushing past the desk and feeling his way along the wall. “Lumos.” He finally said.

“Why didn’t you do that in the first place?” asked Ginny staring at him.

“Don’t get smart with me.” Said Draco sitting on the desk behind him.

“Smart? I wasn’t being smart, just stating the obvious, I thought.” Said Ginny walking towards him. Draco nodded and smiled as he jumped off the desk. Ginny scowled as he walked away. “Where are you going?” she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

“What? Now I can’t even walk away from you? You must really want me!”

“You arrogant…”

Draco stepped forward smiling. He covered her mouth with his hand and smiled. “No need to tell me how sexy I am! I already understood that.”

Ginny’s eyes narrowed but Draco only smiled as he swooped his mouth down on hers, pressing together with as much passion as he could. Soon her lips loosened and she surrendered to him, he smiled to himself as he sat back against the desk. Running his hand through her hair, he couldn’t help but realize just how much he was starting to love her.


Draco fell backwards onto his bed, what had he gotten himself into? It wasn’t fair; did they not realize how hard it was for him to choose? The green sheets ruffled under him as his fists closed around the soft fabric.

Finally, he felt his eyelids start to droop and he fell into a sleep. Although, in his dreams were the grim reality of what he’d done only a few days before.


“Faithful Death Eaters. Tonight is the night that you will show me your loyalty. Draco is seventeen now, he can do as he pleases, but do not forget, that tonight you will show me what you have learned of cruelty.” Said Voldemort smiling. “Wreak havoc my fair followers, destroy it all.”

Draco’s head hung low, but he didn’t want to attract attention to himself. He, like all the other men ran forward. As he watched everyone burst into innocent people’s homes he stood in front of the door.

The door was white. Its edges were carved with the finest and steadiest hand. Draco studied it, he already felt guilty. He couldn’t kill. Nodding his head, and knowing what he had to do, he burst into the house, his wand held in front of him.

“Mommy! Wake up!” yelled someone standing in the doorway. Draco heard a bed creak and a young woman stood in the doorway; her brown hair tumbled around her shoulders as she scooped the small girl into her arms.

“What is it Elle?” she asked groggily. Elle pointed to the doorway where Draco stood. The woman’s eyes widened in horror as she began to shake, then turning around she ran into the other room, barring the door behind her.

Draco moved forward and after making his way through the door, he stopped, there sitting in the corner, was the young woman, her small daughter in her arms. Sitting beside her was another child of about six, he was holding a small baby and was crying. The mother rocked back and forth, whispering comforting words to her three children.

“Run.” Said Draco before he knew he’d said it. “Run, hurry, take only what you need. The other’s will get here soon, I can make it look like you are dead. GO!” bellowed Draco at the woman. She nodded but stood still.

“How can I trust you?” she asked shaking her head.

“Because I’m not a murderer.” Said Draco. “Hurry, the other Death Eaters will be here soon, then it will be too late.” The woman nodded again and ran past Draco. He could hear her scrambling up the stairs and was facing the three children now. They were alone. The boy was staring at him in fear.

“Where’s my dad?” he asked holding the small baby.

“I have no idea.” Said Draco staring at the girl named Elle, her bouncy brown curls were damp from her mother’s tears. The boy ran his fingers through his dark hair and Draco didn’t miss the worried expression cross his face.

“He left, he’s outside.” Said the boy shaking again. Draco shook his head. He’d already be dead by now.

Just then the mother burst through the door again. In her hands was a trunk, she looked at her three children in relief and then, as unexpected as Draco telling them to go, she stepped forward. Dropping the trunk to the ground she put her arms around Draco and whispered senseless things in his ear. Pulling away she grabbed the baby out of her son’s ear and ran out the back door, her other two children following.

Draco walked away from the house, and soon after it was afire, burning to the ground as he watched. Looking around him he was shocked to see how many houses had suffered the same as these ones. He had no doubt though, that the people inside had not gotten off so easily.


Draco sat up in bed and wiped the sweat from his brow. Although he knew what he’d done was right, he’d also ruined those people’s lives, and he knew for a fact that their father was dead.

Draco looked out his window, the sun was setting and all that remained was a soft glow. Sitting up again Draco threw in the remainder of his schoolbooks into his trunk.


“Where are you going Draco?” asked Narcissa as he walked by. His trunk was under his arm and he was determined to return to Hogwarts by the next morning.

“Going to school, where else?” he asked opening the front door. The white paint stared at him, and he thought plainly of the beautiful door, that in the end, he had burned down.

“Alright, just wait, you can’t go off by yourself.” She said drying her hands on the dishtowel. Draco nodded; he was very distant from his mother.

“Hurry. I want to get there tonight.” He said. Narcissa nodded as they left the house.


Ginny was nodding off into sleep as she thought about Draco. They’d begun their classes again and still she hadn’t seen, or even heard of where Draco was. She was beginning to get worried, it was only two days, but to her it seemed like two months.

“Stop worrying Ginny. He’ll get here soon.” Said Jane from her bed. Ginny smiled, Jane always knew if Ginny was upset.

“I hope so.” Said Ginny, her arms crossed behind her head. “You like Ron don’t you Jane?” asked Ginny smirking. She thought they might have been something going on between them.

“What do you mean, he’s your brother. He’s off limits.” Said Jane tensely.

“It’s alright, if you wanna date him go ahead. I heard you two talking at our house Jane, and you don’t need my permission.” Ginny smiled as she thought back to when she first realized that Jane and Ron were attracted to one another. It was as weird as her and Draco.

“Thanks Ginny… really, it means a lot to me.” Said Jane getting up and slipping a robe over her.

“Where are you going?” asked Ginny sitting up and looking at her curiously.

“To see Ron!” exclaimed Jane throwing open the door and running down the hall. Ginny laughed as she heard Ron shout out happily and could only imagine the look on his face. She wouldn’t see it though as she was suddenly distracted by the light tapping on her window. She didn’t want to get her hopes up, but there in the window was Draco’s owl.

She slipped out of bed and opened the window. It flew in and stuck its talon out. Ginny hastily grabbed for the letter, obviously not caring if the bird was hurt or not. It made a hoot of disapproval as it waited for Ginny to reply.

Entrance hall. NOW!

Ginny smiled and shooed away the owl, it wasn’t important that he get a reply, she’d be there before the owl got to Draco. She hastily pulled a pair of her robes on and brushed her hair.

Running down the stairs Ginny smiled as she bounded to the portrait door, taking no notice of anything else.

“Ginny! Wait up!” yelled Jane, Ginny stopped in her tracks as Jane looked at her in wonder.

“He’s back, I have to go meet him.” Said Ginny breathlessly. Jane nodded, she was smiling as she hugged Ginny. Ginny looked over at the fireplace where Harry and Hermione were sitting together and talking. Ron was looking at Jane hungrily and Ginny felt uncomfortable. The thought of anyone liking her brother was terrifying.

Breaking away from the hug, Ginny ran out the portrait door. It slammed behind her loudly but she took no notice, she was running as fast as she could. Several portraits yelled at her angrily, but she kept going.

Finally she arrived at the steps and looked down at the entrance hall, expecting to see Draco sitting there waiting for her. Her face, which had been filled with joy, seemed to die in seconds.

He wasn’t there.
---------------- So guys what did you think? I hope you like it, I'm writing the next chapter now... please review! Megz

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