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Ron shot up and got up the people in his dormitorie and ran down the stairs and met up with hermione. They gave each other wworried looks and had no time to talk they were just worried what layed before them. They rushed downstairs an down stairs and into the great hall Professor Mcgonnagal was almost crying "two of our teachers were just found dead i think we may be under attack again i need everyone to stay here we have lookouts everywhere we are going to now lock the doors and the teachers are going to find these intruders". Hermione imediately shot up her hand "What is it miss Granger?" "um professor which teachers were killed?" asked hermione. " Im sorry to announce that that it was Professor trelawny and Professor Slughorn" imediately everyone one went into chatter. A couple girls girls started to cry. Now if youll excuse me im going to go check out whos here proofessor flitwick will stay here and make sure no one gets hurt she leaves slamming the door behind her and locking it. almost 5 minutes after they heard a loud high pitched scream. hermione screams "Professor" and everyone just stares wondering what happened. It was over an hour befor ethey heard another sound professor flitwick was standing in front of the door the whole time waiting for them to barge in some people were passed out on the ground. But most were wide awake waiting for something to happen. But nothing was then they heard talking from out in the hallway everyone wennt quiet.It sounded like professor mcgonagal and another man talking then the door started to open slowly and slowly. Everyone had there wand out now but when the door opened they were not blasting they were shocked.In the doorway stood 2 people professor Mcgonogal and Dumbledore. He walked in and with a sly look on his face said "good afternoon students", and everyone cheered. He walked across the room put the wand up to his throat and started speaking of what had happened earlier this evening. He told them that he was in the classroom all day waiting when he heard people coming and he transformed back into a phoenix. He told them it was the 2 teachers checking to see who was in the classroom. When they came in they looked around and they didnt see anything. So they walked out and all of a sudden he heard a loud shout "AVADA KADAVRA" and he saw them fall to the ground. He told them how he transformed back and went up to them and took care of all 4 of voldemorts followers. Now professor Mcgonnagal and Hagrid were crying back in the corner. Then after he got done explaining he told everyone to sleep except hermione and ron he called them to a different room. HE asked them "Where's Harry", they both stared at each other and told him how Harry went looking for the last of the horcruxes. Dumbledore had a blank expression on his face like he was very nervous. He started pacing back in fourth. "has he told you where he'd be?" dumbledore asked. "no" they both said. " he shouldnt have gone looking for them by homself I dont know why anyone let him go" dumbledore was still pacing back and fourth. Hermione spoke up and asked "why sir what could happen to harry?" If he goes searching for them hes going to either meet up with voldemort or his followers, I hear that hes gotten 10 times stronger and he knows about me going to get rid of his horcruxes.He'll be waiting there for him hes laid alot more traps than before". "How do you know all of that sir?" because i went after one while everyone thought i was dead. Ron spoke up and asked "Sir how did you survive?" he respnded with a little chuckle and began lets just say i new that night was coming..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey leave me a review or im not writing anymore cause i want to know if its good or not and i need you to tell me okay thanks Cassidyguy123^^ please hurry the sooner you review the sooner I write more!

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