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Far away ina city called Londen a mysterious hooded man walks down the road.He's Limping like he just got into a terrible accident. He goes into a pub called The Leaky Cauldron hes in there for a while drinking a glass of cold butter bear, No one has any clue who he is you cant see his face from behind the hood. He sits there Rubbing his head like hes thinking really hard. Then he says to himself "I have to go through with this i must". He waits until its dark out and leaves, A Married couple watch as he walks into an alley he pulls out what seems to be like a stick he says something and he dissapears they look at eachother in amazement then they keep walking and wondering who that hooded guy was. He arrived on the outskirts of hogwarts right before the forbidden forest. He waits for a minute looks around and takes off his cloak IT WAS DUMBLEDORE! He walks up to the trail and takes out his wand again and whispers "lumos" and heads through the trail. Dumbledore reached the end of the trail and puts his wand away. He starts toward Hogwartz and stops, staring at the castle admiring it thinking about how he thought he would never see it again. He goes off toward the castle and stops again, he starts to worry "what if minerva never reopened the school what if she left it closed until Voldemort was gone". He knew that the only way to find out was to head towards the Hogwartz. So he started off again, he made it to the castle and looked around he started to think and then almost instantly he was turned into some sort of bird. It was a Phoenix! A beutifal red and gold phoenix. He soared off into the castle and started to get worried again there was no one in the hallway. He flew to a classroom and looked in and saw why there was no one in the hallway he started to chuckle there was only 7 people in transfiguration class. He went to fly off again and start looking. He looked for half the day and started to give up, then all of a sudden he relized that it was lunchtime. He flew as fast as he could down to the great hall. When he got there everyone looked no one there has seen a phoenix since dumbledore supposedly died. He then started to get excited he saw ron and hermione but not Harry, he got a little angry. But then he got an idea he flew off into an empty classroom and immediately transformed back into himself. Dumbledore then started to write a letter to Ron. Dear Ron, Will you please meet me after lunch in room 177. I really need to talk to you about something important. I cant tell you who I am or it will blow my cover but i will hope that you do come. sincerly, anonomys p.s. bring hermione too. He quickly changed back into a Phoenix and soared off back to the great hall. He saw Ron and rushed to him dropping the letter and taking back off. Ron quickly reads the note with a mysterious look on his face, Hermione rips the note out of his hand and her and rron look at each other and take of toward the door when they were stopped by 2 people they hate. 2 slytherins Crabbe and Goyle. "well what have we here" they said A/N Please hurry and give me a review i want to know if its good or not so hurry and tell me.

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