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*K, so here is chapter 1, it's basically just intro stuff, the actual plot line will get rolling in the next couple of chapters. Thx for reading!*

Winter Day 13

It’s bitterly cold here. Despite all the bodies no one can generate heat. They’ve put us together down here in this freezing hell that used to be Gringotts. Each vault has at least twenty of us. Families are split up, friends separated, and everyone is afraid to talk. You never know if they are real bats on the ceilings, or if that mouse that scurried across the floor is really a mouse. I woke up two weeks ago and this is all I have known. This stone prison and the nineteen others that share it with me. I only know one other that shares this cell, Narcissa Malfoy. We sit in opposite corners. They have split us by gender; I have not seen Harry or Ron since the battle. The others that share this cell range from a little girl of no more than five to a woman who may leave us any second. The two girls that share the corner by the door attended Hogwarts, but they were several years behind me. I fear they will be the first to break. For here in Gringotts is where they have housed the resistance. Those that will not willingly work for them, or become one of them. I shudder at the thought.

Hermione clutched her filthy robe tighter around her as she sat shivering in the darkness. A small tear slid down her face, leaving a streak on her dirty cheeks. She was about to nod off, when she heard the gears on the vault door begin to move. All the others in the vault stirred in anxiety and fear. Hermione narrowed her eyes at the figure in the doorway. The woman that stood there looked no older than twenty, but Hermione knew she was much older. Her pale skin accentuated her blood-red lips and the charcoal around her luminous eyes. She smiled as she stepped into the room, showing her long, white canines. She was strapped in so much leather Hermione wondered how she could breathe.

“You.” She said pointing in Hermione’s direction. “Up. Now.” Hermione just stared at her, not moving. “I said, get up!” Still Hermione did not move. Then she felt hands under her elbows and she was hoisted to her feet.

“Do as she says, now is not the time to be defiant.” Narcissa Malfoy whispered into her ear as she retreated back to her corner. Hermione scowled, but took a step toward the woman.

“Good. Follow me.” A spell laced these words and Hermione felt her feet begin to move without her control. Her cramped legs were aching, and if it weren’t for the spell she would have stumbled and fallen half a dozen times. The woman led her through many twists and turns in the underground of Gringotts finally stopping at a large metal door. Raising her pure white hand, she knocked once on the door. Immediately it began to creak open. The woman smiled slightly and turned her head to Hermione. “They wait.”

Hermione followed her through the door and into a large, high-ceilinged chamber. Before her was seated a council of sorts behind high, wooden podiums. Hermione’s eyes flickered wearily across the room. At the center sat a very thin man, dressed in leather like the woman that had brought Hermione. He met Hermione’s eyes with cool blue ones and smiled. “Thank you, Vee.” He spoke to the woman next to Hermione and when he talked Hermione could see his fangs. “Allow me to introduce myself.” His voice was a cool baritone, and Hermione felt chilled. “I am Vance, leader of this council, and ruler of the New Order. This is Kabria,” A tall woman with beach white hair stood. Banshee. Hermione thought to herself. “Amandar,” Werewolf. “Griade,” Giant. “And of course you’ve met Vee.” So this is who controls our world now. Bloody Vampires.

“Now, you witch were summoned here specifically. First, do you know this man?” As Vance asked this question a man was trust out from the shadows. He fell to his knees before the council his grey shot hair falling into his face. Slowly he raised his head, and Hermione’s heart stopped beating. Oh god, Professor Lupin.

“He was a Professor at Hogwarts for one year.” Hermione answered praying that was the right answer.

“Anything more?” Vance demanded narrowing his eyes.

“I didn’t like him very much, he had this weird obsession with werewolves.” Hermione shrugged. Vance’s mouth twitched and he waved Lupin away. Two large vampires dragged him from the room, but his eyes never left Hermione.

“You have done as I have asked witch, so I will grant you an option. I do not hand these out lightly, so you would do well to accept. I offer you immortality and chance to be among those who rule this world. I offer you the chance to be one of us, a vampire.”

“No.” Hermione said flatly.

“Very well. Vee take her back to her cell.” Vee took a hold of Hermione’s elbow and steered her from the room. Hermione felt the spell in her again and knew her feet would walk her back to the vault.

“That was stupid.” Vee announced as they entered the underground. “He offered you freedom.”

“I don’t want to be one of you. You’re not even alive.”

“You won’t be either. They won’t keep all of you alive forever you know. Once they get the information and the converts they want, we’ll just start picking you off one by one. And the ones like you will be the first to go.” Vee smiled then, a cold steely smile as she looked at Hermione. “How old are you?”


“Seventeen. A fraction of my life. Tell me, is that all the life you want. Do you want to die now, alone and innocent?” Hermione couldn’t help it, she blushed.

“I saw the last battle, I have no more innocence.” They had reached the vault door. Vee opened it, and pushed Hermione inside.

“I’ll be back for you witch. Sooner than you think.” The door slammed shut. Instantly the women in the vault were on her.

“What’s happened-”

“Where are the others-”

“Who have you seen?”

“Enough!” Hermione shouted. “Sit, and be quiet.” The vault immediately went quiet. “We are being ruled by what they call the New Order. At the head of their council is a vampire named Vance. With him sits a Banshee, a Werewolf, and a Giant. No doubt they have control of others as well. That is all I saw.”

“What did they want from you?” A cold voice spoke from the darkened corner.

“They offered me immortality, Mrs. Malfoy, which I refused.”

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