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The next few days were had realized a long time ago that she would probably never be a mother, but actually gibing up made it real. She knew that after they stopped trying they would probably never try again. It was just Harry’s way of gently breaking it to her. Though that week was tough, the weeks that followed were easier and a little enjoyable. For the fist time in years Harry and Ginny could have sex whenever they wanted, not only when she was ovulation. Two months after Harry’s Birthday, Ginny, Fluer, Alicia, Yanna, Angelina, and Hermione went out to dinner like they always did at the end of every month. It gave the Weasley girls time to catch up without any kids or husbands. Yanna looked like she was ready to pop, and Hermione was starting to show. The young women were discussing the usual; their husbands, their kids, their jobs, or the latest gossip. “Well,” began Angelina. “Little Andrew smiled for the first time the other day!” “Oh my!” yelled Yanna, looking frightened. “What?” the others said, concerned while Angelina said, “I know!” quite excitedly until she realized Yanna had not been talking to her. “I think that my water just broke,” she exclaimed, looking very nervous. “Okay,” Ginny said in a calming voice. “Don’t panic, okay Yanna. Can you Apparate to St. Mungo’s?” Yanna nodded and they both disappeared from the table in an instant. When they appeared in the lobby of the hospital Ginny walked over to the receptionist. “Hello, I’m Healer Potter,” she said in an extremely professional voice. “I have a patient here who is in labor. I’m gong to need a private room with birthing equipment for twins and extra assistants on call.” The receptionist nodded as she made notes on a chart and brought out a wheelchair for Yanna. She handed the chart to Ginny and told her room 608. The sixth floor had been added 2 years ago just for birthing and child illnesses. Ginny pushed Yanna into the Magic elevator and when they were in Yanna’s room Ginny helped her get comfortable. She flicked her wand and a cup of ice chips appeared in her hand. “Here,” she said, handing the cup to Yanna. “You’re going to want these soon.” “Thanks,” Yanna said. “Could you do me a favor?” “Sure.” “Vill you let Charlie, Molly, and Arthur know vere I am?” Yanna asked, her breathing getting heavier as the contractions started. “Oh, of course, I’ll be right back,” Ginny said. She Apparated home to tell Harry where she was, then to her parent’s house to tell them they were about to be grandparents again, and then to Charlie and Yanna’s house. “Charlie?” she called. “Ginny?” she heard him called from upstairs. She walked up the stairs and met him in the hallway. “Is lunch over already?” he asked. “I don’t know. Yanna and I left early because her water broke.” “Oh my gosh!” Charlie said, panic spreading across his face. “Is she okay? Is she scared? Where-” “Charlie, listen to me,” she said in a firm voice. “Yanna is fine. She’s a bit nervous, but fine. Now, you need to pack a few of her clothes and a pillow or something o make her feel at home, okay?” “Yeah, oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad! Oh my gosh, I can’t-” “Charlie! You have to calm down. I won’t let you into the room if you don’t. If Yanna sees you like this she wont’ be able to calm down and that will only cause complications.” “Okay, yeah, I’ll just…” He walked into their room and Ginny yelled, “Room 608!” “Okay…” Ginny Apparated back to the hospital. She walked down the hall to Yanna’s room, now wearing her green Healer’s robes. “Yanna, are you okay?” she asked. “Vell, aside from the contractions I feel fine. Is Charlie coming?” “He’s on his way.” Ginny said looking at her chart to monitor the past 20 minutes. “Okay, well everything looks fine. I’ll be here if you need me, but until you do, I’ll be checking on some of my patients downstairs.” Yanna nodded but didn’t say anything because she was having another contraction. Ginny ran into Charlie on her way out. He looked very excited and very nervous. “If you hurry you can hold her hand through a contraction,” Ginny said and Charlie quickened his pace. Ginny reached the third floor to visit some of her patients. “Hello Mrs. Brightmen,” she said, entering a private room. “Healer Potter, thank goodness,” said the elderly woman in a squeaky voice. “I need you to do something about this rash.” “Well, you know the only potion cure has to wait another week until the full moon t be ready. Until then I can have an assistant Healer come in and put a pain reliever on the boils.” The witch was suffering from a terrible rash from eating poisonous dittany. “Yes, that would be wonderful,” said the witch. Ginny wrote something on the chart and had an assistant Healer help the old witch. Ginny walked down the hall and checked on a few more of her patients and realized it had been over an hour and a half. She returned to the sixth floor and glided through the corridor. She passed the waiting room that was full of redheads, but decided to check on Yanna first. “How are we doing in here?” Ginny asked cheerfully. “Not…too…vell,” Yanna said through what was obviously a contraction. She was squeezing Charlie’s hand and he was patting her head with a damp cloth. “Well, lets see,” Ginny said. “You’re about 7 centimeters dilated. That’s good progress. Would you like to take a potion for the pain?” “Oh yes, that vould be vonderful.” An assistant Healer mixed the potion for Yanna and she seemed to be content for a little while, so Ginny went out to talk to her family. “Do we have anymore grandchildren yet?” Mrs. Weasley asked anxiously. “No, not yet.” Ginny said. “Soon though. I think in the next hour or so. We gave her a potion that eased the pain, but it may slow things down a little. We just have to wait and see.” Ginny looked around the room at the somewhat disappointed faces. Bill, Fluer, Angelina, Alicia, Hermione and George were there. “Where’s everybody else?” Ginny asked. “Ze cheelren are with ‘arry, Ron, and Fred. I believe they are at your ‘ouse,” Fluer said. Ginny imagined what her home would look like when she returned. She talked with her family for a little while more until an assistant Healer interrupted her. “Healer Potter,” said the assistant. “It’s Mrs. Weasley. She’s fully dilated.” “Oh, well, I guess the potion sped this up. Okay, I’ll be back with their names and weights soon!” * * * “Okay Yanna, another push,” Ginny yelled encouragingly. “I can’t,” Yanna sighed, breathing heavily. Charlie kissed her hand that was gripping his tightly. “Yes you can Yanna. You can’t give up before you try,” Ginny said. Yanna nodded, Ginny counted to 3, and in seconds the sound of a baby crying filled the room. “It’s a girl!” Ginny said happily as she gently cleaned her tiny niece. Yanna kissed Charlie and smiled widely as tears glistened her cheeks, but had little time to relax befor the next baby came. “Okay Yanna, here we go again,” Ginny said, handing the baby to the assistant. In three minutes, Yanna and Charlie had identical girls. Charlie cried for the first time Ginny could remember and Yanna looked as if she was ready to pass out. “Do we have any names picked out?” Ginny asked, ready to write them down on the chart. “Vell, ve vere thinking about Alexandra for the older von,” Yanna said. “How lovely,” Ginny said as she wrote it down. “And for the younger one?” “Ginerva,” Charlie said. Ginny looked at him with an astonished face. He and Yanna smiled at her, and knew she was happy even though Ginny didn’t say anything. She held back tears and she wrote the name on the chart. “Charlie, do you want to take the girls to the waiting room?” she asked, still close to tears over her niece’s name. “Yeah.” The entire family was thrilled with its new addition, especially Mrs. Weasley. She couldn’t stop crying, and burst into tears again when she found out Charlie and Yanna had named their daughter after Ginny. In a few hours Ginny left the hospital and returned home. One by one her nieces and nephews left with their parents and Ginny and Harry were alone. “So, what are their names?” Harry asked when they got into bed. “Alexandra and Ginerva,” Ginny said, now extremely proud she had someone named after her. Harry smiled and wondered if they picked Ginerva because they knew Ginny would never have kids. He decided not to bring it up. Instead he kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight. Ginny stayed awake for a little thinking about babies. She sighed and rolled over and turned off the lights as she drifted off to sleep. i hope you enjoyed it! I just wanted to clear up Yanna's situation. I know i said she was a muggle in Chapter 1, but it was easier making her a Witch so she could Apparate. Please review!

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