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[N/A]- Yeah. I know. I've been forever... I have no excuses to give, just.. bah. lol. Actually I would have had this up about a week ago, but my dada was doing something with the hard-drive and then the internet wouldn't work... BUT.. here we go... at long last. (Hey, when you have to wait for something it makes it better dont it? Don't it?? LoL.)

I have no disclaimer, you all know I don't own Harry Potter...

And before I go, I would like to thank i dOnT sTuDy x for helping me out of the hole i'd written myself into, and for her ideas. =D Luurve you hun!

Oh.. would you all like a recap? I bet you would, since it's been so long. Well here's the end of chapter 12:

"Who's there?" demanded Sirius. "Come out of the trees!"

A figure stumbled out of the bushes, and fell to the ground, shaking. Remus was the first to recognize the red hair. "Lily!?" He yelled, shocked. Sirius, Carina and Aria jumped, and looked closer at the figure quivering on the ground. Realizing that it was indeed their friend who they had been searching for, they ran over and knelt beside her.

The four friends were shocked and furious to see Lily's condition. She was still wearing the plain black dress she had worn at the funeral, but it was ripped and torn and wrinkled and dirty. There were a few cuts on her arms, and a gash on her left cheek. Her hair was a mess, and her makeup was running. It was obvious that she had been crying, and it was nerve wracking to see Lily shaking on the ground, curled up into a little ball.

"Lily.." Carina said softly.

Lily looked up at her, and took a deep breath. "Rina?" she asked, sounding afraid. Carina nodded and Lily looked relieved. "Oh thank god.." she muttered. Aria bent down and gave her red headed friend a hug.

"What the hell happened, Lils?" she asked. Lily froze, as if thinking back to what exactly happened, and then tears filled her eyes and she started to cry. Carina and Aria held her in their arms while Lily sobbed in their arms, while Remus and Sirius looked on, confused and angered.

When it seemed as if Lily had calmed down somewhat, Sirius knelt down and said, "Lily?" Lily tensed at the sound of his voice and looked up at him, fear filling her eyes as she inched away from him. Confused, Sirius reached out to put a hand on her back, but she recoiled from his touch, and started to cry once more.

Alarmed, Sirius pulled away. "What the hell happened?" Sirius demanded to know, looking around the deserted road as if the person who had done this to Lily would show up there any minute.

Remus on the other hand knelt down closer to Lily and looked her directly in the eye. He was shocked to see how scared she was. Lily Evans was rarely scared, and if she was, she didn't show it. "Lily..." he said, moving an inch closer, she shuddered. Furrowing his brow, he looked at her. "Lily, I would never hurt you, you know that, don't you?"

She just looked at him. Sirius leaned forward as well. "I promise, We promise that we would never do anything to hurt you Lily." He told her very seriously.

Lily just sat there, tears welling up in her eyes as she fought against her rational side. She didn't know what to say, so she said the only thing that made sense. "Can I just go home, please?" she asked timidly.

"Of course sweetie." came Aria's voice as she helped Lily stand up. "Let's get you home."

And so they did. They walked and walked and soon they were almost there. The four friends couldn't help but notice the way that Lily stayed closer to Aria and Carina, and how she was limping slightly, and they each wondered, extremely worried for her, what had happened.

When they finally reached Lily and James' street, Lily started to pick up her pace, just wanting to collapse in her bed and sleep and sleep and never think about anything again.

She was nearly there when her friends caught up to her. Carina gently grabbed her arm to stop her. "Lily, you need to tell us what happened." She said. "So we can help you."

Lily just stood there, her body shaking once more as she remembered and tried to forget. Suddenly the door to James' house burst open and two figures came darting out of the house. The one in the lead was extremely angry, that everybody could tell.

Suddenly Lily was terrified once more. She turned to Carina, Aria, Sirius and Remus. "Please... Don't tell James." She said, tears pouring down her dirty face. Then, the red-haired girl turned and fled into her house.

The four friends watched her go in silence. Within moments, James had reached them. "What the hell is going on?" He demanded to know. "You all gone off somewhere in the middle of the night without me?! When one of our friends is in trouble? Why the hell didn't you get me up? What is wrong with Lily?" He asked, his voice breaking somewhere in the middle of his rant. He couldn't bear something to happen to somebody else he loved.

The 6 stood there, nobody really knowing what to say to James. Lily's words were echoing in their heads. After a long, pregnant pause, Sirius sighed, and said truthfully, "I really don't know, mate, I don't know..."

And he didn't. None of them did.

* * * * *

There we go. Now that everybody's up-to-date, Lets move forewards!!!! =D

Chapter 13 - Their Lily

Lily curled herself up in her safe, warm bed, and hugged her dog, Cocoa tightly as she fought hard against the newly formed memories she had acquired. She tried to think of happy things, of Hogwarts, or her friends, but it was proving difficult to close out what had happened.

The door was locked. The windows were locked. The bedside lamp was on, and her wand was sitting beside her on her bed, so it was in easy reach if she should need it.

Despite all of this, she was still terrified, and hurt.

Her ankle was throbbing, a result of running as fast as she could through the dark forest. And many minor scratches were present on exposed skin because of this as well. A rather painful cut was exposed on her cheek, and another one on her left forearm.

.. And the bruises... Lily winced as she twisted her body slightly, and softly clutched her stomach.

However, no scar or minor injury could ever pierce her so deeply as the events that night,

She had never liked him, the filthy arrogant bastard, but she would have never thought he was capable of such actions.

In all accounts, when Lily finally calmed down slightly, she considered herself lucky. She had been able to escape. Running a hand through her dirty hair, she shuddered to think of what would have happened had she not been able to distract him, for the distraction had been all she needed, and then she had run harder and faster that she ever thought possible.

And even as she knew this, Lily sat in her comforting room, and she was still scared.. still picturing that maniac-like look in his eyes... one of rage, lust, and arrogance. Just remembering that look in his eyes.. a sob erupted from her chest as it sunk in.. what happened... what could have happened.. and what would have happened if she hadn't gotten away. Flinging herself on her bed, she cried, and thanked and unknown force that she had escaped.

... and she hoped against hope that if such an incident ever occurred again, she would be as lucky as she was this night.

* * *

The next few days passed slowly and an air of thick tension was surrounding the group of friends.

Everybody was worrying about everything; what the hell had happened to Lily, how James was doing, along with everybody else mourning, James' parents, Carina, the full moon, having to return to Hogwarts and make up for the classes they had missed...

Everything was piling up, and the stress was starting to take it's toll on everybody.

The red head was doing a spectacular job of acting. Apart from that night, she had appeared as normal as ever. She refused to let her friends know what was going on.

Needless to say, they were not that easily fooled... however... with everything else piling up as well.. sometimes it just evaporated from their minds, being replaced by immediate problems.

However, they had chosen the worst time possible to be ignorant of Lily's need for her friends. She was sinking deeper and deeper into a hole that she couldn't get out of. Stress was overwhelming her, while depression captured the fiery girl...

* * *

Soon, they were all back at Hogwarts, doing their own thing, trying to get back to normal, yet worried as hell and stressed about every little thing. It was a rainy, Friday afternoon as Lily sat by herself in the library, immersed in work even though classes had only just ended. Her stomach growled, but she ignored it. Her red hair was unkept and shoved into a ponytail, there were bags present under her eyes, and her makeup was smudged.

She was scribbling away at some Potions essay, not allowing her mind to wander towards anything. It was easier that way.

Pausing for a second to rub her tired eyes, she yawned, before returning to her work, her eyes dropping from sleepless nights. She'd taken to having nightmares, not just about that night in the woods, but about Sarah, James, Carina and Snape, Peter, the rising threat of some dark lord, and her sister.

So instead of sleeping, she forced herself to work until exhaustion which would hopefully provide a dreamless sleep. She would have gone to the infirmary for a dreamless sleep potion, but her common sense was lacking and even if she had gone, Madame Pompfrey would have surely wanted an excuse.

So she buried herself in work, and when she was with her friends, she put up such a marvelous act, they hardly noticed.

As the girl finished her essay, she packed up her things, and trudged up to Gryffindor tower to drop her things off before heading down to the kitchens to see if there was any supper left... but it seemed that she didn't have to take the extra trip to the kitchens after all, for as she entered the common room, Carina and Aria were sitting, waiting for her with a basket of food in front of them.

Her two friends grinned at her. "Hey Lils. You missed supper, so we brought it for you. Where were you?" asked Cari, motioning for her to sit down. Lily obliged and took a nibble of a bun.

She forced a smile. "Library. I wanted to finish that essay for potions."

Aria rolled her eyes. "Crazy broad! You have a week to finish that essay.. but nevermind, you can help me!" she said, grinning. Lily smiled back through a yawn.

Carina propped her feet up on Lily's lap. "So what shall we do tonight? The guys have gone off pranking somewhere, so its just us girls."

"It's about time they got back to their pranking!" Aria exclaimed, a concerned smile on her face. "Maybe it will help to cheer them up."

Lily smiled sadly. "I hope so." She stifled a yawn and took another small bite out of an apple. "So what's the plan for tonight?" she asked. The she spotted Cari looking at her shrewdly. "What?" She suddenly felt very self-conscious, and a wave of fear passed over her.

"Are you okay? You look tired. Have you been overworking yourself again?" Lily let out a small sigh of relief.

"No, I'm fine." she insisted. Cari didn't look convinced, but Aria waved it away.

"She'll be fine." Aria told Carina, and Lily, who had averted her eyes and taken another bite of her apple, didn't see the look that was exchanged by her two friends.

* * *

Meanwhile, the marauders had taken refuge in the kitchens... even if it was right after supper, but hey, if Sirius and Peter wanted some more puddings, they were gonna get them.

So while Remus and James sat themselves at a table, sipping their tea, Peter and Sirius filled their faces with trifles and eclairs. Remus shot them look and muttered, "Pigs."

James smiled. "Damn right their pigs."

Sirius pouted. "Hey, I missed Hogwarts food." James gave him a weak smile, the reason why they had to have missed the food ever present in his mind.

Sirius seemed to realize he'd said something wrong, and instantly started racking his mind for a subject change. It landed on Lily. "So.. guys.. what do you think happened to Lily that night?" He asked, a hint of anger in his voice. All three of his friends instantly turned and looked at him.

"She's acted pretty much normal since then." Peter said, a curious look on his face. "Maybe it wasn't really anything at all."

Remus shook his head. "No, you didn't see her that night. She was terrified."

"What was she acting like?" James demanded to know, an ugly look on his face. "What was the matter with her? She bolted for the house when I came out."

Sirius and Remus exchanged glances before Sirius opened his mouth. "We were looking for her, and when we finally found her, she stumbled out of the woods, and just.. fell onto the pavement. I didn't recognize her at first."

Remus cut in. "When we had realized it was her, we went over to see if she was okay, naturally... but she was shaking and still her dress from..." he stopped himself, "her black dress.. and she was cut up and bruised and messy. She was grateful to see Aria and Rina.. but she wouldn't touch me or Sirius..." he trailed off.

James' fury was building up inside if him. "Obviously pointing out that whoever did whatever to her was a guy. Go on."

"We brought her home, and when she saw you running, obviously pissed off, she got scared and ran." Remus finished, looking at his friend. "Who could have done something to her anyway?"

The 4 boys searched their minds. James hadn't been paying attention to anything at the funeral... and neither had his friends... but Peter suddenly remembered something. "Hey.. there was a guy.. she was staring at her I think... yeah, every time I’d glance around and see him, he'd be staring at her.." he blurted out, feeling guilty for not remembering sooner.

"Who was it? What did he look like?" James asked, his voice flat, as if he already knew the answer.

Peter tried to remember. "Tall, uhh... dark hair... he was wearing a white shirt and uhh... a red tie.. yeah.. er.." James cut him off.

"Was his hair straight? Did he have a big nose?"

Peter tried to remember. He nodded. "Yeah, he did."

James looked murderous. "Brandon Stone." he said slowly, spitting out the name as if it was the cause of a scratch on his broomstick. "I hate him."

"So this.. Brandon guy.. did something to our Lils?" Sirius asked angrily.

James nodded. "Most likely."

"Who votes we kill him?"

James and Peter rose their hands. Remus opened his mouth. "First, we find out if it really was him."

"And if it is?"

Remus had an ugly look on his face and said simply. "We kill him. Then we kill Snape. Deal?"

Sirius high-fived him. "Deal... now hows about we release some of our frustration on old Snivellus now?"

The four marauders grinned evilly and started to plan.

* * *

"Oooh! I know what we can do!" said Aria mischievously. The other two looked at her. "Why don't we go clubbing in Hogsmeade and get Cari absolutely drunk!?" She paused, laughing slightly at the look on Cari's face. "Oh wait.. I forgot we'd already done that!" Carina made a face at her, and three of the girls laughed.

"How about we have a total girly night? Read magazines, do our nails, wax our legs, use face masks, pluck our eyebrows and all that jazz? It's girly, there’s no chance of us getting drunk.." Aria smirked, but didn't interrupt Cari. "And we haven't done it in a while. Total estrogen night.. without clubs."

Lily smiled. "Sure thing."

15 minutes later, the three girls were sitting on Aria's bed in their pajamas, eating chocolate and drinking pina coladas. Aria swished her wand and music filled the air. She jumped up and danced her way into the washroom, returning with a large bowl of green paste.

Lily and Cari tied their hair up and began scooping the stuff onto their face. Aria did the same. "So what's on everybody's minds?" she asked, trying to decide between 2 colours of nail polish.

Lily shrugged, trying to be nonchalant while her heart skipped a beat. "Not much." She quickly busied herself with choosing a nail polish as well. She chose a deep, crimson red.

Carina took another sip from her not-so-alcohol-free pina colada and started flipping through a 'Witch Weekly' magazine. "Just stuff. But lets not talk about serious stuff tonight, okay? Umm.. Ria, got your eye on any certain guy.. as your last boyfriend turned out to be gay?" The three girls laughed.

Aria shook her head, finally deciding on a bright turquoise green nail polish. "Nope, completely single. I'm still searching for 'the one'. Lily?"

Lily scowled at her. "Nope." The other two girls rolled their eyes, but didn't say anything. Lily blew on her nails, waiting for them to dry so she could go wash the green muck off her face. "Cari, aren't you going to do your nails too?"

Noticing the change of topic, but not commenting on it, Cari shrugged. "Spose so." So she went through Aria's rather large collection of nail polishes and decided on a pale pink.

Lily took another sip from her pina colada and upon confirmation that her nails were indeed dry, she got up and headed to the bathroom.

Once the water was on, Aria leaned over and spoke softly to Carina so that Lily wouldn't hear. "We're going to get it out of her tonight." She told her friend. Carina nodded, her forehead wrinkled in concern.

The water stopped running so the two friends quickly pasted smiles on their faces, and went back to what they were doing as Lily came out of the bathroom, her face free of green muck.

Many more pina coladas later, the three girls were having a rather good time. Aria stood in front of a large, full length mirror, plucking her eyebrows, and scrutinizing herself.

"My hair is too long." she said out loud, standing back, and putting the tweezers down.

Lily jumped up, having put all thoughts of everything away from her mind for the night. "We'll cut it!" She said excitedly. Cari jumped up as well, while Lily ran for a chair and scissors.

After pushing Aria into a chair, they stood back and took a good long look at their friend's long, blonde, wavy hair. Lily glanced at Aria, feeling a little too 'hyper' and not at all concerned about the results of them cutting their friend's hair. "Are you thinking what I’m thinking?"

Cari grinned mischievously back. "I think I am." The two girls walked slowly towards their blonde friend, scissors in hand, grinning like maniacs. Aria was slightly scared. "You do a bad job, and I'll kill you!" Her threat went unnoticed.

Cari flicked her wand, and instantly a spray of cold water sprayed out of the tip and completely soaked Aria's head. She shrieked, and wiped her face. "I only need my hair wet you crazy people!" They payed her no mind, and started cutting.

And cutting.

And cutting.

And after a while... they were done!

The two girls stepped back and admired their work. Lily raised her wand and instantly Aria was dry. "Don't look yet!" The red head squealed, running into the bathroom and returning with a Sleek-eazy potion. Rubbing a small amount into her hands, she applied a little bit on her friend's hair. She stepped back next to Cari, and the two girls beamed at their work.

"Now you can look!" Carina said happily. Aria didn't turn around. "I'm scared!"she squeaked. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Arianna Rosemary Dorothy Smith! Look into the mirror!" Aria shot her an uneasy look.

"How did you know my full name? I've never told anybody my full name!"

Once again, Lily rolled her eyes. "Just look Ria."

So she did. Aria turned around and upon seeing her hair in the mirror, stared in shock. "Like it?" Carina asked nervously, picking at the hem of her shorts.

Aria broke out into a large grin. "It's so short! And curly!"

Lily and Cari beamed. "It suits you. I love it." Lily gushed. They had cut their friend's hair so that when it was curled the way it naturally was, it didn't even reach her shoulders. When her hair was long, it had only been wavy, curling only a bit on the bottom, but now that the weight had been taken off, her blonde curls were tight and bouncy. It looked awesome.

"Lily's next!" Carina shouted, pushing Lily into the chair in front of the mirror. Lily stared, wide eyed.

"What? No! I like my hair the way it is, thank you!"

Aria smiled. "We won't change it very much."

Lily tried to get out of the chair, but found she couldn't. Carina had done some sort of spell that prevented her from moving. "Guys!! Come on!" They took no notice of her words as they scrutinized Lily's long, thick mane of red hair.

Aria started towards her with the scissors. "Don't worry Lils, Cari's going next too. We'll all have hot new haircuts."

"But I like my hair!" Aria waved her wand. Lily couldn't speak anymore. She pouted.

And the girls got to work.

* * *

Meanwhile, the four boys known as the marauders, stumbled into the portrait hole, laughing their asses off. "I can't wait to see Snivellus at breakfast tomorrow!" James said, holding his stomach as he laughed.

Sirius nodded, and collapsed on the sofa, grinning broadly. "He deserves it, the slimy git." Although the real reason for his large grin stayed secret. James was finally laughing again. Sirius' smile widened. 'It's about time too, he deserves to laugh.'

Remus sat down on the couch as well, smiling to himself. "That he does." Peter followed, sitting in the armchair, still laughing.

After they'd calmed down a bit, James challenged Remus to a chess game, which turned out to be a very competitive, dirty game. "Aww, come on! You aren't going to beat me that easily Moony!" James cried out, as one of his Bishop's was brutally taken by Remus' knight.

"James, admit it. You will never win against the chess-master." Sirius said, grinning and stepping out of James' reach. James glared at him, which distracted him enough for Remus.

"Checkmate." James sat back, defeated.

He shook his finger. "One day... ONE DAY!!!" Sirius, Pete and Remus all laughed. James pouted. "So.. anyway.. what shall we do now?"

"Remus could always whip your ass in chess once more." Peter said, grinning. James shot him a look, but soon was distracted by a tapping at the window.

The four boys looked round and saw an owl. None of them moved. The owl tapped incessantly. "Maybe we should just leave it there." Sirius said flatly.

Whenever there was mail at night, it was never good.

The owl kept tapping, he was getting annoyed. "Fine." Sirius got up and grumbling, opened the window, allowing the owl to fly in and stick out his leg. Sirius glared at the owl while untying the letter, and watched as it flew off. Returning to his friends, he didn't so much as look at the letter, and threw it onto the coffee table as if it burned him.

They stared at it for a while, before James picked it up. "It's addressed to you and Carina. Sirius didn't say anything for the longest time. At last he sighed and stood up. "I suppose I'll go get her."

But there was no need for, the next moment, three girls descended the stairs into the common room, laughing and singing. The four boys stared.

The first thing that caught Sirius' eye was Aria's hair. It was... gone! 'I loved her hair...' he thought sadly to himself, before realizing that her new, short haircut made her look even hotter. His heart skipped a beat.

Then he berated himself on thinking about her in that way. He instead forced his eyes away from her, and realized that all three girls had gotten their hair cut. Lily's was wavy and reached just below her shoulders, and Carina's was still long, and straight, but now it was layered around the front, and she had a few streaks of dark blue in her hair.

And then, he realized that he was looking at the girl's haircuts and, disgusted with himself, he noticed the girl's outfits.

'Oh lord.' Being the guy that he was, he couldn't stop staring at Aria's tiny pajamas. She was wearing boy cut shorts and a tank top. He gulped, and tore his eyes away.

They landed on the letter, now on the ground at James' feet. Sirius snorted at his slack-jawed friend who was staring at Lily with no shame. She was wearing pajama pants that came up to her knees and a sports bra.

Sirius' eyes fell once more to the letter on the floor. His heart fell, he knew it was from his parents. He looked up to catch his sister's eye, and for the first time, noticed what she was wearing.

He shifted into protective brother mood. She was wearing shorts and a very small t-shirt. He opened his mouth to say something about her outfit, but the words got lost in his mouth when he saw her bending down her pick up the parchment.

He saw the colour leave her face as she stared at it, but nobody save for him, noticed. Lily and Aria were too busy laughing in their near drunken-state and talking to Remus, James and Peter. Sirius walked towards his sister. She looked up at him, and he could see the fear in her eyes. They sat down. "Wanna open it together?" he asked, gritting his teeth.

Carina nodded, so Sirius slowly opened the envelope and took out the parchment. There was only a few sentences, and as his mind digested what they said, panic overtook his brain and, as if in slow motion, he opened his fingers to let the parchment fall from his fingers, but it was too late. "Great Hall!" He yelled to his friends, and then he felt a hook behind his navel, and with a flash he was gone, his sister at his side, reading the sentence over and over.

It's about time you've learnt your lesson and talked about the upcoming wedding. It's happening, get used to it. Great hall, right now. - Gertrude Black

* * *

At Sirius' words, the five friends looked towards the twins. Lily let out a very audible gasp, and jumped up. James stood up as well. "Come on, great hall, like he said!"

James, Remus and Peter started to run for the portrait hole, and Lily and Aria followed, as quick as they could... seeing as they were under the influence just enough...

After the two girls had stumbled out of the portrait hole, they linked hands and started running to catch up with the guys. When they finally caught up, Lily had to stop for a moment, for everything was spinning. "Woahh.. hold on a sec." She told them, massaging her eyes.

James sighed in impatience. "How many drinks have you had?" he asked angrily. Lily flinched at the sound of his voice and cowered away from him.

"Only a few.." she said in a small voice, turning away. James grabbed her wrist. "Lily.." he trailed off as she yanked her hand back and backed away from him, tears in her eyes.

Lily's reasonable side had left her. James was angry at her. He was going to hurt her too.

James took a step towards her, and she whimpered, grabbing Aria's hand and then she started to run. James exchanged a confused and worried look with Remus, and the three boys started running again.

Soon, they had reached the entrance hall, finding Lily and Aria unable to get the door open. James whipped out his wand. "Alohomora!" he said. It unlocked, and soon, the friends had rushed inside. "Lily!" a voice from behind them called out, but they ignored it.

* * *

Carina and Sirius landed with a thunk on the hard floor of the great hall. Carina got to her feet, glowering at her parents who looked at her in disgust.

"Filthy. Cover yourself up, for god's sake!" Suddenly she felt very naked, in her small shorts and t-shirt. She didn't know what to do or say, her mind couldn't form a full thought. Suddenly she felt something warm over her shoulders and looked to her brother, smiling in gratitude as she covered herself with his robe.

She looked at her parents, and just stood there next to her brother, waiting. They didn't speak. "What?" she asked finally, losing patience.

Her mother walked a bit closer, and suddenly Carina realized that standing here in the great hall in her pajamas and being half-drunk probably wasn't a good idea.

"Your father and I are here to talk to you about the upcoming wedding." Gertrude Black informed them. Carina stared at her, not taking in her words, but wondering how her parents could be so ugly, but Sirius, herself and Regulus not be.

"There isn't going to be any wedding." Sirius said angrily.

Carina looked up at him, finally realizing what they were talking about. She started to get angry. "No, there isn't. I won't be marrying that slime-ball." She told her parents airily. She noticed her mother take in a deep breath, obviously angry. 'Well she might as well get used to it.' Carina thought to herself. She looked back at Sirius. "Let's get back to the common room now." She said, and started to walk towards the door.

Suddenly she found herself unable to move, and felt a twinge of fear. Sirius was at her side almost instantly. "Finite Incantatem" he muttered. Carina turned around and glared at her parents.

"I am not marrying Snivellus!" she told them, turning to walk towards the door again, but tripping over Sirius' robe and finding herself on the floor. She started to laugh.

And it was then that Sirius realized that his sister was drunk.

Suddenly the door to the great hall opened, and Sirius grinned at his friends. He glanced back at his parents and smirked while he lifted Carina to her feet. "I'm sorry to have wasted your trip, my loving parents, but it was indeed worthless. So lets just get this straight. Carina won't be marrying Snivellus. There is no way in hell that she will be marrying that piece of dung. There is no way you can make her, because she won't. Got it? Good." he turned to go.

"I have it in a contract. We made the unbreakable vow to Severus. She has no choice."

Sirius opened his mouth to retort, but his words died in his throat as an ear splitting scream filled the room, followed by loud sobs. Sirius' heart jumped to his throat, as he and Carina completely forgot about their parents and ran for the door to see what was going on.

James, who had been listening attentively to what had been going on in the great hall, turned around in shock and fright when he heard the scream.


His heart felt as if it were shattered into a million pieces as his eyes found her. She was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees to her chest, and rocking back and forth, staring up at a guy with brown, curly hair, in fright.

James' blood was pounding. He took off towards the guy, recognizing him as Seth Daniels, and wanted to pummel him for whatever he had done to Lily.

"Get away from me!!" Lily screamed, obviously terrified and she backed away as fast as she could. James realized she was crying as well. He got a rush of adrenaline and hurled himself at Seth, punching him as hard as he could. "What the hell did you do to her?" he asked, with such anger that Seth flinched, clutching his nose.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO HER?" he roared. Lily whimpered, and somebody grabbed his arm. He looked round. It was Aria.

"Stop it James! You're scaring her!" James' hand fell instantly to his side and he turned to see Lily still cowering in fright, tears pouring down her face. He hardly noticed Seth running away.

James knelt down in front of Lily, who backed away. James was heartbroken to see the fear in her eyes. "Lily, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." Lily moved even further away, and James sighed in frustration, tears filling his eyes. He didn't know how to help her. He couldn't stand to see her like this.

"Pete, run and get Dumbledore." Remus told his friend, and he left. The five friends remaining didn't know what to do.

Carina knelt down by her friend. "Lily.. Lily sweetheart, what happened?" Lily looked at her with tears in her big, beautiful green eyes, but didn't speak. "Sweetheart, can you tell us what happened? We love you, we're not going to hurt you. What happened in the woods.. who did this to you?" She asked gently. Lily broke out into a fresh wave of sobs, and clung to Carina as tight as she could. Carina hugged her back and looked up at her friends, her mind suddenly clear from the haze of alcohol.

They didn't know what to do, but they all knew one thing. They were going to freaking kill the pig who did this to their fiery, brave, wonderful Lily.

But first, they had to get their Lily back.

* * * * *

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