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Muggle Magic by romance lover
Chapter 3 : She's not my sister!
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A/N: I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!! I have made you guys wait for like ever!!! I am so sorry!! I probably lost all my readers for doing the long wait and I am so sorry!! ~Jessica Anderson

Chapter three- She’s not my sister.

“YOUR WHAT-“ Hermione stirred in her sleep. She was a very light sleeper and it didn’t help that there was someone yelling in the common room.

Hermione stood up grumpully and walked out her door and down the stairs to the Common Room where Draco stood yelling at her supposed twin brother Blaise.

“Malfoy I swear if you don’t shut up in the next 5 seconds Im going to casterate you!” Hermione yelled at the confused and angry boy infront of her. Draco and Blaise turned to look at her and they both seemed dumbstruck. Instead of Bushy haired Hermione Granger standing infront of them they saw a blond haired girl with loose curls and standing there.

“Its happening sooner than I thought,” Blaise said.

“What?” Hermione asked, “And Ferret if you don’t stop staring at you Ill rip out your eyeballs so you can’t stare!” Hermione gasped at what she had just said. When had she become so evil and rude? Even if it was Malfoy there was no reason for her to act like that.

“Oh god she needs the potion.” Blaise said.

“Zambini if you don’t tell me whats going on right now I swear I will-“ Hermione stopped herself she was doing it again. Blaise disappeared up the stairs and was back with in seconds. He had a vile and shoved it in Hermione’s hand.

“Drink quick!” Blaise said motioning for her to down the drink. She did and she felt herself reform her whole body seemed to be going through a change and she didn’t understand it. Then he said, “And If im correct you are a Zambini to Lil’s”

“Sorry, But Blaise why did I just take a potion, and why did you call me Lil’s?”

“Well Hermione see you are actually named Lil’s and that potion was because when you’re a Zambini you have to take a potion once a month because there was a curse put on our family a long time ago. The curse didn’t take effect on you until you were told. The Zambini women take the potion the first day of there um hmm uh huh there umm you know there womenly stage.” Hermione didn’t seem to comprehend, but Draco did.

“Your Period Granger he’s talking about your period.” Draco doubled over laughing. Hermione’s cheaks tinged pink.

“You dolt its not funny! Get a grip!” Blaise said to his laughing friend, “I’m going to bed you two are such idiots!”

“Hey!” The two said at the same time, then Hermione followed up with, “ what did I do?!?”

“You two were out there for five minutes fighting before you realized I had left! You guys fight like an old Married couple!” and with that Blaise made his way towards the stairs.

“Sorry Blaise.” Hermione said as Blaise shut the door to his room.

“Why were you staring when I came down Malfoy?” Hermione said trying again to come up with a nice conversation only for Blaise’s sake.

“Well For one you were hot, and for-“


“Well you were I mean you were a lot better as a blond?” Draco said smirking.

“What blond? What are you talking about?”

“Well when you came down the stairs you were different you had blond silky hair instead of your usual brown bushy hair. Then you took the potion and your normal brown came back, but your hairs still silky. Look at it Granger”

“Zambini.” She corrected. She didn’t understand why she was being so calm. She knew she should be enraged at the order, but she wasn’t.

“Yeah well it feels weird calling you that. Plus I don’t want to associate with an ex-mudblood so scurry along now!” Draco said.

Hermione cringed at the name. Then she felt the familiar creepy crawly feealing like something was crawling all over her arms. She ran straight to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. She started scrubbing at her skin with the soup trying to get the feeling of being dirty off her. Ever scince she was a second year and Malfoy had called her that she had become germiphobic. She couldn’t stand this and knew what she had to do. She pulled out her wand and made three small slits against her arm. The blood slipped down her arm and she smiled in pleasure as the blood dripped to the cold stone floor.

“GRANGER!!!!” Someone screamed from the door. Hermione turned to the door to see Draco staring at her in disbelief. “What are you doing to yourself he said in more of aa whisper.”

“I-I-I- Its just they don’t care anymore and my dad and-and-and mudblood-and It was just to much!” Hermione cryed sinking to the floor.

“Hermione who dosn’t care?” Blaise said from behind Draco.

“Harry and-and Ron, they just don’t care anymore. They just don’t.” Hermione said sobbing even harder. Blaise rushed over to her and put his arms around his little sister.

“This is all about Potty and Weasle ignoring you!” Draco said in a rather rude tone, “ Well damn granger if you stopped being such a guy they would pay more attention to you!”

“Excuse me!!” Within seconds Hermione’s sorrow turned to rage.

“Come on Hermione you act like one of the bloody guys if you started acting like a girl you could have them wrapped around your finger like that,” Draco snapped his fingers to show his point. No one payed attention to the fact that he called her Hermione.

“I do not!”

“Actually Hermione you do kind of.” Blaise said.

“No I don’t! I have to go I promised the guys I would meet them half an hour ago theyre probably worried sick!”

“No! I’m not letting you go see them like that,” Blaise said motioning to Hermione’s baggy shirt and school shirt that went way past her knees, “ Draco help me out here.” Blaise and Draco pulled out there wands and Draco had opened his moth to perform a spell.

“Wait! What are you going to do to me?”

“We’re going to help you Granger so just be quite.” Draco said to her.

Hermione bit her tongue. Blaise positioned her in the middle of the room and went to stand back by Draco.

“Shirt” both said at the same time. Draco shrunk her shirt so it was a tight snag around her body. Blaise stepped forward and unbuttoned the top two buttons exposing some of her upper chest. Then Draco came up and unbuttoned another two so that you could distinctly see cleavage. Blaise gave him a dirty look. “ She’s not mine or thier sister Blaise.” Draco replied to his friends glare.

The two boys circled Hermione then Blaise shortened her skirt with his wand. And Draco shortened it even more. Then Draco walked up to Hermione and tugged at her hair tie. It caught on her hair and she winced at the pain. Her hair fell down and Draco ran his hands through it trouseling it giving it a messy look. He stepped back and looked at her from up to down and winced when he got to her shoes. “God Granger do you ever do you have any sense of style?” Hermione scowled as Draco turned her sneakers into classy high heals. “You better not ruin those Granger they cost me a fortune! Do You know how much wand ordering is! I’m serious Granger you better get use out of those shoes”
“Oh My gawd! I’m an hour late they probably already went to bed! And I look like a mess!”

“No ‘Mione you look sexy and anyone in bed at this time is a loser anyway.” Draco said.

“Hey she’s my sister!” Blaise yelled.

“I have to go.” Hermione said running out the door but she still heard Draco say “Well she’s defiantly not my sister.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hermione ran into the Gryffindor common room which was particularly hard at the moment because of the heals Draco gave her. She stopped running and walked casually over to Ron and Harry who where playing wizards chess.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.” Hermione said to her two best friends. The boys looked up for the first time and Ron took a quick glance at Hermione and got right back to the game, but Harry’s eyes lingered.

“Gosh Hermione you had us worried sick!” Harry said standing up and hugging Hermione, “Actually I need to talk to you alone.” Harry said pulling her away from Ron and over to the couch. “Hermione I have fancied you for some time now, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the first Hogsmead trip with me?” Harry asked smiling at Hermione.

“Um…sure but are we like going out now?” Hermione asked a little nervously.

“Only if you want to.” Harry said quickly.

“Yes Harry I would love that.” Hermione smiled.

“Great” Harry said before kissing her cheek.

Hermione was really glad, but a little nervous. The only person she had ever been a girlfriend to was Victor and he was miles away the whole time. She didn’t have any real experience. She would have to ask the guys about this and when she said guys she meant Draco and Blaise.

A/N: I am so sorry for the wait and all the spelling and Grammer errors I just didn’t have time to go over it. I wanted to submit it as fast as possible and again I’m really sorry!!!

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Muggle Magic: She's not my sister!


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