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*Well everyone here is the new story, hope you all enjoy. If you have not read Clairvoyant, please do, it is finished. R&R with Questions/Comments/Whatever. FYI, the chapters will be longer, this is just the prologue. Thanks~EternalStarDust*


“Harry! Look out!” Hermione screamed as loud as she could, her voice tumbling toward him across the broken grounds of Hogwarts. There’s too many of them, too many. Inside, Hermione began to panic, a cold sweat had broken out on her brow and her stomach would not stop turning. She was still, as she kneeled in the grass. She would have run to him, but her injuries would not allow it. Instead she was forced to watch as Harry battled with Lord Voldemort. The battle had raged on around her, and it was clear that unless Harry came up with something soon, they wouldn’t make it through the night. Twilight was already appearing on the horizon, as Hermione watched the green jets of light bounce back and forth. Her breath caught in her through as she heard someone coming up behind her. Slowly she turned, clutching her wand in her fingers that were slick with blood. A blonde haired body fell several feet from where she crouched.

“Malfoy?” The body just groaned and made a half-hearted effort to roll over, but did not succeed. Painstakingly slow, Hermione slowly made her way closer. With great effort she managed to turn Malfoy so he was on his side. From here she could see the extent of his wounds. His left shoulder was glowing a neon blue sort of color, from a deep gash that ran across it. His arms also looked burned, though by what Hermione couldn’t tell, they looked like nothing she’d ever seen.

“Granger?” Malfoy blinked and then coughed. When he was done, there was more blood on Hermione’s robes, though now they seemed to glow a faint blue in places. “Has Potter been killed yet?” Malfoy whispered softly, his voice harsh and scratchy.

“No.” Hermione said coolly, wishing she could see where he was, but now night had fallen and with it an unbearable silence. Leaving Malfoy, Hermione began to crawl toward where she had last seen Harry. She had barely made it ten feet when she heard it. A scream like she had never heard, ripping the night clean though. All through Hogwarts voices answered it, those in pain, and those that were dying. Hermione did not realize she was screaming until a hand clamped over her mouth. Without thinking she bit down hard.

“Damn it Granger! Do you want them to find us?” Hermione turned and stumbled to the ground, wincing as she clutched her side. Malfoy slid down beside her, all his energy used to muffle her scream.

“Who would find us? Everyone is dead.” Hermione said bitterly.
“Didn’t you hear that scream?” Malfoy said lowly and laboriously. “A banshee.”
“Voldemort has banshees?”
“Not Voldemort.” Malfoy spoke, his breath coming in short gasps now. “Didn’t you know Granger, there are three sides to this war.”
“What?” Hermione inhaled sharply as she sensed they were no longer alone. There was no light, no moon, and Hermione was afraid. “Malfoy, we have to get out of here.”
“It’s too late Miss Know-It-All. Even Dumbledore couldn’t see it.”

As the world began to fall to blackness in Hermione’s eyes, she reached for Malfoy’s body next to her. She fumbled till she found skin, burned and bleeding, but still she held on. The arms pulled her, and she knew she struggled, but still would not let go. Only when everything finally went black she let go; the last thing she saw was a pair of lifeless blue eyes, still open, staring into the grass.

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