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Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Don’t own now, never will… *tear*

Last Chapter:
Harry quickly called out “Stupefy” and sent a cutting curse on both on his right and left side. Predictably, Remus jumped into one of the oncoming curses.

“Werewolf, I thought you were an auror… If this is the best your Ministry can come up with, you should be terribly frightened. Crucio!”

Chapter 2

Harry’s grin faded as the curse ended suddenly. His mentor’s voice repeated well-known information in his head. For the curse to succeed, one must want to inflict pain on the person. Harry cursed inwardly.

Of course it would never work, he thought angrily, I would never willingly hurt Lupin. He knew that know his task would be a lot harder without the Cruciatus curse, his favorite weapon.

His thoughts flashed back to that morning, when the Dark Lord had told him of his assignment. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black had now become threats. They, along with James Potter, were responsible for the arrests of over 100 Death Eaters. Harry had the “privilege” of dealing with these two enemies.

Acting on Harry’s hesitation, Remus jumped up quickly aiming his wand at Harry. He shouted “Reducto,” barely missing Harry as he ducked. Angry with himself for his lack of attention, the teen fired a stunner at Lupin. Dodging, he fired back four spells in rapid succession. While trying to defend himself from Remus’ attack, Harry missed Remus’ shout of “Diffindo” and only blocked half of the curse. He fell as it ripped into his shoulder stopping at his bone. Seeing his wound momentarily distracted the boy, Lupin yelled “Expelliarmus!” Looking up quickly, Harry yelled the first thing that came to his mind, “Mobilicorpus.”

The spells hit each other in mid-air and created a flash of blue light that briefly blinded the two in the room, before turning and hitting Harry squarely in the chest.

Harry cried in pain as he felt his soul being wrenched from his body. “Accio!” He thought as he struggled to grasp hold of something, anything that would end the pain. The feeling ended as abruptly as it came.

Harry sat up panting; only to realize he was no longer in the old abandoned shack, but slumped on a desk.


Harry sat quietly at his desk finishing up his Potions homework. It was easier than sleeping; his nightmares kept him up most of the time anyway. He grinned as he checked his homework for the hundredth time. It was perfect, not even Hermione would be able to find any mistakes. Not that that will make a difference, Harry thought stubbornly, it is a constant, no matter what happens Snape will always hate me.

The teen smiled grimly as he realized that he was now finished with all his summer homework. Now for the extra credit… Just as he pulled out his Transfiguration book, he yelled as he felt his being torn apart. What the he-, was his last thought as he lost control of his surroundings.

When the pain was gone, he opened his eyes to see Remus Lupin nearby with a worried look in his eyes, but as soon as he saw Harry was conscious, Remus pointed his wand at him again.

“Moony?” Harry asked confused, “What are we doing here?”

Remus looked puzzled for a minute before giving the fifteen year old a dirty look. “Don’t play innocent, I’m not going to fall for your tricks,” he growled.

Harry massaged his head. “What tricks? Did something happen?”

Lupin looked at the boy incredulously. Did he really not know what was going on? Did that spell backfire, obliviating him? He shook his head. He had a murderer on his hands. Potter was capable of anything; deception would not be a problem for him. He pointed his wand at the teen and said, “Silencio. Petrificus Totalus.” Then, he quickly bound him with magical ropes.

Remus whirled around quickly as he heard the door behind him open. Sirius Black immediately came to his side and whispered the code phrase, “Peter Piper picked…”

“… a peck of pickled peppers,” the Auror Lupin replied, “I think the threat has been taken care of. There was only one person here; he seemed to be expecting me.”

“Don’t you just love catching bad guys?” James Potter asked as he walked up behind the two.

“Of course,” Black answered grinning, “What better way is there to spend your time?”

“…But I do have to commend Moony in doing the actual labour…”

“…Reminds me of my Potions homework…”

“Are Lily and the kids okay?” He asked quickly, cutting off a reminiscing Sirius. He still remembered Harry’s threat as well as his hollow laugh after speaking about the fate of his family.

“They were when I left. Why?” James asked confused.

“You should check up on them now! Gather them up and take them to headquarters. I’ll tell you more later.” Remus said ignoring his friend’s question.

James raised an eyebrow, but knew better than to argue with him. Walking outside to the edge of the anti-apparation wards, he disappeared back to his house with a pop.

Sirius looked at Remus, his head full of questions, but his buddy ignored him as he walked over to the corner of the room. Lupin looked back.

“Sirius, please try to keep your temper…” he started.

Auror Black went over to where Moony stood. He growled when he saw the face of the person lying there.

Harry immediately smiled at his godfather, until he saw the glare that Sirius sent him. Wait, he thought numbly, Sirius is dead. He died in the Department of Mysteries last June. He closed his eyes. This was a very bizarre dream.

“Let’s get back to headquarters,” Remus said, drawing attention his friend’s attention away from Harry.

Forcing the boy to touch the portkey, which was in this case a key, Aurors Lupin and Black disappeared with the familiar tug at their navels.


Harry jumped up surprised at his surroundings, and in doing so knocked over the chair he had been sitting in, as well as caused himself an even bigger headache than the one he already had. He tensed as he heard heavy footsteps walk up to his door and open it.

“Boy!” A heavy muggle man in a bath robe yelled at him, “I have warned you that I will not have you waking up the neighborhood with your freakishness!”

The teen looked at the him amused, “You are making more noise yelling at me than I did yelling in the first place.” He snickered as the man turned a bright purple. “By the way, do I know you?”

A woman walked up right behind the man. He turned to her and fumed, “I can’t believe that after all these years that we’ve taken care of your sister’s brat…”

“You’re my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon?” Harry asked shocked.

The two looked at him as if he was mad. “Yes,” Aunt Petunia said slowly as if she was speaking to an insane person.

He burst out laughing. “No wonder mum and dad never wanted us to visit you guys, you’re completely bonkers! Well, it was a nice visit, but I got to get going.” He turned to pick up his wand, which he saw on the desk.

“You can’t go anywhere. You have to stay here for your own protection.” Aunt Petunia said.

“Please,” Harry said rolling his eyes, “I’ve been on the run from the government for almost two years now, I doubt the boogey man will hurt me if I go outside. Thanks for your ‘concern’ anyway, but I’ve got to go.”

He pushed past the two shocked adults and was just about to reach the door, when the doorbell rang suddenly.

Damn! Harry cursed under his breath. I’m guessing this isn’t a friendly visit at twelve in the morning. Harry pulled his wand out in front of him before slowly opening the door. He immediately dropped and rolled to the side before standing up and pointing his wand at the ‘visitor’s’ throat.

“What do you want here?” he asked threateningly.

“Well, Potter if you would take the wand off of my throat, maybe I would tell you.” Harry relaxed slightly at the sound of Snape’s voice.

“Fine, complete our motto, ‘There is no good and evil…”

“…Only power and those to weak to take it. Potter, I’m not sure whether I should be more concerned about your ‘greeting’ or the fact that you know that ‘key phrase’.”

“Whatever,” Harry replied offhandedly, “I had a slight problem with Lupin, a spell backfired and I ended up here, but I’m on my way back to headquarters now. I really did not need to be escorted.”

“Spell Backfired? Headquarters? Escorted? Now is really not the time to speak in your usual foolish riddles. I had the unpleasant task of coming here because magical surge was recorded.”

“Yeah, that was just the after affects of the werewolf’s spell. Although I do have to say whatever happened healed my shoulder pretty nicely.”

Snape looked at Harry with what could almost be called concern. “What are you talking about?”

Harry rolled his eyes. What was wrong with Snape?

“I almost got hit with this curse by Lupin, but I countered it with another curse. The two collided in mid-air and it came back and hit me. Next thing I know, I’m at my aunt’s place. Nothing too bad.” Harry smirked, “Oh and by the way, there are some muggles upstairs, you can have your fun with them if you want.”

Snape stared at the boy. Had the events of the past year driven him mad? “We better get going.” He said, his face showing none of his inner thoughts, “I have a portkey, so we can head straight to headquarters.

“Sounds good,” Harry said slightly lost. Snape had never been a friend of his, in fact the two were almost enemies, but he seemed sort of worried about him. He didn’t have a scathing comment about his lack of dueling skills, and he feigned ignorance about the code. Something was off… But it was too late. Harry already felt the pull of portkey, whisking him off.

Scenes from Chapter 3

Sirius removed the silencing charm from his godson. “I want to ask the traitor a few questions,” he told Remus.

“Sirius?” Harry said in shock, “What happened? How did you-”

“Shut up!” Sirius roared, “I ask the questions! You speak when spoken to!”


“You took me to Dumbledore?!?” Harry snarled. “So Snape, you’re the one who has been spying on the Dark Lord! Oh, he’s going to have a field day when he hears about this!”

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