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Chapter 13

Hard Knock Life

Draco was flung into the boot of an old car and he was faced down when he noticed the floor was rusted out in small patches. Now, at first he only imagined himself falling through as they barreled down some road and eating the asphalt beneath him. He was unable to move his extremities due to the ropes that had been placed on him, but not long after the car was moving he had an idea. He turned his head as best he could; trying to find something, anything, to help him carry out his plan.


Alastor Moody leaned against a post just outside an all-night Stop and Go studying every hood that walked by; he pulled his hat down lower when he noticed a group of teenage muggles staring at him. Their attention was soon diverted by a massive man that they would have sworn had just thawed from an ancient block of ice. As he grew closer a grunt caused the group to dash in every direction to flee out of reach.

“Hagrid, anything,” Moody asked as he kept his eye on the teenage group.

Hagrid didn’t have the heart to say ‘no’.

The two of them stood in silence as a light mist began to fall. The steam from the hot ground began to rise making their appearances seem that much spookier. They watched mysteriously as cars came and went. Travelers would pull in to fill up, grab a drink and be on their ways, nothing too out of the ordinary.

Moody scanned the area periodically concentrating on the muggle vehicles. As he looked about, he noticed one that looked to have a live object in its boot. He jumped from his place, closely followed by Hagrid. Before they came upon it they noticed the driver walk to the rear of the automobile and begin to open it.

As they crossed the lot and circled the automobile they heard scream erupt from the man causing store patrons to stop what they were doing and watch without moving. A child’s voice could be heard amid the man’s screams. Hagrid widened his stride and was upon the scene several seconds ahead of Moody. He snatched the man by the collar, lifting him from his feet. His attacker continued to swing her weapon as she yelled at him, all the while her eyes were closed tight.

“Woah, ho, ho,” Hagrid bellowed as the tire iron came within inches of his jaw.


Draco searched as he thought long and hard about what he wanted to do when he spotted the perfect inanimate accomplice, however any accomplice would be nice right about now. The heat of the dry night and exhaust of the automobile caused beads of sweat to pour from his forehead, this is turn hindered his ability too see although the lack of light wasn’t helping either. His eyes began to sting from the salt in his sweat as it trickled into them. He shook his head frantically feeling much like a rain soaked dog. Amid the fit he seemed to be having he spotted a collection of nuts and bolts scattered about.

Draco stretched to the best of his ability and craned his neck, he got one. Just as he grasped the bolt in his mouth the car jerked after running through a series of potholes. He lurched his head forward to keep himself from swallowing the bolt. Once he regained control of it he found the rusty hole and dropped it.

After dropping the third of the bolts he waited. He thought his best bet would be to listen for other vehicles. He only wishes he had thought of that sooner. He then worried about what would happen should a muggle try to intervene. Yes, he wanted to be found, but he didn’t want someone killed because of him. He stopped tossing out the bolts and began to rethink his plan.


The Weasley family sat around the room, blood shot eyes and all, waiting for the least bit of news. Fleur and Angelina had left the group and aide in the search as others came in for a bit of a rest.

Many had fallen forward, limp onto the table, catching a few winks while others found refuge on the floor in various corners. Those that were awake took notice when a formal looking couple entered the room with a little girl. Mr. Weasley met the man and introduced himself.

“Mr. Weasley, I’m Frank LaVeau and this is my wife Charlotte and out daughter, Victoria.”

Hermione covered her mouth and followed close behind Ron as they drew closer to meet the visitors and listen in on the youngest story.

“Arthur Weasley,” he introduced himself, “and this is my son, Ron, and his wife, Hermione.”

Once Mr. Weasley said Hermione the little girl burst into tears and tried to speak through her tears. Hermione knelt before the little girl and tried calming her.

“Slow down, what has happened?” Hermione asked through saddened eyes.

“I saw the man talking to her,” she whimpered. “She walked off with him but once they passed under the curtains that led to the stairs I heard her scream.”

Ron felt the blood rush to her face and began screaming at the girl. “Why didn’t you tell someone?”

This only caused the girl to cry uncontrollably.

“Ron, calm down,” Mrs. Weasley warned as she held onto her youngest sons arm. “She’s only a child.”

Bill put an arm around his youngest brother’s shoulder and pulled him away. “Come on, let’s take a walk, you need some air.”

Ron followed his brother’s lead and let him lead him out. Victoria began to relax again and explained herself.

“I thought he was a relative and she was in trouble, I overhead them talking about being afraid of getting caught.”

“Liar!” P.J. screamed.

Penelope looked at her son and scolded him for such an outburst. “Percy Weasley, Jr., you are to apologize at once.”

“But she is,” he gasped, “she and her friend were mean to us, she didn’t want to tell.”

“I’m sorry, really I am,” she cried, “forgive me.”

After everyone was calmed Harry rolled out the parchments for Victoria to look at. “Remember, if they so much as resemble the guy let us know,” Harry reminded her.


Daisy lay awake in her bed and watched her children sleeping. She decided the best thing for herself to do is to wait to hear from her family. The anticipation was killing her. What were they doing to Draco? Why hadn’t they contacted her yet?

Winnie tossed and turned and let out a whimper. Daisy knew this was hurting the children and she didn’t know how to help them. She wanted nothing more than to destroy her family for doing this to her children. She closed her eyes and as she did her tears began to flood from her. Draco had been the first person to really care about her and because of her he was in danger. She choose to withhold the truth from him even though he would have been the one person to understand her. She should have trusted him with all of her secrets. He could have possibly seen this coming or at least knew what to do about them.


Ron and Bill rejoined the group and watched as Victoria combed through the many pictures known criminals. Ron walked over to Victoria’s parents and apologized before joining her and Hermione at the table.

The gruff voice of Hagrid could be heard and all eyes turned to the entrance. He appeared through the door lugging a very large man by the scruff of the neck. Ron tilted his head and squinted to see who he was but the blood that covered his face made it quite difficult.

Ginny gasped and said in a quizzical manner. “Cameron Cullen?”

Once she recognized who he was Alastor Moody appeared from behind Hagrid carrying Rose. Everyone ran, lead by Hermione, to gather the little girl while Ron put two and two together.

“Well you sorry little…” Ron jumped over the table and pounced on top of Cullen, pounding his already broken nose, looking like a lion on the attack.

Harry rushed forward along with Fred and George and began trying to pull Ron from Cullen’s face.

“I’ll kill him,” Ron screamed, “get off me, Harry; give me five minutes with the scum bag.”

Hagrid swung the man around away from Ron’s reach and in doing so he slammed him into the wall beside him, face first.

Mr. Weasley was taken aback by the man’s appearance. “Hagrid, what have you done to your prisoner?”

“Not me sir, Rose did this with an iron rod,” Hagrid corrected.

“And I’m going to finish him off,” Ron yelled as he scrambled to free himself from the grips of Harry and his brothers.

“Ron,” Hermione scolded, “shouldn’t you be over here with your daughter.”

“Yeah, as soon as I pound this sorry…”

“Ronald Bilius Weasley,” Mrs. Weasley shrieked.

Ron suddenly stopped and turned slowly to see his mother standing beside Hermione who held Rose. Rose’s hair was much more out of control than normal and dirt streaked her pale, freckled face. “Daddy,” Rose said and held her arms out for him.

Without a second thought Ron rushed to her and took her from Hermione’s arms. He held her to close to him and buried his face in her tangled hair and began to cry.

Author's Note: As promised, another chapter and I hope that you enjoy it. I'm trying to get as far ahead as possible because my semester begins NEXT WEEK!!!!

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