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They say you’re never truly forced to do anything. That’s it the other’s pressure to do so that brings you to it.

That’s what has happened to me. I’ve been shoved to the edge of my sanity and now I’ve finally toppled over. Crashing to the ground and shattering like my once whole heart.

I sat in the corner of the dark corridor, my knees pulled up to my chest and my sobs echoing off the walls. I looked pathetic with my unwashed ginger brown hair tangled and sticking to my moist cheeks.

Haunted by his whispers to let my anger take me I did just that. I had been pushed too far and I finally snapped. Leaving one of my best friends dead in front of me.

The persistent encouragements of his whispers telling me to kill him. To get rid of the source of my violent anger.

The anger remains but my friend does not.

The blood pooling around his head and staining his once beautiful red hair now expanding and inching closer to my feet.

I frantically tried scooting farther back into the corner but there was no where else to go. His blood touched the tip of my black shoes and I cried louder.

I was already stained in the sin of his death but now I’ll be stained in his blood. A pathetic reminder of what my anger has done.

I felt strong arms wrap around my waist, picking me up off the floor and carrying me away. I didn’t fight against him for I was glad he had saved me from the blood that was coming closer.

I felt his grip on me loosen and I desperately tried to hold onto his arms, I didn’t want to lose my safety. The one person who had saved me.

My nails dug into the skin of his arm and he threw me back. Cursing furiously as he stared down at the spots of blood rising from where my nails had penetrated his skin.

“You see this?” He snapped as he pointed to his arm.

I remained silent from where I sat on the stone floor. Just watching him with cautious eyes. He was my enemy I knew for sure but at this moment he was my savior.

My savior and my angel of death.

His whispers, his words of wickedness.

“ told me to do it”

“Thanks for that interesting news flash” He replied sarcastically.


“Because I know you Granger. I know you’re not as perfect as you’re taken for. You aren’t strong in any way. I wanted to know how long it would take before you finally snapped.”

“He was my friend”

He knelt down in front of me, looking at me for a long moment before grabbing my wrist.

“You don’t need friends like them. You have so much power in you that you keep locked inside. Think about what you did tonight. That was you”

“It was your fault! You told me to!”

“But don’t you see. You’re the one who listened”

“You see this?” He whispered as he turned his arm and pointed with his other to the dark mark.

“It’s a mark of betrayal” I whispered back and wondered what he even meant by telling me such a thing.

“It’s a mark of power.”

“I won’t!” I shouted as I scrambled to my feet and backed up against the wall.

He shook his head slowly stepped toward me, grinning in a way I feared.

“My dear mudblood” He drawled as he stood in front of me, brushing a strand of my hair out of my face. “You wouldn’t want to have that temper of yours, be the reason Potter ends up dead, now would we?”

My eyes grew wide and I slapped away his hand.

“That’s bribery”

“It may be but now you must decide”

It was the end of life. It the start of a life where everything would turn to black just at my touch. I would be feared, hated. I wouldn’t do it for me, but I would do it for Harry. There was no other way. I wouldn’t ever be able to bare the guilt of his death too.

“Fine.” I reluctantly told him.

He grinned and brought his face close to mind.

“We’ll have so much fun together” He taunted as he then kissed me.

I shivered at his touch but as I realized what was happening I shoved him away. I stared disgusted at him but he simply held out his hand for me to take.

“He’s waiting”

“How did you know I would accept?”

“Because I know you would never let your friend die” He replied as he stepped closer again.

I took a deep breath before taking his hand.

I wondered where I was being led but I followed none the less. He let go of my hand and paced several times in front of what, to me, was just a wall. In a matter of minutes an oak door had appeared.

“The room of requirements” I whispered.

He didn’t answer at all. He opened the door and stood aside so I could step inside. I looked and the only thing in the room was a large black and gold wardrobe at the back of the room. At least that’s what it seemed to me. He shoved past me and opened the two double doors. He stepped inside part way before looking back at me and holding out his hand.

“This is ridiculous” I snapped irritably.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand, forcing me into whatever it was. When we stepped out the other side, I had to stop myself from staring-opened mouth at where we were.

I could only think of one place that looked like this and that’s a graveyard.

“What was that?” I asked as I looked at him curiously.

“That is none of your business”

My uneasy feeling grew as he led me through the graveyard, reaching nearly the center I could see several groups of people. All of whose identities were concealed by their cloaks with the hoods up.

“They’re not as scary as they look” He laughed.

“You must be as persuasive as you say. At least you didn’t mess up this time” A woman venomously said to him.’

He glared back at her with hatred in his cold grey eyes.

She lowered her hood to reveal her long flowing black tresses. I gasped in surprise and her eyes rested on me. A devilish smirk on her pale pink lips.

She said nothing and gestured us forward.

“I can’t do this” I finally admitted as my nerves got the best of me.

Draco glared at me hatefully, grabbing me by my wrist and dragging me forward. I planted my feet firmly on the ground but it was no use, he was winning this battle of strength.

I had closed my eyes not wanting to see the look in all of their eyes or even his eyes. The one enemy I now have to welcome as a friend. My eyes snapped open as I felt my arm being turned. Bellatrix grinned at me as she held on my wrist tight.

Another wizard who remained in secret stepped out of the crowd, his and in hand.

His soft laughter sent chills through my body as he came closer. I looked around trying to find Draco and when I at last found him he was standing beside his father. Both laughing like the rest.

Once I was marked, it would mean the end. I would no longer be welcomed inside Number 12 nor could I speak to Harry again.

The tip of his wand was placed on the forearm of my left arm. I felt dizzy, uneasy about everything happening. It had to be a dream. I was just stressed.

I didn’t expect the pain I would feel and the only thing I heard was my hair-raising scream before all went black.

A/N-This is my first Draco/Hermione fan fiction so any suggestions would be nice. Thanks.

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