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Disclaimer: My Bank Statement informs me I don’t own Harry Potter *** Chapter Eleven – Christmas Spirit No Longer *** Dumbledore paced around his office, slowly wearing holes in certain spots in the ancient carpet. The portraits that filled the offices’ round walls were filled with sleeping Headmasters and mistresses. The school was quiet, but the air of Christmas could be felt in the school. In all but one room. Each night Dumbledore worked well past midnight, checking on spies, checking the Life Chart and talking to members of the Order of the Phoenix through the fire. Christmas had sneaked upon him and now that he realised the time of year he was wary of why Voldemort had remained silent so long. Would he attack at Christmas, knowing that most students would be staying at the castle? Dumbledore paused in front of the Life Chart, checking the names of Lily and James Potter. Of all the members of the Order Dumbledore feared the most for those two. They were special, powerful together and apart. There life lines remained healthy and Dumbledore resumed his pacing. If Voldemort was to attack the school it would be when he could guarantee all the students would be in one place at one time, to ensure no one could call for outside help. The Christmas Feast, he realised would be the perfect time for Voldemort to attack with his armies. Minerva would have to set up a roster so that the students ate at different times or if it was easier – in their own house common rooms. To have the students in their common rooms would mean the safety and concealment charms that the Four Founders had placed on the common rooms would add to their security. But what if he attacked on any day of the Christmas holidays? Voldemort wouldn’t attack during the school term – there were enchantments placed around the school that protected the students during school time, enchantments that would take time to break down before one with evil intentions could enter the school. And by the time those enchantments were down the entire Ministry could be at Hogwarts. But when the term ended the enchantments ceased to work. During the Founders time students had never remained at school during the Christmas Holidays and the magic hadn’t been needed. So the students were safe for the next eight days. That was enough time to bring in the right people to have ready at school. It was time to call in the Order. Dumbledore let his pacing take him to the fire and he threw a handful of powder into the fire. “Sirius Black” he called to the flames as they flared neon green. When the flames died down Sirius was visible. “Yes Professor? You know it’s quite late and I’ve been on guard duty all night.” “I’m sorry Sirius but this is extremely urgent. I think I know what Voldemort’s next move is to be. We have but eight days to prepare. I need the Redhearth Guard, Bicorn Guard and the Brownthistle Guard at Hogwarts. Also James, Lily, Remus and Peter. Can I trust you to assemble them?” “Of course. I’ll contact the Guard’s tonight – they’ll be someone on duty and the rest in the morning. Good night Professor.” Sirius disappeared with a POP and Dumbledore turned from the fire. Instead of resuming his pacing, Dumbledore head towards the hidden door off to the side of the room where his private quarters were. Settling down into his bed Dumbledore took of his half-moon glasses and adjusted his nightcap. He hadn’t slept well in awhile – many nights he lay thinking of what Tom Riddle might be up to at this very moment. The things of which Tom conceived in that outstandingly intelligent head were not quite human and though Dumbledore did not fear his former student, he did feel the fear for anyone who came into contact with him and could not defend themselves. Dumbledore closed his eyes and found sleep waiting for him. Perhaps it was finally figuring out Voldemort’s plans or maybe it was just that he had not slept in days, but Dumbledore found he could sleep easy that night as others worked tirelessly for his cause in other parts of England. ***** “Thanks Rosewood. Make sure that the whole Guard knows not to tell anyone including their families where their headed. We can’t have He Who Must Not Be Named knowing of our movements. Good night,” Sirius hung up the phone and gave a sigh of relief. Rosewood of the Brownthistle Guard had been his last call of the night. At each Guard area he had called he had been greeted by some tired old wizard and when he had relayed Dumbledore’s message to the man, had only received questions which Sirius could not answer. Organising Guards where hard and once a Guard was in place they weren’t often moved. ‘Dumbledore must be sure of what Voldemort’s up to,’ Sirius thought as he headed into his one man tent. Sirius had been on guard duty, pacing the front perimeter of the Redhearth Guard territory from seven till three at night. He had only just returned to the Redhearth Pub when Dumbledore had summed him to his office through the fire. ‘Now,’ Sirius thought, ‘I can actually get some decent beauty sleep.’ He laughed inwardly at the thought. Tomorrow would be a tough day, moving everyone out and into Hogwarts. As he clambered into his sleeping bags Sirius felt his hand brush against a rough jagged edge. He pulled the object out from underneath the sleeping bag and smiled. It was the mirror that he had used in his school boys days. They had each had three that connected them with each other Marauder. Not long after they had joined the Order they had decided to smash the mirrors so they couldn’t be used if they were ever caught. Sirius flipped it over a couple of time and slipped into his sleeping bag. He had smashed them, all but this one. The one he had shared with James. For some reason Sirius couldn’t bring himself to smash this mirror – it was the first one they had ever gotten – the pair that he and James had shared and used during many detentions. He wondered if James had smashed his. He lifted the mirror to his face and said clearly, “James.” Next instant James’ face appeared in the mirror. He looked quite irritated and tired. “Why are you using the mirrors? Your meant to have smashed that,” he mumbled. “Look whose talking! Your not meant to have yours either.” “Couldn’t bear to smash it. Seemed a waste.” “Yeah same here.” “So what did you want?” “Just some news from Dumbledore. Tell you more in the morning. But we’re going to Hogwarts, Dumbldores worked out Voldermorts plan. " “Alright, contact me in the morning. Bye,” James’ face disappeared from the mirror before Sirius uttered his good bye. Shrugging his shoulders Sirius dropped the mirror on the floor beside him. Before he could think about what he was doing Sirius was dead to the world. ***** Voldemort issued the instructions. “We attack. You know the plan. I’ll tell you when and where in due time. But get the troops to move towards Scotland. I’ll speak to them all in three days. And Wormatil, they’d better be ready.” ~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m sooo sorry this has taken me ages to get out and im sorry to anyone who was anxiously awaiting for more. But I had such writers block and I couldn’t do anything. But I’m right now and I no the plan for the next two chapters. After that I have school holidays (yes) so ill have heaps of time to get this story up! BI!

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