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It Started with Hate, It Ended with Death Chapter 07 ~ Midnight Rendezvous’
Just as Lily had hoped, Friday brought the leaves, who had tinged themselves with reds and browns, some turning purple and yellow. Who doesn’t love autumn? Lily asked herself, as she carried her Care of Magical Creatures textbook with her, on her way to the class. She had lost Nova and Alice was behind her, with Frank Longbottom; Marla and Genevieve having a free period. She cornered to where Professor Grubbly-Plank was and smile. “Good afternoon, Professor,” Lily beamed. She was in an insightful good mood, and she didn’t want to spoil it. “Good afternoon to you, Ms. Evans,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said to her, looking at a clipboard as she marked off students who were arriving. Lily backtracked to Alice and Frank, who were looking around aimlessly. “Frank, how are you? I haven’t talked to you since summer,” Lily said, silently reprimanding herself for not talking to him start of term. Frank cleared his throat slightly. “I’m good, I’m good. I was just, uh, talking to Alice here, that’s all,” he said to her, his brown locks blowing in the breeze. Lily smiled. “I’ll let you two talk, then,” she said, nudging Alice. She turned and went over to Nova, who was sitting on the ground on a tree stump. “Room for two?” asked Lily as she approached. Nova looked up and nodded her head. “Of course, Lily!” she said, sliding over. “How are you feeling today?” she asked her, as Lily sat down. The sides of Lily’s mouth dropped slightly. “Still confused,” she confessed to her friend. Her eyes to seemed to find James Potter, but she couldn’t keep her eyes away. “More or so, I feel insane.” Lily had spilled her milk by telling Nova everything. How she thinks she likes James Potter, and how she has no idea what to think anymore, and everything that she couldn’t construe. Nova laughed, her purple eyes finding James. “Yea, well, it’s a big step. I mean, you like your arch enemy,” Nova half-whispered. “Don’t remind me,” Lily said to her, her eyes not wanting to move. His square jaw was positioned in a smug smile, as he talked to Remus and Sirius, Peter out of sight. You could make out the muscles on his arms, from years on the Quidditch team. Her eyes lingered on the side of his face as he positioned his glasses up farther on his nose, not geek-like or haphazardly, but more so softly and gently. “… but I can tell you whatever, Lily, but I can’t force you,” Nova said, snapping Lily out of her stupor. Nova turned her purple eyes to Lily’s green ones. “You know, I think you and James would make a good couple.” Not a smile was on Nova’s face nor was she saying it in any smug way. “Everyone gather around. This will be a short lesson,” Professor Grubbly-Plank saved Lily. Lily felt relieved that she wouldn’t have to answer Nova, she walked over with Nova to where Professor Grubbly-Plank was standing. “Now! I want everyone to pay attention!” the professor said, her stern face showing every aged wrinkle. She was tall and skinny and her short, chestnut brown hair was streaked with gray. Her appearance gave her the look of being a sister to Professor McGonagall. “Our next lesson will revolve around an animal that only comes out once a month and at midnight on a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank informed them. Nova and Lily exchanged glances at each other. “Sunday night is a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank announced. “At eleven forty-five at night, on Sunday night, I’m asking all of you to meet me n the Great Hall. You will have permission from the teachers, but you are not to leave your commonrooms until our Head Boy and Girl come to retrieve you.” “Great,” Lily muttered to Nova. “Now, I will have to put up with Potter some more." Everyday glanced around looking for Lily and James. Lily felt her cheeks grow red and she looked over at Nova who was smirking. Professor Grubbly-Plank cleared her throat to pause the commotion. “I am allowing you all to go for today. I will see you at eleven forty-five in the Great Hall. Class dismissed,” she said, with a wave of your hand. James stood off to the side of the crowd as Professor Grubbly-Plank spoke. He had had a natural high all week knowing that Lily would be with him the whole Hogsmeade trip. But then, he also had a small bit of despair. It seemed like Lily really didn’t want to be with him. All in all, that hurt him deeply. His heart may be beating, but it wasn’t red, rather purple, bruised with rejection. “Sunday night is a full moon,” Professor Grubbly-Plank announced. James was snapped out of his semi-conscious state. “At eleven forty-five at night, on Sunday night, I’m asking all of you to meet me n the Great Hall. You will have permission from the teachers, but you are not to leave your commonrooms until our Head Boy and Girl come to retrieve you.” James felt Professor Grubbly-Planks small eyes found James as she said “Head Boy.” James also felt eyes on the back of his head. James took a look back to Lily, but she wasn’t looking towards him, instead her small hand was covering her mouth as she leaned towards Nova and said something to her. “Class dismissed!” Professor Grubbly-Plank said, her slightly wrinkled hand waving them away. James turned, and he and Sirius waited for the vast amount of people to pass. “Shit, how are we going to do this?” Sirius asked James, looking up at him as they began to walk back upwards towards the castle. “He’ll have Peter,” James said, his own mind not knowing what they’re going to do. Sirius looked at James as if he was crazy. “James! Are you there aware of what you just said?” James nodded his head. “I haven’t seen much of Peter lately, the boy is up to something, and although I want to know what, it’s not like he’s been a huge part of our group.” James nodded, this was true. Peter hadn’t been around a lot lately, now that Sirius mentioned it, he was curious too. “I don’t know, mate, but I can’t get out of it. I have to go pick up all of them,” James said, gesturing towards the people walking in front of him. “We can’t leave Remus,” Sirius said, they’re feet finally touching the walk that led to the front of the building. “I mean, it’s sort of like a tradition. We’ve been doing this since fifth year, James; none of us have missed a full moon.” James gritted his teeth as they walked up the stairs and entered the warming castle. The pungent smells of pumpkin pie and burning leaves filled his nose, autumn smells. “I don’t know, Sirius. We can’t miss it, didn’t you hear her? The animal only comes out at midnight on a full moon!” James and Sirius ascended the steps to meet their friends in the commonroom. “I mean, if I were to ask her to postpone it, then it would be next month on the next full moon,” James said, mostly to himself. Sirius sighed loudly and looked at James. “We’re cornering that boy when we get upstairs to the commonroom,” Sirius said lackadaisically. James nodded and the pair commenced on up to the Gryffindor commonroom, where they would take Peter to the Dorm that he shared with Remus and Sirius. “Lion Pride,” James sighed, as they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady. She grunted; it seemed she still had a grudge against them since that night, and she opened up for them to enter. The two entered and they looked around the room. Remus and Peter were both sitting at a table starting their weekend homework. Sirius walked over and literally picked Peter up. “Peter, James and I need to talk to you,” he said, pulling him towards the boy’s dormitory. Remus looked up. “Why do you need to talk to Peter?” he asked, looking confused. “We just have to,” James said, running his hand through his locks. “We’ll only be a few minutes; you’ll have your study partner back.” Remus raised his eyebrow at James. “I am not eating nor drinking anything that the two of you concocted,” he said tiredly, yet he found a way to plaster an amused smile on his face. James laughed. “Ok then, Moony, that won’t be done!” Remus still didn’t believe them. “What exactly are you three up to?” he asked suspiciously. “Birthday gift!” Sirius said suddenly. Remus’ face scrunched in confusion. “My birthday isn’t until February,” he said to them. “The earlier we start the better present we get!” Sirius said, tugging on Peter. Remus looked at the three one last time and went back to him homework, reluctantly, too tired to throw bandy words around with the two. Sirius led Peter up the steps, James in back to ensure that he wouldn’t run. They opened up the door to the too-familiar Dorm room and settled Peter on the bed. “Peter, where’ve you been off to?” Sirius blurted before James had any time to close the door. Peter shook slightly. “Wh-what do you mean?” he stuttered out, twisting his chubby fingers. Sirius looked baffled. “What do I mean? I mean, where’ve you been scampering off to? You’re never around here anymore,” Sirius said to him in an outrage. “Sirius, quiet will you? Do you want Remus to come up here?” James asked, pushing Sirius back a little, and taking in for him. “Peter, tell us or I’ll file a report,” he said in his Head Boy voice, which caused Peter’s eyes to grow as large as galleons. “I’ve, uh… been to… remedial Transfiguration and Charms,” Peter said slowly, his beady and watery black eyes turning towards each of the two. Sirius couldn’t help himself, he laughed out loud. “You’re with Flitwick and McGonagall for extended hours? Oh man!” Sirius said through bursts of laughter. “Merlin, Peter, I knew you sucked at both subjects, but I didn’t know you were that bad! For heavens sakes, you can turn into a rat illegally!” “Is that all you wanted to know?” he asked, mustering up some dignity. “No,” Sirius said sternly, his laughter stopping abruptly. “Wormtail, Sirius and I have a midnight class on Sunday,” James began, looking at Sirius. “So, we need you to be with Remus on Sunday. And no dashing off, if you do, I’ll report you for being out after hours,” James ended, cocking his eyebrow at Peter. “Ok, ok, fine,” Peter said, standing up tentatively. “I mean, it Peter,” James said stiffly. “You know how he can get.” Just as James ended, the door opened and Remus walked in. “Ok, now I know you are all up to something,” he said, closing the door. “And it’s no birthday present because you get me candy and some prank every year.” His eyebrows were raised at the three. “We’re getting you an animal, and we wanted Peter’s opinion,” Sirius said the first thing that came to mind. “Although, he’s no help.” “Uh huh,” Remus said, “that’s such a lie, it’s not even funny.” His eyes danced with amusement. James sighed. “We can’t make our little, er, meeting on Sunday… so we’re threatening Peter,” James admitted, shrugging to Sirius. He was going to find out sooner or later, right? “God, guys, what’s wrong with you?” Remus asked, looking at Sirius and James. “I like to partake in that too.” Sirius smiled. “Sorry, we finished with him, mate. If there’s a next time, you’re more than willing to though!” “Hey!” Peter squeaked. “I’m still here you know! I am not fun to make fun of, either!” he said, playing with his hands, his face starting to perspire. Sirius just laughed. “Oh, I am going to miss Hogwarts after this year,” he said with a nervous laugh at the end. The foursome looked at each other, and even though they had weak smiles on, they knew that the statement that Sirius had just said was showing them there Hogwarts hourglass. There time was dwindling and it the grains of sand weren’t stopping anytime soon. Lily tapped her foot impatiently. Half of the Ravenclaw’s were not even ready yet. If they didn’t hurry they were going to be late for the lesson that Professor Grubbly-Plank had planned for them that night. “We’re all here now,” said a boy, after two girls appeared at the end of the crowd. She did a quick head count, even though she only needed seven of them, and then nodded her head. She led them out of their tower and down the steps. None of the students talked; it was late, and most of them were tired and looked like they wanted to kill Lily for waking them up and dragging them out of the castle. Her thoughts drifted as she made her way down the steps, her hand sliding against the stone. It reminded her of many a times when James would follow behind her; her hand sliding up the rail and his endless chatter lulling her into madness. Her cheeks grew red as she thought of him. Why can’t he stay out of my mind? Lily asked herself. She mulled over this at once. She didn’t’ want to believe her heart and she didn’t want to believe Nova either. But how could she not? Both were right; and for Lily, that was a hard thing to come to terms too. Honestly, you cannot just simply start going out with your enemy. “Got them all?” said a male voice from her left side. Lily felt herself snap to reality and her mind focused in on James Potter. She felt her cheeks grow warm. “Yes,” she said breathlessly. He ran a hand through his hair and smiled. “Lets go people, we’re going to be late,” he said, waving his hand for them to process forward. His hair stuck up at jagged ends and the back seemed to not heed his comb. “Evans!” said his voice, snapping her to reality once more. “Get up here!” Lily nodded, suddenly putting on a hostile face. “I’m coming, Potter! Can’t you wait two minutes for me to get to the front?” she asked him “Actually, I can’t wait for a lot of things from you,” he whispered to her as she came up to the front, somewhat reluctantly to his right side. Lily sent him a glare. James opened the door and they led the students out onto the grounds. The moon was a stunning yellow color and it was huge. As if someone had lassoed it closer to the Earth. Lily stopped in her steps. Everything was colored in the lusty color, but it didn’t look a bit eerie at all. She started to take the steps forward, so that she was in front of James this time. She didn’t care what he said; she didn’t want anymore thoughts intruding into her mind. At the far end of the Hogwarts she saw Professor Grubbly-Plank, but she looked so far. Lily dashed in front of James. He raised an eyebrow at this gesture. What has gotten into her? he asked himself, watching as her robes billowed out around her. He couldn’t help but stare. He felt like his eyes were glued to her. He jumped suddenly, as he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Sirius rubbing at his eyes. “Watching her ass, mate, is not going to make her go out with you,” Sirius said, his voice tinged with a laugh. James peeled his eyes from Lily’s rear end, realizing now that he had indeed been staring. “I was not staring at her butt,” James said, looking down at Sirius. Sirius raised an eyebrow at him, a smug look on his face. “I wasn’t!” James said to him. James felt a tap to his right and he reared to the right. “What?” he asked Nova, Lily’s best friend. Nova looked at him oddly. “Don’t have a cow. I was just coming up to say hi. Merlin’s beard,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Sorry,” he said to her. He sent her a small smile and said, “What’s up?” “Nothing,” Nova sighed. “But, I did hear you asked Lily to Hogsmeade.” Nova looked up at him, he nodded and sighed. “Well, I’ll let you know, if you want to win Lily’s heart, I’d stop acting like an idiot around her and show her some maturity before you do it again,” she said to him. “I’ve been mature! She’s just stubborn!” James said, throwing his hands up. Nova raised an eyebrow at him. “James, what the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you see anything through another persons eyes? Apparently not,” she answered for him. “Just last year you were hexing Slytherin’s and setting off pranks this way and that. It’s the second weekend in the school term. You have till the first Saturday in November. Act yourself. Win her heart someway,” she said, striding off in front of him, without giving him time to speak. James gaped at Nova, who was jogging in front, coming to Lily’s side. “What did she mean by that?” James asked Sirius. He was being oddly quiet, and James didn’t like that. “I don’t know, mate, but I like her. She’s feisty,” he said with a devilish grin. Sirius looked up at James. “I like them feisty.” James broke into a fit of laughter. Either Sirius knew how to make him laugh, or he was dead serious (but hilarious, too). “Sirius, no, down boy,” James said to him, trying to keep a straight face. “Oh, ha ha,” Sirius said to him sarcastically, the corners of his mouth curving down. “In a hurry, Lily?” Nova asked as she came up besides her best friend. Lily looked backwards. James glasses seemed to glint off the moon and she forced herself to look forward again. “Yes,” she said to her friend. She pulled her cloak around her tighter, her body adjusting to the warmth it brought. “Lily, can I ask you a question?” Nova asked her friend. She looked at Lily, a serious plastered on her face. Lily looked at Nova oddly. “Of course you can, Nova, you know you can ask me anything,” Lily said sincerely. Nova nodded and looked up into the emeralds of Lily’s eyes. “Do you like James Potter?” Sirius looked towards the Whomping Willow as they forwarded towards the Forbidden Forest, where Professor Grubbly-Plank was standing. “You think he’ll be alright?” “Who, Remus?” James asked, his eyes looking towards the gnarled tree. “I hope. I hated to leave him there without us there. It’s rough on him, we all know it.” “If Peter does something stupid, he’ll have a nice shoe way up his ass,” Sirius said, bitterness tingeing his voice. Sirius sighed. “I don’t even want to think about this. I’m gonna go up and see if Nova will go with me to Hogsmeade,” Sirius said to James. “You have, like, two months,” James said to him, a confused look spreading upon his face. Sirius walked backwards, his hands up in a shrug. “Does it hurt to plan in advance?” he asked, turning around and walking towards Lily and Nova, who were slowing down in front of Professor Grubbly-Plank. Sirius checked his breath and rubbed his dragonskin gloves together and placed them in his pockets, pulling his cloak closer to his body. He approached quietly as he planned out a quick strategy. “Do you like James Potter?” Nova’s voice asked. She sounded upset for some reason. He inched to the side, so that he was covered by some foliage hanging off of the trees. That’s all he needed, was for them to see him; then, Lily would never answer. “What does that mean?” Lily whispered to Nova. “Nova, we’ve been over this,” Lily said, her voice cracking slightly. Nova sighed. “Lily, you haven’t been the same. You’re making yourself ill, please, admit to yourself whether you do or you don’t.” Nova’s voice sounded stressed, she seemed upset in a sense. Lily sighed. Her small black-gloved hand wiped underneath her eyes. Sirius couldn’t tell if she was crying or not. Her eyes closed momentarily and her breathing seemed shallow. “Nova, I don’t know.” “Ok, then,” Nova said quietly. “Then, think about this; do you have feelings for him?” Nova asked. “And I mean positive feelings.” Lily’s eyes shot open. “No lying, Lil, I’ve told you plenty of secrets, your turn to dish up.” Students started to pile in around them, and Sirius came out from behind the foliage, and walked by just as Lily uttered; “I have feelings, and they’re growing stronger, Nova.” “Now, for the lesson you were supposed to learn on Friday, we will begin right now. I only have a few minutes, and we must be quick and quiet!” Professor Grubbly-Plank whispered sternly. “The animal that I was talking about the other day was a Mooncalf. Can anyone tell me what a Mooncalf is?” Lily’s hand shot up into the air. “Ms. Evans?” Lily breathed in shallowly, then said quietly but loudly for them all to hear; “A Mooncalf is an animal that only come out on a full moon. They dance in an isolated area that is lit with moonlight.” Lily smiled at herself. She had a feeling they would be learning about Mooncalf’s this year. “If there feces is collected afterwards, it is very valuable, because it is silver and also because it is very fertile. But it cannot be exposed to sunlight.” Professor Grubbly-Plank nodded curtly. “Excellent, Ms. Evans, fifteen points to Gryffindor. Now, last month I search on a full moon for this animal, hoping to find one on Hogwarts grounds. There’s a little clearing right through this foliage. We must hurry and no talking or else we won’t be able to see this fascinating creature.” Professor Grubbly-Plank turned and began into the Forbidden Forest, followed by the other students. Only about twenty or thirty feet in, a large clearing that was exposed to the moon, came into view. Professor Grubbly-Planked turned around and whispered so low that people had to lean in to hear. “Everyone sit down, I’m going to set an Invisible Charm so the poor beast won’t get frightened and run off.” The students obliged and sat down on the grass, huddled in groups to keep warm in the cold night. Professor Grubbly-Plank waved her wand over the students and her mouth moved with an incantation. She turned around and stood beside the body and they waited. Finally, after mere minutes of the charm being cast, Lily saw a pale and grey head come out of a small hole. The beast’s eyes sat perched on top of its head, the black eyes bulging from its sockets, round and watery. Two spindly legs came out of the hole and the animal hoisted itself out of the hole and it sat on the four flat-footed legs. It looked up towards the moon and it stood on its hind legs. The pale grey skin seemed smooth in the moonlight, and it glowed with a white covering. The Mooncalf twirled around and it beat its hooves on the ground. It walked back and forth, and twirled. The small group of students watched in fascination as the animal danced. Never had they seen something so breathtaking. The beast was hoisting its front legs into the air and coming back down, its legs going back and forth. It almost looked an Indian ritual that her mum had shown her. Its bulging eyes never left the moon as the Earth rotated; the moon began to hide behind the surrounding trees. Yet, the animal didn’t give up its dance. Its grey body began to dance a bit faster, the dust picking up around them. The students suppressed the urge to cough, not wanting the animal to stop dancing. The spindly legs walked in back of each other as the animal seemed to be retracing its dance steps. The animal’s front legs came down in suave motions as it made motions towards the moon; its legs doing an odd movement that looked like it was hopping and skipped at the same time. Lily gaped at the animal. It was so enticing, it was luring into itself, wanting her to watch. Though, she did clandestinely. She was fascinated by its grey skin and how the moonlight illuminated the skin and how its flat feet stomped the ground and worshiped the moon. Lily didn’t know how long they had all been sitting there, but the moon had vanished behind the trees. No longer was the clearing enveloped in the silky white of the moonlight. The Mooncalf bowed towards the hiding moon and then eased itself carefully into the hole it had come out of earlier. The students didn’t utter a word even though Mooncalf ceased in front of them. Instead they were staring at the intricate design that it had left for them to enjoy. The lines in the dirt crisscrossed each other and they intertwined in the oddest ways and the circles and the shapes all meant something to someone. From the moonlight that was still present, were little droppings of silver dung. It made the picture even more pretty. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said Professor Grubbly-Plank, her voice free of sternness. “That was a male that we saw. It’s ashamed you’re not here in August. When I discovered this one, he and his partner were doing a mating dance. The females don’t come out during the fall or winter; only in May through August, they hibernate now.” Lily was still looking at the patterns, as were the others. Professor Grubbly-Plank cleared her throat and the students looked at her, their eyes glistened over and their faces gaping. “I have little glass boxes for you all to collect some of its remains. Don’t worry; it’s odorless and surprisingly clean. But, don’t let it touch sunlight, it have the sparkling beauty that it has. Line up and grab a box. There’s more than enough for everyone.” Everyone stood up and grabbed a small box and walked out, stepping over the lines and shapes. Lily walked over to the shining round object and used the lid to scoop it into the box. Her face curled into disgust, but still, hadn’t she heard about this stuff? How valuable it was, too. She stared at it, it fascinated her, it wasn’t like it was just some dung left behind by an animal, it was magical and worthwhile. “So, Lils, going to experiment on this, too?” asked Nova, who had hers in her hand. Lily smiled. “Not now, at least,” Lily said to her friend. The class began to ascend up towards the castle. Garrulous chatter arose as they neared the castle. Excitement at what they had just seen, some of the girls talking about how Professor Grubbly-Plank is unclean, and some of them droning on about how they’ve missed sleep. James looked at Sirius. “Ready, mate?” James asked Sirius, who only nodded. James walked up towards Professor Grubbly-Plank and said, “Professor, I left my bag down there. Don’t worry about me, I have rounds anyway,” James said to the professor. “Ok, Mr. Potter, but don’t dwindle out here, you never know what’s going to happen,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said, looking towards the moon. “Yes, ma’am,” James said respectively. And headed back down towards the Forbidden Forest, his hands were in his pockets, but he was warm all over. “Ready to change?” he asked Sirius as he heard the castle doors shut. Sirius looked to make sure there weren’t any wanderers. “Yes, let me immobilize the tree,” Sirius said, whipping out his wand. He waved it thrice times and the tree ceased movement. James stared hard at the tree and then he closed his eyes. He put himself in a white room (in his mind) and saw the stag that he was to become; him on one end, the stag on the other end. He moved the stag slowly to the side where he was at, allowing the stag to envelop his body. James felt a numb feeling overtake his body, the ends of his fingers and toes tingling with an extremely hot feeling. He felt himself shrink just the slightest bit and he saw that the stag in his mind had completely overtaken his, he opened his eyes. James smiled, even though it felt like a long process, it was really on a few seconds. James looked down at the dog on his side and he nodded his head. Sirius barked and the two ran into the trunk of the immobilized tree. Lily shut the castle doors. The students had begun to disperse to their commonrooms, and Lily sighed. She still had to check the halls, and then she could finally go to bed. She noticed that she was missing someone; she looked around the crowd to see if she could find the unruly locks of James’ head. “Professor, where did Potter go?” Lily asked the Professor. “I can’t seem to find him.” “Oh, don’t worry, Ms. Evans, he went to get his bag. He left it down there by accident. He’ll be back,” Professor Grubbly-Plank said reassuringly. “Now, I have to plan my third year lesson for tomorrow, I must go. Good night, Ms. Evans.” Professor Grubbly-Plank started up the grand staircase and Lily felt herself grow warm, from fury no less. “The prat,” she said under her breath. Could he be any more irresponsible? What the hell was going through Dumbledore’s mind when he picked James? Lily asked herself. She began up the stairs and walked throughout the first floor corridor. But all the while she couldn’t help thinking; I wonder what type of escapade James is up to. She couldn’t seem to shake him off, and this wasn’t the first time. “Hogsmeade shall be interesting,” she said to herself out loud. She looked towards the window and saw the full moon; she walked forward and looked out onto the grounds. She recoiled slightly when she saw a deer and a dog run straight into the Whomping Willow. “What in Merlin’s name…” Lily said, looking closer. The Whomping Willow wasn’t moving and she was pretty sure that it had been immobilized. But only a Wizard could do that. She looked throughout the halls; so many secrets were embedded in them. She looked back out, who was out on the Hogwarts grounds? Her mind slipped suddenly. It cannot be James and Sirius… she told herself. She ran straight to her dormitory that she shared with James. “James Potter!” she yelled. Her voice only reverberated his name. She listened shrewdly. James Potter. She began towards the staircase that led to his room. She knew it was against the rules, but she couldn’t help herself, she turned the knob to the right and she heard it click open. “Potter?” she asked the darkness. “Lumos,” she said. The room enveloped in light and she looked about. His room was scarlet with gold sheets, just like hers, except that he had Quidditch techniques taped onto the walls; some robes were strewn on the floor; and several candles adorned the desk were he had books open, parchments filtering throughout books, new and broken quills laying about, and ink opened and some spilling out. Lily looked around, she didn’t see him anywhere. His wardrobe was open and she could see the scarlet and gold Quidditch robes that were hanging there, she walked over and she touched them, the smoothness of the fabric welcomed her hand. Other robes were hanging there, along with several Gryffindor ties and oxford shirts. Pants were folded on the bottom shelf of the wardrobe and several pairs of shoes under them. She looked over to the other side of the room where he had a pile of dirty robes and street clothes for the House Elfs to take away. Lily smile silently to herself. Just how I’d pictured it, she said to herself, acknowledging the mess and the disorganization. The clock on the wall chimed one-thirty and Lily looked at it. It wasn’t an ordinary clock, well it was, but it was beautiful. The cherry wood was rimmed in shining gold and the face of the clock was an aged pearl-like back; the hands of the clock swirled in different ways, creating beautiful patterns, and the numbers were roman numerals. The chimes that hung down were small, but they had made an angelic noise. Why would he have something so beautiful in here? she asked herself. “Uh, Evans, why are you in my room?” James asked Lily, his outline standing in the doorway. Lily jumped away from the clock and she turned her wand towards James, who recoiled from the light. “Potter, where have you been?” she asked, her voice cracking slightly from embarrassment. “I think the better question is why you are in my room?” James said, folding his arms, a smug smile on his face. Lily noticed that his right hand had a cut on it and his face seemed tired. Lily straightened her back. “I was looking for you,” she said to him, “and where were you?” Lily shot back. “In the castle; I took Sirius up to the Dormitory then walked downwards. Then, I came into here and I find you, snooping through my stuff,” James said, walking in and lighting a candle with his wand. “I wasn’t snooping,” Lily said defensively. “I was… I told you already, I was looking for you.” James raised an eyebrow at her. “The door is on the other side of the room,” he said, nodding his head. Lily’s eyes found the door and she felt beaten. “The clock is my mothers. She gave to me when she got sick,” James said, walking to his wardrobe and took out a pair of long underwear and a t-shirt. Lily shuffled slightly. She hadn’t expected that. “Oh. I’m sorry,” she said to him. “It’s fine,” he said to her, his back still turned. “Uhm, I think I’ll go,” she said to him, walking towards the door. She saw James start to undress as she turned to close the door. His back was muscular, she could see, and his muscles constricted as he threw the shirt to the floor. Lily walked out of the dormitory. She felt her cheeks grow warm. She had seen guys so many times without shirts on, why was he making her blush and feel warm? She tossed her feet lightly so that she wouldn’t disturb anyone, or bring attention to herself. “What are you doing out of bed?” came a growling voice as she edged towards the end of the sixth floor. “Shit,” Lily muttered under her breath. She turned around and faced Mr. Filch. “I’m Head Girl,” she said, pointing to the badge on her chest. “I have rounds, now I need to finish them,” she said to him. He grumbled, hoping that he’d be able to punish a child tonight. His long, brown hair was straggly and it looked like it hadn’t been washed in forever; his clothes were wrinkled and filthy; and he had a smudge of dirt on his right cheek. “Fine,” he said, going down the steps, the stupid kitten following after him. “Idiot,” she said quietly to him as his footsteps ceased. She began down the seventh floor corridor. She snapped her fingers at the portrait. “Lion pride,” Lily said impatiently. She snapped her fingers at the portrait again; the Fat Lady finally woke up and grunted. “Lion pride,” Lily said again. “Sure, in you go,” she said, opening up the portrait. Lily stepped in, she looked around the commonroom, Black had to be awake he was always awake. “Black, come here,” Lily said to him, who was sitting next to Peter, doing their homework. Sirius turned around. What was Lily doing here? “Uh, why?” asked Sirius. “I’ve been a good boy. I’ve been here since James dropped me off, I swear,” he said sarcastically. Lily rolled her eyes at him. “Come here, I have to ask you a question,” she said to him, her patience running low. “Fine, fine,” Sirius said, screeching the chair as he pushed it back. He walked over to her and followed her out of the portrait hole. “What do you what, Lily?” he asked tiredly. “What’s wrong with Potter’s mom?” Lily sputtered out. Sirius raised an eyebrow. “I’m not your bank of information for James,” Sirius said with a sigh. “Why do you want to know?” “Because I was in his room –“ “James didn’t tell me that you and he –“ “Sirius Black! You pervert! No! I was looking for him!” Lily said in an outrage. She knew she had to keep her cool; to keep Sirius there, but her patience were growing thinner. Sirius sighed with laughter. “All right, all right, I’ll tell you.” Sirius sighed and began, “I told you. James was a late child to Mr. and Mrs. Potter. You know, too many beers you go home, and there you go, James was made,” Sirius said. Lily shot him a look of disgust. “I don’t need the physical details, Black,” she said to him. Sirius laughed. “I wasn’t going to. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Potter were about forty-seven when they conceived James, and had him when she was forty-eight. How? I have no clue. But anyway, Mrs. Potter is pretty old, and she’s still working. Well, was. Over the summer, she got really sick. It’s just old age, you know? So, that’s all that’s wrong. She’s just elderly and sick.” Lily nodded. She couldn’t understand how James could be so youthful, and his parents not. Her own parents were only forty now. “Ok, thank you, Black.” Sirius saluted her. “Anytime, Lily dear,” Sirius said. Lily shot him a glance and he disappeared into the portrait hole, laughing. Lily started down the steps; her whole mind was confused greatly. “You know, Evans, you could have just asked me,” said a voice behind Lily. “Jesus Christ, Potter, stop doing that!” Lily said, her face becoming exceedingly warm. Lily turned around, there was James; except, he was dressed in his Hogwarts attire. “Sorry,” James said, walking down the steps towards her. “I came to apologize; I didn’t want you to think I was rude, scolding you like I’m your mum.” “No, I had no right to be in your room,” Lily said to him. “You know, Sirius knows a lot about my family. He knows certain subjects are touchy and he knows some need to be kept quiet,” James said quietly. “I’m sorry if he wasn’t supposed to tell me.” “No, you most likely would’ve hexed him until he said something,” James said with a soft laugh. Lily felt herself grow warm. His laugh echoed in her ears. “Most likely… I can be nosy sometimes, I’m sorry,” she said to him. “No, no… but why didn’t you just ask me?” James asked her. “I don’t know, I didn’t want to sound rude,” Lily said to him. Lily realized that they had stopped walking and they were turned towards each other. “Wow, we had a civilized conversation.” Lily turned. “I’ve got to go,” Lily said to him quietly, running off down the steps and into her dormitory. She stopped in her Dormitory and up at James’ door. Why did she keep on running? “Can’t my heart just stop?” she asked herself out loud, feeling her face grow warm with feelings and wet with tears. Author's Note: 15 Word pages and 6,639 words later, and I finally have this chapter for you readers!! Haha, this took me forever to write! I had many bouts w/ Writers Block and quite a few times where I thought I'd have to start over again. I want to point out that the story is growing darker - in the beginning it was all "lets shop and laugh." Now, it's "pair into twos." The War will become more present, also! Also, I want to point out (I'm growing annoying now, I know, just bear with me) that Lily can't harness her feelings, and James is slowly nudging his way in. I have the chapter where they meet all written up! It's a good one, too!! I want to say that I am in the HPFF chat daily. Usually when I get home from school and/or on the weekends at night or periodically during the day. If I'm in there, please, don't be afriad to acknowledge me! I love to hear from my readers!! I would like to inform you all that I am writing up a Series right now! It's a series of Angst and Love stories. And James and Lily are intertwined! I cannot tell you anymore, because it's a secret! More info in time!! Just a reminder to all of you! I have a website with updates and such for my stories! With excerpt's from new stories! And all that jazz! Check it out! One last thing (I swear!) I will allow you to review a question. And then, I will answer it! The story is taking jerks and pulls, and I don't want anyone to feel lost or confused. Please, do so if you're confused! I will pick the best one(s) and I will answer them either @ the beginning of the chater or @ the end! I would like to thank the following reviews, who have reviewed every single chapter! TomBrady12, presi, Lilibet, Mags, and Elixir! (If I have forgotten you, please let me know!) Thank you to my loyal reviewers!!! Review if you wish!

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