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Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in the library, writing a 6-foot long essay for Snape about Veritaserum. Harry put down his quill and sighed. He was sick of Snape, and sick of Potions. He couldn't wait until Christmas vacation, when he, Ron, Hermione and all the other Weasleys would be at the Burrow. Remus would probably be there too, and Harry was looking forward to seeing him.

Hermione lay down her quill, and poked Ron. When he looked up at her, she whispered in his ear. He stood up, and turned his side to her. She unfurled her essay, and held it against his side. The scroll barely reached his knees. She sighed and laid it back on the table, and started scribbling again.

"Harry, can you come here for a second?" whispered a voice behind Harry's chair. He turned around, to find Romilda Vane standing behind his chair, giving him what she obviously thought was a seductive look, but actually looked like she was about to cry. He sighed, pushed back his chair, and followed Romilda.

He saw Ron giving him a startled look, then leaning over and whispering to Hermione. She continued scribbling, but he saw a small smile form on her lips. Harry scowled, and then quickly jogged to catch up with Romilda. She was walking at a pretty brisk pace, and surprisingly, Harry had a tough time catching up with her.

He followed her until under the Quidditch stands, where she stopped and turned around. He eyed her warily. She seemed to be debating with herself about something. Harry waited patiently, and when she opened her mouth. Harry cut her off. "I won't ask you out in the near future, I'm not asking you out to the Christmas ball because I already have a date, I can't just be friends with you because you just want me as a prize to tote around, and I never liked you anyways." He crossed his arms, while Romilda stood there, mouth gaping. She stood there, blinking for a few minutes, until Harry cleared his throat. He was used to this-Romilda dragging him off in the middle of anything, saying it was "urgent" and "important", and he ended up standing in front of a rumbling machine that spouted out useless chatter, while he missed a study session, or Quidditch practice, or sleep. He refused once, and next morning he found his clothing all over the Gryffindor common room, sprayed bright pink and purple.

She finally closed her mouth, and said, "Harry, why won't you give me a-" "Chance? Because he already has a girlfriend, namely me." This came from Ginny, who now strode out, and slid her hands around Harry's neck. "Hi, handsome," she purred, before she kissed Harry.

Absorbed in the kiss, he barely heard Romilda's shriek of anger, and her stomping away.

Harry pulled away, and grinned at Ginny, who returned it. "Thanks," he said. "No problem," she said, shrugging her shoulders. "She is such an effing pain."
I know a girl who's obsessed with a guy
she talks for hours and still tomorrow
she'll call again and when he thinks that this could be the end,
she calls again
Harry woke up with a start. He yawned, only to find that Peeves was sitting on his chest. He shot a Levicorpus at him, and while he was shrieking in the air, he went to open the door, on which someone was pounding incessantly.
What he found behind the door was expected, but dreaded all the same.
Romilda stood there, in a getup that wouldn't be appropriate for the queen's court, made-up as if she was a doll, and holding a heart-shaped box of chocolates.
Harry groaned audibly, and slammed the door before she could say anything, or insert any appendages through the doorframe.
He went back into bed, dimly aware of her shrieks, and drifted off to sleep, a smile on his face as he dreamed of Ginny.
at six in the morning she waits at the door
he tells her to leave but still tomorrow
she'll be there again
she won't let go

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