Damsels in distress-

“Who were you’re friends from the club then? That guy, Harry, he looked about 17, he can’t work with you surely? ” Jay asked as they all walked the short distance from the club to Daisy and Amanda’s flat which was over the river in Vauxhall.

“Wow, to many question mister, one at a time please!” Tonks giggled back to buy herself time to come up with a suitable answer, however she was used to making up false answers to tricky questions on the spot, it was part o her job and her work for the Order.

“Sorry.” He grinned at her, not looking the least bit sorry.

“They’re just friends from College, University, work.” She made a disgusted face at the ’W’ word which made Jay chuckle softly. “Harry’s kind of working with me, can’t really explain,” her training was not at its most effective when she had been drinking since 8:30 that evening when Charlie had poured them all a coffee with a generous helping of Fire whisky in it. “…and he’d be livid if he knew you thought he wasn’t even old enough to go into a club legally.” All true, after all Harry had turned 18 that summer and was sick of being told he was small for his age, not that he was anymore really.

“I see. I hope they didn’t mind me stealing you away from them, it probably spoilt their evening!”

“Oh, they wouldn’t have at all; Remus and I would have just ended screaming at each other.” Tonks replied, shocked at her own honesty on a very prickly subject.

“Boyfriend?” Jay asked looking disappointed, and she noted to herself, actually quite sad.

“Oh no, just a friend, I love him dearly but we fight all of the time.” Again surprisingly honest Tonks thought. “I’m sure we’d be even worse if we were a couple, we’d only last about twenty minutes!” To Tonks’ delight he looked far, far happier now and laughed loudly at her words.

“So do you, you know, have a boyfriend? Significant other half? Husband? Seven charming small children?” He asked her in a would be casual voice.

“No. No to the boyfriend, no to the significant other, no to the husband, and no to the children. All seven of them!” she replied, again noting the relief and pleasure in his eyes. “Was that all of the ‘Nos,’ I don’t think I missed any out.”

“You didn’t.”

“Well that was quite enough for me thanks, just rubbing it in that I am in fact, for my sins, all alone!” Tonks half joked.

“For your sins, what’s that you got a case of the good Old Catholic guilt too have you?”

“No, I just that the killing spree I went on in 2001 is pricking at my conscience slightly,” she replied in a completely serious voice, and saw with delight that for a second his face blanched, before she continued, “…not too much mind, no point letting it eat you up!” He laughed loudly at this and threw his right arm around her shoulder, causing the ever-clumsy Tonks to trip and be saved, yet again by him catching her.

“Sorry,” she giggled, “I’m just so clumsy, probably even worse for having drunk… a lot!”

“Don’t worry about it.” He replied, “I quite enjoy you falling helplessly into my arms! Boosts my male ego. You know damsel in distress and all of that.”

“Not sure I’ve ever been called a ‘damsel’ before!”

“Oh you are most definitely a damsel.” He exclaimed seriously before musing to himself… “Or possibly a strumpet. Or even a fair maiden, you never know!”

“Well I’d go for Fair maiden, definitely.” Interrupted the young medical student called Jeremiah.

“Why thank you kind Sir.” Said Tonks in an exaggeratedly proper and posh voice, making them all laugh. “However I think probably a bit more of a strumpet, in fact I’m probably a disaster in distress.” she concluded in her usual Tonks like voice.


“Do you want to, uuumm, come up for coffee.” Asked Jay as they came up to the flight of stairs from the street leading to the large old house where his flat was situated. “Oh sorry I didn’t mean ’Coffee.’ I didn’t think that we’d, I wasn’t suggesting you’d-”

“I know what you meant.” Tonks interrupted the embarrassed looking Jay, smiling up at him. “And I’d love a cup of coffee.”
“Come on them. It’s just in here,” He said, leading her up to the front door and jamming his key into the lock. He led her up a flight of stairs to the door to his flat and into his small but charming kitchen.

“I’m just going to the toilet, feel free to put some music on, the
stereos over there in the living room.” he pointed through a door on the other side of the room before walking out the way they had come.

Tonks went over to the stereo and flicked his collection of CDs. ‘Thank God my Dad’s a muggle.’ Tonks thought silently to herself ‘I’d never have been able to use this other wise.’ she picked out the CD of a muggle band she particularly liked, The Subways, and went back into the kitchen where Jay was refilling the kettle.

“So Jay, Jay Jenkins, or Doctor Jay Jenkins perhaps I should say.” Tonks said intimately as she leant her back on the counter next to him. “Why did you become a Doctor? Was it the white coat? or the nurses uniform?” She added cheekily.

“I wanted to help people, like really help them. I used to see people, in photos, on the TV, when I went to the Doctors, sick people, starving children, women dying of AIDs; and I wanted to be able to help.” He told her earnestly. God he was nice, thought Tonks as she watched his kind eyes looking down at her. “I didn’t want to spend the whole of my life feeling guilty for being one of the lucky ones. Anyway the nurses wear scrubs at the Marsden so I would have been disappointed if that was the only reason I went into medicine I would have been disappointed.” He added cheekily. “the student nurses uniforms, however, well they are something!” He added, winking at Tonks.

They both stood there, they were standing very close to each other and were both staring at each other, transfixed, unable to look away. Tonks stepped forward slightly, moving slightly closer to him, they were almost touching. She lifted her face towards his, willing him to kiss her, wanting to feel his lips on hers. The kettle boiled loudly, breaking their gaze. Jay stepped back from Tonks looking down at the floor awkwardly.

“I-I’ll just make the drinks.” He began as he reached for two mugs and placed them carefully on the counter because they were shaking slightly. Tonks felt like a fool, he didn’t want to kiss her, he didn’t want to hold her in his beautiful arms, God he had beautiful arms, Tonks thought to herself as she watched him gathering the coffee, sugar and milk for their drinks. He had made it clear when he invited her up her- it was just for a drink, nothing more, just mug of bloody coffee.




“No thanks” She paused, “Fuck it, Two please.” Jay chuckled at this and spooned two sugars into each mug and stirred them slowly, not looking at Tonks.

“Thank you.” said Tonks quietly as he handed her the steaming mug of coffee.

“Do you want to come and sit in the living room?” He asked, “it’s much comfier.” Tonks nodded in response and Jay followed her into the living room which was large and spacious with a couch and two arm chairs positioned around a large coffee table which was littered with medical books, Cds, letters and a couple of novels.

“One of the benefits of living alone.” He said when he saw her examining the books on the table.


“Reading. When I lived with other people I never really had time there was always someone to talk to, never really had time to read anything. But living here, you know on my own, I read a lot.”

“So do I.” Tonks smiled at him, feeling less awkward about her unsubtle and presumptuous behaviour in the kitchen. “It’s lovely,” Tonks sat down on the couch, setting her mug on the table, “I can escape to another world, forget my problems, live some one else’s life for a few hours.” Jay nodded his agreement and sat down next to her. It was a small couch, hardly big enough for two people really so they were touching all down one side of their bodies, Tonks could feel her bare legs next to his trousered ones, could feel the ridges of the black corduroy against her skin.

Should have sat on an armchair Tonks, now he’ll think this is why you sat here, so you could touch him, Tonks thought angrily to herself. She didn’t want to seem like a desperate slut, she wasn’t desperate for his touch she told herself, she couldn’t be, she’d only known him for, she glanced up at the clock and made a quick calculation, four and a bit hours.

“Where do you live?” Jay asked interestedly, but it sounded forced, like he wanted to talk but couldn’t think of any other way to start the conversation again.” Bugger, thought Tonks, she had a flat above a café in Diagon Alley, not something to mention to Dr Jenkins she thought cruelly, he’d probably put me on some sort of medication for insanity and admit me to the mental health ward. Think Tonks, think, you’re an auror for fucks sake, think of something.

“Chelsea, right down by the river she said stupidly. “I’m moving onto one of the house boats a bit further down next week though.” This was true, the Order felt that to get herself fully accepted and trusted by her colleagues in Scotland Yard she needed to be able to invite them to her home and that sort of thing. A boat cold also be usefull for other Order work as it could be easily protected and moved wherever it was needed.

“Very interesting, I’ve never been on a house boat before.”

“You’ll have to come and visit then.” Tonks blurted out before she could stop herself. “I do a mean shepherds pie and gravy, you should come and christen the kitchen with me!” Bad Tonks, really bad she thought furiously to herself, he now thinks you’ve just invited him to have sex in your new kitchen, when all you meant was come over for a glass of wine and bit of food, well done! And to top it off, she continued furiously to herself, you don’t have a bloody clue how to cook shepherds pie, or anything else proper for that matter.

“I’d like that.” he replied quietly as she picked up her coffee and sipped it to try and mask her embarrassment.

“Good, I look forward to it.” He had obviously understood exactly what she actually meant, Molly would have to help with the food. He smiled at her, then grinned broadly.

“You’ve taken my coffee, Nymphadora, you thief!” he told her slyly.

“Oh, sorry.” she mumbled as she set his mug back down on the coffee table.

“You’re forgiven.” He said softly in her ear. She could feel that his leg was being pressed even closer to hers and she responded by pushing hers back with an equal firm pressure. His arm had been resting on the top of the couch behind her head the whole time, he began to stroke her hair gently as she turned so that she was leaning against him, pressed lightly against his firm chest. He ran both of his hands down her bare shoulders and along her arms.

“You have such lovely soft hands.” Tonks murmured quietly as he stroked her shoulders, her arms, her hands, with those soft caring fingers.

“So do you.” He whispered in her ear sweeping her hair out of the way and resting his chin on her shoulder for a moment. She could feel the slight prickle, probably no more than a days worth, of his stubble on her neck and shoulder.

Tonks pulled away and stood up, turning around to face. Jay silently cursed himself, he’d invited her here for coffee and that was what she’d wanted, he’d been such an insensitive prat. All of his own insecurities came flooding into his mind, the rejections, the inadequacies and the paranoia’s all reared up, clamouring to be heard. He stood up, meaning to apologise for his behaviour but not wanting to do it while she was towering over him.

As he stood up she stepped closer to him and reached up to cup his face in her hand and run her finger along the line of his bottom lip. Dispersing his paranoia’s and brushing them away with a stroke of her delicate fingers along his slightly parted lips. He took her hand from his chin and clasped it in his own, he moved his face downwards so that his lips met hers. He kissed her lightly at first but he could feel her intensifying it, opening his lips further with her tongue and slipping it into his mouth, hot and flickering in his mouth, he could just taste the coffee she had just drunk with his tongue. She was moving closer to him, pressing the length of her body up against his, wrapping her arms around him, he could feel her hands going up under his shirt, caressing his shoulders and his back. Moving her hands over the taut skin of his back, tracing the shapes of the muscles under his skin.

Tonks could feel her breathing quickening and becoming ragged, Jays arms were around her, his hands caressing her through the silk of her dress, pulling her towards him.

She felt safe there, in his arms, being held my him and for Tonks that alone was a gift worth her, admittedly not that great, weight in gold.

“Nymphadora,” he said when their lips parted for a second, he leant down and kissed her again before continuing. “You’re beautiful.” She could hear that his breathing was quickened, she felt like she could hardly speak so she reached up instead and kissed him deeply and passionately pushing the whole length of her body up against hers. They fitted, the two bodies, his and hers, they fitted together perfectly, like two pieces of a jigsaw.

“Bedroom…” Nymphadora murmured as their lips pulled apart, it was a suggestion, a question, a plea. Jay took her hand, leaning down to kiss her deeply once more and led her out into the hall and through his bedroom door, not stopping to shut it behind them.

At last they fell asleep, exhausted, their limbs still tangled from the pleasure they had got from one another. Tonks’ head was resting on Jays chest, her fingers were laced through the fine dark hairs on his abdomen, just above his groin. His arms were wrapped around her, his legs tangled up with hers and his hands in her long hair, which was splayed out on the mattress.

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