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It’s been ten years since Harry graduated from Hogwarts. He defeated Voldemort in his seventh year with the help of Ron, Neville, and Hermione. Only a few Death Eaters survived and those that did were successfully locked up in Azkaban, including Lucius Malfoy. Ron killed Draco when he tried to murder Hermione. Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky as her. Percy, Lupin, Tonks, and Moody were among those that perished in the war of good vs. evil.

After Voldemort’s demise, there was a time of rebirth; a time that the Wizarding community referred to as the revolution. Happiness flourished and romance sparked. People went to Diagon Alley without the fear of being attacked. Along with the rest of the Wizarding world, the Weasley family moved on, and grew as the years went by.

Bill married Fluer and produced two wonderful children, Max and Emily, who are now 6 and 2 respectively. Charlie married a Muggle from Romania named Yanna shortly after Bill and Fluer were married and are now expecting twins! George married Alicia Spinnet recently and they plan on waiting before the start a family. Fred married Angelina Johnson shortly after the war, and immediately began a family. Kristina and Lauren are 9-year-old twins, Tyler is 7, Michelle is 4, and baby Andrew was born only a few months ago. Fred has expressed his desire to have more children many times, and since he has the money to do so, it doesn’t seem like that will be a problem. Ron and Hermione were married and had Joshua, who is 7, and Michael, who is 4.

Ginny and Harry were married 5 years ago, and after a year long “honeymoon,” they decided to start a family. After a year of no success, they went to see a Healer, but because Magic cannot interfere with conceiving a child, there wasn’t much that could be done. Ginny was devastated when she learned she might never have children. Their dream of having a large family was shattered, and Harry’s heart broke every time he saw Ginny’s face look at a negative pregnancy test. She couldn’t help but be jealous when she was told the news that one of her brother’s was expecting a baby.

Despite the hardship in their lives, Harry and Ginny continued on with their lives, never quitting at their goal of having a baby. To keep their minds off the subject of children, Harry and Ginny threw themselves into their work. After hearing the news of her infertility, Ginny became a Healer. Harry and Ron became Aurors with ease. After Voldemort fell, the families of many Death Eaters reveled and formed new evil clans. The aftermast of the war sparked an interest in the Dark Arts in young Wizard’s eyes. The Ministry worked very hard to nip it in the bud and Harry and Ron are still finding Witches and Wizards as you as 14 who are threats to the Magical community.

As for Arthur and Molly, they were thrilled when the learned that Angelina was pregnant for the first time, and became happier as each grandchild was born. Age and being grandparents seemed to work well for both of them

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