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Chapter One

The sun shone though the smallest crack in a pair of curtains over a large bed. A little blonde tip toed to the bed, poking the blankets lightly.
“Mummy?” A little louder.
“MUMMY!” An arm shot out from under the bundle of blankets grabbing the little girl and pulling her into the bed.
The little girl giggled.
“Boo” Said her captor. There was another quip of giggles.
“Yes, Kaida?”
“It is my birthday” She said in a matter of fact.
Hermione Granger looked to her daughter in awe. She tugged on one of her crooked pigtails.
“Oh really?” Kaida nodded.
“And how old are you, I wonder?” The little girl held up three fingers on one hand and four on the other.
“Wow your old!” Hermione exclaimed. She giggled again.
“Not as old as you mommy” Hermione stuck out her bottom lip.
“True, so what did you want to do today?”
“I dunno”
“Hmm, how about you go and think about it while I get ready?” Kaida nodded, Hermione flipped the blanket from their heads. When she got from the bed she bent down and kissed the little girl on her forehead.
“Happy Birthday, sweetie”

Hermione opened her eyes, focusing on the dark green canopy above her. She slowly sat up holding the satin bedding to her chest. A sudden horrible thought crossed her mind as she realized she wasn’t wearing anything. The slowly looked to her left and saw the sleeping form of someone. She tucked her hair behind her ear and peered over his shoulder catching a glimpse of white blonde hair. She felt her heart stop in her chest.
‘Draco Malfoy? This cannot be happening.’
She moved away and got from the bed, wrapping herself in the bed sheet silently trying to remember what had happened the night before. Nothing was coming. She remembered Seamus dumping her, going out with Ginny to get over it. Then drinking.
“Oh Gods” she muttered. The sleeping form moved a bit, as if he was rolling over. He sat up and Hermione watched as his expression change when he realized he wasn’t clothed. He looked to the other side of the bed then his eyes lifted up to Hermione
He gave a shocked yell and tumbled from the bed, attempting to untangle himself from the bedding.
He stood up holding the blanket to his front while looking at Hermione.
“Listen Granger, I’m not sure what is going on but what the hell are you doing in my room?”
“I don’t know”
“How can you not know?”
“I don’t know how I got here. I don’t remember anything!”
“You can’t be serious”
“Do I look like I’m joking Malfoy?”
They stood on opposite sides of the room covered in whatever bedding they had grabbed first trying to remember.

A few weeks later:
Hermione looked at the long white strip in front of her. Positive.
“This is not happening.” There was a knock at the door.
“Hermione? Are you ok?”
“I’m fine Ginny.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah” Hermione continued staring at the piece of plastic. Partially angered at it. Pregnant. She was pregnant, and there was only one person that she had ever....

Hermione had just gotten her wet hair brushed and pulled into a half ponytail when Kaida came bursting in her room, jarring her thoughts.
“I wanna see a movie.”
“Oh really? What movie?” Hermione had Kaida sit on her stool while she redid her hair.
“Wallace and Gromit. The curse of the Were-rabbit”
“That’s already in the cinema?” Kaida nodded excitedly.

Ten minutes later Hermione and Kaida was standing in line waiting for sweets, Kaida looking in amazement at the ten feet tall Wallace and Gromit. Hermione got the popcorn, took Kaida hand and walked to the theater room. They had been sitting for no more than a few minutes when Kaida was poking Hermione.
‘Whats the matter”
“I lost my Skittles.”
“You lost them, or ate them?” She looked at her mother and shrugged.
“Can I go get more?”
Hermione didn’t answer, remembering for a split second what her parents would say, both being dentists.
“Please?” She said, dragging out the “EA”. Hermione laughed lightly.
“Want me to go with you?”
“No, I’m a big girl, I can do it all by myself!” Hermione handed over a pound and some change.
“Hurry back, and be careful will you?”
“Yes, mommy” Hermione watch as she left the room.

I'll add the next chaper in a few days, depending on how much it was read..

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