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Chapter 2- What’s Her Name? “Wake up honey. Today we’re going to have a woman’s day out!” My mother said in her ‘only I can be this awake and happy at seven in the morning’ voice as she so delicately ripped the sheets from my grasp and pried my curtains apart. “Bloody sun.” I mumbled as I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. “Watch your language Gwyneth. Hurry up; I want to be out of this house by nine.” She said as she pulled out my most hideous cloths and pushed them in my face. I looked at what she gave me to wear. A skirt that she gave me for my birthday despite my constant ‘I don’t wear skirts’ and a matching shirt that was a little to revealing for my taste. I put them back in the closet. I pulled out my favorite pair of jeans that were ripped everywhere and a green t-shirt that was tight enough that my mother bought it for me. “How come you’re not wearing what I gave you? You never wear that skirt.” She told me as I went down to eat breakfast 45 minutes later after I took a shower and did my minimum make up and brushed my long brown hair. “I didn’t feel like it today. I’ll wear them when I get to school.” I lied. I actually wouldn’t. I’ll probably sell them to some girl in Black’s fan club. “Okay. Well, hurry up and eat your breakfast. We have a lot to do today.” I finished my breakfast and she drove us downtown. We walked up to a muggle building but I stopped before entering now that I was well aware what my mother was now implying as a ‘woman’s day out’. I looked inside and saw noxious gas clouds looming over people’s heads and women with layers upon layers of paint on their faces. Most of them didn’t even have real eyebrows. “Come on dear, it won’t hurt one bit. You’re going into your 7th year now. You’re a prefect this year which means you won’t be coming home for the breaks and when you come back at the end of the year you’ll be moving into your own apartment. Just do this one thing for me today and I promise when we’re done here we’ll do whatever you want.” Oh great, the bloody guilt trip. “Anything?” I asked, raising one of my un-groomed, un-plucked eyebrows. “Yes dear, anything.” She answered. I nodded, reluctantly mind you, and she still had to practically drag me into that, that… prison. “What’ll it be for you ladies today?” The lady behind the counter asked smacking her gum. She was quite big and she actually looked more like a man who had plastic surgery than a lady… sounded like it too. “Well my daughter here will be getting the deluxe while I’m just here for a small trim.” I looked at my mother in horror and read the sign. ‘Deluxe-Hair cut, Eye brows, legs, manicure, pedicure, face…’ The list went on and on. Another lady came up to me and looked me up and down. “Oh dear, Sheila! Get the pink room ready! We’re desperately going to need it.” I opened my eyes wide in horror. The pink room? Already this sounded worse than one of Professor Slughorn’s stupid parties, but now a room entitled pink? I looked over at my mother who already wasn’t paying attention as she relaxed while the hair stylist washed her hair. “Come on hunny, follow us.” Five of the ugliest women popped out of nowhere and were dragging me to the dreaded room. As we passed several doors, I heard many screams of pain and this did less to calm me. I never shaved my legs, and they plan to wax them? “Sit.” I did as the told me and the ripped my pants off. I was scared out of my bloody mind. I tried my hardest to not pay attention to what they were doing to me out of sheer terror. Instead, I tried to figure out what would piss off my mom the most since she said I good to anything I wanted when we were done. “How do you want your hair cut dahling?” One of the ladies with a really deep voice asked me. “Cut? I’m afraid you must me mistaken, I don’t want to cut my hair at all.” I told the lady. “Her mother said that she wanted it at least to her shoulders.” Then pain beyond pain was inflicted on my face and I couldn’t help but drop a few tears. First this torture and now my mother wanted my beloved hair cut off? The hair that has grown to my butt and I have grown to love and cherish. It’s the main thing that keeps people from talking to me. Then I heard the worst sound in the world to me. ‘Snip’. I felt a great weight drop and I looked in the mirror and I saw 1 ½ feet of my hair fall to the ground. Mind you it may not sound like much, but I’m short. I’m only 5’ 2”, but my hair is my life especially when it’s the main thing that helps me be a solitary person. The rest of my mind went blank as the ladies continued to ‘groom’ me. When they were done, it pained me to say that I looked positively hot. I could now pass as one of the hottest girls in school and that scared me. Boys would start to look at me differently, like they actually wanted to be seen in my presence. I couldn’t let that happen. “Gwyneth Jones, you look so adorable. I’m really glad that you decided to do this.” More like ‘Gwyneth Jones, you finally look like the girly girl that I always wanted for a daughter. I’m really glad that I forced you to do this.’ I smiled because I knew what I could do that would make her eat her words. “Let’s go to the hair products store down there mom. There’s some stuff I’d like to get for my hair that I think will add a nice touch to my look.” She smiled and she we walked passed a couple buildings. “Right, you go get your stuff and meet me here. Remember now, you can get anything you want.” I smiled. That was exactly what I wanted to hear her say. I went down the aisle with all the hair dye. “Let’s see… blue, orange, red, purple, green and the bleach for the streaks to show up.” I said out loud while I piled the boxes in my basket. I went back to my mom and she looked into my basket and her smile was instantly wiped off her face. She replaced it with a false one and she bought the stuff. “Tada!” I looked in the mirror when I was done and I felt extremely satisfied. Sure I looked extremely hot, but now people would be so amazed by my difference that they still wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I woke up two day’s later. Today I was going to Diagon Ally and then tomorrow I was going back to Hogwarts. I got dressed in my only pair of ‘girly’ blue jeans and a Quidditch shirt. I loved Quidditch. I was a really good at chaser but I never tried out for the team because I had to keep my reputation as a nerd. After I got some money out of Gringotts I went to Madam Malkin’s robe shop. I bought some new robes and got some more slacks because of my bloody diet that my mother made me go on actually worked a little. I now weighed 115 pounds. As I walked to the bookstore to get my school books I heard some people talking… boys. “Who’s that girl? Moony, do you know who that girl is?” “No I don’t Padfoot. You think she’s a transfer from Beaxbatons maybe?” “It’s possible, she’s really pretty and I think that we would have remembered her.” I looked in the mirror to my side a little and noticed that they were talking about me. It was my entire bloody mother’s fault. Now I had the three most popular boys talking about how pretty I was. “You do know that it’s not nice to talk about a person behind their backs, even though you may think it’s a compliment.” I told them and turned around to face them. Black, Lupin and Potter were part of a group called the Marauders. They were the most popular boys in school. Lupin was the most sensible one. He was quieter and more studious than the others. Black was a player. He changed girlfriends more than people change their toilet paper. Potter was Head Boy this year and he is also Quidditch captain. He could get any girl he wants, but instead he fell hard for the one girl who won’t have him. Pettigrew was the other Marauder, and nobody knew why. He was a lost cause and nobody knew what the others were thinking when they befriended him. “Sorry, we didn’t know that you were listening.” Lupin said. The three boys walked towards me. “So then now that we’re talking, maybe you can answer our questions.” Potter said. “I’m not a transfer; I’ve been going to Hogwarts since 1st year. I’m going into my 7th year.” “Really? How come we’ve never noticed you before? You’re not a Slytherin are you?” I laughed. “No, I’m the exact opposite of a Slytherin. I’m in Gryffindor.” “Well, how come we’ve never noticed you before?” “I didn’t want to be noticed. I never needed friends. It came pretty easily to not be noticed. My bloody mother made me made me get rid of my nerdy style. I died my hair to get back at her. I can see now that it’s not going to be so incredibly easy to go unnoticed this year, especially becoming prefect.” I told them as I continued searching for my books; they followed me and got their books as well. “You’re prefect this year? That means Evans is Head Girl!” James said. “I’m a prefect too, so you’ll be working with me this year.” I smiled at Remus. “Do you like Quidditch? I noticed your shirt.” I raised my eyebrow at Sirius; it said the word Quidditch across my chest. “Yes I do.” “Can you play? We need people to try out; we lost a lot of people this year.” James asked me. “I can play as a chaser, but I don’t know if I’d like to try out.” “Why not?” Sirius asked. “I got to go unnoticed this year. If I tried out for the team, then more people would get to know me.” “You know, now that you know us and we you, we’re not going to leave you alone anymore.” James smiled. “I figured as much.” We went and bought our books. “Hang out with us today. You’ll see that having friends is a lot better then what you seem to think.” Remus said. “I’m sorry, I have to get home.” “Come on; at least come with us to get a quick ice cream.” James offered. “No, I’d better not. I have to start dinner because my mum is working late tonight.” “Well, since you’re not hanging out with us today we’re going to save you a seat on the train. After you have you’re prefect meeting and you patrol the halls Remus is going to drag you to our compartment and then you’re going to eat dinner with us.” Sirius said. I thought of my choices. If I hang out with them, people will notice me with the most popular boys in school and they’ll want to know who I am. Not to mention, I wouldn’t have dinner ready and mother would yell at me. If I don’t, then I’ll have to sit with them on the train (less people would see that) and then I’d have to eat dinner with them (if I didn’t talk to them at dinner then people wouldn’t know that they wanted me to sit there). “I’ll go with the train ride, thanks.” I told them. They smiled. Oh, no, wrong choice. “We were hoping you would say that.” “Yes, well… have a nice day boys.” I turned and headed to the Leaky Cauldron. “Wait, what’s you’re name?” I smiled; they still don’t know my name. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.” “Then we’ll just have to come up with a nickname for you, and mind you, it won’t be a pretty, girly name either.” James said. “Good, nothing girly.” Then I went and Floo’d home.

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